tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKara and Diana Ch. 02

Kara and Diana Ch. 02


Diana watched her beautiful Kara as she flew in the daylight sky. It was at times like this the lovely Amazon loved her most.

Kara reveled in the gift of flight, of all her abilities, it was the one she treasured most. Diana had been able to fly since childhood, that talent was one of the gifts bestowed upon her by the gods. Kara had only flown for a year or so and did so with childish glee.

Diana's heart raced, knowing that there was no crisis to deal with today, no pressing demands on her time. No Super-Villain was threatening the Earth with his "Thunderstick of Doom", there were no alien monsters threatening to take over the world. It was calm, it was tranquil and Diana wanted to take advantage of it while she could.

She could still see Kara flitting about the clouds, so she went into the Embassy and was about to tell Ferdinand to prepare a luncheon – the Minotaur was the best cook she had ever known – when the sounds of BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

If someone had never heard that noise before, they would have assumed a large thunderstorm was on its way. Having heard it once before, you could never forget it again. It was the sound of a Boom Tube, transportation used to bridge the distance between only two places – spectacular New Genesis, or the hellish Apokolips.

It seemed to happen almost immediately after the noise. Her JLA communicator sounded. That wasn't a good sign.

"Diana? It's Barbara."

"Barbara" was Barbara Gordon, one-time Batgirl, daughter of the top cop in Gotham and now, Oracle. If something was going on, Oracle knew about it. She was a valued ally and member of the League, despite having been crippled by the Joker some years earlier.

"Go ahead Barbara."

"Di, you and Kara need to get to the Watchtower. Something's going on, it is major and we need as much support as we can."

"I'm on my way Barbara. Have you contacted Dinah and Helena?"

"Yes, both of them are heading there as well."

Those two women were warriors of no little skill. "Dinah" was the 2nd generation Black Canary, probably one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the world. She and Diana had sparred once and without powers, Black Canary held her own.

"Helena" was someone Diana was less sure of. Helena Bertinelli, daughter of a former Mafia bigwig had become the Huntress to avenge the death of her father, and had, sometime later, continued to fight on the side of the Angels. Batman had originally not approved, but Barbara had taken Huntress under her wing and she was slowly becoming manageable.

Kara touched down on the balcony and embraced her love. "I could hear you hon!" she said to Diana. Of course she could, Kara could likely hear a pin drop on Saturn should she chose to.

Diana kissed her love softly and said "With you by my side, we can handle anything, my dearest. Let's go."

The news was catastrophic. Unbelievable. Inconceivable.

There were no men on the face of the Earth. No seniors, no young men, teens, boys or babies. Not a single male on the face of the Earth.

At the Watchtower, Barbara had assembled some of the most powerful women on the planet. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Powergirl, Zatanna, Starfire, Wonder Girl – the list went on.

"Darkseid." All the women in the room nodded.

Barbara went on. "Somehow, Darkseid has removed every man from the face of the Earth. I don't know how, using Boom Tube technology, but he's done it."

"They're on Apokolips?" Powergirl asked.

Barbara looked at Powergirl, the animosity between the two was well known. "No Karen, I contacted Barda on New Genesis. Wherever the men are, they aren't on Darkseid's world."

Kara's blue eyes grew wide as she looked at Diana. "What can we do Barbara?"

Barbara's green eyes narrowed from behind her glasses. "For now Diana, we have to be vigilant. We will have to take over, Helena and Dinah and I are going back to Gotham, we're needed there. The rest of you need to figure out where you will be most needed. Make no mistake though, this may be chaotic. The only respite is, the villains have vanished along with the heroes."

There was a palpable tension in the room as the Heroines left the Watchtower. Kara was afraid, Diana held her close, wanting to protect her, to shelter her young love.

Kara lay in bed with Diana, their lovemaking had calmed them both. "What in creation could he be planning Diana?"

Diana kissed her softly on her lips, seeing the young girl so unsure troubled her. "I don't know love, if anyone can find out, Barbara can. I have utmost faith in her."

Kara snuggled close. "And I have faith in you, darling. You've never let me down yet."

"And I never will!" Diana stated firmly.

"Care to prove that?" Kara giggled feistily.

Diana ran her hand down Kara's smooth back. "Goddess, little one, you're insatiable."

Kara turned over and kissed Diana's full, red lips. "Maybe it's my Kryptonian blood. Or maybe it's because you're so good in bed, Diana."

