tagBDSMKaren's Adventures in Africa

Karen's Adventures in Africa


Karen Tanner and her friend Linda had been on a shopping trip to the bazaar in the small town near where they worked. They were both nurses working on a one year contract in a small west African country. Both women were very experienced and had been offered nearly double their pay at home to spend a year working with sick and extremely poor people.

Both women were married although Karen and her husband were separated months before she left for this job. Karen had found this position, applied and been accepted long before Linda even knew about it. Karen felt it would be a good way to have time to think her life over and decide if she wanted to even try and preserve her marriage. Her husband had taken to working 12 hour days and was rude and crabby all the time.

At 48, Karen was in great shape physically and mentally and wanted to travel and have fun. She also wanted a good sex life because entering menopause had left her perpetually horny, the opposite of what she had expected. Karen jogged and exercised and her only real weaknesses were chocolates and cigarettes. She had started smoking, a habit she had quit in her 20's, but had started again when her husband had become so remote and cruel.

Linda was in many ways the opposite of Karen. Karen was strong willed and independent while Linda was very meek and followed the crowd. Karen often spent hours solving problems and taking on serious issues while Linda was content to sit back and let someone else do the thinking. Linda was completely subservient to her husband but Karen believed in being completely equal in all respects. Both women had dark brown hair and brown eyes and had often been mistaken for sisters. They had worked together for fifteen years in a large hospital and were actually closer than most sisters. When Karen started smoking again Linda had lectured her about it but wound up smoking with her during their breaks.

Linda had also quit smoking years ago but had done so at the insistence of her husband and not because she wanted to. Linda loved smoking and the smell of smoke made her crave a cigarette. When she heard that Karen was accepted into the traveling nurses program she had talked to her husband about applying. When he heard that her pay would be double for the year and all of her living expenses would be paid he surprised her by endorsing her application.

The two women had been working for two months nearly non stop. Their little holiday to shop was a great relief to both of them and they were shopping for jewelry and gifts to send to family and friends at home. They were in a small shop looking at gold chains and charms made in the shop by the owner. Linda was so taken with one that looked like antique gold that Karen helped her to fasten it around her neck.

As Linda stood admiring it in the mirror a loud explosion shook the building and the front window shattered. The shop was filled with dust and smoke and the two women ran through the door and down the street away from the smoke. They excitedly discussed terrorists but found out much later that it had been a ruptured gas line and fortunately no one had been killed.

Back at their hotel they sat in the cafe and ordered hot tea. As they sat sipping it they saw two policemen enter the lobby followed by the jewelry store owner. Linda suddenly realized she still had the necklace on. It had slipped inside her open necked blouse and in the excitement it had slipped her mind.

The two women were arrested. They tried to explain but the owner left with his necklace and they were taken to the local jail. They were pushed into a small dirty cell and left there, the only occupants in the jail. The policeman explained in broken English that they would be tried the next morning. Karen was angry and Linda was inconsolable. She kept blaming herself and crying. The cell was cool and they huddled together for warmth. After a while the two friends wound up spending the night in each other's arms. True to their personalities Karen planned her actions and their defense and Linda cried herself to sleep.

The next morning they were awakened and pulled from their cell. In handcuffs like common criminals they were led into an adjoining room. There behind a desk sat a well dressed man who spoke English. He introduced himself as the local magistrate.

Karen tried to explain but he shouted at her to be silent. The women were forced to sit on a hard bench. The room was half full of people who seemed to be there just to watch. The shop owner was there and he testified that the women had used the distraction of the explosion to steal the most expensive piece of jewelry in his shop.

When the time came for the women to testify Linda was so upset and terrified all she could do was agree with the magistrate that she had fled with the necklace when she heard the explosion. Karen tried to explain that it was a mistake but the magistrate said too many foreigners were taking advantage of the local shop owners.

