Katherine Ch. 07


"Which first my dear?" I asked Katherine. "Physical or emotional?"

"I don't know. Which is better?" she asked.

"How about a little of both?" I said. I noticed that S was becoming more and more frightened with each moment.

"Sit down on the bed." I said to Katherine and she scooted onto the large bed in front of the bar. I turned her around so that her back was to S and then lay her back so her head was under S's suspended body. From the post at the corner of the bed I pulled out a cord and attached the end to Katherine's wrist cuff. I attached her other wrist to the other side. Her arms were pulled out to her sides as she lay on the mattress.

"Why are you tying me up if you are going to punish her?" Katherine asked.

"Patience my dear." I said as I attached two more cords from the tops of the two bedposts to the cuffs on her ankles. High on the wall was a mirror that could be positioned. I set it so Katherine could see S clearly. "First I'm going to unbind her breasts. As circulation returns the pain she feels now will increase significantly. In several minutes her tits will be so tender that she won't believe it possible to hurt any more than they already do." I explained.

"Then I'm going to whip her ass with a strap. Not terribly hard but enough to get her attention. Then I'm going to enjoy your body thoroughly in front of her. She will have to watch, knowing she will not be able to participate or relieve the terrible itching between her thighs. For S having a man prefer another woman is a terrible blow to her ego - but having to watch it, is humiliating beyond belief." S seethed with anger as she knew I was right and also knew what she would have to endure as punishment.

"Then you will be able to have her satisfy any wish you desire. Only if she complies fully, will she get any satisfaction. If she fails to satisfy, then I have a special punishment prepared for her." I continued. S broke out in a cold sweat. She was terrified - not of what I said I'd do but at what I'd hinted at.

I picked up a scissors and scraped the sharp blade across S's darkened breast. Wrapping my fingers around her massive tit, I squeezed it as she screamed. Sliding the scissor under the tight rubber bands, I slowly started to cut them. As they snapped against her skin, S began to scream into her gag.

"I'm going to help start the circulation and this will hurt - a lot but I have no choice. I must start the circulation again." I said as I put the knife down. Firmly I massaged the bound girl's huge tit as she screamed in pain. She was in agony as I rubbed her cold tit but it was necessary. I repeated the process with her other tit as tears streamed down her cheeks.

I sat down next to Katherine and stroked her beautiful breasts as S watched. She was not very pleased about having to perform in front of an audience but it was still somewhat exciting. S watched as I gently sucked Katherine's nipple into my mouth and a moan escaped from her lips.

S was in agony over the sensation in her tender tits and in fear of what I was going to do to her and make her do and she was angry and frustrated by my attention to another woman. She also knew I was aware of how intensely she hated anal sex and that she was perfectly set up for it.

At the touch of a button Katherine's long shapely legs were slowly raised and pulled straight up into the air. Since the ropes came from the corners of the bed, her legs were also pulled apart as they got higher and higher. I continued to raise them until her body doubled over, her thighs horizontal and split to the corners of the bed. Moving to the edge of the bed, I knelt over Katherine's face and lowered my ass to her lips. Katherine licked and probed my asshole with her tongue as I lowered my mouth to her upturned pussy.

S watched as I started to tease Katherine's clit as I had done so many times before. She watched as I trapped Katherine's love button and flicked my tongue across it. Katherine's body erupted in a powerful orgasm as I felt her thrust her tongue all the way into my asshole. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through Katherine's spread body as S watched with mounting frustration.

I lifted myself off of Katherine's face and turned my body around kneeling astride her and bringing my cock to her lips. S looked down and could see my shaft slide into Katherine's mouth. As I stroked in and out of Katherine's sweet mouth, S stared at me with cold hatred and frustrated lust.

I smiled at her and reached out to her beautiful and very tender tits. Color was returning to her chest but her breasts hurt terribly. She realized just how tender they were when I grasped them in my hands and squeezed them. She cried out and then, releasing her tits, I slapped them hard with the palm of my hand. Katherine heard S scream and tried to see what was happening as I slid my cock back into her mouth.

