tagGroup SexKathy Came To My Barbecue

Kathy Came To My Barbecue

byDave Evans©

I have gotten to know a lady named Kathy. A fine lady. So, I invited her over to a cookout on Friday night. I asked her to bring her swimsuit. She sounded so happy on the phone. I forgot to tell her she would be meeting my friends, Steve and Jeff. I had also invited them. My best friends.

I went out and bought inch and a quarter thick steaks T-bones at a great little meat shop not to far away. I also bought beer and white wine, and corn on the cob it looked super in the display stand. I already had stuff for a great salad.

Kathy showed up first on that night, she was wearing a lime green shorts and top to match, she had a rolled up beach towel and said her swimsuit was in there, this lady is stacked I want you to know. She's a little older like myself. So are Steve and Jeff. But she has left age in the dust. She works out and she is all tanned and so good-looking, guys half her age ask her out most everyday.

Her breasts are immaculate. She has long brown hair dark brown eyes full luscious lips, the prettiest smile; she's a tall long legged sweetheart. I'm so happy to know her.

When she came in, she gave me the kind of kiss that made me want to hang a sign on my door... (DO NOT DISTURB!) But I wanted Steve and Jeff to get to know her, or at least meet her.

She jumped right in and started making the salad. I had already done the corn and had it wrapped in foil with butter salt and pepper, I was going to bake it while the steaks were cooking. I went out on the back porch turned on the natural gas flame and poof a good fire going. I looked out over the pool the sun was setting and it was a super evening, a full moon too, not a cloud in the sky.

I could hear the doorbell from outside, and I heard Kathy talking to Steve and Jeff, they were laughing pretty loud, so I stayed with the steaks and that good smelling corn. Soon they all came out to join me. I shook my buddies' hands they were just in their swimming trunks and thongs. I told them we would be eating soon. Jeff and Kathy sat at the pool with their feet in the water kicking and laughing. Steve came over to me as I cooked and said, "Where do you find these women?" I said. "She is a treasure for sure my good friend!"

We had a great supper. We all waited on Kathy, whatever she wanted. She got. We all started petting her after dinner, she was so fine and receptive. She really liked Steve and Jeff right off. They are really super people.

Kathy said we should all go swimming. She opened her towel and said. "Oops! I forgot my suit." And she suggested we all swim nude. We all agreed without a second thought. Watching her strip was something. God! What a Wom@n! She dove in the pool with barely a splash.

She swam back over by us as we were stripping down. With her elbows on the side of the pool watching us intently... She said. "My gosh Dave you got some big buddies!" She was referring to how well they are hung. Plus we are all big guys.

They were already about half hard seeing her naked body. Once we were all undressed we walked down in the swallow end, the water was cool but nice. We sat around Kathy on the under water steps, talking for thirty minutes. Mostly Steve and Jeff wanted to know all about her. She looked great; her breasts just floating on the top of the water, her nipples looked so good. They made my mouth water. When they got to questions about sex, she said she loved everything about sex. I casually asked her if she had ever heard of a game called spawning?

Telling her it's just a game. She asked how do you play it?

I told her it was a great game for the men in the water. All she would do is have us all stand in a circle chest deep in the water, and she would swim around from man to man sucking us off till we cum, but of course she could come up for air as needed.

She thought I was just kidding her till she could see our cocks so long and hard under the water. She smiled and said, "I'm game for that, or at least I will give it a try. Dave your friends are so big and nice. You really want me to do this?" I replied. "Kathy I would love for you to try it at least. It's one of our favorite games. But don't worry we will pay you back for sure Kathy. She smiled real nice back. The night was young.

Kathy walked out in the shallow water smiling at us all as we formed a circle around her, she first went around stroking our cocks, saying all kinds of nasty things, like, are you going to cum for me hon? I can hardly wait to taste you big guy. I want all your cum so much. She knew she would have her way.

Now Steve has a big nine plus cock, Jeff and I are about eight inches each, but we never get any complaints from the ladies. Kathy played and stroked Steve for sometime, saying he is one big fella. Smiling at him. Wondering? She got in front of Jeff and said as she took some deep breaths. "Wish me luck guys." She dove down sucking wildly on Jeff, her long brown hair looked so serene under the water. Jeff was throwing his head back saying. "Gawd! She's so good!" She came up for air but went right back down on him. Soon Jeff was rocking his hips back and forth, his eyes fluttering.

