tagRomanceKatie's Love Ch. 01

Katie's Love Ch. 01


Writers Note and Prologue

This is the first chapter of another story from my life. This chapter is short, but this is just the beginning of a story that spans almost thirty years and takes eleven chapters to tell. The names have been changed, but the places and dates are close to when and where things happened.

There will be some things that I will be writing about later on in the story that I am sure that a lot of folks will have a hard time believing that they happened. There were a more than a few times that I had a hard time believing it myself that they were happening but they did.

I've had a few comments from my previous stories wondering how I can remember things from so long ago and in such detail. For reasons that I will disclose later in the story, almost all of this was written down in a notebook, not too long after the early events happened and I have continued to keep notes about things that have occurred that were in some way related to this story. I know it sounds a little on the mysterious side, but all will be revealed in time. But a lot of what happened with her is burned so deeply in my memory that I will never forget those times.

While there is a lot of sex, this is first and foremost a story of love. A very powerful and wonderful love. And yes, going back through my early writings and putting them on the computer has been both full of joy as well as pain.

As always, I do appreciate all comments.



It's not the quantity, it is the quality that really matters.

My name is Tony. Almost thirty years ago, I met a woman who would change my life forever.

I met Katie for the first time on November 11, 1980. It was a Tuesday, pretty much like any other day. I was twenty-seven, single, and was managing a small electronics store in a shopping center in Bethlehem PA. She came in the store that day around lunchtime looking to buy a stereo system for her house. She was without a doubt, a very beautiful woman. She was slender in build and her hair was dark brown and came down to a little below her shoulders. Her eyes were also brown. She was wearing a woman's business suit which consisted of a dark blue wool skirt, matching jacket and a fancy beige colored blouse. I guessed that her age was around mine, which as it turned out, was pretty close. Just out of habit, I took a quick look at her left hand for a wedding or engagement ring, but there was none.

I asked her a few questions to get a feel for her budget and the types of music that she listened to. I put together a system that I felt would work for her and priced it out. She told me that that she had just started shopping for one, but she would get back to me. She was really friendly and easy to talk to. There was this sparkle in her eyes as I talked to her, but I didn't pay too much attention to it that day as I was more interested in making the sale. I never was a go for the throat sales type. I had learned that just being friendly and non-aggressive worked pretty well for me. I gave her one of our catalogs and introduced myself.

I said, "by the way, I am Tony if you have any questions."

She replied, "hi Tony, I am Katie," with this great big smile and we shook hands.

She left the store but came back at 5:30 PM and had a system picked out. She had upgraded the speakers and tape deck from what I had suggested but that was fine. I had everything in stock and she paid in cash, much to my surprise. I offered to show her how to hook everything up on my display system, but she said she could figure it out. I helped her load the boxes in her car and off she went. I had a part time employee that usually worked on Tuesday nights but he had called off sick that day, so I worked the store that from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Not that I had anything better to do with my time at that point in my life.

Katie called around 8:00 PM. The sweet sounding voice at the end of the phone just said, "help?"

At first I didn't recognize who it was, but she said who it was, and told me what was and what wasn't working. So, in between the few customers that I had the rest of that evening, I talked her step by step through about hooking everything up correctly. After it was all done, she apologized for not letting me show her at the store and I said, that it wasn't a problem. She thanked me again and the call ended. It was pretty good sale dollar wise, so I didn't mind spending the time to make sure that things worked right. Things happened like that all the time. The next day around lunchtime she came back in the store.

I was finishing up with another customer but I looked over to her and asked, "more problems?"

She smiled and shook her head no. After the other customer left, she said, "I just wanted to thank you for being so patient with me last night."

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "it's part of the job. And at least you didn't start off screaming that it was piece of shit."

Katie laughed and said, "no. I work in sales too, so I have a pretty good idea of what you go through here." Then she asked me, "do you want to go out for a drink tonight?"

