tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKate's Story Ch. 01

Kate's Story Ch. 01


PLEASE NOTE: This story takes place in a special college of further education for girls over the age of eighteen!


Katie bit her top lip as the school secretary picked up the phone to advise the headmaster that he had a visitor.

"Mr Grantham, I have a Katie Phillips to see you."

The secretary replaced the handset and turned in Katie's direction, a withering look lingering across her face as she told her to 'take a seat and wait'. Katie sighed and slumped onto the hard wooden bench that ran along the length of the waiting area wall. She knew she was in trouble, it wasn't the first time, but this was different, this was serious!

Katie was not unknown to the headmaster, she had been to see him twice since she began at the school, but both those incidents were nothing compared to the trouble she was in now, and she was scared out of her mind.

She thought back over the events of the last hour, how she'd been caught red handed... so embarrassing! And now this, sent to the headmaster. Of course, what else did she think would happen, it's not like they could ignore it, the teachers would have to inform her parents.

Her parents! Christ, now she really was scared... they were probably already on their way to the school, excusing themselves from their jobs for the afternoon following an awkward phone call from the very woman who sat right in front of her.

The phone rang on the secretary's desk and she looked Katie's way.

"Okay I'll send her in now."

Katie swallowed hard, she had convinced herself that she was waiting for her parents to arrive. Surely her parents needed to be present, didn't they?

The secretary looked her way and gently tilted her head towards the headmaster's door, clearly she thought the girl too lowly even to speak to.

Katie staggered slightly as she stood up, she looked down and straightened her smart uniform before slowly pacing across the waiting area and grasping the handle of the headmaster's study. Just as she was about to pull down on the handle, Katie remembered her previous encounters with the headmaster and let go of the handle, lifted her hand and knocked firmly twice on the door.

"Come in," said the headmaster from behind the heavy oak door.

Katie took a deep breath and pressed the brass handle down as she pushed the door open. The smell of leather, books and wood filled her senses as she slowly stepped inside. It was just as you would imagine a headmaster's study to look, traditional, old, and just a little bit fusty.

The headmaster didn't look up from his desk for several minutes after Katie shut the door behind her, and she was beginning to wonder if he had forgotten that she was there, when suddenly he looked up, a rather strange look in his eyes.

"You'd better sit down," he told her.

Katie padded softly towards the chair that faced the headmaster's heavy oak desk. She placed her school bag on the floor and sat gently down, smoothing her uniform as she waited for him to continue.

The headmaster closed the book he was writing in and looked at her.

"Katie Phillips..." he raised his eyebrows and rubbed his hand over his slightly bristled face, "Well, I wasn't expecting to see you today."

Katie dropped her gaze to the floor, once again biting her lip as she braced herself for the onslaught that was surely about to hit her. But Mr Grantham merely sighed to himself and leaned forward with his arms crossed across the leather inset top that crowned his beautiful desk.

"So, tell me what happened..."

Katie started to cry, how could she begin to repeat what had happened, she was mortified, and soon her parents would be here and then they would know and... surely he wouldn't make her tell them, would he? She cried even harder at the mere thought of having to look her parents in the face and tell them exactly what she'd done that afternoon.

Mr Grantham reached into a drawer and plucked out a tissue, he handed it to her across the desk and watched as she dabbed it around her eyes. She was a fairly pretty girl, but not one of the best looking in the school, he rated her a seven, or maybe a high six...

He let her cry a while longer and then watched as she finally brushed her long blond hair back to reveal her puffy eyes and tear stained blouse. He couldn't fault her appearance, her uniform was spotless, bang on regulation - white blouse, dark grey pleated skirt, grey knee socks, black shoes and a black blazer emblazoned on the pocket with the school shield. No complaints there. She was slender, without being too skinny and her make-up was very minimal, just enough to complement her looks without making her look like a tart. A lot of girls could learn a thing or two from this one, he thought to himself.

It became clear to Mr Grantham that he could wait a long time for Katie to open her mouth and spill the beans, she was a nervous wreck right now and he half expected to break into tears again at any second. In the end he decided to be the bigger man and put her out of her misery.

