tagLoving WivesKate Returns to Modeling

Kate Returns to Modeling


I remember the first time I met my future wife very vividly. I was working for a parts company and had to attend a huge auto event show. It was something I had gotten used to. Go in, shake some hands and then call it a day. Maybe have a beer or two. I was in my mid 20s and had worked my way to being an account manager so I enjoyed the time I got to spend out of the office.

This time though, a tall blonde caught my eye. Not unusual. Except this was one of the beer girls.

She was almost 6 feet tall, fairly thin, but incredible curves that drew my stare. From what I could see in her tight one piece swimsuit, she had big nice firm breasts, probably a C-cup and her skin was nice and tan. I thought to myself how she carried herself so well and how she almost seemed out of place there. I guessed her age around 24. Being that I was 26 and not far out of college, I thought I might try and talk with her. I wasn't a slouch. Average looking white man, not too fit, but not out of shape either. I was about her height as well. Why not give it a shot? All the other creepy men probably tried, maybe I could woo her with my politeness.

After the show I found her. She was chatting with friends. I was nervous but I went up and talked with her.

She was so delightful. Her name was Kate. Much to my surprise, we went for a drink and talked for hours. She told me how she modeled for the money and was still trying to finish up school and needed it for tuition and books. She told me how she wasn't exactly thrilled doing it but she got more than enough to cover her expenses. I told her I could see why she got paid so well. Her body was almost flawless. She seemed to enjoy my attention and I felt so comfortable with her.

We laughed and at the end of the night I got a great goodbye kiss. I held onto her number.

A few weeks later I planned to meet her again. The rest they say, is history.

We were together for a while. She was an amazing lover. Her long legs felt amazing wrapped around me. Her breasts were so perfect and her nipples got incredibly hard when she was aroused. I could just look at her naked for hours. During the first few months, we'd spend days making love.

I learned that she had an interesting childhood. Good parents but very poor. She put herself through college and worked hard. Starting in her late teens, she began to model a lot. She did a lot of swimsuit competitions and even some wet t-shirt contests. She showed me some of her shots from her portfolio. There were even a few semi nude ones that really got me going. She wasn't ashamed of doing it. She used to say "I don't know how long I'll have this body. I don't mind showing it off." However, she made it clear she wanted to quit as soon as she could. I wanted her in my life then so I planned to help her with her goals.

We married soon after and she quit modeling. She graduated with her master's and worked as a counselor. A year or two passed and she went to working part time and we had a child. The years passed and before I knew it we were in our forties. I worked my way up the ladder and she kept the house together.

Age only helped my wife. While I ended up gaining a few pounds and losing some hair, she grew older gracefully. She was stunning. Her skin was still tanned in the summer and she kept firm by working out. Her ass was tighter than ever and she kept her hair perfect blonde. I was always proud to have her by my side.

There were times when she would think back on her modeling days. She told me how she missed being in front of the camera. She loved the attention and felt sexy when she did it. She was happy to be where she was but it was something she loved then.

One night I finally said "Honey, why don't you look into modeling again?"

She laughed. "What? Who hires old women?"

I laughed. "You're more beautiful than when I met you. There are opportunities for women of every age. You have the time now."

It was true. Our daughter graduated high school and was about to go to college. At 44 years old she was turning heads everywhere she went.

"I might think about it." she said. I encouraged her to just look into it and see what her options were.

Soon after she ended up contacting an agency. That's when we met Lisa. She was my wife's new agent for her modeling career.

Lisa was in her 40s as well. Dark hair and very eclectic. She had quite a few more pounds on her but she seemed like such a fun lady to work with. She told my wife how her company did almost everything. They had models for all types of advertisements and websites. They booked them for the most modest ads for generic products and even had some girls doing nude modeling. Some of the pictures they had in a portfolio made my wife blush. The first thing she wanted to do was to get Kate some headshots and something to show clients.

Kate went down to their studio and took some simple pictures. She looked stunning in her red satin gown. I immediately framed one of the shots and put it up in our home. She told me how sexy it made her feel to be back in front of the camera.

Kate was quickly called in to do some work. Her first shoot was a simple one being an extra for a furniture ad. The next had her in some clothing ads for a ladies magazine.

