tagIncest/TabooKat the MegaBitch

Kat the MegaBitch


My twin brother Brian thinks I'm the biggest bitch in the world. I'm inclined to agree with him. My name is Kat (actually Caitlyn but fuck that shitty name) and I love messing with him. We're both 18 and still living at home so I have lots of opportunities to wind him up. If Mom asks him to clean the bathroom, I'll wait for him to finish and then bring trash from my room and refill the trash can. If he goes a month without getting a whipping, then I haven't done my job.

It's really all his fault. He's such a floor mat, it's my job to try and toughen him up. If I put my vegetables on his plat, he'll complain but he's never tried putting them back. Lately he's been making it so easy for me. Brian always was girl crazy but lately he's been getting worse. I've even caught him drooling over a fucking exercise commercial.

So, to tease him, I've been wearing skimpier and skimpier clothing. I'm thin without a lot of curves so I have to practically be naked for people to realize I'm female. I started wearing my hair in pigtails to confuse him further and make him think of me as a girl. But I also started wearing skirts and thongs to remind him I'm a totally fuckable woman... if he wasn't my brother.

I eventually had an idea for a masterpiece of humiliation. I'd 'accidentally' send him a topless shot from my phone. I know him, the first thing Brian would do is run to the bathroom and jerk off. I'd stand right in front of the door and wait for him to finish. I couldn't wait to see his face in a mixture of surprise and embarrassment. After telling him I know he busted a nut to his sister, I'd have ammunition for years to get him to do my chores and shit.

I waited for a day when Dad was at work and Mom was out shopping. Brian was sitting on the couch watching TV so I ran up to the room and quickly disrobed. I pulled my thong just low enough for him to know my pussy was shaved. One arm held my phone while the other grabbed a nipple and pulled it hard. My other nipple instantly became diamond hard too. Before taking the picture, I took a second to admire my body. My breasts were b-cups with cute little areolas and small nips. I kissed the air and thought how I'd fuck me as I took the picture.

I sent the picture to Brian and quickly got dressed. I went to the railing and screamed out, "I ACCIDENTALLY SENT YOU A MESSAGE! It was meant for Brad! Don't look at it, just DELETE IT!" Brad didn't exist. There wasn't anyone I knew who I could stand or would be able to stand me. I then went back to my room and slammed the door shut so he'd know I where I was. I listened at the door and, sure enough, I heard Brian run towards his room. Geez, he could at least try to be subtle about what he's up to. I gave him a second after I heard his door close. Then I slowly turned my door knob.

Before I could open it, I heard Brian coming out of his room. Shit, what's he up to? He quickly entered the upstairs bathroom. I knew he liked to jack off in there too but why'd he go to his room first? I waited a bit longer in case he had any more surprises for me but he remained in the bathroom. Curious, I grabbed a makeup mirror and left my room quietly.

I listened at the door but couldn't hear much. So I slowly dropped to the floor and used the mirror to see just what he was up to. To my surprise, Brian was completely naked. It had been awhile since I'd seen him without clothes on. He was always so self-conscious that he never took his shirt off when we went to the pool or beach. He did have some hair in weird spots but nothing I'd call ugly. He even had a six pack and his chest muscles were nicely defined. Of course, the first thing I noticed was his nine inch cock in his hand.

He had it wrapped up in a condom! That's why he went to his bedroom. By why didn't he just jack off in his bedroom? I didn't have time to think about it, I was too busy thinking to myself, "Yes, Brian, fuck yourself. Fuck you, Brian." His other hand held his phone and I knew I'd have him by the balls when he got out. The thought that he was seeing me naked made me hotter than I would have guessed.

I reached down and rubbed my clit through my panties. My nipples were hard again but I needed my other hand to hold the mirror. Brian jerked faster and faster and suddenly I was desperate to see him cum. "Fuck you, fucking Brian. You incest loving fucker." I rubbed myself faster too but Brian came before I had the chance to. "FUCK! You shitty bitch piece of shit!" Still, I was amazed to see just how much he filled that condom. It was like seeing a balloon animal being blown up. Suddenly I realized why he was naked, using condoms, and why he wasn't jacking it in his room. I wondered how many messes he cried over in his room, hoping no one would notice.

Brian carefully took off the condom, making sure to not spill a drop, and tied the end into a knot. He put the condom in the trash can and covered it with toilet paper. I got up, grabbed my mirror, and went back to my room. My great plan was forgotten in favor of a new one. I waited for him to leave the bathroom before leaving my room and calling out, "I'M GONNA TAKE A SHOWER SHITHEAD!"

I entered the bathroom and locked the door. I turned on the water and undressed before looking into the trashcan. I retrieved the condom and was amazed. In my hands, the condom was hot and heavy. There was SO much cum! I wondered if Brian had just bought the condoms just for jerking off. Maybe my brother was actually getting some.