I stopped with only my cockhead in Katherine's mouth and reached out for the two alligator clips still attached to S's tender nipples. "Shall I just rip them off?" I asked the bound girl menacingly as I pulled on the clips. Terror filled her face. The metal clips bit into her extra tender nubs and as I pulled on the chain she felt the metal teeth bite sharply into her crushed nipples. I could see the fear in her eyes as she looked down at her tits and saw the clips pulling hard on her aching nipples as her huge tits were suspended by the chain.

"AAhhh." she screamed as my fingers grasped the clips and then pressing them gently, she felt the metal teeth gouge her abused nipples. Slipping my fingers down the clips I opened the jaws and the clips fell to the floor. I didn't want to scar her beautiful body the fear of it was enough.

I slid back into Katherine's mouth and leaned forward until I was able to tease S's sore chest with my tongue. A quick suck on each nipple was all she got but it went a long way as I heard a deep moan emerge from her lips.

I withdrew from Katherine's mouth and moving around, straddled her spread thighs. I teased her swollen labia with my cockhead as S watched with mounting frustration. She could see every detail of Katherine's pussy and of my ramrod. I aimed my cock between Katherine's engorged lips and very slowly eased my way in to the hilt. Katherine was gasping with pleasure. She felt so exposed and open and though she hated S, she was excited once again to be forced to enjoy sex where others could see.

I eased her bindings and Katherine lowered her hips so her legs pointed straight up. Kneeling between her open thighs, I started to pump into her sweet pussy. Her entire body was shaking as she met each thrust. Katherine let go a scream as she climaxed and I continued to pump into her as I felt her warm flow once again coat my cock.

S's anger started to turn to desire as I watched her try in vain to rub her pussy against the padded bar. I withdrew from Katherine's love hole and dipped my fingers into her quivering love box. I started to tease her asshole and press my slippery finger into her tight sphincter. As it began to relax, I pressed another finger inside as my other hand continued to tease Katherine's clit. Her legs were shaking with excitement as S stared down at my fingers probing Katherine's asshole.

I slid my cock back into her tight pussy and taking several deep thrusts to coat my cock with her slippery flow, pressed my cock to her tight sphincter. "Are you ready?" I asked.

"I think so." she replied weakly. As I pressed forward Katherine bit her lip and her head rolled to the side. I could see her fingers grip the bedsheets tightly. As my cockhead penetrated her tight shincter she screamed, "YES!" and I slid all the way in as I felt her body tremble. S watched as Katherine's pussy twitched and my rod slid in and out of her asshole. S was so horny right now she'd have opened her own ass for me at this instant.

I pounded into Katherine's tight ass again and again as I felt my cum starting to boil. I smiled down at her and she started to buck and squeeze as hard as she could. As I rammed deep into Katherine's ass, she let out a loud scream as we both flooded her body with cum.

I bent down and kissed her breast and then kissed her lips as she again sucked my tongue into her mouth. "You are amazing." I said and she smiled. I eased out of her ass and lowered her legs and then released her bonds.

Katherine moved her head to my cock but I stopped her. "I was going to make S do that but if you'd prefer..." I said. Katherine nodded. "Then first wipe some of our love juices on her face. I want her to feel the power of our orgasms and what she can't have."

Katherine dipped her fingers into her moist love hole and smeared some of her cum around S's nose and lips. S was overpowered by the aroma. She hated it and yet she loved it. I sat back and smiled up at Katherine as she brought her lips to my spent cock and sucked on me, licking away all of our cum.

"Do you want to punish her?" I asked Katherine. She shook her head. "OK, then stay on the bed and watch." Katherine slid back against the headboard. "No, down close at this end." I instructed her and Katherine slid to the foot of the bed sitting like a schoolgirl in class.

"You know," I began as I ran my finger gently over S's firm asscheeks, "she has a beautiful ass. It's firm and round and ever so smooth. But she absolutely hates anyone or anything entering it."

S knew she had been found out and she also knew what her punishment was going to include. She turned crimson with humiliation as I explained to Katherine all about her body as if she were a piece of meat for sale.

"Now, I want you to watch her face and in that mirror you can watch what I do to her sweet, young ass." I told Katherine. "First we'll start with a paddle, just to get her attention and put a little color in these sweet cheeks." I said as I pinched S's smooth asscheek. She winced with pain.

