tagLoving WivesKarmen's Afternoon Delight

Karmen's Afternoon Delight


I thought I would come home early to surprise my wife. Between work, the kids, and our busy lifestyle it had been over a week since we had last had sex. My raging hard-on was a constant reminder of that.

The tension had been building all day, and by noon I couldn't take it anymore. So, I told my secretary that I had some personal matters to attend to, and that I would not be returning from lunch.

My Mustang was parked on the second floor of the parking garage two blocks from my office. As I briskly walked down the street, I noticed the 80 degree spring day had brought out scores of attractive women in short skirts and skimpy tops, further fueling my sexual appetite. As soon as I reached the car, I put the top down, and began my 30 minute drive to our suburban home.

As I cruised down the highway, my mind drifted back to my 6 A.M. morning interlude with my wife. I had leaned down to give my sleeping wife, Karmen, a kiss goodbye as I headed out the door. To my surprise, after the peck on the cheek and the usual "I love you," she pulled me close and kissed me passionately.

She too was feeling the effects of our recent lack of sexual activity. As we kissed, my hand slid down to play with her beautiful 36D tits.

I could feel her hard nipples through her pajama top. I lifted her top for better access to her sexy mounds, and began alternating between kissing and sucking on her neck. She quickly guided my hand down to her panties, which were already damp. I slipped my hand inside her panties, playing with her clit, as I moved my mouth to her left nipple.

Karmen let out a moan of approval, and pushed my hand from her clit to the moist entrance of her shaven pussy. I inserted a finger as I moved my mouth to her right breast. "More!" she moaned. I quickly inserted another finger as she began to rock her hips back against my hand.

Karmen was extremely hot, and had began to rub my hardening prick through my pants. As I continued to finger fuck her, she hissed "Give me another." I hesitated, surprised at how worked up my wife was, when she rolled over on her knees with her ass raised in the air, and begged, "Please!!"

I slid a third, then a fourth into her dripping wet sex as she fucked herself on my hand. I moved my thumb to lightly rub her asshole as her moans became louder. Karmen began rocking back and forth, impaling herself deeper with each thrust. Finally, pushing herself onto all fours, Karmen thrust back hard, sucking my entire hand, with the exception of my thumb, deep into her hot pussy.

As my free hand struggled to release my cock from my pants, I heard a loud buzz from my oldest son's alarm clock just down the hall. With one final thrust, I felt Karmen's pussy spasm as she came all over my hand.

As my son turned off his alarm, and turned on his bedroom light, my wife pulled herself from my hand, snuggling back in bed with a smile. Karmen's hand found my cock again, gave it a couple gently stokes and said, "Sorry, but it looks like you will have to wait. I have to get Jimmy ready for school."

My long, paved driveway, flanked with large oak trees on both sides, was all that remained between me and my sexy wife. The two-story brick home Karmen and I had bought 4 years ago, which set back about 400 yards from the main road, was completely hidden from site by a ten foot hedge row that surrounded most of the property, and offered us complete seclusion from all of our neighbors.

The drive from my office seemed to take forever, but looking at the clock, I realized that I had made good time. Traffic at noon was much lighter than the 5 o'clock rush-hour traffic I was used to, allowing me to set the cruise at 85 mph.

I brought my car to a stop in front of our two-car garage, not bothering to pull inside or even put the top back up. I had more pressing issues. The bulge pressing against the front of my pants was the only issue I was concerned with.

I practically ran up the sidewalk to the front door. I pushed open the heavy oak door, and felt a rush of cool air from the AC. I kicked off my shoes, and started through the house, in search of my wife.

From a few feet inside the entry way, I could see that Karmen was not in the Living Room to my left, or the Dining Room to my right. I walked through the Dining Room, into the Kitchen, across the Kitchen, through another door which led back into the main hall, gave a quick glance into my Den before heading into the large glass sunroom located in the back of the house, but she was no where to be found.