I'd never admit to him that I was a virgin myself. I got such a kick out of being the intimidating megabitch at school that I scared all the boys away. Those fucking fuckers didn't bother me anyways. I doubted anyone could please me like I could please myself. I took the condom and washed it carefully. I didn't want it to break accidentally.

I slid the full condom in my mouth and felt my pussy throb. I could feel the warm liquid inside and the anticipation made me dripping wet. After pushing the condom as far down my throat as I could, I let go and kept it in my mouth. With both hands free, I rubbed both my nipples and really felt myself close to cumming already. I stopped and glanced at the mirror. I looked so slutty with my mouth full and my throat bulging.

I took the condom out and slowly untied it. I looked up and raised the condom high above my head. As I upturned it, a drop of warm, salty cum landed on my outstretched tongue. This was my first time seeing cum outside of porn and I really enjoyed it. More came out and I caught every drop in my mouth. I lowered the condom to my lips and then poured the rest of the cum in.

I took pains not to swallow. My mouth was full to the point that my cheeks were stretched and I just let my tongue soak in the cum. Soon I started to swish my tongue around and play with the cum. My hands went to my pussy, one rubbed my clit while the other pushed two fingers deep inside me. I looked down and was surprised to see a puddle of my juices on the floor. Within seconds I was orgasming hard. I almost swallowed the cum by reflex but I managed to hold on to it.

I picked up the condom again and carefully drooled out Brian's cum back into the condom. I got the hairbrush with the thickest handle and then I sat down facing the wall. I walked my feet and butt up the wall until I was facing my own pussy. I put the hairbrush down and used that hand to pull open my pussy. My other hand pushed the condom in and I squeezed the condom to get as much cum out as possible.

Then I turned the condom inside out and put it on the hairbrush. In the beginning I was hot just because it was cum but now I was starting to think about how it was specifically Brian's. The handle wasn't 9 inches long, more like 6 inches, but I still imagined it was my brother's cock. I stuck the handle into my pussy with one hand as I rubbed my clit in a circle with the other.

My pussy was so wet with my juices and Brian's cum that the handle went in deeper than I had ever gotten it before. I pushed his cum deeper and deeper inside me while I rubbed myself furiously. Soon I was cumming again. I kept the handle inside me and my hands squeezed my pussy tight to avoid losing any of the cum. I pictured my brother fucking me, cumming inside me, and continuing to fuck me.

This continued forever. I lost count of the time and how many times I orgasmed. I suddenly realized I had been speaking my thoughts out loud, stuff like, "Oh yeah, Brother Brian, fuck me! Fuck your sister! Fuck my fucking pussy you sister fucker! Fuck your brother fucker!" I doubted Brain would have heard it from his room and I had the water running so I just continued to talk dirty and make squeaky moans.

I stopped rubbing my clit and started to fingerfuck my asshole. I normally kept away from butt stuff because, duh, gross. But I felt like such a dirty slut whore, I couldn't resist stuffing more and more fingers into my ass. My cunt was sore from all the handle fucking but I still came again from the double penetration. I pulled my hand out and checked it for shit.

It was relatively clean so I stuck my hand in my mouth and sucked on it. Then I opened my dirty mouth wide and pulled the handle from my cunt just to plunge into my ass. I really went to town and fucked myself silly. This time, when I came, my unobstructed pussy squirted Brian's and my cum all cover my face. I tried to collect as much of it as I could in my mouth. I ended up cumming again just thinking of how my brother just technically gave me a facial.

After taking a bit of a break, with my mouth and ass still full, I pulled out the handle. It was covered in shit so I took off the condom. It really did help with keeping things clean. I was almost all fucked out but I still wanted to try one more thing. With my mouth still full of cum, I inserted the handle and facefucked myself. The cum started to spill out so I tried to catch it with my hands and put it back in my mouth whenever possible. I imagined sucking my brothers cock and pictured looking up at his muscles and then locking eyes with him. The thought sent me cumming again and I squirted all over my face once more.

I decided it was time and finally started to swallow. With my cum mixed in, along with spit, there was so much I needed 4 gulps before my mouth was empty. I removed the handle and took as much cum as I could from my face and pussy to lick and swallow. I didn't want to waste a drop. Finally, I decided I needed to be a little more dirty. I peed all over my face and tits while I said, "Yeah, Brian, I'm a dirty sister whore. Use me as your fucking toilet. It's only fitting because of how shitty I am.

I had fucked myself so completely I could hardly move but eventually I got up and started to clean. I knew I'd turn up the teasing to 11 to try and get Brian to leave me more presents in the trashcan from now on. I decided to actually take a shower when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Just a glint of light coming from the bottom of the door. There was a mirror there.

The End

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yes one night I was at older man place for coffee and cards we were play poker I was winning that when he said one more hand I told him look you lose all your money now well lets play for some thingmore...

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by Daddyb34r12/05/17

I agree about wanting to read more about these two. Well done.

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