tagFetishKaren Ch. 01

Karen Ch. 01


Chapter 1; Eileen's Story

My name is Tim Miller.

Before I get into my story I need to set the background.

First and foremost I am a nice guy. You know the type. I am the guy who coaches kids sports, helps out with scouts, works at science fairs, spends time with his family, and is fun at parties without scandal. I am well educated (a bachelors and two masters degrees) with a good job, and the provider for my family. My wife thinks I am a great husband, and as I do all the cooking, shopping and other non-traditional tasks, the neighborhood wives are always telling her I am a great find.

I am not an abusive person and I am very aware of other's feelings. I have never been pushy when it comes to sex and therefore I have never really moved beyond what my partner initiated. My style has always been my partner's pleasure first and then mine. Making someone else happy makes me happy; which puts me in the category of being a bit submissive.

Although all of the above is true, I have always had a deeper, darker side; however I wasn't confident enough, or should I say aware enough, to delve into it when I was younger. Somewhere in the back of my mind I always felt there was more to life and sex then what main stream society presented. Unfortunately I was brought up along the path which required a wife, house, kids, job, and to fulfill my role in society. And this I did; very well.

Fortunately the internet hit, and online porn and sex industry advertising gave me a venue to explore and understand more about what was really hidden within. Traveling on business allowed me to taste the offerings, and I did so with gusto. I'm not going to go into details about everything because it isn't the focus of the story; but I will say it took me about ten years of indulging in my part-time secret life to gain a real understanding of who and what I am sexually.

Briefly put, I am the submissive mentioned above. This doesn't mean I am milk-toast; but rather I am a pleasure giver and I truly derive my pleasure from fulfilling the needs of others. My ideal woman is a kind, humane, aggressive dominant. She is one who is not abusive in her control, for she knows her power over me is in her spiritual core. She is one who guides our play and ensures pleasure for all parties.

This woman appreciates me and allows me to be myself. I am not her dog on a chain because I am naturally attentive to her needs. I am not a piece of dung; but rather her jewel. Our relationship is deep for she is my Goddess whom I adore. We are soul mates.

Now for the sad part; as I developed my self-understanding I realized finding this woman was a dream because of my life style.

A few more words about my self-understanding: what really turns me on is intensity and desire. Through my varied experiences my style developed into Erotic Passion.

Erotic Passion covers all acts of the flesh. In essence it means ones' senses are overwhelmed with the power and emotion of lust. A scene is being performed because the person(s) performing it crave(s) the pleasure it brings to all parities. Thus fellatio from a wanton transvestite can be better than a blow job from a clock watching escort. It is HOW the act is done rather than WHAT is being done. Combining a powerful HOW and WHAT can be mind blowing.

I AM NOT PLAIN VANILLA; even in a plain vanilla environment!

Now for the good part: the story. Again, my name is Tim Miller. At the start of this story I am 47 years old. My eyes are blue; my hair is salt and pepper; my look youthful; and my build is athletically fit. I am considered handsome and extremely easy going.

******** There we were; face to face; just as I had once hoped and once dreamt about. But that was nearly three years ago without any contact in between. Still, a nervous sexual energy surrounded us. Was there going to be a first move? I knew Karen wanted me. I could see it in her eyes and body language. As much as I wanted her, I knew things were different now; we were no longer forbidden fruit. The flirts, the fantasies, the stolen moments of conversation were things of the past. Our next move was permanent and we both knew it.

Karen was in her mid forties with the energy and zest for life of someone much younger. She had a smile which could light up a room. If you were at a party and Karen walked in, things would jump up a notch. She would also be the last to leave; one of my characteristics, and the common trait which brought us together in the first place.

Physically Karen was attractive. Her shoulder length hair, parted on the side, was naturally brown with blonde highlights. She was a bit shorter, standing about five foot five, but her 'healthy' breasts made her height a non-issue as most eyes didn't focus on her height. Karen also dressed to ensure people didn't concentrate on her height.

Rounding out her physique was a delectable ass. Although she was the mother of two, Karen showed no signs of hippy-ness and the way her legs ran into her derrière kept my libido active. Many a stroke session centered on this asset of Karen's.

