tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKate Gets a New Boss

Kate Gets a New Boss


This was definitely the job she wanted and somehow she had landed the interview. It hadn't been easy for Kate to get here in this reception room waiting for her appointment. She had spent countless hours networking her way to get to see Paul Armstrong, the CEO of Armstrong International, and she knew it had to go well.

Kate had been out of work for awhile and she knew her money couldn't last too much longer. She also knew that this job paid 40% more than anything else that was available and the benefits alone were the best around. It had everything she wanted: a great salary, great fringes, big bonus and a challenging position she knew she was ready for. Now she just had to sell herself and make this work.

Kate wore her best business attire. She also wanted to look somewhat sexy just to put the extra icing on the cake. Yes, she was a strong independent career woman, but she also was smart enough to know that some sex appeal worked with business executives. Her wrap skirt was very businesslike but when she sat down, the fold of the dress dropped away revealing a nice glimpse of leg. It showed off just enough leg to be alluring, yet tasteful. Her heels were expensive black alligator and looked good with this dress and her tanned legs. The top was snug enough to make it evident that she was very gifted in the breast department. Her short jacket was well tailored and fit her well. It accentuated her obvious assets. She finished the look with some pink lipstick and tasteful pearl earrings and a pearl necklace to match. She liked the way she looked and the thong nestled under her wrap dress also made her feel both sexy and a bit daring. Her full breasts were nestled inside her new corset style bra that she loved wearing and it gave her a nice sense of confidence coupled with a strong feeling of being a woman. She knew she looked good and she also felt confident in her ability to present herself in the best possible light to this senior executive. She was ready for Armstrong and the interview.

Kate walked up to the reception desk and knew immediately that this older conservatively dressed woman was the 'keeper of the outer gate.' Many very high powered executives have assistants just like this one. She is efficient, no nonsense and gives off an aura of being in total charge. She had short gray/black hair and wore a very expensive dress with a complimenting Channel scarf. She was, without question, the Queen Bee and the plaque on her desk simply read, "Mrs. Gray."

"Good morning, Mrs. Gray," Kate said to her, "I have an 11 o'clock meeting with Mr. Armstrong." Kate reached forward, presenting her with an envelope containing her resume and other letters of accomplishment and recommendation.

"Yes, well you will need to take a seat and Mr. Armstrong will get to you when he can," she said without looking up at all or reaching out to grasp the extended envelope from Kate.

"Keep it for Mr. Armstrong," she said.

"Thank you," Kate replied with a smile at the woman who had not yet even raised her eyes to glance at her, "I am sure he is a very busy man."

"Yes," Mrs. Gray said with a bored and condescending tone.

Kate sat in the most upright chair she could find so as not to sink into the overstuffed chairs and wind up awkwardly trying to get up to greet Mr. Armstrong or wrinkling her dress. She was focused and ready and the mother hen at the desk in front of the bosses office wasn't about to deter her resolve to get this job.

Twenty minutes went by and the phone on the secretary's desk buzzed and Mrs. Gray simply said, "Yes, Sir," and then hung up.

Looking up at Kate for the first time, she said, "You may go in now," and then returned her gaze back down to the work at hand.

Rising quickly and then taking just a moment to make sure she was put together properly, Kate planted a bright smile on her lips and strode for the door, opened it and walked in to the huge office of the CEO.

Armstrong was just hanging up the phone when he looked up and watched Kate approach the front of his desk. His eyes took her in and examined her from top to bottom. He said nothing but merely sat there with a blank expression on his face and looked her over once again. He was a solidly built man in his late 50's, maybe even early 60's. Judging from his appearance, it was obvious that he was fit and agile and strong. He had a handsome face and wore a well tailored blue and white striped shirt with gold cuff links. Around his neck was what looked like a Hermes tie. He looked powerful and formidable.

"So you are here for the position on my personal marketing team, is that right," he said looking directly into her eyes. His stare held her motionless for a moment until Kate realized she needed to reply.

"Yes, Mr. Armstrong, I am very excited about this opportunity and know that it is a position I am qualified for and can make successful," she told him. She liked her response and was pleased that in spite of her nervousness, she was presenting herself with assurance and confidence.