To say I was stunned was an understatement. Women never asked me out and for such a good-looking lady as her to do so, well I didn't know what to think. But somehow I managed to fumble the word "yes" out of my mouth.

There was a small club down at the other end of the shopping center that ran bands on weekends but was pretty quiet during the week, so we agreed to meet there. I told her that I had to work until 9:00 PM again but that was okay with her.

She gave me this look. I didn't know what it was about, but there was something special about it. She said with a sparkle in her eyes, "It's a date then."

Another customer came into the store and she left at the same time. Needless to say, 9:00 PM could not come fast enough. Katie was seated at the bar when I walked in, but we moved to a table in the back so we could talk. There was a light crowd in there, music was playing on the jukebox, but it wasn't too noisy. She had changed out of her suit into a simple yellow blouse and dark blue skirt and she had a light tan jacket with her as well.

After we got seated and I ordered a beer, she said, "you looked really stunned when I asked out."

I replied, "this is the first time that it has ever happened. Usually I do the asking and usually I get shot down."

She said, "I don't know why. You seem like a really nice guy."

I just shrugged my shoulders. I always had a hard time trying to ask women out. I had a lot of fear of rejection, mainly because I got rejected a lot. She could see I was uncomfortable talking about it, so the conversation moved onto lighter topics. I asked her how old she was and she said twenty-eight and I told her that I was twenty-seven. We talked about our jobs. She was a sales representative for a medical supply company. She would go to doctor's offices, made sure that they had all of their supplies, kept them up to date on what was new, and other stuff like that. She said it was more of a customer service job than a real sales job but she earned a commission based on how much they ordered. She had started with them soon after she graduated college and had done pretty well at it.

I asked her what her degree was in and she laughed and said, "English literature and poetry"

I laughed and said, "sounds like a promising start to a career as a waitress."

Katie laughed and replied, "yes. It was looking like that for a little while but I got lucky and found this job."

She asked what my degree was in and I said, "music. Bachelors and a Masters degree."

She said, "well that must help with selling stereos."

"Not really," I said, "I was planning on going on for my Doctorate so I could get a teaching job, but I seem to have gotten caught up in working instead. Plus I don't really have the money for it and I don't want any more loans."

She nodded and said, "I still owe a little, but not too much."

We kept on talking and it was strange. There was something about her that went far beyond just how beautiful she was. I was having these feelings that I didn't understand. It had been a while since I had last had a relationship and I knew better than to fall in love with every girl I went out with, but listening to her and talking to her was lighting a fire in places that hadn't been touched in a long time.

I told her about working at the store and some of the war stories about some of the goofy customers I had there and at the store where I did my manager training at. Like the one kid who had bought a pack of fuses for his car stereo, came right back, bought another pack, then came back again and asked for a refund on both packs because they were defective.

I asked him, "defective?'

He said, "yes. Every one I put in blew right away."

I said "it's not the fuses. You have short someplace that you need to get fixed."

The kid asked, "maybe I should get bigger fuse?"

I said, "only if you want to have your car catch on fire and I'm not going to sell them to you."

Katie laughed hard and said, "at least I'm NOT one of those!"

"Not by a long shot," I said.

She asked me where I lived. It was an apartment complex about five miles away. I had started working for the company right after I had finished grad school which had been in another state. The store that I did my manager training at was thirty-five miles to the north and the place that I lived up there had been furnished. This apartment wasn't and when I moved down here I didn't have a lot of money, so I just picked up a few basic items.

"Pretty sparse," I said, "mattress and box springs on the bedroom floor, along with an lamp, an old TV and recliner in the living room, some wood shelves stacked on cinder blocks for my stereo, and a table with two chairs in the kitchen."

"You do have a dresser for your clothes?" she asked.

"Just the shelves in the closet and wash baskets," I replied, "clean and not so clean."

Katie shook her head, smiled, and she looked me in the eye for a few long seconds before saying, "I'd like to see this place."

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Sure, sometime."

She asked, "how about tonight?"