She also took great care of her skin and nails, a real turn. The sight of manicured nails always provides a spark of sexual energy. Perhaps it's a fetish, but the sound of nails tapping on a surface arouses me. Karen's nails were always perfect; extending about a quarter inch beyond her tips. She kept the ends squared.

Her accent colors were pink and light creams. Karen kept her lips, eyes, nails and toes coordinated at all times. The scheme went well with her doe colored eyes and soft, lightly tanned skin.

Back to how we met. It was nearly eleven years ago and it was through our kids; who matched in age, gender and activities. Our paths were always crossing, and the four of us (Karen, myself and our spouses) finally started carpooling as well as having dinners and cocktails together. Both of our spouses were early to bed types, so Karen and I would usually clean up and shut things down.

There was chemistry between us from the start. Our spouses saw it and even made jokes about it. We laughed too, but in our hearts there was a common lust. At no point however, did either of us make a move towards the other, although we did verbalize our attraction with phrases such as, "If we were only single" or "If our families weren't such good friends." The phrases were always accompanied by some laughter and longer than normal eye contact.

Things started going bad for Karen and Bill around the same time Mary left me.

Mary's leaving was a surprise and shock to everyone, except me. For years I lived a sex-less life. How we ever got together in the first place is still a mystery to me. I dated and bedded many a willing and wanton woman; but for some bizarre reason I thought I needed stability and purity in marriage. Mary filled the bill all too perfectly.

We had two children which put an end to sex; at least for Mary. I satisfied my urges whenever I could and often called upon my first sex partner, Rosie Palms. I did have opportunities at various times for an affair. Stopping me were all the horror stories about casual flings gone bad.

Early in our marriage I made a vow if Mary and I ever split, I would never again enter into a relationship in which my partner lacked a well developed sense of lust. Somewhere there had to be a very horny normal person. All I needed was some way for Mary to leave.

When Mary told me she was becoming a missionary, I did not try to stop her. She told me God was calling her and she needed to give up her worldly ways. We both cried, but for different reasons. The kids didn't know what to say and basically stood by both of us. Since they were older, it really didn't impact them all that much.

Socially I pulled away from Bill and Karen. They were having problems and I didn't want to be an influence on their lives. Interestingly enough, my attitude towards Karen seemed to change a bit. I still wanted her, but since I was without ties, I was free to explore the depths of lust I desired.

My first real relationship after Mary was with a woman I met online. After six months of the bar scene with various degrees of frustration and success, I tried an online service and responded to a posting from a woman named Eileen.

From her posted picture, Eileen was a looker; standing about five feet eight inches with a slender build, natural B sized breasts, and natural dirty blonde hair worn in a pony tail. She had a great smile, white teeth, blue eyes, and tanned radiant skin. Her picture appeared to be taken on a Caribbean type beach. Half of the picture was cropped...I assumed it was taken with an ex of some sort.

Setting her looks aside, what caught my attention were her requirements: "...long nights of sex with a stable, well educated person." Her potential partner "...must lack sexual limits and be willing to explore all aspects and avenues of kink. Interested parties should send a picture along with a letter outlining their philosophical positions on the following areas: God vs. Religion, Bisexuality, and the humor of The Three Stooges."

I wrote at least a dozen different responses; all quite lengthy. I went back and forth before finally coming up with a response I found satisfactory:

"God vs. Religion: 1) Both are man made. 2) Both are beliefs. 3) Both are of value. 4) They should not be in conflict as intimated by the 'vs.'"

"Bisexuality: Could be the best or worst of both worlds depending on the partner."

"The Three Stooges: Mo, Larry, Cheese... calling Dr. Howard, calling Dr Fine, calling Dr. Howard.... Yuk, Yuk ,Yuk"

"I would be more than happy to expound upon any or all of these topics after a long night of 'no-holds barred' sex with a stable, well educated person."

"Attached are two pictures taken from different perspectives; you choose."

"Al and Tim"

One picture was Alfred E. Neumann and the other me.

Eileen's response the next day was witty:

"Dear Al,

I found your red hair to be attractive and the look in your eyes to be seductive; but the fact a man of your age has not corrected the spacing problem of his teeth indicates a lack of general well being. Unfortunately, I must end our relationship before it even begins. However, your friend, Tim, seems like a stable, well educated person. Please have him give me a call: 716-897-2005.


