Kara Is Bad!


"Is that seat taken," Kara asked.

The passenger in the window seat looked up from his magazine. A quick once-over of Kara told him all he needed to know. He held his breath, hoping the guy in the aisle seat wouldn't blow it. The man on the aisle, without raising his head, shifted his gaze from the magazine he had been reading to the spot where Kara stood; he saw a pair of sexy bare feet encased in strappy sandals. As his gaze drifted upward, he took in a pair of shapely, toned, and quite bare legs, the top two or three inches of which were hidden by a short, pleated, skater's skirt.

Kara waited patiently as the man continued his inspection. Tucked into her green and black checked skirt was a white button-front blouse. Kara had left the top three buttons undone, exposing her cleavage, but also suggesting she probably wasn't wearing a bra. Looking into Kara's coal black eyes, the man on the aisle finally spoke, "Uh no, it's vacant. Please join us."

Kara was flying a no-frills airline with open seating. Being one of the last to board, she had found all of the aisle and window seats taken. She was going to have to sit in a middle seat. She had thought about how she was dressed. 'This could be an interesting trip,' she had told herself, 'If I can just find the right seat.'

Making her way down the aisle, looking from side to side, Kara had gotten plenty of appreciative looks and offers of seats. But it was not until two-thirds of the way through the cabin that she had found the one she thought would work. The seat was between two men, each probably in his mid thirties, fifteen or so years older than Kara, but still young enough to be interesting. Both were reasonably good looking, nicely dressed and wearing wedding rings - probably family men returning home after a week in Austin.

Having been invited to join them, Kara turned to put her shoulder bag into the overhead compartment across the aisle. She had plenty of great features but her legs were certainly among the best. Kara got up on her toes and stretched to position the bag. Her already short skirt rode up to where it barely covered her butt. 'At least,' she thought, 'I'm not wearing hose, so I don't have to worry about the tops showing.' Kara took her time getting the bag situated in the overhead, deliberately offering her seat-mates a tantalizing view of the backs of her bare thighs.

Having held the pose as long as she justifiably could, Kara turned and squeezed past the man nearest her and sat down in the middle seat, letting her skirt ride up to where her panties were visible. Snapping a quick look at each of them, she feigned embarrassment and hastily pushed her skirt down, but not too far.

Kara had lowered the hem of her skirt just far enough to cover her panties, but still leaving her lightly tanned legs and thighs mostly exposed. She took a furtive glance to either side, satisfying herself that her bare legs were attracting sufficient interest. She brushed the hair away from her face, took a magazine from the pocket in front of her and thumbed through it while waiting for the plane to take off.

The flight attendants checked the cabin and made their preflight announcements as the plane taxied to the runway. Shortly after takeoff the Captain's voice boomed through the cabin speakers, welcoming everyone to the flight, but also apologizing in advance for what was going to be a bumpy flight. He asked the passengers and the flight attendants to remain seated and keep their seat belts fastened.

Kara wasn't really a nervous flier but recognized the potentially bumpy flight as an opportunity for some fun with her seat-mates. She expected they were experienced fliers and wouldn't panic over a little turbulence. Their nonchalant attitude was encouraging. She put the magazine away and closed her eyes, pretending she was having to work at remaining calm.

The flight was relatively smooth for some time but then there was a strong jolt. Kara reached out on either side of her and grabbed onto the mens' legs. She pretended to be terrified and held her eyes tightly shut. With each bump she tightened her grip.

As the turbulence subsided, Kara opened her eyes and tried to discern their reactions. She still had both hands clamped firmly onto the strangers' legs. She looked first at one, then the other, and guessed they didn't mind. She turned to the man on her left, the one next to the aisle, and said, "I'm sorry for grabbing you. I was really scared."

"Don't worry about it," he said, "Whenever I fly with my wife, she holds onto my leg the whole flight. She somehow thinks it makes her safer. I'm used to it. Go ahead."

The man on her right added, "I don't mind either, actually I kinda like it." He saw that Kara still had both hands clasped onto their thighs. His cock, only a couple inches from her hand, was already twitching.

