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This story is based on truth. Some details may have been embellished to assist the flow of the story but none the less are factual. Please enjoy and give your feedback on the story.

All rights to this literary piece are protected under U.S. copyright laws.



This time it works

"... He's a magic man."

Kathy's voice sang out silkily as she finished her karaoke version of Heart's 'Magic Man'.

She sings it to me regularly. It is a little thing we have between us. We sing a song and the other knows for certain the song is being sung to them.

Kathy is my wife, life partner and best friend. My sole goal in our marriage is to make her happy and feeling loved. Let me describe her a little to you.

She is a beautiful blond whose petite 5'3" body stands ramrod straight. Her squared and firm shoulders hide the fact that she is nearly 47 years old. My eyes devour her image as she glides back to our table and begins to sit down.

Imagine Cher, Jodie Foster and Dido all rolled into one body. With a perfectly triangulated face, pert 36c breasts, gumdrop nipples, prairie flat stomach and tear drop shaped ass, she makes a striking figure. Not may women in their 20s look as good as she does. Let me tell you, she looks DAMN good – coming or going.

Of course I prefer it when she is cumming. I am the luckiest of men, and I know it.

We were looking for fun and the bar had an electrified atmosphere that night. It seemed to be a cross between a 60's beat nick bar and a cigarette testing room. It was hot and smoky with a dash of musky sexuality. The crowd pressed into the room so tight I was certain the fire marshal was going to show up and make about half of us leave.

Kathy morphed into her chair, pulled a cigarette out of her pack, lit it, took a drag and sighed out, "Phew, it's hot in here."

The smoke lazily drifted upward until it was brutally transected by the ceiling fan. Her eyes danced and sparkled with the floor lights. Dropping her head into her chin and staring directly at me she said,

"Want to show me some of that magic in a little bit?" quickly followed by, "I don't think I can handle much more of this heat."

I was about to answer when from behind Kathy I heard a mans voice,


"Rog - Roger Eastland!" I exclaimed.

"What are you doing this far from home?"

"Guard crap, you know how it is." Roger shot back.

Roger was a Colonel in the National Guard. I was a Chief with a large fire department in the area. We had worked closely together – for about 6 months - to develop training protocols, for the state's emergency responders, to Billy bad guy attacks.

"Roger, this is Kathy – my wife."

"Kathy this is the insufferable prick from the Army I told you about" I chided.

Roger and I had struck up a really good friendship and genuine respect for each other. We had become a pretty formidable team driving the sessions along. Our respect for each other was strong and our friendship had become even stronger yet. We both struck imposing and intimidating statures when together. With me at 6 foot tall, about 220 pounds and a 50 inch chest and Roger at 6 foot 2 inches and 230 and square jawed, not many people argued with us.

Kathy stated she needed to go to the restroom and excused herself. Her form fitting pants hugging her ass cheeks as she flitted away from the table. To Roger, she probably seemed a bit cold but I noticed a sparkle in her eye as she rose from her chair.

"Geesh," Roger hissed while admiring her hips swing side to side, "She is gorgeous!" "You did not exaggerate about her, she is spectacular."

"I told you." I said flatly. "Did you expect to see Ma Kettle when you arrived?"

"I got here early," Roger explained. "I was so turned on by the possibility of getting laid I couldn't take the chance of this place getting full."

Yes, we had planned all this. I had set Kathy up to be hit on and seduced by this good looking man. Her previous adventure with that moron Randy Salinski had demoralized her and left her feeling very unattractive. You know how women get when the guy can't keep it up no matter what she does to them. But more than that, he just did not treat her with respect.

I had been after Kathy to try the swinging lifestyle and had offered to let her have another man join us to 'break the ice,' so to speak. Randy had hit on Kathy about a year earlier and he really turned her on. It had been about 6 months since we had the conversation about having another guy join us in a three way. I was floored when she said he had rubbed himself all over her on the dance floor and it had turned her on.

"You still want me to take on another guy?" she had asked me.

I jumped at it and we rented a hotel room to play in. Once there, Kathy had quickly gotten his pants off, given him her best blowjob, pulled him on top of her and he pressed his nice 8 inch cock into her. Where it promptly withered into oblivion and looked like some poor excuse of a morel mushroom. We tried three more times to make it happen. Suffice it to say, it was not a good thing. It really made her feel unexciting. She blamed herself that she could not keep this man hard enough – long enough to even ejaculate. I was certain the hope of ever sharing the sexual excitement of someone else joining us died that night.