He said he wanted to be fair and told Karen she was excused and free since she had not taken the necklace. He then asked Linda to stand. He told her that theft in his country was a serious crime since it often took food from the mouths of the victims. He then shocked Karen to silence and Linda to tears when he said, "You are sentenced to be whipped in public. You will be stripped to the waist and will receive 200 lashes on your bare back. Since you are not of this country, we will be lenient and not do the whole punishment at once. You will receive 25 lashes every two weeks for the next four months. If after the first session you decide to leave your post at the hospital and go home, we will not stop you. If you stay, you must face the entire sentence."

The two women were told that the first whipping would occur in one hour and they could wait in the magistrate's office. Inside, Linda clung to Karen weeping uncontrollably. Finally Karen helped herself to a bottle of brandy behind his desk and made her friend drink a large glass of it. She then sat thinking.

She knew that Linda had a very low tolerance for pain. The thought of her friend being whipped made her feel physically ill. At the same time Karen had a high tolerance for pain and as a teen had found some pain to be sexually stimulating.

When Karen was 15 her very religious stepfather had caught her smoking. She had been hiding behind the barn and he simply took off his belt and made her bend over while he strapped her across her buttocks a dozen times. When Karen had gone to her room she had pulled off her thin shorts and looked at her red striped rear in the mirror. She also noticed how soaking wet the crotch of her panties and shorts were.

Karen locked the door to her room and masturbated with her fingers. After cumming she had rubbed her sore ass with one hand and rubbed her wet pussy with the other until she came again. For the next week, sitting had been painful and uncomfortable.

Several weeks later, Karen and one of her friends walked past the a local movie house in town. A poster advertised a grade B movie and an outline picture of a woman tied and being whipped was in the background. Karen tried to get her friend to go but she refused and looked at Karen like she was crazy.

Later, Karen came back on her own and watched the movie. There were three whippings of women in the movie. It was set in a prison for women in the old west. The first whipping in the movie had excited Karen and she had rubbed herself through her jeans. When, twenty minutes later, another woman was stripped to the waist and tied with her hands high over her head Karen unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans.

She was the only person in her corner of the dark theater and while the woman was slowly whipped as the warden watched and made lewd comments, Karen slid her fingers through the wet hair and rubbed her clit until she had a huge orgasm. She then did something she had never done after masturbating, she licked her fingers clean and was very turned on by it.

Karen fastened her jeans and sat there exhausted and almost fell asleep. She decided she should leave when the main character, a strong woman who had argued with the warden was sentenced to be whipped. Karen again opened her jeans and also unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse and pulled her bra down.

As this woman was very slowly whipped Karen had played with her pussy and pulled and played with her nipples and this time her orgasms were back to back and too many to count. It was the most deeply erotic experience of her life. Again, after the scene was over she licked her fingers but kept rubbing her hard nipple until the movie was over.

When she walked home Karen left her blouse unbuttoned feeling open and sexy until she got in sight of her house. Over the next several months she thought about the movie many times and masturbated to orgasm each time. She soon realized that in her fantasies she was the woman being whipped. Finally she wanted more and had no idea how to get it. She was afraid and embarrassed to tell anyone but she found herself wet and horny much of the time.

One afternoon, Karen's parents were gone and she decided she would go to the barn for a cigarette. She sat on a bale of hay smoking when suddenly the light from the door was blocked and she knew she was caught. Her stepfather.

Karen didn't like the man. He was constantly telling everyone they were damned and she could not figure out what her mother saw in him except she could hear them having sex almost every night through the wall of her room. Now, she saw the rage on his face and she was suddenly inspired.

Karen had been caught in the act of taking a deep drag. She dropped the cigarette to the floor and crushed it before exhaling a long thick stream of dense white smoke into the air between she and her stepfather. His face was red and he was obviously enraged at her. Before he could speak she acted.

"I am so sorry, father. I know it is evil to smoke and I try not to but the devil has me addicted. I know you have to punish me and I understand. Please help me to stop smoking these terrible things."