I picked up a leather paddle and brought it down hard across S's spread asscheeks. It sounded like a gunshot and my young captive screamed into her gag. Again I hit her hard across the cheeks. I alternated from one side to the other until both of her tender asscheeks looked like ripe apples.

I dipped my fingers between her spread thighs and felt her tight pussy. S was drenched - her body excited by her punishment. I probed her pussy and then pressed my sticky finger against her tight asshole. S went rigid as she screamed.

"Now we'll use a strap." I said as I picked up a plastic belt and doubled it over. I hit S hard across both cheeks and her body bounced against the bar as she strained at her bindings. After several more strokes, I started to work my way down her open thighs. The belt struck hard at the soft flesh of her inner thigh as I beat her hard with the belt. Each lash caused her body to strain against her bindings as she screamed.

"Watch carefully." I said to Katherine as I brought the lash down across S's cheeks again. "See how she tightens her muscles every time I hit her?" I asked Katherine as I hit S again. Katherine watched in the mirror and could see how S clenched her muscles tight each time she was hit. Katherine nodded.

"That makes it hurt less." I said. "Now, the only way to stop that, is to make it hurt to clench those lovely muscles and for that purpose, we have a wonderful new toy." S was frightened and Katherine was intrigued. I held up the strange device and neither girl could quite figure it out. Actually, it was really quite simple.

"You see this is a bottle brush with very strong bristles." I explained as I rolled the 2 inch thick brush across Katherine's soft shoulder. She could feel the sharpness of the bristles against her skin. The feel showed in her face and S took note of it. "Here in the middle is a plastic plug that fits into her asshole." I explained showing them both the plug. "The notch here at the base is so that the plug won't come loose from her tight little hole." I continued. S turned white.

I stepped up behind the suspended beauty and squeezed her tender asscheeks. I pressed the rubber plug against her tight sphincter and she clenched her cheeks tight to keep the invader out of her body. I slapped her ass hard with my palm and forced the dry plug into her tight asshole. The finger projection pressed deep into her ass until it reached the notch and her tight sphincter closed around it, wedging it firmly inside. I pressed her cheeks apart to line the brush up in the crack of her ass. S squirmed as she tried to find a way to expel the plug. Then she tried to clench her muscles but the brush dug its sharp bristles into the tender flesh of her ass crack.

"Now watch what happens." I said to Katherine as I let the belt hit across S's tender asscheeks. She couldn't clench her muscles and she howled even louder as the belt cut across her ass and the plug bounced deeper into her ass. Katherine couldn't believe how much louder S screamed from what looked like a lash no harder than any previous one given.

"Are you sure these walls are soundproofed?" she asked me and I nodded at her with a smile.

"Now for the real thing." I said as I picked up a leather lash with several long thin strips descending from a handle. Katherine looked worried. "This can be used in three ways. First as a regular lash," I said as I let the lash fall hard across S's spread asscheeks. "or more accurately using only the ends like a towel at the beach," I continued as I held the ends of the lash and snapped them against S's inner thigh, only and inch or two from her open pussy, "and lastly as a teaser." I said as I twirled the whip in my hand.

Katherine and S both watched as the leather strands spun out from the handle like a centrifuge. As I spun them faster, both women could hear the sound of the leather as it whirred in the air. I brought the tips closer to S's skin and as the tips of the strips licked her soft skin, she started to shake and scream as she tried to pull her body back. Though it didn't have the force of the first two types of strokes, this was indeed painful and constant as the lash licked her skin continuously.

I stood directly behind S and holding the tips of the lash, snapped it hard against the back of her thigh. She howled as her body lurched. I then placed the next stroke on her other thigh in the same place. Moving slightly, I hit her at the same level of her thigh but the lash bit against the softer inner skin between her legs. With each stroke the lash crept its way up the insides of her open thighs as the brush bit cruelly into her ass crack.

"Press that button." I said to Katherine and as she did, S's body was lowered by the hoist. I nodded to Katherine when S's mouth was even with her chest.

"Kiss her nipple." I instructed S but she did not move to comply. The next stroke was carefully aimed to hit at the very edge of S's sweet pussy, kissing her engorged pussy lips. S screamed.