"Okay Katie. I know what happened, Mr Spencer told me all about it..."

Katie began to sob again and Mr Grantham felt compelled to do something to stop it before she got too far into her hole.

"Don't cry, there's really no need, it's not like this has never happened before."

Katie glanced up at him and saw that he was looking straight at her, he didn't look as angry as she'd expected, in fact he almost looked friendly.

"You're not the first girl to get caught with a boy's cock in her hand Katie, and you won't be the last."

Katie almost laughed at his flippant remark.

"There, that's better isn't it?"

Katie nodded, slightly relieved at his pleasant demeanour.

He offered her another tissue and let her dry her eyes again before continuing.

"You have put me in a bit of an awkward position though, I'm supposed to have called your parents already..."

Katie looked up, the relief washing over her face was palpable.

"You mean you haven't?" She sniffed.

Mr Grantham shook his head.

"Are you going to... please don't call them Mr Grantham, they'll kill me!"

"I very much doubt that Katie, they might be very upset and angry with your behaviour, but I very much doubt they'd consider killing you."

Katie looked on nervously as Mr Grantham eased back into his comfortable leather chair.

"Katie, I've been doing this job for quite a few years now, more than twenty actually, and... well, I've seen many thousands of girls come through here in that time. And I think, over the course of my career, I've become quite a good judge of character. The thing is Katie, I've been doing this so long that I've seen it all before. I could look at your class and tell you, pretty much, who will do what with their lives, who will make lots of money, who will struggle in life, who will get pregnant before they graduate..."

He let that little nugget sink in before he continued.

"...and you, Katie, I know pretty much what your life has in store for you."

Katie looked a little taken aback, this wasn't she had been expecting at all.

"Correct me if I'm wrong," he began. "This wasn't the first boy you've jerked off, was it?"

Katie bit her lip again, paused for a second and then slowly shook her head.

"Have you sucked a cock Katie?"

Again, Katie paused a little too long and then shook her head again.

"You haven't yet.., but you really want to, don't you?"

Katie looked down, avoiding his eyes before nodding her head gently.

"It's okay," he said. "Nothing wrong with that, it's natural to be curious about the opposite sex... and guys love it when you suck them, especially if you swallow their cum."

Katie felt her face blush deep red behind her long golden locks.

"Y'see Katie, I've had my eye on you for a while. I knew this day would come, because I know exactly how your life is going to pan out, because I've seen it all before."

Mr Grantham pulled himself out of his chair and stood facing the large window that looked over the fields behind the school.

"You masturbate a lot, don't you Katie? Probably use a hairbrush handle or something, maybe you've even 'acquired' a dildo from your mother or older sister... you love to rub your clit, but you 'need' your pussy full to really get off don't you?"

He turned his head just enough to see her expression, shocked but undenying.

"You have an older sister, I know, she came to this school before you, she was more of a show off, too much make up, always pulling her skirt up to make it look shorter... shall I tell you something Katie? Those girls aren't the ones you need to worry about, most guys go for them, but they soon learn. Too much show and no go, they dress up like sluts but they never put their pussy where their mouth is."

Katie could hardly believe what she was hearing.

"But you, Katie... you're different aren't you? You're the real deal."

He turned back to face her, leaning nonchalantly against the windowsill, wondering whether his cock was visible beneath his navy blue slacks yet.

"What do you... mean," whimpered Katie.

He smiled at her and walked back over to his chair, he stopped right next to it and looked down at her across the desk.

"We're alike, you and I," he said. "I married young, had a kid... big mistake. I never should have done it, I wasn't built for marriage. I never stayed faithful for more than a week the whole time we were together. I couldn't do it. I needed pussy every day, couldn't stop myself.... I'm not proud of it, but now I accept it."

Katie looked confused, why was he telling her all this?

"How many times have you spied on your older sister with her boyfriend?"

Katie nearly choked, how could he possibly know about that?



"We both know you have, so tell me...."

Katie's heart was beating fast as she tried to formulate a rebuttal in her head, but nothing came but the truth.

"A few times."

"A few, so like, I'm guessing four or five?"

Katie nodded, all too quickly.

"Or is it a little more?"

Katie's face gave it away immediately.

