tagBDSMKathy Comes to Dinner Ch. 01

Kathy Comes to Dinner Ch. 01


Authors note: This is the third in a series of stories about Peter and Lisa. The central theme in all the stories is Female Domination, specifically teasing and orgasm denial. They are BDSM stories, not Loving Wife stories. They are about a guy who allows himself to be dominated and has a very strong and submissive fetish about T&OD.

Originally these stories were posted at two other sites where they were extremely well received. However the reception here at Literotica has been rather poor. Different tastes of the audience or whatever, I'm not really sure. I do know most of the negative comments have regarded the theme of the story, hence this note.

I know many readers find this topic exciting and a turn on. Equally many don't and may even find it objectionable. Fine to each his own, but now you've been forewarned, so please do all of us a favor, if you don't like the genre, don't bother to read the story. Frankly I don't care to hear that you don't like the genre, I do. I don't appreciated downgrading for the theme, but that of course is each readers privilege.

If you choose to read the story I'd enjoy hearing what you think though.

Thanks for tolerating this rant, Peter

Now on to the story:

This story is protected by copyright, by Peter, the author, and cannot be reposted or used for any purpose without his prior consent. But please email the author at the link below to request such consent.

Kathy Comes to Dinner - Part 1

On Thursday at dinner, Lisa asked me if it would be okay if she invited Kathy over for barbeque on Saturday night. I said sure and asked Lisa what she wanted for the menu (I am the barbeque chef) . She said she wanted my secret recipe ribs. (Its hardly a secret, I marinate the heck out of them in what is mostly bourbon. The chef usually does a little marinating himself!)

Kathy is a long time, very close friend of Lisa's and is a fairly regular guest at our house. In addition to being very nice and easy to get along with, she is also absolutely beautiful. So having her over is doubly easy for me. I've had more than a fantasy or two over that woman.

Kathy is rather tall and slender, but not that skinny kind of slender. Rather the modern model look. Thin, but with plenty of curves. She has very long legs, and near perfect ass and large firm tits that defy gravity. I've even asked Lisa if her friend ever had a boob job, but she swears they are totally natural, and she would know. They are that close. She has great legs, muscular enough to be very shapely without looking like a body builder. She is very pretty in the face too. With long blond hair and blue eyes. You get the idea, she could be a centerfold in an upscale men's magazine, and wouldn't I love to see that issue! One of the things I like best about Kathy is that she isn't the least bit stuck up. She definitely knows she is good looking, but doesn't make a big thing out of it. She normally dresses in a way that is flattering, but on the conservative side.

On Saturday morning we awoke at the normal time. I was feeling a bit horny since I'd been working very late all week and both Lisa and I had been exhausted on Friday night and had simply fallen into bed and been sound asleep in minutes. I snuggled over next to Lisa and put my arms around her from behind. Soon I was cupping her breasts and my cock was beginning to stiffen. She slid back toward me and was slowly grinding her ass into my crotch. I was soon ready for more. Lisa rolled over and we kissed and groped, she was slowly stroking my cock now and I was ready to enter her and start the weekend off with a welcome orgasm.

Just as I started to roll her on her back she giggled and pushed at my chest saying "That will give you something to think about today. We don't have time for this now! I have to clean up the entire house and you need to mow the grass and do the shopping, or did you forget that we're having company tonight?"

"Oh baby," I groaned "I didn't forget, but we're not in that big of a hurry!"

I could see that I was not going to prevail. Lisa was already half way out of bed and she simply replied, "It will just make it all the better this evening." I didn't realize at the time what that would really mean.

The day was rather uneventful. Both Lisa and I were running around busily, getting everything ready for that evening. As had become her way since that fateful Friday night, Lisa was being a tease every chance she got, but we were so busy that wasn't often, nor was there time for anything very serious.

Finally we were all ready. Showered, cleaned up and with about a half an hour before Kathy any was due to show up. I thought it a bit odd that I'd only prepared for three of us. Usually Kathy brought a date when she came to our place, though not always. Perhaps the two women were going to have a bit of "girl time". That was fine with me, as there was a game I really wanted to see, and it would be all the easier for me to discretely scope out Kathy if she wasn't escorted.

Lisa was in the bedroom, putting on the final touches, when she called to me and asked me to come in there. As I entered the bedroom, I noticed she was dressed in a pair if rather short shorts and a nice, low cut silk tee. A bit more sexy than I would have expected, but not overly so. At first I didn't really think much about it, but that would soon change.

I was wearing a Polo shirt and a fairly baggy pair of khaki shorts. It had been very warm recently, unseasonably so and the weather this evening would be very pleasant.

"What do you want, honey?" I asked.

"What are you wearing under your shorts?" she asked.

Suspiciously I answered that I was wearing briefs, as usual.

"Take them off" she replied.

"What?" I asked rather stupidly, but I was quite surprised at this.

She ignored my reaction and simply repeated, "Take them off".

If you've been reading my stories about Lisa and me, then this will make sense, if not let me give you a little background. About four months before Lisa had picked a Friday night to act on my teasing and denial fantasies that she had discovered by browsing through my computer. Since then, she had been continually increasing her control over our sex life and especially my orgasms. Teasing and denial had become a regular way of life for us. Especially weekend nights were often spent by her driving me nuts with her teasing. Usually ending with me getting relief at the end of the night or the next morning at worst, but sometimes lasting even longer. So this turn of events wasn't that out of the ordinary or unusual, except we were having company this night. She had never done anything like this with company around before. That was about to change.

After a moment of stunned hesitation, and Lisa's rather serious "Now!", I did as she instructed. To do otherwise wasn't an option I knew, at least not one I wanted to suffer the consequences of. Standing there in a pair of sandals and a polo shirt, I started to put the shorts back on sans the underwear.

"Just a minute, come over here first. There is something I need to tell you."

Again I did as told. In spite of myself, I start getting hard even before Lisa actually does or says anything, once I realize a teasing session is about to start. This gives Lisa a huge thrill.

"Looking forward to whatever is coming I see" she giggled.

With that she started to stroke my cock with one hand and caress my balls in the other. As she did so she said "I'm not going to tell you what's coming, just understand this; if you do not do everything I tell you tonight, and without hesitation, you will not cum for a solid month. Got that?"

I simply moaned yes. After the previous week of total abstinence, and the brief session this morning, not to mention what was going on at the moment, any idea of not cumming for a month was unthinkable.

"Furthermore, if you start to resist my instructions, you will receive the month long punishment, but I'll find a way to make you do what I had in mind in the first place anyway. Is that clear too?"

The excitement of what might be about to unfold plus the stimulation Lisa was giving me, was too much. I was just about to shoot my load, when Lisa gave my balls a not so gentle squeeze and informed me that was all for now. I was to put my shorts back on and finish getting ready for our company. I groaned in frustration, my cock throbbing.

As I dressed and tossed my briefs in the laundry hamper, Lisa made a final, somewhat unnerving statement, "And try not to drool all over when you see Kathy tonight. I know how you fantasize about her and its really disgusting!"

I know that wives just sense these things, but I'd always been so completely cool around Kathy, only sneaking a peek when no one would notice. I was surprised Lisa thought to even say anything.

To be continued

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by Anonymous12/27/17

one of the best stories of all time

Peter, sorry if you've been getting negative reaction here. The magic of orgasm denial is that men can only have one for a few seconds, so if you extend the "approach", especially for a few days, or Godmore...

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