I could tell she enjoyed the attention. Each time she left to do a shoot, she was beaming. She was happier than I'd seen her in some time.

One of her next shoots had her back in a swimsuit. Although she was being photographed with a group of women, she was very careful to make sure everything was perfect for it. When I saw the results I was amazed. She was the best looking lady in the ad. Her red one piece suited her so well.

A week or two went by and one day Lisa called to say she was coming over to talk with Kate and I together. I wasn't sure what this was all about but I made plans to be there.

Lisa sat down with us and began to tell us why she was there. "Kate, you are doing amazing. The swimsuit shoot was a raving success. Everyone loved you. We recently had a new client come in and he loved everything you did."

I smiled at Kate. She was beaming. This was good news.

"So, he wanted to see if you'd be open to do another shoot for his products. Now, before you say yes or no, let me explain it."

I waited for her explanation. Clearly this would be interesting.

"This is a somewhat small company. They are from France and are very selective with what they do. They make very high end lingerie and sleepwear. Now, I know you said you had done some nudity in the past. This one would require some nudity, along with being in incredible lingerie."

So far it sounded pretty good to me. I'd love to see how these turned out. Kate was silent for the moment.

Lisa continued, "Now. All that may sound good but let me tell you what their idea is. A lot of their photography is done to tell a story. They shoot multiple scenes and sometimes put them together in a magazine or catalog, sometimes they publish one picture at a time or they will use the series on their website. They want to shoot this in one of the big homes down in Oakwood. The setting would be a man coming home to find his wife, you, in lingerie and waiting for him. They want to do some shots like that and then some with you and him in the bed together."

Kate was silent. She turned to me. I was also silent. I uttered a response "How much nudity are we talking here?"

Lisa smiled "Oh, well I think it would be probably topless for Kate and potentially showing some of her butt."

Although I liked the thought, it wasn't exactly what I meant. "Umm, how much for the guy?"

Lisa chuckled a bit "Oh! Umm, well, I think he'd be down to his underwear too. I don't think they'd go past that. They want to show their new line of lingerie and they also make men's underwear."

She didn't "think he'd get naked?". Oh god. my head raced. Did I want her to do this? Umm.... yes...no.. maybe. I had to admit that the thought of her tangled up for pictures did make me excited. I couldn't say no or yes.

Kate finally spoke "Wow. I don't know. I mean, people know me here. It's one thing to do a swimsuit but I'm not up for being nude for the whole world to see."

Lisa spoke up "Oh, we can take care of that. We'd put you in a wig and do your makeup. In addition,I think we could keep the faceshots to a minimum. They want to focus on the lingerie.You'd have access to all of the shots and could take any you want out."

They thought of everything. Lisa told us to think about it. That night we ran it over a few times. I wanted to encourage her to continue modeling. She deserved a career she liked. She had second thoughts but finally agreed to go for it. I was nervous as hell letting her call Lisa to set it up.

It was all I thought about for the next two days. I didn't bring it up but I was wondering what would happen during this shoot. Who would be there? Who would see my wife naked? All my wife did was work out and prep for her big shoot.

As she got ready to go the next morning, I wanted to go with her. I told Kate that. She said "As much as I'd love to have you there, you'd make me too nervous."

I agreed to stay home. But, I wanted to see everything when she got back. She agreed.

Hours went by that day. She was gone almost all day. I kept wondering what the hell was taking so long. Visions of her filled my head.

Finally she came home. She was smiling. "How was it?" I asked.

"Well, why don't you take a look at the pictures?" she asked and held up a CD.

I went inside almost running to the laptop. I got it and sat on the bed. She sat beside me as I started the pictures in a slideshow.

There were a few test shots. Kate looked amazing. She had on a brunette wig. She was dressed in a gray bra and panties, complete with garter belt and stockings. The fabric looked like soft silk, complete with shiny embellishments. Kate laid on the bed. Lisa was right, with all of her makeup and the hair I was probably one of the few that could recognize her. But I knew every inch of her tanned toned body. And it looked fantastic in that outfit. I was instantly hard.

She said "The photographer was named Guy. He had such a deep French accent but was so professional. Very experienced. I felt so comfortable. Oh and this underwear was incredible. I got to keep it!"

