tagGroup SexKathy and the Old Men

Kathy and the Old Men


playing with all of the cum that was still leaking from her pussy she was amazed at the amount of cum that three teenage boys could produce.

She rubbed and smeared the cum over every part of her puffy pussy when it got dry Kathy would dip her fingers deep and pull out more. She managed to hold off cumming only one more time that night and passed out naked dreaming of the evening's events and the plans she had made for the fallowing night.

When Kathy woke in the morning her body was covered in dry cum it pulled tight on her skin but she loved the feeling it left on her body.

It took all of her will power to keep from driving her fingers deep in her cunt. Kathy knew she needed to hold out for the evening and her new old lovers.

Kathy spent the day cleaning house and doing chores. At about three she took a nice long bath and finally washed away the cum from the boys the night before. In a way Kathy hated to let it go away, but the thoughts of being with five men tonight excited her.

Kathy had been with her boy friend and one of his friends a couple times but tonight she would be with five men and all of them strangers. The thought made her nipples harden it took all of her will power to keep her fingers from her clit. When it was time to take the wash cloth to her pussy Kathy almost screamed she wanted to play so bad.

Drying Kathy stopped and looked in the mirror her tits sat high like peaks on her chest her legs were long her but in her eyes was to big but everyone on Multiply told her they were perfect.

Kathy sat naked at her dressing table putting on her makeup she applied it a little heavy making herself look whorish. When she turned to her closet Kathy thought about putting on some sexy cloths but at the last minute decided on a White cotton sweat suit.

It had PINK written across the butt and bust from Victoria's Secret. Kathy never bothered with panties or a bra Kathy was not going to seduce or be seduced she was going to go fuck, and strangers at that. All they wanted was to shove their dicks in her body and cum. They wanted to cum as many times as their old bodies could.

Kathy grabbed her wallet and keys and drove across town to the hotel check in was at 4 but it was after 4:30 when she left, the men were going to arrive at six so she had plenty of time to stop and grab some beer and picked up the large Pizza she had ordered.

After checking into her room Kathy went straight up popping open a beer in the elevator. Walking in her room it was typical one chair a small table and a bed but it was a big bed a king size one. Kathy tossed the Pizza on the table her stomach was now starting to turn thinking what the fuck is she doing.

She is meeting five strange men and would be at their mercy in less than an hour. What if things got out of control? What if they got mean or abusive and decided to hurt me? She flipped on the TV Kathy could not let things like that go thru her head. She tore the bed spread off the bed tossing it into a corner hotels changed sheets but the spreads could be covered in any number of things.

Grabbing a slice of Pizza, Kathy took a bite then the last of her first bottle of beer. Setting it aside she grabbed her pants at the side and pulled them down stepping out she was naked from the waist down. The cool air made her body tingle. Taking another quick bite of pizza then removed her top.

God she felt free totally naked this was how Kathy would meet any one else to arrive. Grabbing a second beer, walking to the bathroom looking; in it was a white sterile place. Kathy noticed that there was only two of every towel; Kathy thought that if she were going to get fucked as much as she wanted and needed, she would need more. We may all want to shower before the night was over and by morning, we may want to have several.

Reaching for the phone calling the front desk Kathy asks if housekeeping could send up several more towels. They replied yes and she returned to her pizza grabbing the half-eaten slice.

Kathy went to the window and pulled them open standing in front looking out wondering if anyone was lucky enough to see her, she hoped so. The thought made her nipples tingle they began to harden and stand proud. Staring out the window-pinching one, her other hand found her crotch Kathy rubbed it softly.

Kathy chastised herself mentally for that, when her Cell phone rang. It was Jim one of the men who was coming Kathy gave him the room number he told her he was about ten minutes away.

Shivers shot thru her body it was really going to happen. A felt a smile come across Kathy's face and her pussy began to get wet. Kathy thought that she could feel a trickle run down her leg at any second. Taking a drink of her beer Kathy was startled by a knock at the door.

Mmm Jim must have driven faster than she thought. Kathy walked to the door opening it wide she saw the Housemaid standing there with a couple towels. Kathy was excited knowing it was a total stranger. The maid just stood there staring back. "Can I have a couple extra please?" we may be taking showers all night long. The maid handed Kathy the towels, "sure," and turned to walk to off to the cart half way down the hall.

