tagLoving WivesKaren's Repairman

Karen's Repairman

byJust Plain Bob©

Author's note: If the "N" word upsets you give this one a pass.


These afternoon card games are getting out of hand thought Karen as her fingers slipped under the table, her cards forgotten. First one finger, then two as listened to her friend Becky. The fingers slid in easily, her pussy already wet from the visions that Becky's story conjured up. She could just see it happening to Becky as Becky described it.

"I looked him up and down and saw the tent in his trousers and then I just said, "Sure honey, why not. I've never fucked a nigger before."

"Oh my god, you didn't really say that, did you?" squealed Alice.

"Damned straight I did. A guy so bold as to walk right up to you and say, "I want to fuck you" needs to be set back on his heels a little and if you want to shove back at a black man you call him a nigger."

"Is...is it true?" asked Connie from across the table. "I mean about how black guys are supposed to be hung?"

"Oh yeah, at least in his case it was true. His cock was every bit of nine inches long and it felt great in my pussy, but he didn't know how to use the thing. It was get on, get off and then pull out and wait for me to say something like "Oh god, you are just so masterful and thank you for giving me your cock." I guess I was supposed to be grateful. It was tasty though."

"Tasty?" asked Collette.

"Sure. I went down on him. He was such a lousy fuck that I had to do something to get myself off. I took that huge piece of meat in my mouth and gave him a blow job he'll never forget."

Sweet Jesus, thought Karen as the image of a large black man with an enormous cock appeared in her mind. It didn't even matter to her if Becky was lying or not. Just the thought of going down on a man, any man, was enough to make her cum.

The card games had started out innocently enough. Just a bunch of women with little to do and trying to find a way to make the day pass a little faster, but they had quickly deteriorated into bitch sessions. They started in on their husbands - how the men climbed on, fucked until they had cum and then rolled off and fell asleep. Then someone, Karen couldn't even remember who, had started talking about her extra-marital affairs. Then the other girls, one by one, had started telling of their extra curricular activities. Karen had lied. She had never been fucked by any man other than her husband George, but for some strange reason she was ashamed to admit that to her friends. She had made up a story about a steamy affair that she'd had when Jack was out of town. Even though the story was fiction Karen still got wet when she thought about it and wished to God that it had been true. She had lied so it was possible that the other girls were lying also, but that didn't change anything. The tales, true or false, made her horny and made her long for the real thing. Karen had been fairly content for the first few years of her marriage, but the last four years had been frustrating for her. She needed more that just simple in and out fucking. She loved the feel of Jack driving furiously into her pussy, but he never gave her enough.

Driving home Karen's mind kept replaying Becky's story in her head. She wondered what it would be like to give herself to a stranger; to go to her knees in front of a black man and suck him off the way Becky said she had. Jack didn't like oral sex - giving or getting - and he would never give in to Karen's entreaties to try it at least once. Once he had tried anal sex, but had decided that it was too degrading and he would never do it again. Karen wanted to experiment. She had read all the books - the sex manuals and the so-called marital aids - and they had fired her with a need that she just could not get Jack to fill. Sexual hunger grew inside her and sexual frustration threatened to drive her crazy. She had almost snapped during the card party when Becky started talking about how the bold black man had accosted her and had asked for sex. She had almost run from the table into the bathroom to get herself off with her fingers. She had been so lost in sexual desire that she hadn't heard Cassie the first time that Cassie reminded her that she had to leave at three to get home and let the washing machine repairman into her house. Cassie had actually had to reach over and shake her shoulder to get her attention. As she pulled into her drive she wondered if she had time to use her dildo before the repairman arrived.

She was just taking the large rubber dick out of her dresser drawer when the doorbell rang. "Shit, shit, shit" she cried as she threw the rubber cock across the room. She composed herself as she headed for her front door and hoped that the repairman would be quick. She desperately needed to get herself off. She opened the front door and her eyes took in the tall Afro-American standing there tool box in hand. Her knees went weak.

"Hi. Mrs. Cleary? I'm here to look at the washing machine."

Wordlessly she stepped aside to let him in. "Ri...rig...right this way" she stammered as she led the black man to her laundry room. Thoughts and images were running wild in Karen's head. She saw herself ripping off her clothes in front of this man. She saw herself on her knees sucking his black cock. She saw herself being taken on the floor as she looked up at the huge black man looming over her. Then she noticed him looking at her with a weird expression on his face. "What's the matter?" she demanded, frightened, yet strangely turned on by the thought.