Kara noted the suggestive remark and could feel the twitching but pretended to not have noticed either. "Well," she said earnestly, "I'm counting on you guys to keep me safe until we get there." She gave each a gentle squeeze on the leg to seal the deal.

She had a pretty face, nice complexion and shoulder length hair. Kara shifted around in her seat, causing her skirt to creep up a bit more, offering a glimpse of her panties. She felt a stirring near where her hands still rested on their thighs and realized she was having the desired effect. She closed her eyes, willing them to keep looking at her bare legs.

The flight still had its rough spots and with each one, Kara's fingers moved a little higher on their legs. Her hands were so close to their cocks she could feel the heat. A rough male hand brushed against her bare thigh. The man on the aisle tried to make it seem accidental but Kara was sure it was not. She kept her eyes tightly closed, pretending not to notice, as first one, then the other, tentatively staked out a spot on her upper thighs.

Kara was a Freshman at the University of Texas in Austin. In the last year or so, she had become quite sexually liberated. She thoroughly enjoyed male attention and often went out of her way to invite it. She was on her way to South Padre Island for Spring Break and fully intended to have a good time.

Kara felt her seat-mates' hands creep slowly higher, gently caressing her bare thighs. The guys had pushed her skirt even higher and were now almost touching her panties. She opened her eyes and looked dreamily at first one, then the other. Setting aside any remaining pretense, she slid down in her seat, letting her skirt ride up almost to the top of her panties and causing the hands to slide up her tanned thighs to the silky material between her legs. Her lips parted and her breath came faster.

With everyone belted in there was little possibility that anything they might do would be seen. The man on Kara's right, the one who had spoken so boldly to her at first, placed his fingers on the front of her panties and massaged her swollen pussy. Her hands, with a mind of their own, slid up the mens' legs until she felt their cocks. The man on her left, emboldened by her brazen touch, slid his fingers inside her panties and stroked her pussy lips. Kara hadn't really meant for things to go quite this far. She knew she should end it before it went any further, but she didn't really want to.

The decision got made for her. The Captain came on the loud speaker and asked the flight attendants to prepare for arrival. As they came through the cabin checking seat belts, tray tables and seat backs, Kara reluctantly pulled her skirt down, the three put their hands back in their own laps, and all acted like the strangers they were.

As the plane touched down and taxied to the gate, both men wanted to know if there was any way they could see her. Kara told them, "No, I'm just here for a few days and I've already got plans. But I really enjoyed this." Her face lit up encouragingly. "Maybe we'll meet again some day on another trip. If so, I'm looking forward to it." She gave each a peck on the cheek.


Tommy was waiting for Kara at the gate. (It was prior to "9/11" and people were still allowed to meet passengers at the gate.) He was looking forward to spending the next few days with her. Tommy had graduated from high school as the class valedictorian and most of his classmates would describe him as a geek. Not Kara though.

For her beauty alone, Kara would have been one of the most sought after members of her class, but she was also one of the smartest. She had graduated second in the same class as Tommy. They had been next door neighbors for the last five years of their public school education and although they had been best friends during most of those years, it was not until after graduation that things had become sexual, even briefly romantic, between them.

It may have been a tossup as to which of them was actually the smarter but when it came to sexual matters, Kara was the winner, hands down. As she exited the jet-way, Kara drew the attention of every male there and some of the females too. She wrapped her arms around Tommy and greeted him with a very wet and sexy kiss.

Tommy was just over six feet tall, had wavy black hair, a strong face and solid physique. And as Kara had confirmed, a package to die for.

Kara whispered in Tommy's ear, "I am so horny, I don't know if I can wait 'til we get to the island."

Tommy pushed Kara away from him. "I know what's got me horny," he said, licking his lips while giving Kara a once-over, "But what's your reason?"

Kara took Tommy by the arm and put her face close to his. "Well, I know you would never even imagine that I could be so bad," Kara said, speaking as if confidentially, "But I got to teasing the guys I was sitting with..." She smiled a lascivious sort of smile. "And well I uh... just kinda got all worked up."

Tommy was pretty sure there was more to this story he would like to hear, but he knew not to press for details. When Kara was ready to talk about it, she would. As they walked toward the airport entrance, Tommy turned to her and kissed her on the forehead. He looked down at his noticeable erection and whispered, "And in case you hadn't noticed, I want you too!"