Kathy walked along fallowing her naked Kathy was very excited taking them from the maid. "Thanks very much, if you want you can stop back up later" and walked back to her room.

No sooner had Kathy entered when the phone was ringing again. It was Gary, he was the oldest man coming, and he had just turned eighty and had white hair from his pictures. Gary would be their right at 6:00 like planned no sooner had Kathy hung up and Steve was on the phone he was just turning in and would be right up. As she hung up the phone there was a knock at the door. Opening it Kathy saw Jim his eyes lit up seeing her standing there naked. "Has the party started?" "No you are the first."

"I love to wear garters and cameos but I did not want them ruined tonight so she decided to be naked." Jim leaned in and kissed Kathy deep as she shut the door his hand grabbed her ass the other caressed her breast. Damn that was hot Kathy felt the first trickle of juice run down the inside of her thigh.

They were interrupted but her cell phone, once more this time it was John he was the youngest if he had given his age correctly at 58, he was a full twenty years her elder Kathy could be his daughter if she were someone else. As Kathy gave him, the room number there was a knock, Jim let in Steve.

They shook hands and looked each other over. Kathy offered them a beer but Steve was already handing one that he had brought to Jim.

They smiled and walked over to Kathy where Steve shook her hand politely not knowing just exactly what to do in a situation like this. She leaned in and kissed him as he shook her fingers.

Kathy felt more juice running down her thigh. Her nipples were hard they stood staring. She dropped to her knees and unbuttoned Steve's pants her fingers slid inside and pulled out his dick it was firm but limp it felt heavy in her hand as s Kathy began to kiss the tip. Steve's dick began to swell, slowly with little pulses to grow in her fingers. Kathy admired it as long as she could and then slipped it in her mouth wanting to feel it grow on her tongue. Kathy swirled it around the head and shaft as it began to swell, to her side Kathy heard Jim pull down his zipper then he kicked off his shoes.

Pushing his pants down he was naked standing beside Steve. Kathy reached for his growing dick and brought it to her mouth it was harder but not like the young dicks from the night before.

Her lips encased it and her head lowered taking it as deep as she could his pubic hairs brush across her nose. Then as Kathy was beginning to bounce, her head up and down the cell rang again, it was Mack, and he was outside in the car park. Kathy gave him the number and he said it would only be a minute.

Turning back to Jim and Steve it looks like we will have a full house tonight. They stood staring at her with big dumb smiles on their face.

Kathy drank some more beer, they did the same Steve was groping her ass, trying to let his fingers slip lower to touch her pussy from behind, when there was another knock at the door it was John, with Mack standing behind him.

John laughed "we rode up on the elevator together I should have known where he was going."

The door wide open John stood there looking at the three of them naked. He swallowed hard Mack was unbuttoning his shirt behind him. He had a look of lust in his eyes. They walked in Mack pushing past John and kissed Kathy deep and hard his free hand went straight for her pussy, he groped and fingered at her until she spread her legs slightly and his fat fingers slid past her opening and sunk in to the wet confines of her pussy.

Kathy held on to his shoulder as they continued to kiss and lifted one leg opening herself allowing him better access. There was one last knock at the door, Mack did not let go of her so one of the other men opened it for Gary.

He was pulling a cooler on wheels all eyes turned to him as he opened it up and pulled out a bottle of jack and a couple bottles of wine. "I didn't know what you drank Kathy so she brought wine and Jack for me but you can have Jack if you want."

Kathy reached over and gave him a big hug. "I'm drinking beer for now I don't want to forget a thing about tonight." Kathy gave Gary a quick kiss and told him he was over dressed then jumped on the bed spreading her legs. "Who eats pussy?" Kathy spread her pussy lips wide and Jim dove in between her legs.

Jim's nose went right for her clit and his tongue ran up Kathy's pussy starting at her ass and licking the entire length. John and Mack climbed on the bed one on each side of her head, pushing their dicks to her mouth.

Kathy grabbed one with her fist, began to jack it, and sucked the other between her lips.

Fingers, fingers were all over her tits some others rubbing her belly still others working their way to her clit. Jim was shoving some past his tong into her pussy.