There was another shot or two of the huge four poster bed she was laying on. The room was huge and fit the mansion it was inside. The next few showed the man playing the husband. Kate said "That's Dirk. He was very nice and has a lot of experience." Dirk was probably in his mid 30s. Tanned skin and brown wavy hair. He was at least 6'4" and incredibly handsome.

Dirk came in wearing a suit. The next shots showed him going up the stairs. There was a great picture as he entered the bedroom. It was over Dirk's shoulder of my wife in bed. She was laying across the bed, up on her elbows,her breasts sticking up. Very hot.

The next one showed Dirk taking off his shirt. Good lord he was built. His pecs were massive and he had a 6 pack like I'd never seen. I commented "Oh, he's in great shape." My wife responded quickly "Yes he is."

The shot that followed stirred me. Dirk was leaning over my wife and they were kissing.

I spoke up "I didn't know there was kissing!"

Kate giggled a bit "Well, it is a love scene!"

The following shots showed Dirk on my wife, then his pants coming off. He was wearing a navy blue pair of tight speedo like underwear. I could see a massive bulge. They hugged him tightly and his entire body seemed to have muscles everywhere. I could see why he was chosen to model the underwear.

The next shot had my wife taking her bra off. She had her hands covering her nipples but they looked fantastic. She seemed so exposed, even though she was technically covered. I could almost see the tension in the pictures between the two of them.

Then there was a shot taken from the foot of the bed. mM wife was on top of Dirk,the sheets rumpled up behind her ass. Her bare back was exposed. You could see Dirk staring up at her breasts. I knew that he was staring up at her hard nipples. My cock started pulsing in my pants.

The next showed her still on top, but leaning over more towards him. There was another where they kissed again. I had to admit, they looked natural doing it. The last showed them laying together in the bed, in acted afterglow.

I couldn't help myself now. "What was it like being on top of him?"

Kate looked at me. "To be honest, it was pretty hot. I mean, he had his underwear on, but I could feel his cock right underneath me"

"How was that?" I asked, wanting to know what happened.

She smiled. "Well, it turned me on honestly. He...well, he was getting hard. And...to be honest honey, he was huge. I mean, I didn't see him out of his undies but he sure filled them out well."

I nearly lost my load right there.

"Oh god, you saw him. You felt his cock against you?"

Kate smiled "My you sure are interested."

I had to open up now. "God Kate, I never knew this would turn me on so much. But the thought of you there with him was such a thrill for me. I'm so hard just imagining."

Kate reached down and grabbed my crotch. "Oh my."

We kissed. In minutes I was inside of her, filling her quickly.

As I lay there in bed with her, I told her how I really felt.

"I have to admit at first I wasn't up for it. But honey those pictures were amazing. The only thing better would be to see you in person with him."

Kate lifted her head and looked over at me. "You mean model with him again?"

The thoughts raced in my head. I spilled to her. "No, I meant everything. To see you really enjoy him" I could see Kate's face. It was one of surprise.

"Really, you'd want that? To see me with another man? That wouldn't make you jealous?"

"Well,I thought it would.But seeing all of this lets me know that it wouldn't. God Kate I haven't been this turned on in years. You look so incredible with him. And when you told me he was naked with you I nearly lost it."

Kate giggled a bit. "Well, I have to admit, I was turned on too. My panties were wet when I took them off. He's easy to like and his body was amazing."

I begged her for more details. "Well, when he took his pants off, I could see he was well endowed. Then when I sat on top of him, I could feel him. He was big honey, very big. And, it's not like I touched him directly,but I saw him when he was naked and it was very impressive."

That set me off and soon we were making love again. I guess I had Dirk to thank for this.

The next day we were having lunch. My wife looked stunning as always, but glowing more this time.

She asked me "Did you really mean what you said? Do you want to see me with Dirk?"

I looked around, making sure no one could hear the conversation. "I think so. I mean....yes. It was so amazing and I think it would make you feel incredible. Of course I would never want you to do anything you don't want."

Kate smiled and said "I know. I have to say that it does turn me on. The thought of you watching. It really seemed to open you up. The thought of seeing him again makes me so hot." She was smiling and I could tell she liked this as much as I did.

