Kate the Kid Ch. 07


Kate's eyes shone on the verge of tears. "I want him dead. As long as he's alive, I'll know the blood of my mother's murderer runs through my veins. As long as he's alive, neither I or my kid will be safe."

The other woman shivered. "Murder? That's not you, Kate, not you at all."

"I don't know Izzy. I'm scared. What if I am with child? That changes everything. No more reckless ways, I gotta start thinkin' more with my head than my heart."

"Then use your damn head and listen to me! Jerome and I have the money to help you; Dan and Finn are two of the best in the business. Rafe is Jerome's oldest and dearest friend, he can help."

Kate turned away from her friend at that and Izzy's heart stuttered. She cursed in fluent Italian, French, and English. "Rafe. He's the father, isn't he?"

"Izzy, it's complicated."

"The fuck it is!"

Kate gaped at her, the word sounding harshly exotic on her friend's lips. "Izzy, can't you understand? I might be pregnant, and I'm a single woman with a bounty on her head. I have met my father, my own worst enemy as an adult, and he has threatened anything and everything I love. I don't know how to fight! I don't know what to do!"

And with that she collapsed into tears. Izzy moved to the couch beside her and held her, letting the tears soak her crinoline dress, her heart aching at Kate's heaving sobs.

"Donn thw raff," Kate said wetly.


"Don't tell Rafe!" She pulled back, facing her friend with tear stained cheeks. "Don't tell him. It might not even be true."

Izzy held her arms tightly. "You are like a sister to me. When I was alone, scared, and had no one in this world you rode to my rescue. You taught me English, you taught me how to survive when my world had shattered. I owe you everything, but I can't do that. He lost one family already, he deserves the chance at another. Kate, I know he would marry you, why fight it?"

"Would he? Would he really? He's been suspicious of me and vile, he revealed that I was a woman to the world, and condemns me for living the very same life he does. He doesn't like me!"

Izzy pulled back, shaking her head. "He made love to you, of that I'm sure. He would never hurt a woman, force her. He's acted like a typical brainless man, is all. Don't let your fear turn you into the arms of another man you barely know."

"Izzy, I'm torn between two worlds. Rafe is in the old one. Now I'm in these damn dresses, a prisoner, told to be ladylike when I know nothing of how to be one. Please, just leave me and be safe. Don't worry."

Izzy stood, drawing up to her full height, imposing in posture if not stature. "You saved me when I thought it was all over. I am going to do the same. Do you trust me, Kate?"

"With my life." She wiped her tears on the back of her hand and sniffled.

"I won't tell Rafe on two conditions."

"Name them."

"You will tell him yourself and-"


Izzy just glared. "And when will your father next allow you out?"

"There is a party tonight where I will meet the man I am to marry."

Isabelle nodded. "Then the second condition is you will get your father alone and get him to admit to killing your mother."


"This or nothing, Kate."

"What good would that do?"

Izzy smiled. "Your father may be rich and powerful, but you have two friends with even more money and power. Let us worry about it."

"Izzy, it's no use."

"Then what do you have to lose?"

She didn't wait for an answer, just left. A hefty man opened the door to the room as she touched the handle and she had to resist the urge to hit him, though at twice her height and three times her weight it would do little good.

She stomped back to the suite she and Jerome had reserved. With little room left at the hotel Dan, Finn, and Rafe were across the street.

Her intended had also gotten himself a room there out of propriety, and she found him standing by the window, waiting to hear the results.

Nine months since they had seen each other. More than a year since she had felt his touch. The despair she had seen in her best friend's eyes weighed her heart heavily.

"How did it go?"

"Jerome, stay with me. Please."

He walked to her and crushed her in a hug. Her face pressed into his chest and she was struck again by the differences between him and her first husband.

One man had stood barely an inch taller, thirty years older, a childhood crush realized with soft hands and a softer heart.

Jerome was over a foot taller, his body like steel, his heart as fierce as his temper.

This time it was she who drew his lips to hers, Izzy who parted his mouth and sank inside, tasting whiskey, cigar, and pure man.

After a long minute he pushed away. "Isabelle, the wedding will happen soon. We should wait."

She growled low in her throat. "I am not some skittish virgin. I am a widow, a grown woman who has already known your body. I need to feel hope, I need to feel alive. Jerome, I need to feel you."

Shocked he was pliant, and she pushed him into a plush chair.

Smiling over his disheveled hair and the puzzled look behind his glasses, she sank to her knees before him.

He'd grown up in a society far stricter than hers, and she knew he needed convincing. She pulled open his trousers and delighted to find him hard already.

"Isabelle.." he said in a breathy voice.

She ignored the protest in his tone and licked her tongue along his length. He tasted of salt and sweat, his own unique taste beneath dear to her heart.

She took him into her mouth then, and with mouth and hands caressed up and down, his masculine whimpers and grunts lightening her heart and arousing her increasingly.

She slipped a hand inside his trousers and found his balls heavy. Cupping them gently she stroked with the pad of her thumb as his excitement grew and they drew closer to his body.

"Bella," he moaned, a warning she knew to heed.

Standing she turned her back to him and drew her hair around to her chest. "Unlace me, please, Jerome."

She felt his large hands shaking with the movement, and when her dress was loose she let it fall, looking over her shoulder at him.

His eyes were dark with lust, his muscles taut, his body fully clothed but for one vital part. He was a dark fantasy realized, and they stare into each other's eyes for a long moment.

"Please," she breathed, an he unlaced her chemise.

In quick movements she was free of her bustle and petticoats, and turned to him in her corset and bloomers. Too impatient to strip them she straddled him on the chair.

"Bella, we should take our time. Let me pleasure you."

Her own eyes glittered. "You will."

Her bloomers parted easily and she held them open with one hand, steadying herself on his shoulder with the other.

He sank into her, huge and hard, a natural curve that drew his cock forward, rasping a deeply sensitive spot.

When she was seated Izzy threw her head back and gasped. He felt so completely right her soul was at peace.

Jerome's growl was a warning before he jerked her corset down to reveal her breasts. Sucking one dusky tip deep inside his mouth he flicked rapidly with his tongue while she rose up and sank down.

Their gasps mingled an natural rhythm overtook them. Desperation set the pace and soon they were sweaty, their panting breaths falling into one another's mouths.

She rode him with abandon, her heart filled with love, and after several minutes of strain it was his warning growl that triggered a deep answer inside her, and they tumbled into pleasure as one.

Exhausted she limply collapsed onto him and he held her tightly to him, kissing her cheek, jaw, and neck softly.

"My love, you deserve better than that."

Pulling back she smiled up at him. "Better than seeing your passion match mine? Your hunger too? No woman could ask for more."

He smiled and picked her up, still inside of her he walked her to the bed. Their bodies untangled as they laid down, causing easy laughter between old lovers.

"You haven't told me what happened."

"Jerome, how trustworthy are the police here?"

"Not very, the Pinkertons are much better."

"Can we get one of their agents to a party tonight?"

"Rafe knows people there, I'm sure he can arrange it. I'll speak with him right away."

He stood, searching for a cloth to clean themselves with. Izzy stood as well and began grabbing her underthings. "I am going with you."

"I'll be just a moment, there's no need-"

"Jerome, I need to speak with Rafe."

He stopped an raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

She looked down. "I have to break a promise to a friend. But I think it may be the only way to save her."

"I hope you know what you're doing."

Izzy smiled wanly, still staring at her hands. "I hope so too."

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