"Okay, it doesn't matter. Does he have a nice cock?"

Katie nodded softly.

"You want it don't you, have you tried to get him to fuck you yet?"

Katie eyes looked like they would pop out of her head.

"Okay, not yet, but you will... you've seen him with your sister, and you want what she's got, isn't that right?"

Again Katie felt strangely compelled to reveal the truth.

"Yes... I want to be like her."

"Hmm.... I don't think you do Katie, I think you want more than that. A lot more."

Mr Grantham reached into his desk and pulled out a bottle of whiskey and a heavy crystal glass, he poured himself a generous measure and took a large sip.

"The truth is Katie, I know girls like you, I've seen it time and time again, like I said, you're like me, I can see it in you. You might think you want a nice boyfriend like your sister has, but you don't, what you really want is a regular supply of cock. And even when you get it, it won't be enough for you... you'll cheat, just like I did, even if you get pregnant it won't change a damned thing, knowing your luck you'll fall to the guy you wished you hadn't bothered fucking, the guy with the small dick, the nice guy who swears he'll stand by you... and you'll take him up on it because it's the easy way out. But eventually, you'll fuck it up. Your whoring ways will get the better of you and as soon as the baby's old enough to leave you'll be back out there, sneaking around behind your boyfriends' back, sucking off guys in toilet stalls and then leaving with another guy who lives near the club."

Katie was starting to get a little angry with him now.

"This is ridiculous," she exploded. "How can you know all this, it's not true.... I don't want to be a slut, I don't want to be like that."

"Really?" Asked the headmaster. "So how come you've been squirming in your seat for the last few minutes? You're pussy is drenched isn't it.... you're desperate for something to fill it aren't you?"

Katie's face turned completely crimson.

"I told you Katie, I can see it in you, you're a slut, you can't change it, the best thing you can do is embrace it... don't let anyone hold you back Katie, take what you want and enjoy every second of it, no regrets."

Katie was almost panting now and he knew he had her just where he wanted her.

"You want to touch your pussy don't you Katie? Yeah I know.... you need to feel your fingers on your clit huh?"

Katie tried to deny her arousal but it was a fruitless exercise.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Pull your skirt up and show me your tight little pussy..."

Despite herself, Katie reached for the hem of her skirt with trembling hands and slowly pulled it up, inch by inch revealing her slim, toned thighs. Mr Grantham licked his lips in anticipation as he watched the show, his cock was rock hard now, aching to be released from the confines of his trousers, but he knew the way this game was played, he knew he had to be patient just a little while longer.

Katie's hem reached her waist and Mr Grantham felt himself exhale as he was treated to the sight of Katie's white cotton panties, almost completely translucent with the moisture from her dripping cunt.

"Go on," he said. "Rub it through your panties like a good little slut."

Katie hesitated then felt herself move her hand down between her legs and apply a tiny circular pressure around her clit with her finger. She had never been wetter in her entire young life and she felt like she would explode at any minute if she didn't get to cum soon.

"Do it," ordered the headmaster. "Show me how you make yourself cum."

Katie started to rub a little harder, leaning back in the chair and spreading her legs wider as she started to work the fingers of her other hand inside herself. Mr Grantham watched intently, squeezing his cock surreptitiously as he watched the slut take her pleasure.

"Oh yeah, you need something inside you don't you, something to fill that greedy little pussy of yours..."

Katie groaned, the headmaster's words making her cunt feel even wetter as her fingers slid inside.

"You like it when I call you a slut, don't you Katie... because you know, deep down, that that's what you are, what you were born to be, a hole for cocks to use whenever they feel like it."

Katie's jaw was trembling as she listened to his verbal taunting, her fingers moving faster and faster on her clit. Mr Grantham watched intently, openly rubbing his rock hard cock through his trousers now as he waited for just the right moment...

"Stop!" He barked, as he slammed his hand down on the desk right in front of her.

Katie nearly jumped out of her skin and then groaned in frustration as the orgasm she had been so near was snatched away from her.

"You don't get to cum yet. First you have to prove to me what a slut you really are."

Taken out of her reverie Katie reverted to her lip biting innocence, but Mr Grantham was having none of it.