Looking down in the water there was a big white cloud all around Kathy's head. She came up with a big splash in front of Jeff, water and cum pouring out of her mouth, running all down her chin and neck and her firm breasts looking so fine. Kathy told Jeff, "It was so neat, I was sucking away feeling the cool water in my mouth but when you came your cock swelled and I could feel the spurts of hot cum flowing in my mouth. Ohhh Jeff it was great!"

She was breathing really hard but walking over to Steve now.

She was holding onto Steve's cock saying. "I'm going to enjoy sucking you off Steve." She kissed her way down his chest slipping under the water. Steve could feel her sucking mouth sliding down is long hard cock. She fondled his big balls all the while.

I went under the water lifting Kathy's legs up so she was floating out in front of Steve. I spread her legs and sailed my tongue right in her hairy pussy, I held her up by her stomach, so she could just float and enjoy herself. She sucked on Steve harder and harder, coming up for air several times. I thought as I was eating her out she would loose her breath. Then Jeff went to her feet and started sucking on her toes. Kathy came up for air saying, "You guys are going to drive me crazy! This feels so good!" She went right back down sucking on Steve. He was holding her head guiding her back and forth. I had never eaten pussy under water before but I was sure enjoying it. Jeff would suck on her toes licking all in between them and Kathy, would squeeze my head with her thighs, I think it was tickling her and turning her on like she hadn't felt before.

Suddenly I could feel Steve hammering away as he flooded her mouth, she broke free from Jeff and I, she was coughing up his cum and pool water. Steve was holding her up, patting her back, with a big ol' white cloud about their waists.

Kathy didn't look like she could take anymore diving, but she wanted to do us all, so I let her rest awhile. Steve and Jeff got at her sides and floated her out to me, I tried standing where the water was just up to my naval. The guys sailed her right up to me and she dipped her head under the water and sucked my cock right in her mouth, then the guys pushed her and pulled Kathy back over and over so she wouldn't have to work so much. It felt great. They were careful not to force her to far into my cock but then a couple times they pulled her to far back and she was grabbing for me with her mouth; finally after she had to have several breaths of air, I arched my back holding onto Kathy's head I filled her mouth with a few gushes of cum. Oh, So nice. I lifted her head out of the water, she was smiling up at me and my cum was running all down her chin, she licked her lips, saying, "How did I do?" "Kathy your the best darlin'." I replied.

We all carried her out of the water, laying her on a chaise lounge. I got her a glass of white wine as she sipped on that, we all took turns eating Kathy out, she acted like she died and went to heaven. We got her so wet the second time I was licking on her sweet pussy I slid my hands under her bottom it was soaked with her wetness. She looked so good lying there, the dancing lights from the pool, made her look even more desirable. After we all we had our fill of licking her clit and driving her up the back of that chaise lounge. We picked her up and carried her to the living room couch.

Jeff said he didn't want to, he had a very early meeting in the morning, so he thanked me for the invite, and saying the food was great and he told Kathy he hoped he'd get to see her again, he went to her, kissing her lips and saying good night sweetheart.

Steve and I sat on either side of Kathy, we were sitting there watching the moon slowly rise a full moon too. Kathy slowly stroked our cocks one in each hand. She was so gentle, we both had a nipple in our mouth, feeling them get so erect between our lips and against our tongues. (I often wonder if anybody ever looks over the fence after dark. I guess they would get quite a show some nights.)

We had Kathy sandwiched between us, she was on her hands and knees I stayed on the couch as she sucked me again. Steve wanted to have her doggy style, he slowly slid that big cock of his in her pussy, she just shook all over till she got adjusted to it, I don't think she ever had a cock that big before. Steve was being careful not to hurt her too much.

We did her for the better part of an hour, she had many orgasms as we just loved her real slow, enjoying the moon lit room, she looked up at me with my cock in her mouth, those pretty hazel eyes, I watched her gulp and swallow my cum down, she was so good.

Soon after Steve picked up his pace pushing her into me, she hadn't stop sucking on me yet, he held her hips and blasted her with several shots of his hot cum. He told her how good her pussy was as he kept fucking away.

Kathy said. "She was going to sleep good tonight!" Steve and I thought we might just take a little nap, and wake Kathy up in a couple hours. We just smiled at each other. She loves it.

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