We spoke at length the following evening. The first part of our conversation was light and easy. Eileen was delightful. We exchanged backgrounds and hit on topics such as food and wine. We shared many a laugh. I learned Eileen was a nurse with a bit of disdain for doctors. "They are so conceited that when they have an orgasm, they scream their own name."

Eileen broke the ice on the subject of sex. Describing her need and love for oral, Eileen painted a picture of her nakedness which included her piercings.

Each breast had two piercings; one was a rod with screw-on pegs at each end. The purpose of the rod was to keep her nipples erect at all times. The second piercing was a ring inserted in the meat of each nipple. On each ring was a small black opal which could move freely. Eileen's explanation for this was it gave something a bit firmer to hold on to when sucking, biting, and pulling her nipples. Her descriptions were arousing.

Her pussy was bald and smooth. Except for the hair on her head, she was a zero body hair person. Eileen's clit was pierced in the same manner as her nipples; the rod and balls to keep it extended and the opaled ring near the top of the hood for manipulation.

"My little toys, as I like to call them are very useful; especially during oral."

Eileen was amazingly at ease with her whole conversation. She seemed to accept her sexuality as a matter of fact rather than as a subject confined to bedroom whispers. After her description she turned the conversation back to me.

"Tim, you sound very pleasant. Let's see how you do with a little phone sex."

"As I told you, there is no part of my body which doesn't crave oral adoration. This includes my ass. I am going into my bedroom, strip and crawl under the covers. I want you to call me back in 5 minutes. At that point in time, I expect your conversation to bring me to climax. Are you game?"

My response was brief and to the point. "Absolutely! I will call you in five."

As I started thinking about the call, I poured myself a glass of wine, grabbed the cordless, and sat down in a comfortable chair. I quickly formulated a scene, and then got up to dim the lights for a better mood. Returning to the chair, I dialed her number.

Eileen answered in a huskier voice, "Hello"

I started.

"Hey Eileen, hope I didn't wake you. I was having a bit of trouble sleeping because I've sort of been lost in thought about you."

"Oh yeah, what have you been thinking about," came her lusty response.

"Well, it is a bit on the risqué side, so I am not so sure if I should tell you. You may get the wrong impression of me," I responded with a hit of shyness.

"Why don't you just tell me what you've been thinking? For the record, I LOVE wrong impressions," cooed Eileen.

Without hesitation, I began:

"Well, it all starts with me walking into your bedroom and I see you sleeping. The comforter has slipped off and only a small portion is covering your lower back. Looking around the room your clothes are somewhat scattered about. Spotting a black scarf tossed on a nearby dresser, I quietly get it and then move to the foot of the bed. Without a sound, I remove my clothes and slowly crawl onto the bed taking the scarf with me.

Moving ever so close to your torso without touching, I position myself next to you at the small of your back, where I place my first gentle kiss. This is followed with another and then another as I work my way up your back, covering every inch with a kiss; our bodies never touching.

You stir and I know you are awake; but you don't open your eyes. A soft moan escapes as you reposition yourself to a full prone position, exposing your entire back. Instinctively, your legs spread and you give a slight grind of your hips into the mattress.

Although my lips are the only part of me touching your skin, the heat from our closeness encases you.

Finding my way to your neck, I delicately worship where it meets your shoulder. My lips travel upward until they find the back of your ear.

By now your coos are becoming deeper. Bringing my mouth to your ear, I let the warmth of my breath ignite your desire. You begin to stir as to kiss me. Softly I whisper into your ear, 'Shhhhhhhh....don't move...allow me to bring you pleasure.....'

Your body relaxes as I continue my message.

'Tonight I want you to forget about the outside world. I am nothing more than an angel sent to release your inner passion. Lose yourself in your body. Allow your pleasures to take you into bliss.'

I begin to place the scarf over your eyes and you jump slightly.

'There is no reason to fear,' I whisper in a soft and seductive tone. 'This blindfold merely helps you to focus inward as it shuts out the distractions around you. It removes the burden from your mind of processing what you see. It frees your mind to focus only on the images it creates from the pleasures your angel brings.'