"You're wrong. You have no idea what it takes to be successful and what sacrifices are required to get to the level of performance and commitment that I demand from my people," he declared firmly.

"I am a very hard worker with lots of energy and fresh ideas and great follow through," Kate countered.

"You know, young lady, I have heard this all before from so many eager and deluded women who thought they had a clue about what it takes to climb to the top or what sacrifice is all about. Thanks for coming, but this interview is over," he said while still looking at her eyes with his steely stare.

"Mr. Armstrong, I am everything you need in this position and if you hire me there is nothing I won't do to make you know that your confidence in me has not been misplaced," Kate said as she felt desperate to get this job and to work for this man. She had only been with him for mere moments and he was sending her away.

"Is that a woman speaking out of a desperate need for a job or a woman who is willing to commit herself to my service and to Armstrong International," he asked her with a firmness that sent a shiver through her body.

"I will commit myself to doing this job better and with more energy and enthusiasm and creativity that you could ever expect," Kate said with just a slight pleading creeping into her voice.

"But you really don't have any idea what incredible demands both professionally and personally I expect from you, do you? I pay well over the market rate for this executive level position but my expectations are very high and I do not tolerate disobedience or laziness or complaining," with a louder voice as he made his point. His forcefulness disarmed her and she wanted to prove she could please him.

"Anything, Mr. Armstrong, I am willing to do anything that you require. I am committed and will be totally obedient and hard working," Kate emphasized as she saw a glimmer of hope still there for her to land this position.

"Really, you will do anything to get this job? Did I hear you just say that? Do you know what 'anything' can entail," he asked her as she felt herself tremble at the implications of what he was saying.

"Of course, Sir," she said, "it means long hours and weekends if needed and being available for any assignment at any time."

"You are so naive, aren't you," he told her with a smirk on his face.

"I am not naïve, Sir, I am eager and resourceful," she said with as much defiance at this challenge as she could muster.

Reaching over to his phone he pressed a button.

"Mrs. Gray, please come in here," he said. He pulled his hand away and the woman from outside his door was walking in to see him. Kate was astonished by how fast her response was. She closed the door and walked over to within a few feet of him. Kate saw, now that she was standing, that she was a striking woman with a very slender yet attractive figure.

"I have told this applicant that when I have someone work for me on my personal team, that their commitment must be a total commitment. Is that your understanding of what I demand after the many years that you have worked for me?" He asked her.

"Without question, Sir. When you give any order or make any request, it is carried out immediately and without any reservation," she said as she turned her head toward Kate.

"Thank you, Mrs. Gray. Now to emphasize my point, please show me what color bra you wore today," he told her. Kate's eyes shot wide opened and she felt the air escape from her lungs. Her mind raced as she wondered if this was a joke or a test on Mr. Armstrong's part.

"Yes, Sir," she replied and took off the expensive scarf that Kate had admired earlier and began unbuttoning the four buttons of the top of her silk dress. With them undone, she pulled the material apart and revealed a very nice set of breasts accented by a beautiful and expensive bra in lavender with see through lace. Kate could easily see her nipples through the material and was both shocked and horrified by this display. At the same time she could not look away.

"You, see," he said looking at Kate," when I said you are required to follow all of my instructions and pay any price to work for me, I meant what I said." As he was talking, he reached out and took the exposed, bra covered full breasts in his hands and stroked them.

"But, Mr. Armstrong, you couldn't mean that I would be required to do this type of thing for you," she asked as her eyes never left his hands on the mature woman's breasts.

"I will now ask you some questions, Kate, and your answers will determine if you will work for me or leave this office to continue your job search," he said with his stare still directly into her eyes. She was frozen by his look and also felt his power. She was somehow aroused by what was happening and also afraid of both her arousal and his questions.

His hands left Mrs. Gary's chest but Kate noticed that she did not button up again but just stood there with her top opened as if awaiting his next order. He turned slightly to the woman.

