tagLoving WivesKaren Expands Her Horizons

Karen Expands Her Horizons


I'm Troy, and I have a beautiful wife named Karen. She's twenty-nine years old, 5'5, 125 pounds, 34c breasts and red hair.

Karen and I have been married 6 years. Neither of us were virgins when we married, but at the same time our experience wasn't vast. Karen had only been with two other guys before she met me and we had been totally faithful to each other our entire marriage.

That's why what I'm about to share was a totally blind-sided me.

Karen works in the home office for a large company that has offices all over the country. There is this one sales rep named Chad that works for the company on the other side of the country. Karen talks to him on the phone often (processing his sales) and they always get together the few times a year he has to come to the home office.

Karen has always teased me about how hot Chad is. Her flirting never bothered me as I was never one to be threatened by her having male friends, and I knew she was faithful.

This morning Karen told me that Chad was going to be in town that coming week and she was going to have dinner with him on Friday. No big deal I thought.

Then she dropped the bomb.

Karen said; "You know that I've always told you how hot he is. What I've never told you is that he has asked me to sleep with him a few times in the past."

I wondered where this was going and she soon answered that question. "Of course I never did. But I've fantasized about him a lot. So I have decided that when I meet him for dinner Friday, I'm going to go to bed with him. I'm telling you this because I don't want to go behind you back."

I must have looked like I had just been flash-frozen. I finally was able stammer out the question of was she leaving me.

"Of course not," Karen answered. "You're the only man I've ever loved or wanted to be married to. What I want to do with Chad is just sex. It's something I've fantasized about a really long time. I'm telling you this because I want to be honest with you. It's up to you to decide how you're going to handle it.

I got up out of my chair, telling Karen I needed some air. I walked out to the car, and left. I needed to think this through and driving was the best way for me to do it.

I never saw this coming. The mental image of my beautiful wife naked, with another man on top of her with his cock in her pussy, burned into my brain like a branding iron.

I drove for a few hours trying to weigh what a man is "supposed to do" against what I really wanted. I finally admitted to myself that I didn't want to lose her. It would be tough sharing her with someone else. But at least I still had her. If we split up, she'd still be sleeping with this Chad guy and I wouldn't have her at all.

I returned home later in the day and she was waiting for me. I told her that I thought it through and decided that I would rather have her on these terms than not at all. Karen kissed me passionately and without saying a word, took my hand and led me to our bedroom.


Later as we laid there in the afterglow of sex, I told Karen that I had one condition to her extra-marital fantasy. I told her that she had to keep me in the loop, meaning that she had to share with me anything I wanted to know about her night with him. She agreed.

During that coming week she prepared for her night with Chad. And she kept me in the loop as she had promised. She bought new Victoria's Secret underwear and modeled it for me asking if I thought he'd like it. Of course I told her that one look at her like that and he'd be tripping over his erection!

She asked me if I thought she should shave her pussy and I told her no (that flaming red bush of hers is hot)! Our discussions of her preparations always resulted in us going to bed. I was getting more sex with Karen this week then I had in a month!

Friday finally came and she kissed me good bye as were leaving for work. She was meeting Chad right after work and she said she'd call me later.

My mind wasn't on my work very much and I finally played sick and left early. About 7:00pm the phone rang. I answered and it was Karen. "Honey", she said. "I'll be home sometime later, don't wait up...and....I love you for this." And she was gone. And the longest night of my life had just begun.

I tried everything to get to sleep but little worked. Even when I did sleep I had dreams of Karen and this Chad guy. I would wake and look at the clock and imagine what she might be doing at that minute.

About midnight I heard Karen come in. I didn't want her to know I'd waiting up so I pretended to be asleep. Karen went to the bathroom, showered and got in bed.

The next morning we awoke about the same time. She kissed me good morning and I asked; "well, how did it go"?

Karen smiled and said; "are you sure you want to hear the details"? I nodded my head yes and she propped herself up on her elbow and began: "We went to Chad's room with a bottle of wine and after a glass we started kissing on his couch. That soon led to groping. When he started unbuttoning my blouse I stopped him and told him we should get ready for bed."

Karen continued; "I told Chad I to get in bed while I went to the bathroom to get ready. I was still a little shy about him seeing me naked. I know that sounds silly considering what we were about to do."

I assured her it wasn't silly at all. She continued; "I undressed in the bathroom, wrapped a towel around me and came out to the bed. I got under the spread then threw the towel on the floor. Chad started kissing me while feeling my titties. He kissed down my neck until his mouth was at my tits and then he started sucking my nipples."

I was getting pretty hard hearing about this. Karen went on; "he put his hand between my legs and he rubbed my clit. Then he slid two fingers into me and started fingering me. I was so wet I was almost embarrassed!"

"We were both so ready so Chad got on top of me and slid his cock into my pussy. Oh Troy, it was so good! I had fantasized about him for so long and finally his cock was pounding into me over and over. When he said he was going to cum I told him not to cum inside me. He pulled out and shot his sperm all over my tummy!"

I was beyond turned on. Just picturing a cock spurting a load all over Karen's tight stomach had me almost delirious. But she wasn't through yet. She told me how they laid together and felt each other and just fooled around until she went down on him to get him hard again.

"You had his cock in your mouth?" I asked.

Karen said, "Yes I did. I wanted him to cum in my mouth because I wanted to swallow it. But he pulled out. So I got in the doggie position and he put it in me from behind."

Karen went on; "you know I love that position and he fucked me so good! He got ready to cum again and I reminded him not to cum inside me, but he said he couldn't stop and he shot it in me." She said that shortly after she got dressed and Chad walked her to her car.

Karen told me she leaked all the way home. Then as if to prove it, she got out of bed and walked to the clothes hamper. She came back with the panties she had worn the night before. The crotch was stained and still somewhat damp.

That drove me over the edge. I took Karen's hand and pulled her onto the bed. I got on top of her and rammed my rock hard cock into her. I fucked her like never before and she kept squealing; "oh baby fuck me, fuck me, fuck me"! Just about the time I shot my load, Karen also came, squirting all over me!

We fucked and sucked and fucked until we were both exhausted. We lay in each other's arms, sweaty, with the room smelling of fresh fuck. I never dreamed it would turn out so well.

As Karen drifted off I realized I was actually looking forward to her sleeping with this guy again. I too drifted off to sleep with visions of passion on my beautiful wife's face as another man's cock spread her lovely pussy.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/16/18

Pure Bullshit.....

You should put a disclaimer at the beginning of your stories to advise readers of the type of story they actually are so I won't have to waste my time.

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by Anonymous08/03/17

No stars

Hugh piece of crap! What cuck!

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by Justgr808/03/17

No way

No way a man wrote this, male maybe, but not a man.... Pure sissy boy wimp garbage..

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by Anonymous06/20/17

Yeah , right!

Just another fairy tale. No way this happens in 80% of cases. Wife goes away slowly but by end she is gone. Then what's left for the poor cuck? Nothingness.

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by Slirpuff05/24/17

WTF ??

You opened a door you not can't now close... better get use to sloppy seconds...

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