My words comfort you as the blindfold is gently secured. Moving my mouth back to your ear, I whisper another message, 'Think only of an angel of pleasure sent to satisfy your needs.'

Slowly I glide away from your body, replacing my warmth with that of the comforter. I begin a sensual massage of your body through the softness of the comforter. My hands perform long deep strokes along your torso; one hand concentrating on your back, while the other glides over your legs. On each stroke, my hands meet on your buttocks, spending an extra lingering-second massaging their firmness.

As your body drifts into pleasure, I straddle your lower legs. My hands move up the back of them in long synchronized strokes, ending at your derriere with a firm push outward. Under the comforter, air licks your pussy and anus as your cheeks separate. Your mind begins to focus on the feeling in your loins.

After awhile, one of my hands slips under the comforter and the other hand follows on the next stroke. The massage shifts from the tops of your thighs to your inner thighs, allowing my thumbs to move closer to your areas as your ass cheeks part. The strokes begin to shorten and my thumbs move dangerously near.

Pushing the comforter aside, I move my face closer to your derriere as I now only massage your ass. Moist squishes emanate from your vagina; your arousal obvious. My thumbs continue to work; barely brushing your outer lips. As they part your cheeks, my mouth follows, bathing your areas with the warmth of my breath.

Your lips start to part. A thick cream begins to ooze from your hole. Your moans and essence are intoxicating.

My tongue follows on the next stroke; still only teasing. Your body is becoming unglued. Spreading your legs you offer an enticing invitation to partake in their fruit. However tonight isn't about how fast, but rather how long. My arousals are purposeful.

A few minutes more and I allow my tongue to taste your nectar. A deep, lustful moan pours from you as my tongue drags across your lips. On the next stroke I suck your clit into my mouth sparking a slight quiver through your body. You begin grinding and raising your hips, pushing your mound into my face. Cream pours from your hole.

With your ass high in the air, my mouth begins to work both of your holes. Sliding my tongue up from your clit and into your pussy; I gather your juices. Coated with your cream, my tongue moves to your nether hole and swirls your essence around it. Each stroke brings more nectar and your asshole responds to my tongue; opening slightly as I explore.

Your moans become deeper and louder. Moving to your knees, you keep your face buried in the pillow. Your ringed breasts become exposed for pleasure.

I slide from the top of the bed and kneel at its side, pulling your buttocks towards me as I move. From this position, my hands are free to work your nipples. My mouth encases your entire clit as my hands slide to your breasts. Finding the rings attached to your nipples, I pull them as I suck the ring on your hood, pulling it away from your soaked folds. The working of all your piercings at once drives you wild.

You are grinding your ass into my face. I redirect my tongue to your asshole and begin a darting motion into it. One of my hands moves to your clit ring to work your mound. Having your nipples and clit pulled while my tongue enters your brown hole sends you into a series of long shattering orgasms.

Your body convulses and shakes but never stops responding to the pleasures. Each orgasm hits in rapid succession. Your moans turn to deep cries of pleasure until you finally collapse onto the bed.

As you whimper in ecstasy, I slowly ease away from your loins. Pulling the comforter back over your body, I embrace you with a warm hug. My face is in the nape of your neck as I whisper my good-byes.

'Good Night My Love, Sleep Well.'

I slide back down your body and off of the bed. Gathering my clothes, I exit your bedroom. You do not stir."

The entire time I spoke to Eileen, I could hear her respond from the other end. As I ended my story, it sounded as if she had dropped the phone next to her on the bed and began a wholesale attack on her body. I heard the distinct hum of a vibrator and deep guttural grunts and moans which could only be her orgasm. It took a few minutes after they stopped for Eileen to gather her composure and pick up the phone.

"Tim," she seemed a bit mesmerized. "I think we should get together very soon. Let me compose myself and I'll call you back in a bit."

Twenty minutes later my phone rang. Eileen was very mellow and pleased with my story. She was surprised it didn't have me fucking her, or cumming on her face, or some other male based ending. I explained the instructions I heard were to center on her climaxes and not mine. Also, I told her I felt long evenings of erotic lovemaking needed to center on giving pleasure rather than getting to the climax quickly.

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