"Take the dress off, now," he said. She unbuckled the designer belt around her waist and let the dress fall to the floor around her ankles. She leaned over and picked it up and placed it over the chair beside where she was standing. She only wore her bra, a thong and her heels. He looked at her very attractive body and then back at Kate.

"My first question to you is; do you still want a job working for me? I am not interested in long answers. Tell me with a simple 'yes' or 'no.' Answer the question," he told her. Kate was reeling from the overload of what she had witnessed and from his direct and pointed manner with her. She also knew how much her body was tingling with arousal.

"Yes, Sir, I still want this job," she said with a shaky voice.

"You have seen what I require in terms of obedience and compliance to my wishes. Are you prepared to do whatever is asked of you," he said firmly with his eyes melting her into submission. She hoped he couldn't see her body shaking as she replied.

"Yes," she said as she met his eyes and then cast them down to the floor.

He then reached down and unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. Kate looked down to see his fat cock sticking out of his zipper and she could feel herself compelled to watch it. She couldn't believe the situation she was now in and that she was still here with this man. She was amazed that she hadn't run screaming from this office. But here she was, in front of him and trembling like a school girl. And here he was directly in front of her with his cock out and she couldn't help but feel incredibly aroused.

"Tell Kate what she is required to do when she comes into my office and my cock is hanging out of my pants, Mrs. Gray," he told her.

"You drop to your knees and suck it," she replied looking down at her bosses cock.

"Show her, Mrs. Gray," he said casually as the older, sexy assistant squatted down in front of him and took his cock in her hand and then pulled it forward into her mouth.

"Your next question, Kate, is this: are you prepared to be as obedient as Mrs. Gray and perform for me as I require," he said with one hand on his hip and another on top of Mrs. Gray's bobbing head. Kate watched the older woman and could tell that she was very skilled and also enjoying her task. Her head was moving onto him almost to the base and her hand would grab his shaft as her head pulled back. Mrs. Gray was a cock whore of the first order.

"Yes, Sir, I am," Kate heard herself utter in response as she was mesmerized by the erotic sight in front of her.

"Take your dress off and place it on the chair beside Mrs. Gray's dress," he ordered. Kate's hands reached across her body to unfastening the hook that held the fabric of her wrap dress on her right hip. She unfastened it and let the material part and open. She then unfastened the other side and the dress was totally opened. She shrugged her shoulders and the dress dropped. She picked it off the floor and placed it beside the other dress on the chair. Mr. Armstrong looked over her hot body and the huge tits held so beautifully by the corset type bra. Then, his gaze dropped down to her thin black thong. He smiled at his new employee. Reaching down he pulled Mrs. Gray off his full, hard dick.

"Stand up and tell Kate what happens if my cock is not out when she comes into my office," he told her as she panted through aroused lips.

"That mean he wants to fuck you or give you to one of his clients so they can fuck you," she said. Kate almost lost it when she heard this and stood there shaking while emitting a faint moan at the woman's words.

"Kneel on the leather chair with your ass up in the air," he commanded as Kate walked slowly over to the chair and kneeled on it and leaned forward. Armstrong was behind her. His big hands were on her hips. She felt him move the thong to one side as he forced his big cock into her.

"Oh, God," she cried out from the invasion and from his size. She felt so full and so totally dominated by this man. He was fully within her and did not pull back or begin to move as she had anticipated he would. He held still and waited and allowed her to get accustomed to the feel of him within her.

"When I call you into my office, Kate, this is what you can expect. If I have a guest visiting me, I may have him use you as well. Will you submit to these demands," he said as he slowly pulled back and then push again into her with his full length.

"Oh, yes, oh yes," she cried out in a pained and sexually aroused voice.

"Is that confirmation that you will agree to these terms or is it just you enjoying my cock," he asked as he chuckled at her body's reaction to him.

"Yes, anything you want. I agree to your terms," Kate cried out as he moved inside her again.

"Tell me what you want right now, Kate. Tell me," he demanded as his cock used her.

"Fuck me. Please, fuck me," she moaned as her ass moved back to engulf his thick hardness.