Kathy's tits were as hard as they had ever been and her pussy was leaking like an old roof in a hurricane. The dick in her mouth was fucking her face; she shuddered and began to orgasm. Kathy felt the heat of a volcano rush across her body as it rocked her insides over and over.

The dick pulled from Kathy's mouth and another one was shoved in. this was how it was going to be. The men were going to use her and use her good. They were fucking her mouth Kathy would feel a dick swell to almost eruption then pull free and another one take its place.

John was pulled from her pussy and Mack was now between her legs licking it. His tongue was either longer or he knew how to drive it deeper because he was licking at parts where no tongue had been before.

Kathy could feel his drool and her cum running down the crack of her ass. Kathy shrieked as another orgasm rocked her. Then Mack pulled his tongue out and crawled further up on the bed and shoved his dick deep in her pussy. No rubbing it on her, no testing the slit. He just held her legs apart and shoved it in.

Fat and firm it plowed as deep as it could the base of his hairy dick ground into her clit sending sparks thru her head.

He pulled her legs higher and began a steady pounding of Kathy's pussy. She concentrated on sucking the dick in her mouth fingers glorious fingers were still playing with her tits. Kathy sucked her lips in around the dick in her mouth as it rocked steady the tip slipping in and out of her lips her tongue pointed and poked at the split tip of it.

Swelling firm it grew in her mouth. Kathy moaned and hummed slightly on it as it pushed deeper in her mouth. Then it swelled again turning hot to her lips and tongue. Then Kathy felt the cum begin to flow in a steady pulse from the tip.

Kathy sucked at it as it filled her mouth then it slipped free and more cum covered her cheek and neck. A hand grabbed it and began to jack causing the last few drops to land on her fore head.

As he pulled away from her body Kathy turned to the other side and a different dick took its place.

Mack was rocking his dick in and out of her pussy the angle of his dick ground it against the outer edge of her ass it felt so good to be full. He was panting hard she felt his sweat dripping on her belly.

Kathy looked up past the dick in her mouth and saw smiles from all the old men who had gathered around her body to fuck her. Someone pinched her tit real hard and Kathy orgasmed again as she did her pussy squeezed Mack hard he grunted and moaned slamming his dick deep.

Gasping around the dick in her mouth Kathy then felt the familiar warm flow of cum filling her pussy.

Mack continued to thrust his dick in and out of her, he seemed to be swelling and growing more and more as he did. Then with a loud sigh Kathy felt him pull free collapsing off to a side then rolled off the bed to recover out of site.

Fingers scooped at the cum leaking from her pussy piling it on her stomach filling her belly button and then a dick slipped in the sloppy confines of her just fucked pussy. The head felt huge compared to the shaft it was if a large bulb was being pulled in and out of me. It also felt wonderful.

Off to the side she could hear some of the men talking fixing drinks commenting on how hot she looked. Kathy smiled around the dick in her mouth and swirled her tongue. It grew and hardened in her lips Kathy braced herself for another load of cum.

A steady pulse more like a flow began to fill her mouth. It flowed and flowed until Kathy could neither swallow nor hold any more then it flowed out around the corners of her lips to run down on her chest and tits. Kathy had lost count of her orgasms she had lost count of theirs Kathy was sure they all had not cum yet.

The dick sliding in and out of her pussy had a wonderful steady rhythmic pounding the dick slammed deep in to me.

Kathy moaned looking up it was Gary the oldest. He had a content look on his face. He drove his hips from side to side grinding at places so wonderful. She worked her pussy tightening it rocking her hips fucking him back rocking his dick as deep as she could.

His face contorted and he blew air between clenched lips, then he too began to fill her pussy.

The Gary's pace had slowed two sat drinking regaining their strength as Gary finally pulled free. She looked over and there stood Jim with a smile on his face his dick hard.

He rolled her onto her knees and climbed up behind Kathy. As she leaned forward on her hands she felt a great stream of thick goo run down her leg. Jim rubbed the tip of his dick up and down the soaked slit of her pussy and then shoved it deep in her from behind. His hands grasp her tits and used them to pull Kathy to his hard dick as it sank deep in her.

Kathy looked over at the men smiling and Mack climbed back on the bed and fed her his half hard dick. She sucked and pulled it into her mouth Kathy could taste his cum along with her own juices.