She saw the shock on his face. He started to remove his belt but she took a horsewhip from the wall and handed it to him. She walked to one of the stalls and facing away from him she unbuttoned and removed her shirt. Unsnapping her bra she let it fall to the ground. Karen reached up to grasp the top of the stall door on either side, spreading her legs wide.

"Please punish me father, help me to stop smoking." She felt her juices wetting her panties and jeans. Karen was already wet and wanted to feel the whip. She just wished she could put her hand in her pants at the same time.

Her stepfather stood for a full minute before he acted. He was shocked at her actions and wanted to tell her to put her clothing back on. He also saw that she had very beautiful skin and her very full breast from the side. He thought it must be chilly for her since her nipple was very hard and her areola was wrinkled and puckered.

He stepped behind her and swung the whip. The first lash took her across the middle of her bare back. It left a bright red stripe that wrapped around her ribs and the tip flicked the side of her breast.

Karen made no sound but arched her back and thrust out her chest. Her pussy was hot and she felt an orgasm building already. The second lash was below the first and the third was above across her shoulders. She now had three red stripes on her back and she fought a scream that came to her lips. It was not a scream of pain but of ecstasy. She moaned very low with a deep orgasm from her grinding thighs and when he hesitated she spoke to him.

"More, father, whip me harder and more. I need your help to stop smoking. I can't stop if you won't help me."

The next lash was harder and left a deeper red mark and the lash wrapped around with the tip popping on her wrinkled areola. She yelped in pain and moaned in pleasure as her pussy spasmed hard and she felt the orgasm through her whole body. She wanted to finger her pussy so badly but she knew she didn't dare.

He lashed her hard again and again and when she had counted ten, he stopped. She wanted to scream at him to continue. She wanted more. He dropped the whip and she turned to look at him. He got his first good look at her bare breasts and hard nipples and saw that several of the welts extended around her body and onto her right breast.

She saw that his cock was hard and there was a wet spot on the front of his pants. "Thank you father, you did right in whipping me." He turned and walked to the house without a word. She put on her blouse and picked up her bra. When Karen got to the house she went to her room and heard her mother and stepfather in their bedroom next door.

Her mother was demanding to know what had gotten in to him during the middle of the day and soon Karen heard their bed squeak and from the sounds she knew they were fucking. Karen removed her clothing and stood in front of her full length mirror looking at her whipped back and side. She rubbed the sore nipple and soon had to lay on her bed with both hands working on her pussy. Finally she buried several fingers inside herself and furiously finger fucked herself while with the other hand she flicked and rubbed her clit.

She heard her mother's moans and groans as she was cumming next door as Karen turned her own face to the pillow to muffle her moans as she came harder than ever before in her life. When her orgasm slowed she reached with one hand to pull and twist the whipped nipple as she ground her clit with her other hand. The orgasms intensified and she bucked on the bed thrusting her hips as if she were fucking someone.

Karen had continued for the next three years to use her stepfather to satisfy her cravings and she thought about all of this now as she sat holding her friend close and trying to decided what to do. "If only it had been me trying on the necklace, she thought." An idea blossomed in her head and while she was thinking through the details the magistrate came into his office.

"Ladies, unless you have something to say we need to go and get you ready for your punishment," he said.

"May we speak alone, sir? " Karen asked. " I think there is something you should know."

Linda was led out by a guard and the magistrate sat down and looked at her. "Linda didn't steal the necklace, I did. You can see we look a lot alike and the shop owner made a mistake. I am the guilty party."

The magistrate did not really believe her, but why would she confess knowing that in minutes she would be stripped and whipped. He sat thinking for several minutes.

"Very well, then you shall be whipped. Are you sure about this? "

"Yes sir, it is all my fault and my friend is just willing to take the punishment for me." Karen lowered her head but was shocked that her body was already reacting. The thought of being whipped had her pussy wet and her nipples tingling.

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