tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKate The Rare Books Librarian

Kate The Rare Books Librarian


Kate gets taken by the mysterious man.


I'm Kate and work nights in the library Rare Books section. It was Halloween night and kids had been coming in and hiding in the book racks to scare customers. I thought we had chased them all out by now but I heard a noise and even felt a presence. I laughed and knew the library wasn't haunted so I ignored the feeling. However the feeling intensified so I looked around for a possible cause. I saw him standing in the Rare Books racks dressed all in black and thought we had another Halloween joker. But then he looked intensely into my eyes, perhaps even my soul. I felt my girly parts get moist and I shifted in my leather seat. I looked up and he was staring deeply into my eyes.

My pussy began to drip into my panties making them wetter. I was so wet down there that since I didn't want a wet stain on the back of my skirt I lifted my hips and bunched the back of my skirt up and sat down on my bare thighs. The leather felt cool on my hot thighs. I looked up embarrassed and saw a broad smile on his face. He stared at me again knowing what I had just done and I felt tingling on my love button. That feeling intensified and I had to close my eyes and bite my lower lip. When I looked up again he was standing at my desk.

"I will come home with you tonight," he said in a husky deep voice that vibrated my pussy. "I will wait until you close for the night," he added.

I started to fuss and he snapped, "Quiet!" I gave into his command and set about closing up my station and locking up my section. He was standing by the exit door and took my arm as I left the building. As we walked the few blocks to my apartment the heat rose from my pussy and warmed my large breasts. I could feel my nipples harden and ached to be touched, no sucked is what they needed.

I opened my door and he stood on the door step without moving. I knew what I had to do. "Please enter my home," I asked him and he entered and shut the door.

The lock clicked loudly and I jumped. He took a dining room chair, set it in front of the sofa and sat down waiting. I moved across the room and stood in front of him with the backs of my legs against the sofa.

"Begin, slowly," he commanded.

I unbuttoned my blouse from the bottom one at a time. When done he motioned with his hand for me to remove my blouse. My breasts burned within my bra and my nipples poked the silk. He nodded for me to continue so I moved to unzip my skirt and it dropped to the floor at my feet. I stepped out of my skirt and kicked it to the side. He raised his eyes to my breasts so I reached behind me and unsnapped my bra and let it slide down my arms. He motioned me forward and with his thumb and pointer he pinched my left nipple and pulled it away from my large breast.

I moaned and felt my pussy pour out a stream of its liquid. My panties were now soaked and I could clearly smell my scent. He switched to my other breast and did the same to that nipple.

"Pinch yourself," he commanded.

I cupped my breasts with each hand and spun my nipples with my fingers.

"Pull them," he barked. Holding tight I pulled each nipple away from each breast.

"Further," he said.

Biting back the pain I pulled my nipples out and knew he wanted me to hold them there. The pain shifted directly to my cunt and more pussy juice poured out and ran down my thighs. I moaned deeply and he said, "Enough," so I let go of my nipples and breathed deeply.

"Continue," he said strongly.

I stayed where I was and hooked my thumbs into the sides of my soaking panties and slid them down my thighs and calves to drop on my feet.

"Turn around, bend over and remove those filthy panties," he ordered.

"How did he know I would do anything he asked," I thought as I turned around. I bent over and knew he could see and smell my dripping pussy and even my backdoor star. I knew I would give entrance into that door to him if he asked. When I had my panties in my hands I stayed bent over waiting his next command.

"Stand up, turn around and put your panties in your mouth," he growled.

In my deepest embarrassment I did as I was told and filled my mouth with my soaking wet panties. He stood up and moved me to the side arm of the sofa and pushed my back down and my breast pushed into the sofa cushion. That left my pussy and ass pointing high towards my "master." "Oh my goodness I just called him my master so I am his slut," I thought quietly.

"That is true sweetheart," he said out loud as he kicked my legs wide apart and brought his hand down hard on my ass. He slapped each cheek till it hurt with red flame. I moaned deeply when he stopped as I was hoping for more.

I listened in anticipation as I heard his zipper opening and his pants dropping to the floor. Next I could hear his shirt coming off and knew he was now naked. He moved up behind me and I felt his large cock slide between my pussy lips and hit my engorged clit. He did this for several minutes until I shook into a tiny orgasm and soaked my sofa. I knew what was coming next as he placed the end of his cock between my pussy lips and just rammed his huge cock deep into my pussy. I howled but my panties in my mouth muffled my cry. His cock filled from lips to womb and pushed out my insides to fit his girth.

He pulled his big cock fully out of my cunt then rammed it home again. I moaned from the pain and pleasure and lost all control. He withdrew and rammed his cock home for several minutes until I shook with orgasm after orgasm. I sprayed his stomach with my pussy juice as he waited until I stopped shaking.

He withdrew from my abused cunt then placed that plumb sized cock head against my anus and slowly slid his whole cock down my back door chute. I moaned deeply and thought that I had never felt so filled and so naughty as anything before. I waited for him to torment my ass with his huge cock. He pulled my long hair like a cowboy rope and rode my ass pounding his cock deep down me.

I shook on his cock as I went through several more orgasms groaning like a mad woman. He pulled me upright and started to bite my neck. When I felt his huge cock begin to swell and spasm I knew it was gonna happen. As his spunk shot load after load into my ass his teeth sunk into my neck and he began to feed on me. I orgasmed so hard I passed out. I woke up late into the night face down on my sofa. My panties were on the floor and my living room smelled strongly of my own sex. I knew he was gone.

I also knew that he was my master and would return again and my pussy, ass, mouth and neck would be there for his taking.

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by Anonymous10/29/17


As a rare book librarian, I can tell you that this is, you know, not how rare book libraries work. I was all excited to see a story that included us, but couldn't get past the first paragraph. Alas!

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