Katie's Massage


Joel moved one hand behind his back, taking the string running up between his buttocks, and drew the G-string from under his scrotum out behind him, throwing it to the floor at the foot of the bed. Katie would now be feeling his bare scrotum on her shaved pubic mound. Rather than bring his hand back to Katie's breast, Joel lightly ran his fingers up and down her leg, while the other hand continued to play with her breast. He adjusted his position on Katie, moving slightly forward. This allowed him more access to Katie's mound, and sensing this Katie brazenly opened he legs. It also meant that Katie's hands were now reaching Joel's waist and couldn't rest there comfortably without the need to hold on. Rather than let her arms slide down his thighs onto the bed she flexed her elbows and placed her hands on her belly.

My view of Katie's hands was now partially blocked by Joel's thigh. Only my angle from above allowed me any vision at all. Her hands were nestled between his thighs but I couldn't tell if she was touching or perhaps even playing with his nuts. This was driving me crazy! Was my sweet innocent wife feeling up this guy? I didn't initially think she would, and now that there was the possibility that she was, or would, I was unsure how to feel about it. It was strangely thrilling though, and my own cock was so hard it almost ached.

I flicked back to the other view to find Katie's legs even further apart and Joel stroking her inner thighs, teasing a finger along her labia. He then extended his middle three fingers spreading them slightly and dragged them along the length of her vulva. Katie flinched at the first contact to her clitoris. The next few strokes Joel touched only her labia. Katie groaned and tried to arch her pelvis into his fingers. Joel again stroked her clitoris on a downward stroke as Katie sighed almost as though in relief. A few more gentle strokes up and down, then Joel let his finger linger on the hood of her clitoris, drawing little circles so that the skin moved over the head of her swollen clitoris, rhythmically exposing and covering it.

That's fine," I heard Joel quietly say. Wondering what this was in response to I changed my view to reveal my wife's hands around the base of Joel's penis. Her eyes were now closed and she was clearly revelling in the experience, totally consumed, and giving herself fully to her senses. Katie was tentatively playing with the base of his cock, without stroking its shaft, much like a comfort toy while her mind was elsewhere.

Back at my wife's cunt Joel was again running his fingers up and down the length of her slit. He stopped briefly at the base of her clitoris and this time as his middle finger ran down the centre of her slit he applied a little more pressure. His finger slipped easily between the folds half submerging as her labia parted then enveloped over the sides of the digit. Katie shuddered. At the end of the stroke he lifted his hand back to the top, trailing a long thick trail of mucus. He again partially submerged his finger in her sea of cunt juice, but this time lingered, subtly flexing his finger, testing the tension in her hole. I could see the lips of her vagina closing more and more over the finger as Joel threatened to penetrate her. I had no idea what was happening at the other end, I couldn't take my eyes of the vision in front of me. Then it happened. Amidst an almighty groan from Katie the end of Joel's finger disappeared up Katie's hole as though cut off at the second joint. He kept still for a moment then started rubbing his palm against her clitoris. Within seconds another shuddering orgasm his Katie With steady control Joel kept her going for what seemed like a minute of full on intensity.

As Katie began to relax, as her orgasm came to an end, Joel eased his finger out of her. Slipped out would probably be a better description, there was that much slippery mucus pouring out of her.

"No, please don't," pleaded Katie. "Jesus, I've never come so hard before."

Unhurriedly Joel replaced his middle finger with his thumb, easing it in, and using the base of his thumb to slowly start to massage her clitoral area again. He was leaning back, placing his other hand on the bed behind him to steady himself, and give his right hand better control on Katie's cunt. This meant of course that there was no hand free to play with her breasts but I'm sure Katie was happy with this small sacrifice.

From my other view I could see Katie still almost absent-mindedly playing with the base of Joel's cock. Every now and then as a spasm of pleasure passed through her, her grip would tighten and move up the shaft again. With Joel leaning back a clearer view of his cock and balls was available. His pubes and scrotum appeared almost totally shaved except for a small "Eiffel tower" of tight black curls extending up from the base of his organ. His nuts appeared enormous, although Katie's hands still obscured a good view. Katie's delicate white hand struggled to encircle the base of his cock, whish while no longer than my own was a good deal thicker. The ridge of engorged flesh running on the underside of his cock stood out like the keel of a bout.

