tagBDSMKaren Ch. 08

Karen Ch. 08


At dance class on Wednesday, Karen was exceptionally affectionate and considerably aroused. She wanted to come back with me but her husband was in town and that was not possible. She reintroduced me to her friend Cathy, who I had seen several weeks before and whom I had noticed as being exceptionally beautiful if not a bit stuck-up.

Karen told me that her husband would be leaving town on a week-long gig on Friday and that if things went well, they would get an extension for another week or two. She almost creamed her jeans while telling me. I smiled at her and gently squeezed her ringed nipple. Karen's face flushed as she came.

Karen arrived at my place on Saturday and Steve met her at the door. She was pleased to see him. Under her cape, she wore a stylish wrap-around skirt that came to mid-calf, knee-high stockings with high heels, a sheer silk top and no underwear. Steve took her cape and draping it over a chair led Karen into the den.

"Strip," he instructed. Karen turned around, a bit surprised at the abruptness of his order but began to unbutton her blouse. In a matter of moments she was out of her top and skirt. "I like the stockings. You may leave them on," he said.

When I came into the room, Steve was placing soft, leather wristcuffs on Karen's arms and I noticed that her nipples were adorned with the nipple rings and her nipples were very hard. I kissed her as my hands caressed her ample titflesh and then drifted down between her sculptured thighs. As expected, Karen was quite wet. I like responsive women and Karen's body was as responsive as they come.

Sliding my fingers between her pussy lips, I led Karen to the French doors. We tied her to the lower hinges as I had done previously, with her legs wide apart. Standing in front of Karen, I showed her several fishing weights attached to elastic bands. Selecting a good-sized weight, I attached it to her nipple ring. The strain on her tender nub was immediately evident. I attached a similar weight to her other nipple. Karen could feel the strain as her nipples were pulled down. Steve pulled Karen's long hair back in a ponytail and then with a strip of cloth tied her elbows together behind her back. With her shoulders pulled back this way, her huge titflesh thrust forward invitingly.

Standing beside her, I pressed my palm against her firm stomach and placing my hand on her soft shoulder, bent my lovely captive over. As her body leaned forward, Karen felt the weights move and begin to tug at her spiked nipples. It was not particularly painful but she did feel the strain. Steve drew her hair back and pulling on her ponytail, tied her head back to her elbow bindings. Karen felt very vulnerable. She was about to become even more vulnerable and available.

I showed her a long elastic band with two small metal clips on it. She looked at it and wondered what it was for. I smiled at her. Then moving around behind her, I ran my fingers over the backs of her beautiful thighs and teased her pussy lips. Pulling on the rings attached to her pussy lips, I opened her up and blew a stream of cool air across the length of her slit. I felt the shudder run through her body. I kissed her pussy and felt her body tremble. I clipped one of the clips onto one of her pussy rings and then reaching around her hips passed the elastic band across the fronts of her thighs and back around to the other pussy ring. Clipping it in place, Karen felt her pussy lips stretched wide apart and realized now, that she could be taken without anyone even touching her to open her up. She felt very excited at her vulnerability. Moving a chair in front of her, I sat down, my cock just inches from her hungry mouth. Karen's eyes burned in to my pleasure giver.

"You are going to suck on me and to make sure you give it your all, Steve is going to beat your sweet ass with a lash until I cum in your mouth. Then we'll trade places and I'll beat you while you suck on him until he cums," I explained. Karen nodded to the extent that her bindings allowed her to move. "God help you if I feel your teeth bite my cock," I warned her.

Steve moved the video-cameras into place and Karen noticed them as I slid forward sliding my rigid cock between her eager lips. Karen sucked on my cock as she felt Steve draw the lash softly across her rounded asscheeks. He hit her firmly across the middle of her ass and her scream tickled my cock as she licked my tool. Again and again Steve beat her firm asscheeks as she sucked. As his strokes got harder, Karen's body began to lurch forward and my cock slid deeper into her mouth as the weights began to sway under her body, pulling on her aroused titflesh. Karen realized the effect of the weights as they tugged at her nipples. The more her body jumped the more violently the weights bounced pulling at her spiked nipples. I watched in the mirror as the weights pulled and teased her hanging titflesh. The camera was catching every last movement of Karen's bound body.