"Kiss her nipple." I repeated my command softly, but S still refused to obey. I hit her again on the other side.

"No. Don't make her." Katherine pleaded. I looked at her and she withered under my cold glare.

"Kiss her nipple." I repeated and Katherine took hold of S's face and tried to guide the girl's mouth to her own breast. S lunged at Katherine's nipple snapping her teeth as she tried to bite her. As her teeth touched Katherine's sweet nipple, she pushed away and fell back onto the bed.

"Are you all right?" I asked Katherine and she nodded. I could see that S had not succeeded in clamping her teeth onto Katherine's nipple. "Would you like to beat her now?" I asked. Katherine hesitated and then shook her head.

"Did it ever occur to you that she wants to be punished? Needs to be punished or that she wants to be punished by you - a woman I prefer to pleasure instead of her? If you dominate her, it will add to her pleasure in being punished and she will respect and service you. Here take it!" I said to Katherine handing her the lash.

Timidly Katherine slid off the bed and took the whip from my hand. She looked down at S's spread ass and gripping the lash struck hard across S's reddened cheeks. "Bitch!" she hissed as she struck. Katherine hit her several times with pretty convincing results. But the lash needs an experienced hand and Katherine didn't have one yet.

"I think that since she tried to injure your sweet tits that you should punish hers." I said.

"How?" she asked.

"You can start by squeezing and pinching her tits. Remember the things that I did to your tits and do them to hers." I said. Katherine moved in front of the suspended girl as I raised her body again with the hoist.

Katherine had no experience at all handling another woman's tits and she felt awkward as she pinched S's tits. She didn't really like the feel of another woman's body and it showed. She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.

"Here try this." I said as I handed her a plastic bat about two feet in length.

"What do I do with this?" she asked.

Taking the bat from her hand, I stood on the side and rolled the plastic bat over S's hanging titflesh. Then I hit her hard across her ripe nipples. S's body lurched and a red mark quickly appeared on her massive tits. I hit her again just below her nipples and she screamed.

"Now don't miss anyplace." I said as I handed Katherine the bat. She hit S across her tits. "Good, but harder," I said, "remember she tried to bite your nipple and snickered at you in the car as we drove." Katherine filled herself with resolve and began to beat those hanging tits with real enthusiasm. Each crack of the bat across S's firm titflesh sounded solid and brought a scream to her lips. Her entire chest was deep crimson in color.

"Will you suck on her pussy?" I said to S and she shook her head as Katherine hit her again across her nipples.

I could see that Katherine was tired and I held out my hand. She handed me the bat and I motioned her to sit on the bed. Taking the bat, I hit hard and strategically across S's massive titflesh and she howled as the bat stung her breasts and her sensitive nipples.

"Now lie back." I instructed and Katherine lay back on the mattress. I eased her thighs open and she spread them to the full width of the bed. I picked up the lash and began to twirl it. Holding it in front of S, she realized that I was going to use it on her already beaten titflesh. Katherine looked up as I spun the leather throngs above her own body and was clearly frightened.

As the lash began to make a whirring noise, I eased it closer to S's hanging titflesh. I could see her body shake as she tried to pull herself away from the kiss of the lash. By moving my wrist ever so slightly, I could have the lash bite at any part of her chest. I teased her nipples and even the tender skin of her deep cleavage. S's body shook from the constant sting of the whip.

"Are you ready to lick her pussy?" I repeated but S just shook her head. "Before we move on to other parts of your beautiful body, one last punishment for your tits." I said.

"Nipple rings can be used for lots of things." I sad to both women. "You can tie large tits like these together and fuck them, you can hoist meaty tits up and suspend their weight by the nipples, you can do all sorts of interesting things with them." I continued as I clipped a short chain onto each of S's nipple rings. "Right now I'm going to attach some weights to them and then we'll have some real fun."

I attached a medium sized fishing weight to each chain and then let them hang from S's ringed nipples. She could feel the strain as they pulled down on her tender nipples and Katherine watched as the weights pulled grotesquely at S's distended nipples. I lifted the weights in my palms and then dropped them. S screamed as the weights tore at her beaten nipples.

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