"Uh...nothing lady, nothing" and as he turned his attention to the washing machine she hurried back up to her bedroom. She picked up her dildo from where she had thrown it, hurriedly stripped off her clothes and laid down on the bed. As she worked on herself with the large fake rubber cock she imagined that it was the black repairman's dick. She closed her eyes and in her mind she saw her legs clamped around his hard body, his rich chocolate skin glistening with sweat as he sought to gain his pleasure by giving her pleasure. "Oh shit" she moaned as she took the fake cock out of her pussy and dropped it on the bed. As if in a trance Karen got up from the bed and went downstairs.

The man heard her coming and he turned to face in her direction. His eyes got big as they took in the sight of her naked white body walking toward him. She read the nametag on his uniform shirt and asked in a voice fairly dripping with sex, "Do you work on anything besides washing machines Jason?"

The man was too surprised to answer. He'd heard about things like this from other repairmen, but he had never believed them. Karen saw the tent in the man's trousers. He had a hard on and she had given it to him. She walked up to him and rubbed her naked leg against the lump in his pants and even as Karen's fingers moved to Jason's zipper she couldn't believe that she was doing it. She was a loving wife - a good girl, not some slut - and she knew that she wasn't the kind of woman to do such a thing, knowingly commit adultery. This wasn't her, this was a dream, and a fantasy and she would wake up any minute now. Then she had his fly open and her feverish fingers reached inside and took hold of his hard cock.

"Fuck me" she moaned into Jason's ear.

"Right here, right now. Take me, make me your bitch."

"Hey, whoa up lady, I..." and Karen hissed at him, "Do it damn you, fuck me, fuck me hard and make me scream."

Karen was stroking his shaft and then suddenly he put both hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. "You want it lady, you got it, every fucking inch of it."

He grabbed her head with both hands and shoved his boner straight into her mouth. Karen gagged. She'd only had a cock in her mouth twice before and neither of them had been half as big as the one now fucking her face. She struggled and pushed him away, "Not that" she gasped, "I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum."

Jason reached down and with his powerful black hands he picked her up and set her down on the dryer. He pulled her legs apart and with one powerful stroke he plunged his hard cock into her pussy. As his hard cock lanced into her Karen realized that this wasn't part of any fantasy, this was real. She panicked. She had never cheated on her husband before, this couldn't be happening to her, "No, wait, this is wrong, we can't, I'm married" she cried as she tried to push the big black man away from her. She couldn't budge him and he continued to slam his hard cock into her.

"Tough shit lady. You should have thought of all that before you unzipped me."

And then, suddenly, Karen wouldn't have stopped him even if she could have. His rough fucking of her body had started a fire in her; a level of sexual arousal she had never before experienced flowed through her body. She hadn't felt this hot in years. Karen's hands reached up and grabbed Jason's shoulders and she hissed, "Oh yes, oh God yes, fuck me, fuck me hard and make me cum."

Jason laughed. "Like this big black dick? No more this is wrong, we can't and I'm married bullshit? You just another white whore who likes black cock, ain't you?"

"Yes" Karen moaned, "I'm a white whore. Fuck me, fuck me hard."

"You love my black cock, don't you?"

"Oh God yes. I love your cock baby, just keep fucking me. Make me cum baby, make me cum."

Jason grinned as he looked down on the face of the little white housewife who was begging him for his cock and he wondered how much he could charge his buddies for some of her tight white pussy. Karen, unaware of the plans Jason was making concerning her future was lost in the intensity of the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced. She moaned and her head whipped from side to side as she came so hard she cried. Then she felt a small degree of sanity returning and with it came the horror of what she had just done. She had just engaged in un-protected sex with a man not her husband and a black man at that. Oh sweet Jesus, what if she got pregnant? Then she realized that Jason hadn't cum yet. She shoved at him, "Get off me. Please stop and get off me."

Jason laughed at her. "No way honey. You wanted this and you just got off and now it's my turn."

"No, you can't! You can't cum in me. I'm not safe."

"Tough shit lady. You should have thought of that before you decided to act like a slut."

"Then pull out and cum on my stomach or cum on my tits or face, but please, please pull out and don't cum in me."

"Sorry honey, but I kind of like the idea of a sweet looking white bitch walking my kid to school in the morning."