When Steve stopped for a moment to change positions, Karen knew that the lashes would now be across her thighs and would tease close to her exposed pussy. She began to suck with amazing skill, in an effort to make me come faster. As the first stroke of the lash cut across the top of her thigh and wrapped between her legs, Karen's tongue danced across the head of my cock and when she screamed, the vibration caused my cock to erupt in her mouth and Karen gulped and swallowed to get every last drop of it. Nodding to Steve, he lay one last stroke across her thigh so that the ends of the lash curled up right to edge of her spread pussy.

Karen continued to lick my cock as Steve lay the leather whip gently across her lower back. He then bent down and began to kiss and lick her ass and thighs and her deep moans continued to please my spent cock.

Steve and I switched positions and as he sat down in front of her, I bent and whispered in her ear. I kissed her after complimenting her and thrust my tongue into her ear. As I inspected Steve's handiwork, he slid forward until he could feel his cock press against Karen's tonsils. I caressed her abused asscheeks gently and then sliding my fingers along her beaten thigh, slid them into her open quim. She was drenched. Cum began to ooze out of her trembling loins.

Standing on the opposite side from where Steve had stood, Karen felt me lift the lash off of her back. She was already busy sucking on Steve and I could hear his deep moans as she pleasured his cock. Karen's body lurched forward as the lash cut across her hip and wrapped around the tender flesh of her inner thigh. Again she felt the weights tugging at her nipples and her chest heaved with each blow. Karen quickly learned that I was a master with the lash and she sucked for all she was worth.

As I saw Steve getting closer to his climax, I shifted my position and Karen knew immediately she was in for trouble. I straddled her waist and began to lay the lash along the length of her open thighs. Karen knew that if I wanted to, I could whip her open pussy squarely from this position. The whip would cut over her ass, between her asscheeks and wrapping under her body, cut across the insides of her stretched pussy lips and hit her erect clit as it stood fully exposed.

"How close are you?" I asked Steve as the lash continued to creep further and further along the insides of Karen's thighs.

"Close," Steve whispered as Karen sucked harder and harder on his raging tool. I increased the force of the lashes as Karen redoubled her efforts to bring Steve to his climax. The lash was licking at the very edges of her open pussy lips as Karen's tongue went after Steve's piss hole.

"Now!!" he screamed as cum shot out of his raging cock and I brought the lash down hard, through the crack of Karen's ass and across her stretched pussy lips and her most sensitive clit. She howled as cum literally splashed out of her exploding quim. Steve held her head tightly as I hit her again, right across her open twat. Again cum splashed out of her loins and began to flow down her spread thighs. It was like nothing I'd ever seen.

Karen continued to suck on Steve's cock as I moved behind her and began to nibble and kiss her beaten womanflesh. I had never seen so much cum flow out of a pussy in my life. Steve reached under Karen's titflesh and removed the weights as I continued to kiss and lick her open pussy.

As Steve's cock softened in Karen's mouth, I released her hair and then helped her to stand up. I unclipped the elastic band holding her pussy open. We both kissed and caressed her body as she stood with her legs still spread and then sitting on the arms of the chair, we each sucked a nipple into our mouths and gently caressed Karen's body.

Karen needed warm water and tender hands and we were going to give her both. Untying her, we carried her out to the hot tub and then laying her on a chaise, massaged her beaten flesh with lotion. We let her rest.

When she felt prepared to continue, she came back into the house. I handed her a glass of wine and invited her to sit beside me on the couch as Steve turned on the video. He had done a masterful job of editing and Karen was absolutely fascinated as she watched herself star in a sex and bondage classic. Her hand slid across my lap and she began to stroke my cock as she watched herself getting fucked royally by the two of us. She was amazed at how she'd looked as we'd fucked and beaten her but she was most amazed at the expressions that crossed her face through the entire experience.