Katie was flinching, in pleasure not pain, in time with every thrust Joel made into her cunt. Each time she would squeeze her fist and move the skin over the base of his penis in a mini-masturbating movement.

"Here let me help you there," came Joel's voice, leaning forward and picking up the oil bottle. He placed his hand loosely around his shaft then squirted a generous amount of oil into his palm, before rubbing it over the shaft and head. He then took Katie's right hand, palm upwards, and filled it with oil. Putting down the bottle he lifted his scrotum and deposited his cum filled testicles into her upturned hand.

"Is it OK to play with it?" asked Katie somewhat nervously.

"Of course it is. This is your massage Katie, any requests will almost certainly be granted. The only aim is to leave you totally satisfied, whatever that may entail. And of course if it feels good for me, well that's an added bonus."

Katie gasped and flinched again, as obviously her cunt was again entered by some part of Joel's hand. I was too captivated by my wife's hands to check whether it was his thumb, finger or anything else for that matter. Here was my timid little wife greasing up another man's pole with one hand and exploring his scrotum with the other. She was clearly giving herself to the moment and loving it. The way she was feeling his testicles, and savouring the feel of the head of his cock, as though this was the first and last time she was ever going to have such an opportunity, filled me with both jealousy and an intense feeling of eroticism. As more pre-cum leaked from the end of his cock, Katie collected it with the tip of her finger, and used it to lubricate the head of his cock.

By this time Joel had begun thrusting his pelvis in time with Katie's wrist movements. Perhaps because he was about to come, perhaps because he had other plans, Joel suddenly and smoothly re-took control of the situation. Sliding his ass backwards, his cock released it's self from Katie's firm grip. At the same time, he bought his legs together, outside Katie's, closing hers tightly together. His head was now at the level of her throat, his cock and balls resting snugly between her thighs, only inches below her pubic mound. His elbows rested on the bed beside her abdomen, his hands were placed on the soft curves between her clavicles and the commencement of the mounds of her breasts.

"Time for some more body slide, don't you think."

In the space of a simple "Ah ha," Katie's tone shifted from disappointment at losing both her grip on that wonderful black organ and the pleasure her cunt was experiencing, to the nervous excitement of what the next instalment of this sexual adventure may have in stall.

Joel's hands moved to fully encompass, and massage, her breasts, while his pelvis began to slide up and down her thighs. Whether she was holding her legs together or he was not letting them open as part of his plan, was not possible to say, but the tension in the muscles was clear. In a sawing motion, Joel was rubbing the keel of his penis up and down between Katie's labia. You didn't need to be a doctor to know that this meant the brunt of the pleasure was being taken directly on her clitoris, nor a sex therapist to realise that Katie had just about lost all self control under the influence of total sexual pleasure. Katie's hands had now moved to Joel's buttocks and were helping him grind his pelvis into hers.

It was clear now that Katie was trying to let her legs part, desperate to increase the contact between genitals. Finally Joel relented, letting her legs part slightly, and resting his between hers, but not losing a beat in the rhythm of his faux fucking. With each slide downwards, he would pause the head of his cock at the base of her clit, so that the engorged labia would spread around the head, and just before it looked as though they would close around and engulf it, he would thrust forward causing Katie to grunt in anguish. Each backward stroke would see his cock slip further between her legs, but he maintained careful control so that it didn't slip into her longing tunnel uninvited.

Letting his cock fall between her legs, he wedged it between her buttocks, before dragging it up between her legs, spreading her labia with the head, until it flicked over her clitoris. At this point he again applied the pressure of the base of his cock to the apex of her slit, as he ran the length of his shaft forward, his balls eventually emerging either side of the base. The slickness of the head of his cock attested to Katie's state of arousal, with clear cunt juice running down from the head of Joel's cock, where it had been scooped from between Katie's thighs. There were no complaints from Katie with this level of intimacy, as Joel repeated the manoeuvre again and again. As the tip of his cock dragged across the entrance to her vagina, Katie's legs would close slightly as if to trap it in that position. Joel however, was in full control, and Katie was going to have to make her wishes very clear if she wanted to change Joel's approach.