"Oh Katie, look at you, your legs spread, your panties soaked and pulled to the side, your fingers covered in pussy juice... is that the behaviour of a normal girl? No, but you're not a normal girl are you, you're a slut...."

Katie's face reddened once more as she started to pull her thighs together, a pointless but instinctive move.

"Don't.... even think about it," warned the headmaster. "In fact open them wider, I want to see your pussy properly."

Mr Grantham crouched down on the floor in front of the girl, gazing longingly at her swollen pink virginal pussy.

"You have a beautiful pussy Katie, why don't you open it up with your fingers so I can really see it properly."

Katie felt like she would just about die in a minute, but slowly her fingers edged back between her legs and she gingerly used the tips of her fingers to part her pussy and expose her tight channel to the gaze of the headmaster.

"Very nice," he said, licking his lips as he imagined plunging first his tongue and then his swollen aching cock into that perfect little fuckhole.

"Now just push one finger into your sweet wet pussy for me Katie."

Katie slid the middle finger of her right hand inside herself and rubbed it gently against the front wall of her pussy, she loved the feeling of her finger against the slightly rough patch there though she didn't know yet that she had already found her G-spot.

"Now take it out and lick it clean."

Katie reluctantly removed her finger and drew it up to her lips, she looked at him, imploring him to stop making her do these things, even though deep down she knew she wanted him to make her do more, and worse things still.

"Go on, suck it dry. You need to get used to the taste of your pussy if you're going to be a slut, after all, most guys are going to want to cum in your mouth after they've fucked your tight little cunt..."

He thought about adding that some might want to fuck her mouth after they'd fucked her asshole, but thought better of it. Plenty of time for that later, she was at a critical stage in her awakening after all, and he didn't want to throw a spanner in the works now that she'd come this far.

Katie licked and sucked her finger dry and swallowed the thick juices, it didn't taste unpleasant at all. She'd tasted it a little before of course, when she'd licked her fingers during masturbation, but this was different, she'd never been this wet before, and her juices had never smelt so strong.

"Good girl, here's a tip for you... very few guys don't like to see a girl touching herself and tasting her pussy... and the few that don't are generally a waste of time. Selfish little pricks as a rule. Sure I know you want them to use your cunt, but eventually you'll come to resent the ones that don't care about your pleasure too."

Mt Grantham knelt down right in front of Katie, his shoulders pressing against the insides of her beautiful, taut thighs and pushing them even wider.

"You smell delicious," said the headmaster. "Do you want me to lick your pussy?"

Katie was beside herself, she could barely bring herself to speak, but she wanted it so much. Finally she managed to nod her head just an inch or two.

Mr Grantham smiled, "No Katie, if you want it you have to learn to ask nicely..."

Katie shuddered as she felt his breath grazing her swollen pink lips, why was he making this so hard for her?

"Come on, I know you want to.... just say 'Please Mr Grantham, please would you lick my beautiful pussy for me?', okay?"

Katie swallowed hard and composed herself, she couldn't think of anything she'd ever done in her whole life that had been harder, but she was determined to succeed.

"P......plea....se," she panted. "Please, Mister....Gran-tham....please... would you lick my bea-tiful pussy for me?"

"There, that wasn't so hard was it?"

Katie's breathing was ragged, but Mr Grantham was determined to teach her properly.

"Ask me again Katie, only this time convince me that you really want it."

Katie groaned again, her pussy was practically convulsing as he spoke to her, humiliating her for his own amusement.

"I'm waiting," he reminded her.

Katie continued to pant aloud as she struggled to get her thoughts straight, but Mr Grantham was becoming impatient. He lifted his hand between her open legs and slapped it against the inside of her right thigh. It wasn't hard, it didn't hurt her or leave a mark, but the shock almost sent her over the edge.

"F...uck," moaned the girl, bringing a smirk to the headmaster's face.

"Oh we'll get to that Katie, don't you worry... but right now I think you need to cum for me don't you? And the only way that's going to happen is if you convince me that you want me to eat your slutty little cunt."

Katie twisted in the chair, pushing her pussy towards his face, frustration driving her half insane.

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