"What comes next?" she asked as Steve rewound the tape.

"Relax a bit and then I want to put you into a series of poses and photograph you. Right now I want you to do some stretches and warm-ups and Steve is going to photograph you," I said.

Karen smiled and getting up, moved to the center of the room. Steve had his equipment set up and he showed Karen what he wanted. Her body was so very sensual and sexy as she stretched and posed for us.

After taking the pictures, Steve had to leave. Kissing Karen deeply, he caressed her moist pussy and then took his leave. "I'll deliver these to you later in the week, along with the finished video with today's action," he said. I smiled at him. Karen and I retired to the backyard for an afternoon of swimming and sex.

After swimming and fucking the early afternoon away, we showered and I prepared a late lunch for us. Karen had brushed out her long, luxurious hair and wearing a beautiful robe she'd brought with her, sat down to eat. When I had cleared the dishes, Karen turned to me playfully and asked, "What now?"

"It's time for dessert," I teased her as I pulled her up from her chair. Seating her at the edge of the large table, I lifted her legs onto the seat on either side of me and easing her robe open, lowered my mouth to her sweet pussy. A deep moan escaped her lips as she laid her body back on the table. Sliding my arms under her gently raised thighs, I buried my face in her bubbling womanflesh. Karen's body writhed on the table as I felt her fingers wrap through my hair. I couldn't get enough of her pussy.

After her fifth or sixth climax, I raised my head and then standing up, slid my cock into her beautiful body. I felt Karen's hips move and her inner muscles massaged my cock as I rocked in and out of her luscious body. Her huge tits heaved up and down on her chest as her own thrusts matched mine. It didn't take long for me to add my cum to her own inside her hungry love hole. Bending forward, I nibbled on her ringed nipples as Karen cradled my head in her arms, holding me tightly to her firm breasts. What an amazing woman.

"Do I get dessert too? she teased as her tongue ran across the edge of her lips.

"Yes, but not just now," I said and she pouted sexily. "Now go clean yourself up - I have a surprise for you," Karen smiled at me and padded out of the room in the direction of the bath.

"Put on some make-up and perfume we'll be going out later," I called after her.

"Where to?" she asked from the other room.

"It's a surprise."

When Karen came out of the bathroom, she looked stunning. Her hair was neatly combed and pulled back with a ribbon, she had even brushed her bush. What a beautiful woman. She walked over to pick up her clothes.

"Not yet," I said. I held out a small box and Karen took it smiling at me.

"Thank you," she said. "This is the first present you've ever given me. At least in a box,"

"Not if you stretch your definition of 'box'," I quipped.

Karen gave me a look and smiled. "You know what I mean," she said as she opened the gift. Inside was a small gold chain. Karen held it up, trying to figure out what it was for. It was too small for her wrist and too large for her finger.

"What's this? A cock ring?" she blurted out. Then realizing what she'd said blushed.

I laughed and said. "In a matter of speaking perhaps. But that is not what it was designed for," Taking the box from her hand, I opened the small clasp on the chain and held it by it's two ends. It was about 5 inches long. Karen still couldn't figure it out. When I held it up in front of her she looked at me questioningly.

As I lowered my hands to chest height, Karen saw it was about as long as the distance between her ringed nipples. Her mouth dropped open. Carefully, I attached the chain to her nipples and Karen felt the very slight pull on her beautiful nipples. The tension increased as she inhaled and though it didn't hurt at all, it was something that would focus her attention on her tits with every breath. That was exactly what I'd wanted.

Reaching between her huge tits, I hooked my finger over the slender chain between her nipples and lifted her huge tits away from her chest. Karen winced as she felt her tender nipples pull. Then easing her tits back down, I jiggled the chain and she felt her huge tits begin to shake gently on her chest. It was late afternoon and time for the proverbial "happy hour". I decided to take Karen out for the evening but in a new and I hoped exciting way.

To be continued...

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