Again she caught me by surprise when she asked that. I managed to answer "okay," without sounding too much like a idiot.

She waved for the waitress and got our bill, which she insisted on paying. We left the club and after getting into our vehicles, she followed me over to my apartment. It was in an older apartment complex. Thirty years ago the place had been nice, but like most of these places, maintenance had been minimal and everything was showing its age. Mine was on the second floor at the end of the row. After we climbed the steps, I unlocked the door and held it while she walked in. I turned on the lights and closed the door.

She surveyed the kitchen, dining and living room areas, which was just big room, and said, "you weren't kidding." I headed into the bedroom and turned on the lamp that was sitting on the floor next to the bed. She walked in there and remarked, "I never ever thought that I would ever see anyone camping in an apartment."

I laughed and said, "it works for me."

Katie stood there just shaking her head and smiling for a few seconds and then she totally surprised the hell out of me when she asked, "are we going get naked or just stand here all night?" Had the gentlest of breezes moved through the apartment at that point, it would have knocked me right down on the floor. I was stunned. She smiled and slid her jacket off. She looked around for something to set her jacket on, then said, "what the hell," and dropped it on the floor.

After kicking her shoes off, she pulled her blouse out of her skirt, and started to unbutton it. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my socks off while still standing. I still had my tie on from work. I pulled that off and then my shirt. I watched her as she got undressed as well. Her bra was white and a little on the fancy side. I guessed she was around a C cup. She opened the button on her skirt waist, and pulled down the zipper. She pulled that down over her ass. Her panties were the satiny kind, regular as far as cut went, and not real tight on her ass either. But they were a crazy looking orange, yellow, red, and green swirl as far as color went. In contrast to the rest of her clothes, which were very conservative, these stood out like a bright light on a dark night.

Katie saw me looking at them, giggled a little, "do you like my fancy panties?"

I smiled and said, "they are pretty wild, compared to the rest of the way you dress."

She laughed and said, "yeah, I have a thing for panties and the wilder the colors, the more I like them."

She wiggled them down her hips and kicked them on top of her other clothes. She wasn't very hairy in the pubic department and they were the same color as the hair on here head, at least from what I could see in the dim room light. As she went for the hooks on her bra, I slid my underwear down. She gave her bra a twirl, kind of like a stripper would and then tossed it.

She placed her hands behind her head and asked, "you like?"

I looked her up and down and said, "Katie, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever been naked with," and I was telling the truth.

Katie pulled her hands from behind her head and walked over towards me. She reached up, placed her hands on my face, and as she looked me right in the eye, she said, "you are such a gentleman," then she laughed a little and added, "and such a liar!" She moved her face to mine and kissed me with a light gentle kiss, then pulled her head back and again, looked me right in the eye. We kissed again, lightly at first, then I felt her lips start moving and her tongue gently probing at my lips. I brought my arms around her waist as she put hers around my neck. I slid my hands slowly up and down her back and as they got to her ass cheeks I would pause and gently squeeze and rub them together. My hard cock was pressed sideways against her pubes. I can't say exactly how long we stood there like that, but it was for a long time. I still was in shock at the fact that this was happening. When the kiss ended, she placed her cheek against mine and hugged me very tightly.

Of course then I remembered that I didn't have any condoms. An old girlfriend had come down for a visit two months prior to all of this and I had used my last ones with her and never replaced them. I said, "I'm sorry, I don't have any rubbers."

She laughed a little and said, "you don't need one. But thank you for asking."

She pulled her head back and smiled at me. I slid my hands up to her breasts for a few seconds. They were firm yet felt soft to my touch. Her nipples weren't real big but they felt nice between my fingers. I moved my hands to her face and pulled her back into a kiss. I slid my hands into her hair. I gently ran my fingertips through it and then up and down the back of her head and neck. It's one of those secret spots on a woman that I had learned about early in my sex life. With the right touch, you could get her very excited and it was no exception with Katie. I could feel her breathing speed up as the passion built. She reached down and started stroking my cock.