That had been two years earlier.

Roger and I had discussed all this previously and he assured me right then and there – as her sweater covered breasts swayed slightly as she walked toward us – that would not be a problem for him.

Roger stood and slid Kathy's chair out for her to sit in.

"Thank you," Kathy said, "It is nice to meet a gentleman."

Gentleman my ass, I thought. He was really scoping her ass out as she sat. I smiled as I saw her relax with his old school tactics.

A few drinks later, and a lot of laughing at my complete destruction of Elton John's 'Blue Eyes,' had us all acting like we had known each other since childhood. There was a noticeable spark that was fostering our new friendship.

Roger was a perfect gentleman for the evening. Although he flirted and lazily let his hand touch her arm and occasionally her thigh, he never made any overt attempts to make her feel like he was there for anything sexual.

"Hey, I have to be down your way tomorrow, want to get together for lunch?" Roger interjected as we left the bar.

"I can't," I said, "I have meetings all day tomorrow."

Roger acted disappointed for a few moments then quickly tossed out, "How about you Kathy, would you like a lunch date for tomorrow?"

"So we can get to know each other a little better?" Kat flatly queried.

I wondered where he was going with this when she happily said.

"Sure, I'd love to."


My mind raced.

"I just said I had meetings and could not make it."

"Now dear," Kathy scolded. "Don't be a spoil sport; we are perfectly capable of eating without you." The door had closed on my response.

We parted ways with Roger and me shaking hands, but Kathy was giving him a big hug and saying how nice it was to meet him.

Once we were in the car and about a mile toward home Kathy pointedly poked my ribs.

"You rotten bastard, you set me up to get fucked by him didn't you?"

I was flinching from the sharp pain in my ribs. "NO!" I retorted.

"I know you Mike and you have been pestering me about getting past Randy." "Tell me the truth."

One thing about Kathy, she has a way of saying things that simply dissolve that force field I put up when I try to pull a fast one on her. Chuckling, I admitted I had.

"Are you angry at me?" I asked.

"I was when I first realized what was up but, he is a really nice guy and besides, he has a nice ass." She said smiling to disarm my fears.

"So you want to go to lunch with him tomorrow?" I queried.

"YUP!" she almost chirped. "I am not going to just jump in bed with him; I want to get to know him first."

I called Roger and explained what had transpired on the way home and they agreed to meet for lunch at 11:30. I was sulking because I really wanted to be there, but I had to work.

My hopes of just showing up on them were dashed when my meeting held over the next day through lunch. My mind was on their lunch date and not on listening to the political ranting and jockeying of the people in my group. I was thinking I could still get away and possibly catch them where they met before they left.

At 1 o'clock I was almost to the pub where they met. Pulling into the parking lot I saw Roger and Kathy standing between their cars. I pulled into a parking spot that afforded me a good view to see how things were going.

"Kathy is wearing a short skirt!!!" I nearly shouted to myself. "She never wears a skirt." Her killer legs were on display intentionally, I knew that she was rolling with the idea. She was flirting.

Roger leaned into her and she raised her arms to wrap around his neck. "Oh My God!" they are kissing!

I sat bolt upright in my seat and openly stared at them.

"That is not just a friendly kiss." I surmised.

Kathy broke and turned to get in the car. Her door closed and rolled the window down. Roger leaned in the car and it was obvious, the kiss was passionate and his left arm slid inside the car.

I watched as Kathy's head lolled back into the seat, her mouth opened and I could hear her moaning. Just as quickly, he unceremoniously kissed her, turned on his heels and got in his truck and left. All before I really knew what was happening.

Her cell phone rang and she answered it. "Hello." her voice was throaty with lust.

"I am just about there; I got out of the meeting early." I lied,

"Are you guys still eating?"

"No, Roger just left." she answered.

I started the car and drove around toward the entrance so it looked like I just arrived.

"I'll be right there."

Pulling up beside her I asked how her lunch went.

"I want to fuck him silly." was her answer.

"Whoa!!!" I said. "Who are you and what have you done with my wife?"