After a few more thrusts, Joel came to rest on top of Katie, again placing his legs outside hers, keeping them most of the way together. There he rested for what seemed a minute or two to allow them both to catch their breaths, and possibly to let Katie clear her thoughts about what may happen next. It was impossible to see for certain but I suspected from the position he was in, the head of his cock would be nestled between Katie's labia. This became clear as she began moaning and grasping his ass, as Joel rotated his pelvis in small circular motions, then thrusting back and forth, the head of his cock pressing against her sphincter, threatening to enter her fully. This was driving Katie wild. The pressure of a warm cock head on the verge of penetration would always have Katie begging for full penetration and the feeling of being internally filled by a solid cock. How would she handle another man's cock, particularly in her current state of arousal?

Joel didn't push the issue. Every now and then he would let his cock slip up onto her bare belly, only to be met with a whimper of disappointment.

"Oh fuck, I shouldn't be doing this. Gees, fuck, …aaah." Joel continued to gently probe back and forth at the entrance to her vagina. Katie managed to manoeuvre her thighs outside his and was, with the help of her hands on his ass, trying to help his cock into her.

"Do you want me to put a condom on?" Here it was. Was Katie going to let this man fuck her? As much as she hated condoms she would surely insist on protection. She was obviously torn between desperately wanting a thorough fucking and her sense that this was against her normal values. Or so I thought. Her response floored me.

"No, ……just don't come in me."

"Are you sure, Katie?"

"No, I just need to be fucked. Please, before I lose the moment."

With that she wrapped her legs around his, as Joel slowly let the full length of his cock slip into Katie. Immediately, Katie began to shudder, having her most powerful orgasm to date. Moaning and groaning, Katie threw her head back, eyes closed and hands clenched on Joel's buttocks. Joel meanwhile was in complete control, very slowly easing his now glistening cock in and out of my wife's sodden cunt, pausing at the entrance before plunging back in. I could see Joel's scrotum bounce against Katie's ass with every stroke.

I wasn't sure what to do at this stage. Katie was obviously in a state of ecstasy she had never known before. I had wanted to loosen her up a bit but I had fully expected her to draw the line well before this. I didn't know whether I should phone the room and speak to her, turn off the monitor or continue drooling over vision of my once shy, conservative wife, fucking a man she'd only met an hour or so ago. I chose the latter.

As her orgasm subsided, Joel let his cock slide out. It bounced up against his abdomen with a little "thwack", Katie's cunt juice splattering.

"Are you cumming?" asked Katie hurriedly, either concerned she may have cum inside her, or more likely worried that her fuck session was over.

"No, I thought you might like to try something different." With that he turned her over and raised her hips so that she was on her knees with her ass and cunt in the air. Taking his cock he rubbed the head around her lips, then sunk the full length deep into her, forcing the rest of her body to rock forward on the bed. Katie turned her head to the side so that she could view Joel's cock in the mirror, disappearing in and of her body, occasionally closing her eyes as the sensations became too intense.

Joel leaned forward on his elbows so that her could take Katie's breasts in his hands, kneading them and teasing her nipples, which always makes her clitoris stiffen. Katie reached a hand back to take Joel's balls in her grasp, raking her fingernails across his scrotum, and occasionally grasping his shaft. Katie had completely given herself over to the rawness of the situation, and any inhibitions she had previously had were no longer to be seen.

Katie was pushing back against Joel's thrusts while Joel was using his large hands to steady her pelvis by grasping her narrow waist. The music had long since stopped, allowing me to hear not only Katie's moans, and Joel's soft encouraging words, but also the sloshing and pounding that her cunt was receiving.

Katie turned her head back to bury it in her pillow, muffling only slightly her increasing guttural groans with each thrust of Joel's piston, signalling another approaching climax.

"Come on baby. That's it, let it go." Whispered Joel.

