tagLoving WivesKate's Train Trip

Kate's Train Trip


It had been a hot summer's day, Kate and I had been out for the day in London. We had taken a train so that we could relax and enjoy ourselves. We had visited a couple of museums and had a great lunch in a nice café near the Thames, to round off the day we I had booked a table in a nice restaurant. Kate and I had enjoyed a nice meal washed down with a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine. The hot day was giving way to a warm evening as Kate and I headed home on the train. Kate was wearing a short strappy summer top and a short flared skirt and a pair of 4" heels. She was very relaxed due to the champagne and wine we had with our meal.

The tube was busy we were standing together on the train, I was stood behind Kate she was lent against me while holding onto one of the overhead hand grips, I had a hand on her ass caressing it through her dress. I noticed a man watching me and I winked at him as I continued to tease Kate's ass. At the next station more people got into our carriage and I had to move backwards away from Kate to let them on, the man who had been watching me was now directly behind Kate.

I watched as the man just moved forward closer to Kate, the man then placed a hand on Kate's ass. The man turned and looked at me before winking and turning his attention on Kate again. Kate only reaction to the hand on her ass was to push her ass back towards him; she must have thought it was still me behind her.

The man emboldened by Kate's reaction pressed he hand firmly against her ass caressing it through the skirt, I watched as he traced the out line of her ass crack down towards her pussy. Kate moved her right leg parting her thighs and pushed her ass backwards towards the man.

The man then slipped his hand under Kate's skirt and I watched as he caressed her ass beneath her skirt, before slipping his hand between Kate's spread thighs. I watched as the man moved his hand under Kate's skirt it appeared that he was teasing Kate's pussy through her knickers.

The man then removed his hand and I watched as he moved closer to Kate bringing his crotch area up into Kate's ass. I could see that he had an obvious bulge from his erection which he then started to slowly grind into her ass. While holding on to Kate's hips.

I expected Kate to push him away but to my amazement she seemed to be grinding her ass back in to the mans crotch. I then waited for Kate to turn her head back and see it wasn't me but she had her eyes closed, I guess from all the drinks that she had and my earlier teasing had made her horny and she forgotten where she was.

I know I should have said something or tried to get over to the man to stop him, up to now it had been fun to watch but things were going a bit too far but I didn't want to cause a scene, so far it seemed that no one else had noticed what the man was doing to Kate, so I just stayed where I was and just watched.

I watched as he turned his head around some and look to see if anybody else was watching. But I guess with Kate being against the back wall of the train he was shielded, so that no one could really see what he was doing. I now saw him then turned his head back around and looked downwards at my wife's ass covered in that short black flared skirt.

The man then took hold of the hem of Kate's skirt and lifted it up exposing her ass cheeks encased in her sheer black French knickers. The man tucked the hem of Kate's skirt into to her waistband, he the reached down and continued caressing her ass, running his hands over her ass cheeks and up and down the crack of her ass. Kate reached back with her free hand and tugged her skirt back down slapping his hand away when he tried to stop her. The man was not deterred; he slipped his hand back under Kate's skirt and between Kate's spread thighs.

I heard Kate gasp as the man began moving his hand between her spread thighs, suddenly the train lurched and the lights went out I couldn't see anything for what seemed like minutes but in reality must have been about 30 seconds, before the emergency lights came back on.

When I looked over I could see Kate's skirt had been pulled back up at the back and now her knickers had been pulled to one side and the man was now fingering her obviously wet pussy. He was holding Kate by the waist wit his free hand. Kate had her legs spread apart and the man had a hand between her lags playing with her pussy. Kate was holding on to the strap above her head with both hands, her head was back with her eyes closed.

I was surprised at my reaction, I had a terrific 'hard on', here was my beautiful wife being molested by a complete stranger.... and I was enjoying it and so it appeared was Kate. I reached down and started to rub my cock through my trousers.

The man bent down behind Kate and pulled her knickers down to her ankles when Kate lifted each leg allowing the man to completely remove her knickers. The man then stood lifting her knickers to his nose and sniffing and inhaling the aroma of her sweet pussy before putting the knickers into his pocket before continuing to play with Kate's pussy.

As the train pulled into the next station the man pulled Kate against him hiding what he was doing. Most of the other passengers in the carriage got off the train just leaving Kate the man me and a couple at the other end of the carriage.

As soon as the train pulled out of the station the man slipped one hand up under her top and I could see him playing with her breasts and nipples. He suddenly pulled his hand free and stepped back a bit before undoing his trousers and pulling out his cock.

Kate opened her eyes and lifted her head she turned to look back and as she did so she looked directly at me, I saw a look of shock on her face when she saw me opposite her and not behind her, before she could react the man pushed his fat long cock between her ass cheeks and straight into her obviously wet pussy, Kate's mouth flew open in surprise and she emitted a low sigh of satisfaction.

kate let go of the overhead strap and grabbed hold of the seat she was stood next to bending over giving the man better access to her pussy, while looking straight at me.

The man was slowly thrusting his cock in and out of Kate's pussy, forcing more and more into Kate's stretched pussy. Kate was quietly groaning as he began thrusting harder and faster bringing her closer to her orgasm.

I watched as she started to shudder as she climaxed followed by the man a few seconds later as he filled her pussy with cum.

As the man pulled his cock from Kate's pussy I watched as a small dribble of cum run out of her pussy down her right leg. The man put his cock back into his trousers before helping Kate to stand and straighten her clothes.

Kate then turned to face him, Kate and the man kissed then the man reached into his jacket pocket he removed a card which he gave to Kate as the train pulled into the next station. The man kissed Kate and whispered something in her ear; they both turned to look at me before kissing again as the train doors opened, the man then walked off the train.

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