Kara pushed her face into his and said, "How about in the parking garage before we leave?"

Tommy wasn't nearly the exhibitionist Kara was, but he knew how hot she would be with a risk of being seen, like in the parking garage. His cock twitched at the thought... if only he had come alone. He hadn't though and replied, "That would be great but Bill's with me and he's waiting at the curb with the car."

Bill was Tommy's cousin. He had met Kara last summer, a couple of weeks after she and Tommy had gotten involved. By that time though, Kara and Tommy had already realized that their relationship was probably more lust than love; they were 'best-friends' who were also 'fuck-buddies'. Kara flirted with and teased Bill while Tommy watched. As wild as Kara was, (the three of them had even gone skinny-dipping together), Bill considered Kara to be Tommy's 'girlfriend' and resigned himself to nothing more than a sexually playful friendship with her.

"We could ride in the back," Kara suggested hopefully to Tommy.

In spite of the fact that Tommy and Kara had renounced any exclusivity between them, Tommy didn't think there was much they ought to be doing with his cousin in the car too. He realized however, that Kara might have other ideas; she had always been the more adventuresome of the two. Tommy agreed that the back-seat might be a possibility.

Bill had the car parked in a no-standing zone, just outside the front door of the airport. The car was an old Cadillac Tommy's father had bought for use at the beach. Tommy opened the back-door, throwing Kara's carry-on across the seat and pushing Kara in behind it. As she slid in she said, "Hi Bill. We're going to ride in the back if you don't mind."

"No complaints from me; I'm just the chauffeur. Hi, Kara," Bill said as Tommy climbed in.

"Just keep looking straight ahead," Tommy said sternly.

"Yaaza boss," Bill panned as they pulled away from the curb.

Tommy grabbed hold of Kara, putting his lips against hers and pushing his tongue into her mouth. He put a hand over the opening in the upper part of Kara's blouse, letting his fingers wander through and trace the softness of her breasts. Kara whispered in his ear, "Undo the buttons. I want to feel your hands all over me."

Tommy looked to the front, confirming that Bill was indeed focused on the road ahead, then hastily undid the remaining buttons of Kara's blouse. He opened it, baring her tits to his hungry gaze. She closed her eyes and sighed as Tommy took one of them in his mouth and smothered the other with his hand.

Bill adjusted the rear-view mirror so he could see the action in the backseat. Kara opened her eyes to the mirror image of Bill's eyes darting rapidly between the road and what Tommy was doing with her breasts. It excited her to know that Bill was watching.

Tommy put a hand under her skirt and ran his fingers over her wet panties. With her eyes still locked on Bill's image in the mirror, Kara breathlessly whispered to Tommy, "Take 'em off me." Tommy hesitated, not sure he wanted to do that with Bill there.

Kara however did not share his reservations. As Tommy again looked up to confirm that Bill was still facing forward, an impatient Kara reached down with both hands, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties off, wadded them into a ball and threw them into the front seat. Tommy registered amazement as Kara laughingly said to Bill, "Pay attention to your driving."

Kara turned back to Tommy, undid his belt, pulled his zipper down and yanked his shorts to his knees. She took his cock in her hand, straddled him, and rubbed the head of it against her pussy lips. Kara's fingers slid over Tommy's cock, spreading their combined juices over the length of it. Then she positioned it at her entrance and with a very audible, "Ohhh God," lowered herself onto it.

Tommy buried his face in Kara's tits and grabbed hold of her ass with his hands. As they sped along the highway toward South Padre Island, Kara rode up and down on Tommy's shaft, oblivious to the looks they were getting from the surrounding traffic.

Bill tried desperately to watch through the rear-view mirror but they were in the right-hand corner now and there wasn't much he could see. He could hear though and knew they were hard at it. He pulled his zipper down and freed his cock. He wrapped Kara's damp panties around it and jerked off while listening to the sounds coming from the back-seat.

Kara and Tommy were so keyed up it wasn't long before both were moaning in ecstasy. While Tommy pumped his jism into Kara, Bill had his own climax and came all over Kara's panties. As the two in the back adjusted their clothes, Bill opened the front passenger window and threw Kara's cum-soaked undergarment to the side of the road.