Jason started pounding into her faster and harder as if insistent on getting his seed planted deep inside her. The friction of his hard cock rubbing her clit set her on fire again and she wrapped her legs around the black stud who was giving her the fuck of her life. She came and then she came again as the black man furiously fucked her. He was grunting with every stroke into Karen's hot welcoming hole and then she felt his cock start to grow in her and she knew what that meant, but lost in the mindless sex of the moment she no longer thought of an unwanted black baby; her only thoughts were to make it last, to get her one great fuck before having to return to the so-so sex she had with her husband. Jason's cock erupted like Mount St. Helens and his hot cum sprayed the inside of her pussy. His blast sent her off into one more mind numbing orgasm. When Jason's cock finally died and slipped from her cunt like a limp noodle Karen was exhausted. Exhausted and ashamed of herself for letting a moment of weakness destroy her vows to her husband. Would she be able to hide this from Jack or would he look at her and know instantly what she had done. And what if she had gotten pregnant? Oh sweet Jesus how could she have been so stupid? She felt Jason pulling her up from the dryer and she opened her eyes to see Jason grinning down at her. "Come on sweetcheeks, we got the quickie out of the way, now let's go and do it right."

"Wha...what do you mean?"

"We're going to take it to the bedroom."

"You can't! My husband will be home soon."

"Sooner or later he's going to find out you are a whore for black cock so we might as well get it over with now."

"No! No, I am not a whore for black cock. This was a mistake, a stupid mistake and you have to leave now."

"You can say you ain't a whore honey, but what you just did on the dryer proves that you are a liar."

Jason picked her up and started for the stairs to go up to the bedroom. "No, no" Karen cried as she beat on him with her tiny fists.

Jason stopped and set her down on her feet and looked down into her eyes and grinned. "I ain't fixed your washing machine yet honey. Tell you what. We either go upstairs now or I come back around noon tomorrow to fix your machine and scratch your itch. What's it to be?"

For Karen it was a no brainer; anything to get him out of the house before Jack got home.

"Okay, tomorrow at noon. Now hurry please, please go before my husband gets home."

"Sure sweetcheeks, tomorrow at noon, and sweetcheeks? I like to fuck my ladies while they wear high heels. If you don't have any, get a pair by noon tomorrow."

As Jason left Karen's house he was smiling. He'd be back the next day all right, but he wouldn't be alone. A few massive doses of hard black cock would turn the little white housewife into his black cock-loving slut and he was looking forward to all the things he could do with her and to her. Oh yes lady, you are in for one wild ride.

Through the living room window Karen watched as Jason got in his truck and drove off. Stupid, stupid, stupid she thought, how could I have been so stupid. Not only did I cheat on my husband, but I did it with a black man and I let him cum in me. Oh shit! Maybe a quick douche and a good wash can help and she hurried up the stairs to the bathroom. Working the nozzle of the douche bag past the still tender and tingling pussy lips she remembered how good that black cock had felt and how she'd had so many orgasms and she wondered how many more she might have had if she had let Jason carry her up the stairs to her bedroom. She closed her eyes and let her mind bring back the image of being on the dryer while that hard black cock pumped into her. It was the best fuck she'd ever had and the memory of it began to make her feel all warm and tingly. She snapped out of it. Stop that, damn you. It was wrong! It was worse than wrong! It was a despicable thing for her to have done that to her husband. Okay, so Jack wasn't a great fuck compared to Jason, but Jack was a good man and she loved him. The only thing she knew for sure was that she wasn't going to be at home when Jason cam knocking on the door.

Thoroughly douched, she put the douche bag away and got into the shower. As she washed herself the steamy hot water made her relax and when the wash rag rubbed across her pussy lips she moaned and once again remembered how full her pussy had felt as Jason had stuffed his cock in her. The memory of the large black man taking her caused her pussy to clamp on her finger and she fingered herself to a small orgasm. She thought of what she would tell Jack when he came home and found that the washing machine wasn't fixed. She'd just tell him that the repairman didn't have the part he needed on his truck and he would be back tomorrow to finish the job. Then she wondered which of her many pairs of high heels Jason would like the best.

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Yes it is trash.

Just another in long line of stories to belittle and destroy white men and the white race.

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1* disgusting

relabel this trash as interracial .
nobody wants to read monkey-on-human stories .

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