Armstrong increased his pace and moved deeply with each thrust. Kate gripped the edge of the chair and groaned from the approaching climax she knew was just moments away. She had lost all ability to react to him as a rational woman. She was just his sexual slave; his whore. She could think of nothing more than the incredible pleasure and dominance this man was exerting over her. Any other reality would be for another time. Right now she was his to use as he wished.

Without warning, he delivered a sharp blow to her ass and began a slow and steady spanking of her upturned ass as his cock slowed its pace. After about ten hard spanks his hands reached up to release the clasps of her bra. The garment fell away from her onto the chair cushion. His fist took hold of her hair and pulled her up and back until only her knees were touching the leather of the chair. His hand reached around and took hold of her large breasts. He squeezed and mauled them and pinched her hard nipples. It was obvious how much he loved her big tits and Kate was overwhelmed by the electric shocks running through her body.

Armstrong then pulled his hips back and Kate was immediately empty again. His cock was out of her and she was desperate to get it back inside her wet cunt.

"Oh, no, please put it in me," she cried out.

"You need to learn that you are on my schedule and not yours," he said with his lips to her ear as his hands squeezed down on her nipples.

"Get on your knees in front of the chair and show me how talented your mouth is," he said while he yanked her by her hair and pulled her off the seat cushion to the floor. Armstrong sat down and waited as Kate got down in front of him and moved her mouth toward his hard cock. It was still glistening from her cunt juice as she dropped her mouth down onto him. Her tongue moved all over the cock and she loved the wild taste of her own sex mixed with the maleness of his big cock. She was groaning and whining as she moved her head down and up in a steady and needy rhythm.

"Tell me Mrs. Gray, does Kate measure up as an accomplished cock whore," he asked her.

"Without a doubt, Sir, she has great technique and enthusiasm," Mrs. Gray told him.

"I think so too," he said. "You can dress and get back to your desk now Mrs. Gray."

She gathered her dress and scarf and hurriedly dressed and was gone as Kate continued to suck his cock with a hungry eagerness. Armstrong again took her hair in his hand and pulled her mouth away.

"Stand up and turn around, Kate," he told her and Kate stood on unsteady legs and complied with his order.

"Now squat down and get my cock in your cunt," he told her as his hands gripped her hips and pulled her back and down. Kate reached under her wide spread legs and grasped his cock and positioned it at the entrance to her wet pussy. Her body dropped down and she totally engulfed him. She began grinding her hips down onto him.

Kate was almost there as her orgasm built once again. She was moving on him with a demanding frenzy which was driving her over the edge. Her head hung down as the pleasure shocks rocked her body and sent her into a delirium of deep convulsions. She was moaning and crying out as she was totally overcome by the enormity of this orgasm.

"Oh, fuck," she grunted, "oh yes. Please, oh please, oh please."

Armstrong watched her ride him and was pleased by the magnitude of her climax and how she had allowed herself to fully and completely submit to him.

"Yes, Kate," he told her, "cum for me, slut. Cum on my cock." She did as he told her and had lost all control of her body and its reactions. Her hips continued to pound down on him as her orgasm finally tapered off. She slowed her hip motion until she finally stopped and just sat with him fully inside her.

"On your back on the floor," he ordered as he pushed her forward and she just dropped down onto the carpet and turned on her back. Her sexy body was beneath him as he rose from the chair and placed his feet outside each hip. He towered over her. His hand was on his cock and he was jerking off over her. Kate looked up and watched him and knew what was about to happen. Kate knew she wanted this. She waited there below him, knowing that she was about to be covered with cum.

"Take it Kate," he bellowed as his cock exploded, "take it all."

He fired a long thick rope of cum that hit her face beside her nose and painted her cheek, neck and then down between her tits. A second stream erupted and landed on her chest and over her right breast and nipple. His third and last bit of cum dropped out and pooled on her chest between her tits. But Armstrong wasn't done as he squatted down above her head and then leaned forward on his hands, His cock was above her mouth and he lowered it to her welcoming lips. She sucked on him until he had finally finished seeping cum into her mouth. He then stood again and looked down at her. He smiled at the sexy look of her cum covered lips. He walked to the private rest room at the corner of the office and got a towel. He dropped it on her stomach.

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