tagIncest/TabooKatelyn's Graduation Party

Katelyn's Graduation Party


This one took place the weekend I graduated high school, which was in June. I had just had my 18th birthday, but no party in the preceeding week as I was preparing for finals. My mother was dating a guy who wanted to take her on a cruise, and graduation weekend turned out to be the slot he could get. So, as was often the case, mom subcontracted my graduation /birthday party to her sister, Irene. Mom liked having me when she could claim me as first tier cheerleader, or fastest hurdler, but she wasn't much for getting her hands dirty parenting.

It was actually OK, since Irene and Uncle Ron had a pool...Even better was the fact that they were willing to turn a blind eye to the keg that magically appeared. My older cousin Ronnie was a sophomore at the U and he arranged for that little present!

My mother had always referred to her sister disparagingly, calling her a "freak,"

and alluding to bizarre behavior during her college and high school days.That weekend I was to gain some insight into what the "freakish" behavior entailed...

Aunt Irene had suggested that I bring over my cheerleader outfit ("because you look so cute in it, and this will be your last chance to wear it!"), and of course swimsuit and a few changes of clothes for the week that I would be staying with them. Frankly, I didn't mind the odd-sounding request: I loved how I looked in the tight crop top and short pleated skirt. I always finished game nights hot and sweaty and it wasn't just from exertion...

The party wasn't huge, but maybe 40 of my friends, a few girls from cheerleading, and girls and guys from track. A lot from my AP French class, for some reason (I know, it should have been AP Spanish...I have never even been to France).

I was not a big party girl in high school, so got pretty lit pretty early. It had just gotten dark when I was hanging out with Carly from the squad and Brad from track. Aunt Irene´s yard was divided by a masonry wall about four feet tall, which sort of separated the pool/deck area from the grassy yard. We had settled on the outside of the wall and were using the top of the wall as our own bartop...It was already littered with half empty cups of beer...

Brad said something so funny that beer spewed out my nose and I literally peed myself.

"OMG, I just peed! My panties are soaked!"

"Well, let's get 'em off then, honey."

And Carly knelt in front of me and and matter of factly reached under my skirt to peel them down my legs.

Over her shoulder, she called to Brad, "Dude, grab me a towel!"

He got one from the back of someone's chair, handed it to her, and as she reached under my skirt to wipe me he said "dude, that is SO hot..."

Carly smiled up at him, then at me, "Ahhhh, You've got a fan!"

She stood up briskly and said, "You know, she really should match...If she goes commando, she oughta be braless, too, dontcha think?"

Knowing how tight fitting and thin my crop top was, I started to protest immediately. "No way guys!"

But the two of them ganged up on me, tickling me until I was again on the verge of peeing, then suddenly my top was off, and the sports bra pulled off with it...

"Turn away Brad, give the girl some privacy to put her top back on..." Carly said as she handed me back my top, but spirited the bra away...

Brad stared at me avidly, and did not turn away as I shimmied back into the top.

"What say we go inside and dance? I wouldn't mind some cake, either."

So, we headed indoors to find a scene from a compact rave... When we got there, Techno thumped, the room was dimly lit, and bodies were packed together in the small space cleared in the living room. Taking each of us in hand, Carly bulled her way into the center of the press and we began to dance, Brad behind and Carly in front. Carly placed her hands on my hips and pulled me to her. She brought her lips to mine and locked on, prying my own lips and then mouth open with sheer force of will.

"Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!" she whispered in my ear. Then she reached past me to pull Brad close behind me, and drew his head down to meet her lips as well. She kissed him thoroughly, their lips locked millimeters from my right ear. Brad was pressing hard, and I do mean hard behind and I felt light headed with alcohol and raw sexual desire. Brad moved his hands around the front to cup my breasts, and Carly dropped her hands to my ass, raising the skirt in back so that the only thing that separated my naked ass from Brad's now obvious erection was his shorts...

Before this got too out of hand, the lights came on, the music stopped, and uncle Ron was calling for everyone's attention.

"Now that the Birthday girl is da House..." He paused as the small group cheered, "We can perform our family birthday ritual, which as many of you know, involves spanking and humiliation with birthday cake!" More cheers.

"So Brad, Carly, bring the guest of honor over here and lay her across my lap. Irene, bring the cake and ice cream!"

He was seated in an armchair with a one of those three headed, cone shaped spotlight floor lamps along side. All three lights were on, and aimed at what would soon be my exposed ass and...more.

"No WAY, I am WAY too old for this!"

My protests were ignored as my friends dragged me to my waiting uncle and placed me face down on his lap.

"Oh, she's a fighter, hold her down guys!"

Several sets of hands pressed down on me to stop my flailing.

My uncle flipped my skirt up, and then commented with a strained voice: " Well, it looks like SOMEone didn't want cake and ice cream on her panties...This will be easier to clean up!" and he began to spank me as the crowd chanted out the count.

"One! Two! Three!..."

I was sobbing and laughing and panting all at the same time.

When at last he was done, he shouted, "Serve the dessert, Irene!"

And she smeared a slice of german chocolate cake, and a cold scoop of ice cream over my ass and between my legs.

"Line up to help clean off the Birthday Girl, tongues only!" Irene sang.

What followed seemed to last for hours, as I was thoroughly tongued off. After awhile, I was aware that my uncle was stroking my hair, and caressing my shoulders, as orgiastic waves washed over me. In time, fingers were added to tongues, and then I heard Irene say, "Only if you have a condom,"


I counted a least 10 different guys, all coming up behind me to use me on my special day, most choosing to strip off the condom and come on my back at the last moment...

To be continued...

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