Kate continued "Of course I would never want to hurt you. I don't want anything to push us apart. I love you and love our life. If you don't want this, then I won't either."

I smiled and took her hand. "I just want to keep you happy."

We talked about Dirk and how to potentially make this happen. She knew he was single and lived out of town. She really didn't know a lot about him and she wasn't so sure he'd be open to a husband watching thing. She didn't even know if he'd be interested in being with her. I calmed her down and said "Honey,he got hard just taking pictures. He wants you."

It was great to even discuss this with her. I was hard just sitting there at the table. She told me "As much as I want to do this, I don't know if I could do it with you in the room or with you there watching me. I mean, I want you to watch me, but not sure if I could see you there."

I smiled and said I understood. Clearly we had to work on this one.

Two days later my wife said Lisa was coming over to discuss the shoot and what the company thought about her as their model. I was not going to miss this one.

Lisa came in and we all sat down with a drink. She said "They loved you. Great first session. They have been reviewing their options to figure out what to use."

Kate smiled and said "Great!I had a lot of fun."

Lisa giggled and said "Well, who wouldn't have fun with Dirk?"

Kate kinda smiled and looked over at me. I stared at her with a somewhat surprised look I guess.

Lisa said "Wait, what did I miss?"

Kate giggled a bit and then smiled. "Oh, nothing."

"No, seriously. Did I say something wrong?" she asked.

Kate smiled and said "Well, George likes that I had fun with Dirk."

I must have turned bright red at the time. What was she thinking here, telling Lisa all of this? She had a huge smile on her face.

Lisa looked over at me. "Oh, really? You liked what you saw in her pictures?"

I smiled a bit and nodded. I was embarrassed but since it was out in the open I figured I should play along now.

Lisa smiled over at Kate. "Well, I'm sure Kate can tell you he's even better in real life. Man, that guy is a stud."

Kate looked over at Lisa and said "I know. I was telling George how he's in such great shape."

Lisa said "Not only that, but he's got some great shape down below too you know."

My wife answered "Oh, I know, I was basically sitting right on top of it."

"Yeah, we saw the effect it had on him too." Lisa added. "With what you had on and how you looked, it's a wonder he didn't split those underwear open."

Kate blushed and laughed a bit.

"Wow, I mean, I felt it and saw him but I didn't realize everyone saw."

Lisa looked over at me. "You know how hot your wife is. I've been on a lot of shoots and this one had as much sexual tension as any I've seen. They worked so well together."

I nodded at Lisa. "Yes, she's incredibly hot. I can see why they did great pictures together."

I'm not sure if it was the drinks or just being relaxed with Lisa, but the conversation was easy. Then my wife kinda startled me by saying "Yes, seeing the pictures isn't all that George wants to see."

Lisa stopped for a second. I could see her mind working. "Wait, what are you....oh my god! Do you want to see Kate with Dirk, like for real?"

Kate was red but she smiled and nodded at her.

Lisa nearly hit the roof with excitement. "Oh god! Wow, that's so hot. Damn George I didn't know you had such thoughts."

I sipped my drink and said "Oh, well, you know. Just a fantasy."

Lisa was quiet for a second and said "You know guys, if you want this to happen, I think we can do it."

I nearly spit out my drink as the words left her mouth. Kate was also a bit surprised. She said "What? How?"

I had to admit, I wanted to hear this.

Lisa continued "We'll shoot it."

Kate asked "What? What do you mean? A photoshoot?"

"Sure," Lisa said "Why not? Look, the last time was pretty incredible. You know you and Dirk have good chemistry. God, I'm surprised I didn't jump in bed with you. All you need to do is make a move. Trust me, Dirk will follow and give you anything you want."

Kate smiled "God, really? You think?"

Lisa said "Look, I'll tell him that we want to do a more natural shoot without all the lights and stuff. Guy is still in town so he can come shoot. We don't need a crew. Once you get going, he and I can leave. What do you think George?"

Shit, what did I think? I mean, I was hard as a rock sitting there. To be there and see her with him would be incredible. "I just want Kate to be happy." There, who could argue with that?

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