Diana pulled her lover close again, kissed her back. The kisses grew fiercer by the minute, more demanding. Urgent in their needs, the women caressed and teased, Diana's digits moved over Kara's soft pussy. Her fingers slid in easily, her beautiful lover was always eager for lovemaking.

Kara whimpered with pleasure as Diana finger-fucked her. She arched upwards, moving her cunt over Diana's probing fingers, as her clit throbbed, Diana stroked it knowingly.

Their was an urgency to Kara as she moved against Diana, it wasn't like her. Was she frightened? Diana wondered if Kal's disappearance had frightened her young lover, she planned to calm her and enjoy the delights of Kara's body.

Naked, magnificent in her nudity, she moved all over Kara. She tasted her lover's pussy, licked daintily at the navel on Kara's firm, soft belly. Upwards she licked to the hard cones that were Kara's firm breasts, her cotton candy nipples were erect as Diana feasted on her beautiful form.

Diana's hands massaged Kara's body all over, with firm strokes, the way Diana knew pleased her baby. "Ohh Diana, my darling Diana!" Kara was purring, her voice deepening and arousing her Amazon lover.

"I have to eat you Diana, I have to taste my darling, please Diana, let me love you too!" Kara cried out in passion. Diana moved her body into a `69' with Kara almost at once, she loved the way her playmate ate her.

Still with that same fierce need, Kara began to eat Diana. Her tongue danced at a speed no mere mortal could accomplish – making Diana's pleasures unimaginable to almost anyone. Kara suckled Diana's hard clit, nearly biting it, Diana liked her passions somewhat rough.

Their hands were fondling, grasping at each other's flesh. The caresses turned to massage, tits were being squeezed as their tongues continued to suckle at each other's cunts.

By the large bed, Diana and Kara had a large chest, full of sex toys. Kara pulled out her favorite dildo, a 10 inch monster that slid easily into Diana's horny pussy.

"Ohh, you fuckable little bitch, you know I love that toy!" Diana groaned.

"Darned right I do!" Kara grinned from between Diana's thighs. "Why do you think I bought it?"

Diana smiled with satisfaction as the fake cock slid inside of her. She'd had some real men, but no one fucked her with the love and passion of her Kara. She giggled inwardly as she thought of the pretty teen going into a Sex Shop and buying the big cock. She was glad Kara wasn't as familiar a face as she was.

The big toy pistoned in and out of Diana's twat as her lover continued to lick her. Kara moved around, not minding the flood of Diana's juices that trickled on to her lapping tongue. She could stay here for hours on end, and as she and Diana had endurance beyond measure, often did.

The custom-made bed groaned beneath them as Diana moved against the fucking cock. Harder and harder Kara fucked her with the rubber toy, a heat growing inside the walls of her pussy. She ached for more and the tongue and cock of her playful young lover were bringing her to the height of passion.

Kara was amazing, her instincts for sex were unmatched. She pulled at Diana's soft pussy lips, pliant and yielding. Her blue eyes flashed with delight as she continued to make love to her Diana, the mistress of her heart.

A fierce urgency grew inside Diana, it was her turn to please Kara. She moved away from her lover and drew her into her arms, their breasts pressed together. Soft lips met softer lips, Kara was the most beautiful thing in the world, young and delightful.

"How does my baby want it?" Diana purred.

"Hard and fast. Fuck me like a bitch in heat! I'm your bitch Diana, I always will be!"

A few seconds later, Diana was lying on her back, Kara's favorite dildo was strapped to her hips and Kara was astride it, taking the cock deep inside her tiny blonde cunt. She fucked Diana too, the other half of the dildo was deep inside the Amazon Princess.

Diana loved to watch Kara fucking herself. She had the cutest ass, some of the Paparazzi pictures of Kara even seemed to focus on it. Of course, the sexy costume she wore as Supergirl did indeed inspire a few prurient fantasies.

Most of which Diana got to indulge in. As that sleek, lithe body rode the rubber cock, Diana knew she was lucky. She had the love of a beautiful girl, she had a fabulous home and she had challenges to keep any warrior inspired.

Diana felt Kara's body shuddering on top of her own, the loud squeals of her impending orgasm triggering a climax within Diana. Kara fell back, slid off the sex toy and into Diana's arms again. She kissed her softly on her lips and ran her hands through Diana's raven-black tresses.

"Okay, what do we do now?" Kara said, finger running along Diana's breasts.

"You mean once we can move again?" Diana laughed. "Well, little one, we take things one day at a time. The lord of Apokolips has not beaten us yet!"

The two lovers snuggled together and fell asleep. They would need their strength for the battles ahead.

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