This pushed her over the edge. Katie stiffened, held her ass high and steady, and screamed her pleasure into the pillow. As her orgasm subsided, she slumped forward onto the bed; causing Joel's cock to release it's self from her slit. I was glad to see that it was still rock hard, hopefully indicating that he hadn't come in her.

"Had enough massage for one day?" he cheekily enquired.

"Shit. Actually, no. I've come this far, and I don't know if I'll be given this chance again. There's one thing I'd like to try."

"Sure, I'm up to just about anything."

"This isn't the first time you've done this sort of thing, is it?"

"Well, no. Not all sessions are this enjoyable though"

"Well I hope my husband knows what he's gotten himself into. O.K. lie down on your back. And please remember not to come in me. We really should use a condom, but I just love the warmth of a big cock in me."

With that Katie started to climb on top of Joel, and I knew exactly what she was going to do. Katie's favourite position for sex is reverse cowgirl. Climbing astride she positioned herself over Joel's cock, took the base of his shaft in her right hand, and milked his organ so that a large glob of pre-cum oozed from the tip. Katie wiped this away then lowered herself until the head was just touching her pouting labia. My view of this action was stunning. Little more than a few feet in front of me was my wife's sweaty torso inching up and down on a strangers black cock head. Now she was doing the teasing, letting the mushroom head pop just inside the constriction of her vaginal sphincter then lifting up so that it popped out, with the tip still resting between her labia. Finally Katie relented and sank smoothly down the full length of his shaft. I could see his cock disappearing inch-by-inch, deep into Katie's pelvis. At the bottom she began rotating her pelvis, grinding harder and harder onto Joel's cock, before lifting herself up and all but free. As she did so I could see Joel's cock reappear, this time glistening with my wife's cum. Now both Katie's and Joel's groans could be heard, as she quickened the pace. Watching her lithe body do squats up and down on the black shaft between her legs, thighs spread, abdominals standing firm and drenched in sweat, gave me a strange sense of pride mixed with a small amount of jealousy and anxiety.

They were both obviously enjoying themselves and by the increasing noises coming from Joel it was clear that he couldn't hold on much longer. Katie slowed and rotated round to face her partner, keeping Joel's cock buried inside her. The view was again exquisite, this time showing her beautiful firm ass, her puckered hole stretched by the thick cock lodged deeply in the cunt in front of it. As she rode up, the rim at the base of Joel's cock head would cause a small ripple of the anus, before the labia rolled back to reveal the burgeoning head. Before it could slip free, Katie would plunge down again hungrily engulfing its length. The rhythm was fast and furious now, and it was clear that they were both close to orgasming. It appeared to be a race to see if Katie could squeeze one more orgasm in before Joel blew his load.

As Katie began her orgasm, she sensed Joel's impending eruption, and putting her hand between her legs, she grasped the base of his cock riding off it just as the first stream of cum spewed forth spraying white streaks across her vulva. With pleasure out-weighing her concerns, she immediately sat down on the under surface of the length of the shaft, sliding her vulva along the base, while continuing to milk Joel's cock of it's sperm with her fist. Katie's orgasm continued as she watched spurts of Joel's cum fly from between her thighs onto Joel's abdomen.

Eventually the pace slowed, and Katie fell to her side to lie on her back beside Joel. "Christ, that had to stop soon or I was going to pass out. I hope you charge by the session, not by the orgasm, or I'm going to be broke!"

"Don't worry the account is taken care of."

"Mmm, I wonder how that will show up on the hotel account?"

"No problem, it was settled in advance, in cash, by your husband."

"Oh, God, my husband! What am I going to tell him!"

"I'd thank him for arranging a really good massage. I'm sure he'll understand."

"But I arranged it!"

"Really. Are you sure? Look lie there and just relax, now is not the time to stress. The time immediately after a massage is a critical part of the whole experience. And anyway, I have another appointment to get to so I wont be able to "de-stress" you any longer.

I'm just going to pop into the shower then I'll be back to clean up."

The shower could be heard running in the bathroom while Katie lay peacefully in the middle of the bed. A few minutes later the shower stopped, the bath started running, and Joel returned, still stark naked, with a bowel of water and a large sea sponge. Straddling Katie again, and judging by her startled response, waking her, he began gently sponging her down.

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