Grabbing her head and Mack to fuck her mouth, his dick slowly grew filling her mouth fuller.

Jim was fucking her hard his balls hung low on his shaft and were slapping against Kathy's clit with every thrust. The pounding on her clit was electric. Kathy body responded rocking back into him driving us both further and further to our orgasm.

Mack forced his dick down her throat with the aid of Jims fucking of her pussy. Once again Kathy began to orgasm that and Jims balls pounding her clit sent her over the edge once more. Then Jim let loose and screaming moans and began to fill her pussy with his cum. He pumped several more times before collapsing on top of Kathy pulling Mack's dick from her mouth. He lay there on top of her for quite a while gathering his breath his dick swelling and retracting shooting cum deep in her pussy for a long time.

When he rolled away from me Mack was back behind me only this time his fingers were rubbing cum from her pussy on her ass pulling her cheeks apart he shoved his dick up her ass Kathy screamed at the invasion but soon began to rock back into his thrusting.

The other four men sat or stood there watching drinking beer or Jack and Coke stroking their cocks trying to bring them back to life.

Mack was talking rude calling Kathy a slut slapping her ass fucking her hard She felt his fingers tighten on her hips as he pushed his weight forward then She felt the warmth of his cum filling her ass.

Kathy rocked against him as he filled her ass. She smiled at the other men as he pulled his dick free. Her tits swayed freely beneath her.

Mack slapped Kathy's ass one last time as he climbed off the bed. Her reached for his jeans pulling them on, "that was fun Kathy" was all he said as he grabbed his shirt and walked out the room.

Steve was the first to speak, "up what a rude bastard!" "You Ok Kathy?" She looked over at the four remaining men "ya I'm fine as long as you guys don't leave yet." Kathy sat on the edge of the bed and drank another beer.

Kathy e looked in the mirror on the wall her tits were covered in cum it was running from her pussy and ass. It felt great. She washed the cum from her mouth with her beer. Catching her breath she looked up and asks who is ready for round two.

Jim replied, "Suck me hard and you can have what I got." He stood at the edge of the bed as Kathy sucked his dick into her mouth it was not long before Jim was growing hard.

Kathy stopped long enough to have him lie on his back then she sucked him some more. When she was sure Jim was as hard as he would get Kathy climbed forward and straddled his dick lowered herself and began to ride his dick.

Looking at the remaining three she asks who is next. John spoke up "guess it's me" and climbed on the bed by her head and Kathy sucked him as she bounced up and down on Jim. As his dick grew his fingers Steve rubbed the cum on her tits. She moaned in appreciation as John hardened in her mouth.

Your good now fuck her ass Kathy wants' all her holes filled tonight. Steve climbed around on the bed and pointed his dick at her ass. Kathy stopped moving long enough for his Steve's to slip in. It was tight but felt good she had two dicks in her. She lay on Steve's chest and let them fuck her in unison Kathy pinched her tits feeling the fat dicks as they worked their way in and out of me.

Jim was now standing at the edge of the bed his dick hard climbing on her offered it to her mouth. She obliged and sucked him deep Gary was finishing his Jack and coke then climbed on the other side of the bed leaning in close he grasp Jims shoulder and they both slipped their dick heads into Kathy's mouth.

The thrusting was awkward the two dicks in her mouth slipping in and out but erotic, as the dicks slid in and out of her pussy and ass.

It was like electricity shooting thru Kathy body Gary was pulling on her tit to keep his dick in her mouth and then the orgasm of orgasms hit her body Kathy screamed around the dick's in her mouth. The dick in her ass pounded harder and all of the sudden she was cumming.

Kathy pussy squeezed and then She was squirting cum, it was flowing out around the dick deep in her pussy. As it did she felt a burning heat in her ass as it was being filled with cum.

Gary had slipped from her mouth but was jacking off frantically then he moaned and came on the side of her face and tit. Not far behind was Jim in her pussy S Kathy concentrated on the last dick in her mouth. It was not long and she was rewarded with the rich taste of cum.

They all collapsed in a heap in the bed panting resting. As her energy returned she drank another beer and told them about the evening she had with the three teenagers the night before, and how hot that had been until them.

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