I scanned the back yard, hoping that she was taking advantage of the nice weather, but saw no sign of her. My heart sank, maybe Karmen had errands to run, or had a hair appointment today. That would be my luck. I started back to the kitchen for a beer, when I heard a faint sound coming from upstairs. It sounded like the TV. Perhaps my wife was taking an afternoon nap.

I crept quietly to the top of the stairs, hoping to surprise my sleeping wife by picking up right where we had left off this morning. As I rounded the stairs, and started down the hallway to our bedroom, the sound of the television became clearer.

Karmen wasn't napping, she was watching porn. My wife rarely watched porn, usually only after a night out of drinking and dancing, and feeling extremely horny. Evidently, our morning play time did little to quench Karmen's desire. My afternoon surprise was going to work out well for both of us.

When I reached the doorway at the end of the hall, I could see Karmen on the bed, naked. Her head was at the bottom of the bed facing the TV, pointing away from the door. Karmen's big tits where smashed against the mattress, as they and her knees supported her weight. Her shapely ass, still gorgeous after 12 years of marriage, was raised up much like the position she was in earlier this morning.

Her right hand stretched back underneath her between her legs held one end of her favorite purple rabbit vibrator. The other end was buried to the hilt in Karmen's moist pussy. Her toy has separate controls for vibration and rotation, and by the sounds emanating from it, Karmen had the thing turned as high as it would go.

Two fingers of her left hand where in her mouth, as she pretended to suck a cock as she fucked herself. I could see the end of a small red butt plug jammed firmly in her ass, which surprised me. My wife never initiated anal sex, and only after asking to fuck her ass repeatedly for several days, would she allow me to try, with a majority of the attempts being failures.

Karmen's eyes where fixed intently on the television. A young, skinny blond with big fake boobs was on her hands and knees in the floor, while two well-endowed studs with tanned, muscular bodies, used her slutty little body. As the dark-haired man worked his cock in and out of the girl's clean-shaven pussy and fucked her ass with two fingers, the blond man was pleasuring himself by forcing his entire cock down the girl's throat.

My eyes dashed back and forth my the TV to my wife's tone body as she mimicked the young blond's actions.

Our sex life had been far from dull over the years, but watching my 31 year old wife pretend to be double teamed like a wanton porn star was the hottest thing I had seen in my life. I had always secretly wanted to know more about the slutty side of my wife.

On several occasions, I had questioned her about past sexual experiences, but she never confessed any kinky scenarios that I sometimes fantasized about.

Don't get me wrong, I knew she wasn't the "door knob" type of girl, where everyone took a turn, but I know from experience nice girls can sometimes get pretty naughty after to much to drink. Especially when your young, single, and in college.

I once overheard her telling a friend about ending up in bed with her room-mate and her room-mate's boyfriend after a night of partying. When I asked her more about what took place, she said "Nothing happened, the three of us all passed out while playing cards." Now, I began to wonder if maybe something more had taken place, and what had Karmen been dreaming of when I woke he up this morning.

The blond man in the video in the video quickly pulled his cock from the girl's mouth, and stood up. The girl changed positions as well, raising up on her knees directly in front to the young stud.

As if on cue, my wife changed position to match. With her purple vibe wedged between her snatch and the mattress, Karmen continued to ride the fake cock, as the man on the TV released a sizable load of cum all over the girl's tits.

My wife made a soft, high-pitched squeal as she came. Her hands moved over her breasted, squeezing her mounds as she began to talk to the TV.

"Yes, the hot cum feels so good all over my tits. Give it all to me!" she moaned. At this point, I had to free my cock from my pants. It was rock hard, and my balls where swollen, full of cum, hoping for release soon.

The dark-haired man on TV had moved to the couch. Shaking his prick at the girl, he teased, "If you want some more, come get it." The blond lowered herself back to her hands and knees, crawled across the floor, wrapping her pretty red lips around his cock.