"Is Bill staying on the boat with us," Kara asked as she straightened her clothes.

"Yes, I talked him into coming with me. You don't mind do you," Tommy asked in reply.

"No, of course not," Kara said cheerily, "But I think we better stop at a beachwear store, before we get to the boat. Is there one on the way?"

"We don't really go past it, but there is one just a block or two out of the way... several actually," Tommy responded, "But what do you need?"

"I thought I might have you help me pick out a new bikini. Since Bill's here he can help too."

"Umh," said Bill, "That sounds like fun!"

"Uh yeah," said Tommy quietly, not sure he really wanted to share this experience with Bill. "But..."

"Well I've already lost a pair of panties and with Bill staying on the boat too, I ought to have something to wear." Kara's eyes lit up. She touched her lips with a finger. "Unless..." she said, drawing it out, "You want me to be really bad."

Tommy thought about Kara being naked with Bill there too. His cock hardened at the thought. Then thinking more realistically he replied. "Uh no. We can stop."


They stopped at a shop that sold swim suits and other island type clothes. The summer season hadn't really started and Texas Week, the island's big Spring Break blowout, was still a few hours away. It was check-out, check-in day and tomorrow business would be booming, but today it was on the slow side. The only one in the store was the manager. He was more than twice their age, at least in his forties and probably married, but none of that prevented him from salivating over the sight of Kara as she entered his store.

Kara had several bikinis at home but had not brought any with her. She wanted a real show stopper. Toward the end of last summer, after Tommy had gotten somewhat used to Kara's preference for skimpy clothes, he had said, 'If you got it, flaunt it. If you don't got it, flaunt it even more.' Kara was pretty sure Tommy had intended the 'If you got it,' part to apply to her – at least she hoped that was the case - but even if it wasn't - she was still planning to tease and show off. She was so into that she could almost orgasm from that alone.

Under the manager's watchful eye, Kara, with the help of Bill and Tommy, looked over the assortment and found a string type that would certainly raise eyebrows. It was the kind men liked and other women hated. Imagining what she might look like wearing it, Bill assured Kara that it was perfect. "Why don't you try it on," he suggested.

Tommy easily saw through the suggestion. He knew Bill was anxious to see Kara in a bikini. That had been a good bit of the reason Bill had agreed to come along – that Kara was coming too and would likely spend most of the week in a bikini, maybe even less.

Early last summer, when Bill had visited and met Kara for the first time, Tommy had serious reservations about Kara's exhibitionist tendencies. Now though, in spite of the fact that some of her actions still made him nervous, he did find her boldness exciting. Sometimes he even encouraged it.

Tommy was all for having Kara parade around the store in that skimpy bikini and he could tell by the expression on her face that she was also anxious to accept Bill's suggestion. There was a problem though. He turned to Kara and whispered, "They're probably not going to let you try it on without panties."

The manager overheard Tommy's remark. He spoke to both of them. "Don't let that worry you." He was as anxious as Bill to have her model it. "I wouldn't expect you to buy it without trying it on."

Tommy had been right, Kara wanted the guys to see it too. She thought though that Tommy had been trying to stop her. She stuck her tongue out at him and turned toward the changing room.

When Kara came out, Tommy and Bill were standing with the manager. She was excited. On the beach, wearing a bikini, even one as skimpy as this, would seem natural, but in the store with just the three guys, Kara felt she was being at least a little bad.

Being nearly naked in front of them was exciting. True, Bill, and of course Tommy, had seen her naked before, but the store manager was a complete stranger. Kara was turned on by the appreciative stares and quickly shed any sense of embarrassment. She teasingly rubbed her hands on her breasts, pushed them together and addressed the store manager, "Don't you think this would look better if it didn't have quite so much material?"

Tommy surprised Kara with his reaction. "I agree," he said." If Tommy had felt any concern over Bill or the store manager seeing Kara with so much exposed, it had been erased by the enthusiasm she showed as she modeled it for them. Kara pranced through the store in the already tiny bikini, looking for an even more revealing one. Finding what she thought would do, she hastened to the changing room to try it on. When Kara stepped out, three jaws dropped.

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