tagBDSMKate's Capture Ch. 07

Kate's Capture Ch. 07


Kate tried to move to find a slightly more comfortable position, but the plastic wrap held her very secure. The bark of the tree pressed into her skin painfully and the plastic was already uncomfortably hot. She could feel sweat dripping down her body. At first, she put it off to her imagination, but then she realized that it wasn't just her mind. There was something crawling on her body under the plastic.

She couldn't help herself; she screamed as she realized that the crawling was all over her body. Frantic to get whatever it was off her body, she began to struggle. She could hear the men laughing and then felt the hands on one touching her roughly.

"Hold still, Bitch. It's just ants. I'll pour some of this on you and they'll go away," She could hear the amusement in his voice.

She bit her lip trying to calm herself and be still. She could feel him pouring some liquid on her head and felt it drip down under the plastic, sliding down the cracks and crevices. The hands pinched at her nipples until she cried out in pain. There was more laughter as he walked away.

Kate waited for the crawling to stop, but it didn't, it only seemed to get worse. And then something bit her. She gasped and then began struggling again as there were more bites. She could feel one crawling on her face.

"Get them off! Get them off!" she begged frantically, tears rolling down her face. She could hear someone coming closer and sobbed in relief. To her surprise, they did nothing about the ants, but shoved a filthy cloth in her mouth, pushing it in until she thought she was going to choke on it. She heard a rip of tape and then felt it put over her mouth, forcing the gag in.

"Shut the fuck up, whore. You are ruining our game. Stand still and they won't bite."

Kate fought with herself to be still, to calm herself. They were only ants after all she told herself. It was hell. The heat, the sweat, the bugs, the pain in her body, her blindness, her growing thirst and her need to use the bathroom all fed on each other until she would have done anything Malachi asked had he only given her the chance.

She didn't start crying until her muscles gave out and she felt the hot stream of urine down her thighs. The humiliation was worse than anything else they had done to her so far. Surely this was the bottom of the pit.

"Pissed yourself, did you?"

She recognized Doc's voice and realized that it was about to get worse.

"The Prince would be very upset if I let you die out here from dehydration. Would you like some water?"

A spark of hope grew inside her. Was he being kind to her? Did being bought make that much of a difference? She felt Doc pull off the tape and then remove the rag gag. The plastic around her face was cut free.

"Thank you," she managed to whisper gratefully.

His soft hand stroked her face, "Such nice manners."

There was something in his tone that sent fear back through her.

He began to fit something over her head, something with straps. She caught the scent of leather and heard the metallic click of buckles, cold metal slid into her mouth. An adjustment forced her mouth open into a painfully wide O, the metal ring pushing into her palate. Doc made a noise of pleasure at her whimper of pain. The straps tightened, securing the ring in place.

Fresh tears rolled down her face as her jaw began to ache just from the few moments in this device. She felt new plastic being wrapped around her head, forcing it back to the tree and total immobility. Doc did not, however, leave her nose free. He covered it so her only way to breathe was through the ring. Then he fitted into the ring a plastic tube that fit perfectly into the ring.

Kate gagged reflexively as he pushed it back too far and then adjusted it with a laugh. It lay uncomfortably on her tongue. She could hear and feel Doc taping it into place. There would be no way for her to push it out.

The onslaught of water was a surprise. Doc had given her no warning and it suddenly filled her mouth and throat with it ice coldness. Kate realized she had to swallow it all or drown in it. Frantically, she swallowed and swallowed, desperate for air. She coughed at last, gasping through the tube for air. She barely had gotten air when another onslaught of water poured through the tube. Doc forced her to drink until she thought she was going to throw up. He rubbed his hand over her stomach, feeling the tightness of it, swollen with the water.

"You just seem so miserable here," He whispered to her. "I want you to feel better. There must be something I can do to make this more pleasurable for you."

Kate prayed that he would just leave her to this nightmare. She yelped as she felt his fingers probe between her legs. She was swollen and tender from where Ahmed and his friends had raped her.

"Yessss," Doc hissed in a pleased way, "I think a little stimulus to take your mind off the discomforts of your day." The fingers pushed into her bruised anus causing her to cry again.

Kate struggled to make sense out of the next noises, but it was all confusion to her. She was unprepared for the cold, metallic plug that Doc pushed ruthlessly into her ass. She tried to push it out, but he had secured it in some way so that she was stuck on it. When another cold, thick dildo was pushed into her pussy, filling her painfully, it took all of Kate's self control not to give in to hysteria. It felt like he had pushed a metal log into her. She panted shallow breaths trying to control the pain of being so stretched and filled.

"I love the sounds you make, Kate." Doc whispered, "You think you can keep control. You think you can be stronger. You have no idea how much I love to hear you scream and see you suffer. And I have you all day to play with." Something pinched her clit, forcing a keening gasp Kate that made Doc laugh. She felt his fingers on the plastic at her breasts, tearing openings and then pinching on her nipples.

Clamps of some kind?

"Now my little captive," Doc rubbed her plastic bound body, "I want you to understand what is going to happen. Each of these clamps, the plug and the dildo are hooked up to a box that Günter made for me. It takes outside sounds and randomly sends an electrical pulse to one of the five possible destinations on your body. I don't really understand how it works, but the results are lovely to watch. Gunter, the radio, if you will."

The salsa music blared from the radio and the various wires sizzled to life on her body.

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