Karmen begged, "Oh, yes.....please give me more cock!" as she pulled the vibrator from her dripping, cum-soaked pussy and shoved it into her mouth.

As Karmen's left hand fucked the toy farther and farther down her throat, her right hand found its way to her clit, and began gently rubbing it in circles. I slowed the pace of my strokes so that I would not cum yet. I was determined that after everything I had seen, it was Karmen who was going to get me off, not myself.

On screen, the girl was trying to deep throat the dark-haired man, and was succeeding quite nicely. A third man entered onto the scene behind the blond. He was a large, black man, sporting a longer, thicker cock than his two counterparts. He dropped to his knees between the girl's legs, and began sinking his member in her pussy.

The blond girl turned her head quickly, as if surprised by the sudden penetration, but the shocked look on her face quickly turned to a look of lust as the man continued to feed her pussy more and more of his black cock. The dark-haired man sat watching as the black man began to fuck the girl hard. Finally, his patience wore out, and the dark-haired man grabbed the girl by the hair, forcing the mouth back down on his cock.

Karmen had moved the vibrator back to her pussy now, and was roughly fucking herself as hard as she could.

"Give me that black cock!" she screamed.

"Fuck me hard...use my pussy....," Karmen continued,"Fuck me with that big black snake!"

"Forced it deep into my pussy....stretch my cunt!"

"oh,gawd.....I'm cummmmming....," she screamed.

As her hips began to buck harder, Karmen let out a final scream, "YES!YES!YES!.....fill my pussy with your hard cock!"

I couldn't take anymore. In the time it took me to walk from the doorway to the foot of the bed, I was able to strip off all my clothes. Karmen jumped, startled by both my presence in the room and being caught in such a position. Her shocked expression was quickly replaced by a mischievous smile when she saw the condition of cock. Karmen looked into my eyes and whispered, "Its about time you got hear, I've been waiting for you!"

"That's not what it looks like to me," I responded, grabbing her by the back of the head, and guiding my cock into her mouth. I began to roughly fuck her mouth, as Karmen continued sliding her toy in and out of her pussy, at a much slower pace now. As I savored the feeling of her mouth on my cock, my hand found its way down her back to her sweet little ass.

I grabbed the butt plug and pulled it quickly from her ass, causing Karmen to gasp. When she gasped, I used my other hand on the back of her head to force my entire cock into her throat. Karmen gagged slightly, and I felt her throat struggle to eject me pulsing cock. I pulled by cock back until the head was at her lips.

I shoved the butt plug back into the waiting ass, and when she gasped again, I thrust my cock back down her throat. I repeated this process a dozen more times, before I knew I couldn't hold back much longer.

I jumped up on the bed behind my wife, and began to sink my cock into her ass. After about two inches, Karmen began to pull way. "We can't. It's just too big, I can't do it!", Karmen pleaded.

I was not to be denied. My cock was thinking for itself, as it continued to force itself deeper into her hot ass. Karmen let out a moan, "Oh, no, please not in my ass!"

"Take it, slut!" I commanded, as I buried all of my cock into her ass. I began to fuck Karmen as hard as I could, taking my frustrations out on her tight little ass.

I could feel the toy still buried in her pussy. It continued to vibrate and rotate in the wet snatch, as Karmen came again.

In the next sixty seconds, I accomplished three things I had never done before:

I managed to bury my entire cock up Karmen's ass.

I fucked Karmen's ass harder than she has ever had it fucked in her entire life.

And fill her ass with more cum than any one man should be able to produce.

We both collapsed on the bed. As we lay there recovering, Karmen spoke, "I hope what I was doing when you came home didn't offend you."

I kissed her gently, and said, "No dear, sorry I was so rough with you."

Karmen smiled and replied, "That's okay, I was naughty, and sometimes that's just what naughty girls need." She leaned over and kissed me passionately, and I felt my cock begin to stir again.

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