I said quietly, "not too hard, it's been a while for me."

Katie said, "okay," and just went to lightly touching it with her fingertips.

Her touch felt so damn good. We kept up kissing, touching, and stroking for a long time. Then she smiled, moved over to the mattress and laid down on it. She got on her back with her legs parted a little and her feet on the mattress. I got on the bed as well, knelt between her legs, and leaned forward and kissed her. My cock was buried in her pubes, but I had other plans. We kissed for a little while, then I slowly kissed my way down her chest to her breasts. They were so beautiful and as close to perfect as any I had ever been that close to. I took her left one in my hand and played with it for a while, then I lowered my mouth to her nipple and started sucking on it. I could feel it stiffen just a little bit as I sucked and licked on it. She started running her fingertips through my hair. I spent a long time on that breast and then moved to her other breast, which I spent just as much time enjoying.

I didn't have a clue as to why this was happening and I didn't know if I would ever see her again after this night. This whole thing had really caught me by surprise. So I figured that I would enjoy it while she was there and I was going to try and make it enjoyable for her as well. After I finished sucking her right breast, I started slowly kissing my way down to her pubes. I kissed the soft hair and licked around in there as well. She smelled so nice. I leaned back and took a good look at her cunt. Her pubes barely went down her legs on the inside. Of course, this was way before women were trimming and shaving, other than what ever stuck out of a swimsuit. She was watching me as I looked at her.

"You are so damn beautiful," I said softly.

She smiled and just as softly said, "thank you."

I leaned forward and starting with her right knee, I slowly kissed my way down her leg to the thin strip of hair around her cunt. I repeated this on her left leg. I returned my lips to her right knee, but this time I slowly licked my way down.

"That is so nice," she said almost in a whisper, as I licked my way down her other leg.

This time when I reached the bottom, I placed my hands on either side of her cunt and gently parted the lips. I placed my tongue just below her cunt and slowly licked upward. I pushed it in deep as I got to her cunt and as I got to her clit, I licked that for a little while, before making my way back down. Every woman has a different taste but there was something really nice about hers. Pussy eating was something that I had started doing early on in my sex life and I had learned, at least from the comments from the other women I had been with, that I did it well. I really enjoyed feeling and hearing a woman climax, both this way and of course other ways as well.

I heard her say, "oh yeah, I like this," in a soft almost husky kind of voice.

I kept up my tongue travels for a while. At some point, I moved my hands up to her breasts and started gently playing with her nipples. I picked up the pace of my licking a little and she responded by lifting her ass up a little as I got to her cunt, then lowering it back to the bed as I got back to her clit. I can't tell you how long this went on, it was so nice and well I wasn't in a hurry. Then on one of my travels to her clit, I stayed there and started licking it a little harder and faster. Her clit didn't stick out real far so it was hard to suck on, but my tongue was more than capable of doing the job. Her breathing got harder and faster. I could feel her start to tense up.

I heard her say, "yes!" in low moan and she started shaking as she climaxed. I kept licking and it wasn't but a few seconds later when the next one took over her body, again, she cried out softly, "yes!" She was still wound up so I went in for one more. This was even harder than the first two, and she cried out, "oh yes! OH YES!" as she shook.

I moved off of her clit and went back to licking in and around her cunt. She had gotten wetter but it still tasted so sweet.

She was making these "oh" noises as her breathing settled down and then I heard her say, "that was so wonderful."

I stopped for a second and asked, "mind if I stay down here for while?"

Katie laughed a little and said, "take all the time you want."

Most of the women I had been with in the past would have been telling me that they wanted to get screwed at that point. But Katie wasn't in a hurry and neither was I. I repeated the whole process two more times. All the while she was telling me how good it felt and making these sweet passionate noises as she climaxed. After the last one, I moved myself up between her legs until my face was right over hers. My face was soaked with her sweet juices but that didn't stop her from pulling me into a deep and long kiss. She smiled and reached down between us to guide my cock to her waiting cunt.

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