Kathy chuckled, "Hey, it was your idea, remember?"

"So, uh, well.... Did you plan a time?" I stammered.

"It would have been today if you had gotten here in time." She said. "I knew last night I wanted to fuck him that is why I wore the skirt I have on. "

"So you could entice him with your legs?" I asked.

"No, so he could play with my pussy during lunch" Kathy shot back.

"And he did just that."

From the smile on her face I knew my chin must have stopped about my belt buckle.

"You wore a skirt so he could slip his fingers under your panties and slide them in your pussy huh?" I boldly stated.

"No, I took the panties off and Roger has them now." She said disappointedly.

"I was hoping to get them back from him later after I got fucked by you both this afternoon."

I snapped my phone open and quickly dialed Roger's phone.

"Hey buddy, if you want to get back here, we can go back to our place and Kathy said it is a go!"

"I will get there as soon as I can." And he hung up.

I followed Kathy home and we raced inside giggling like two kids. Reaching under her skirt my fingers glided across her very wet and swollen labia.

"Wow, you are horny aren't you?" I asked.

"I should be," she followed, "Roger fingered me to orgasm in the restaurant and the van."

Once again my jaw began its free fall downward.


"Oh man, it was so exciting too, what with the risk of getting caught and all." She explained.

I stripped her clothes all the way off, tossed her on the island in the kitchen and dove right into licking her pussy. Right then, I wanted to fuck her so badly myself.

Kathy pulled my head up and kissed me deeply.

"Honey, I want to fuck him alone the first time."

"Uh huh, that's O..... WHAT??" I stammered.

"This was not supposed to be something we did alone!"

"I want to share this with you!" I said flatly.

"I know baby, but with everything that happened with Randy I don't want this to turn out badly." She stated.

"No, Damn it, NO!" I said emphatically.

"Honey, I do think it would be best and I promise I will make it up to you." She said, her eyes begging.

We walked silently up the stairs to our bedroom. I knew I had lost. If I refused her this then all hope of getting her to swing with a couple in the future would also be lost. She ran bath water to freshen up. I sat on the edge of the tub sulking and thought.

"What are you thinking?" She said softly.

"I am thinking of how big a fool I am." I hissed dejectedly.

"WHY!??" Worry in her voice.

"Because I love you too damn much to say no to you." I said as I turned to walk out.

As I did so I stopped by the bed and placed my spare cell phone down on the end table. I had set it to auto answer and silent ring. I would enjoy this one way or the other. The doorbell rang.

"Roger is here Kat." I shouted to her.

I stomped more than walked out of the bedroom.

"Hi buddy," Roger said as I opened the door for him.

"Good lunch huh?" I asked with a forced smile.

"Very good." He said as the corners of his mouth curled upward.

I laughed and indicated for him to follow me. As we climbed the stairs I still heard the splashing of the water. I led Roger directly into the bathroom where my naked wife sat in the bath tub. I pulled a towel off the rack and held it up to dry her off. After kissing her softly I hugged her and whispered into her ear, "It's OK, have fun baby, I Love you."

I took her hand and led her to Roger. I offered her to him saying, "Roger, I have to get back to work and Kathy would feel better being with you alone for the first time."

I turned to leave and followed that with, "Be good to her."

I walked out leaving my wife to fuck this man alone and left out.

I took one glance over my shoulder before the view was blocked by the door. I saw my lovely naked wife pressing her still wet body against this man's – my friend - camouflaged uniform and pressing her lips to his.

Sulking down the stairs I quickly added my headset to my phone and inserted them into my ears as I dialed the spare phone. It answered silently and became my sole voyeuristic connection to the carnal activities I had organized for my wife and friend.

The sounds of kissing and clothes rustling were clear. I could almost detail every article of his clothes being removed as I too had worn them before. Once I heard the tale tell clank of Uncle Sam's belt buckle I knew my wife was seconds away from wrapping her delicate fingers around Roger's hardening cock. Her lips would soon follow.

I walked out of the house and headed to my car.

The soft dinging of the seat belt chime almost obscured the soft groan audible from Roger as I know Kathy took him deep into her mouth.

The road noise nearly hid him saying,

"That's it babe, damn you are a good cock sucker." The slurping noises followed closely behind as she increased her efforts from his compliments.

I drove on for ten minutes, listening to their lust filled noises. Finally Roger firmly stated,

"God Kathy stop!" "I am about to cum"

The slurping continued for a few short seconds quickly followed by a loud wet "SMACK' of Kathy's lips.

I heard her lusty, voice say, "I want you to cum in my mouth, don't worry we have all afternoon to fuck."

The sounds of her sucking him became much more pronounced. I don't know if it was a change in position relative to the cell phone or if it was Kat sucking that much harder. It did not seem like very long before I heard Roger's grunting and Kathy's moans.

"MMmm Huh, MMmmm huh," Roger grunted, marking the jets of spunk being shot across her soft tongue and down her lovely throat.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Roger's voice quivered.

"Mike is a lucky man to have a beautiful and talented wife like you Kathy."

"No, I am lucky to have a man like Mike to let me have someone like you to play with."

"I have not been sucked off like that is years."

"Well then, what are we going to do while you rebuild your strength?" Kathy said, giggling like a school girl.

The rustling noises that followed and the way the giggling sounds filtered through the phone I knew they were laying on the bed. I heard Kat draw a breath in through her teeth. A sound so familiar to me as I had heard it many times before as I ran my hands over her body and took her nipple into my mouth. The giggles transitioned from caught breaths to kisses to slurps and licking noises. Finally the moans and appreciative sounds of a woman being pleasured seeped agonizingly slow through voyeuristic communicator. I heard the familiar refrain of Kathy building to orgasm. The occasional sucking sounds led me to understand that Roger was sucking her pussy and nibbling her clit.

"Aaaahhh OOooohhhhhh GGgaaawwwdd." Kathy cried out. The over modulation of the telephone was witness to the intensity of her release.

"Oh my God Roger, that was incredible." Kathy said breathlessly.

Roger grunted his agreement.

"Speaking of incredible, that cock of yours is pretty impressive itself."

"It will do some impressive things too." Roger said as the sounds of weight shifting on the bed could be heard.

Obscure noises and unintelligible words confirmed the transition into what I knew was coming next.

"Unghhh, oh fuck that feels good." Kathy moaned.

He was fucking her; Roger had just slid his cock deep inside my wife's pussy. The emotions raced through me like lightning. The anger at being left out was the first flash, quickly followed by jealousy over the fact someone was fucking MY WIFE while I was not there. Holy shit, this was going all wrong. I started this entire process wanting to convince my wife that we could find a nice couple like us. Become friends with them and fuck them. Instead, I had backed myself into a corner and had allowed her to fuck not one but TWO guys and had gotten nothing but...

The thoughts rocketed through my brain. What had I gotten from this? I suddenly realized I was sitting there with my own cock so hard it hurt. I was sexually aroused beyond belief. My woman that I loved and adored was obviously enjoying herself. I had not heard her, this animated in years and it was because I allowed her to fuck this guy.

I was allowing and facilitating my wife to have fun. Her earlier inhibitions were melting and she was allowing herself to have sexual fun.

I smiled inwardly at the realization that I was giving something special to her and she was enjoying it.

I rubbed my cock through my pants. Holy crap, I could not do that for long or I was going to cum in my pants. The phone... Damn, I had forgotten the phone. The ear buds had fallen out. I quickly pulled them back into my ears and began listening again.

Smack... smack... smack; the sounds of flesh meeting flesh. "Oh god, oh gawd, OH GOD!!!" sounded through the speaker.

"You have a really tight pussy." Roger Panted

"I love how your pussy is so tight and soooo wet." He said through ragged breaths.

"Fuck me hard with that cock of yours." She pleaded, "I want.. to feel... you cum in me... Roger."

Smack... smack... smack, "Put your legs up on my shoulders."

Smack... smack... smack, "That's it baby, fuck me hard"

Roger was pounding her and I was racing to park the car. There was no way I was going to miss out on this and I needed a secluded spot to enjoy it.

Smack... smack... smack, "You like my cock driving hard into you?"

Smack... smack... smack, "Gawd, you are so big!" "Faster."

The moans from both of them were escalating and I was going to enjoy it by myself.

Smack... smack... smack, "hhmppphh, hmmpphh."

I made it; the mall parking lot would give me enough privacy. Slamming the car into park I quickly pulled my cock from my pants and began stroking it.

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