tagBDSMKatie's Place Pt. 05

Katie's Place Pt. 05


Tom had slept surprising well considering, but then the evening spent locked in the cell with Katie had been demanding. He now lay with her on the mattress, his head having been inside her jeans for the last six hours. It was warm and damp from their perspiration and Katie's scent was growing stronger by the minute.

Katie was still asleep, her breathing slow and deep. Every now and again she twitched in her sleep, no doubt in reaction to some crazy dreams. Tom didn't even want to imagine what those dreams might me. Katie only woke when the cell door opened and the new assistant, Jess, walked in.

Tom couldn't see the other woman, but listened to her soft voice which had a slight Eastern European inflection. She sounded about the same age as Katie, probably a friend, but otherwise she was a mystery. Their soft voices were difficult to hear from inside her jeans, but Tom was intent on following the conversation.

As far as Tom could tell, the new girl had brought both coffees and the keys to the jeans. But given that Katie was sipping at her drink and his head was still intimate with her butt, she had evidently decided to go for the coffee first.


"Morning sleepy."

Sleepy! He'd spent the last hour awake listening to her sleep, although he decided not to point this out.

"There's coffee here for you." she purred as she continued with her own caffeine intake.

"Great, but I can't drink from in here."

"No, I guess not." she giggled.

His dry mouth and the thought of the coffee were making his confines even more frustrating, but at least she had woken in a good mood. He ran his nose along the edge of her panties and then gently kissed her, which made the small hairs on her butt stand on end. If he was lucky, maybe he'd get time off for good behaviour.

But it didn't seem to be working. The padlocks that secured them together remained locked. Even though Katie now had the keys to release them, evidently she thought that six hours inside her jeans, worshipping her ass, was not enough.

He lay still listening, but hearing almost complete silence. There was no way through the denim that enclosed his head and so he turned his head and buried his face once more into the girl's butt. He breathed deeply, getting a small amount of warm air, before the black silk moulded round his features, once more sealing off his mouth and nose.

It was a while later when Katie finally unlocked the jeans from around her waist and wriggled her way out, once again leaving the jeans hanging around Tom's neck. But Tom took no notice of the jeans, the slight ache from the cuffs or the fact that it was Sunday morning and he'd been locked up since Friday night, as he sat up and started his lukewarm coffee.

Katie sat against the opposite cell wall and pushed her feet up against his, her big eyes and long lashes looking innocently at him as she sipped.

"I smell like your butt." Tom said as he held his hand to his face.

Katie looked slightly embarrassed and hid behind her coffee cup as she spoke.

"I guess you will.... for a while."

"Do you know what it felt like in there?" He continued.

"Hot and humid?"

"Yes. And airless, claustrophobic, overpowered by your scent. I could go on."

"Is it something the punters will like?" she asked, starting to take notes.

"Fuck yeah."

Katie had a big grin on her face as she finished her coffee and slipped her blue dress back on over her damp black underwear. She picked up her pad of paper and walked out of the cell and back upstairs. Tom sat there, eyes closed, listening to the familiar clang of the door followed by the metallic scrapping of the padlock. Tom was in chains, inside a locked cell and in complete darkness, yet he felt happier than he'd felt in a long while.

He thought about his life outside of Katie's world. He enjoyed his work, he'd just finished a big deal last week, but somehow that didn't excite him as much as it used to. He'd made enough money and maybe that was why he no longer cared. He had many friends, most through work, but again no one that really excited him.

However in Katie's place even the long hours of incarceration didn't seem tedious. With Katie he felt out of control, no need to think or make decisions. Everything he did was controlled by the crazy, cute brunette. Tom had deliberately mentioned that he had no work for the next few weeks and he hoped that she would take the hint and keep him close. Although maybe not as close as last night.

Later that morning, Katie released Tom and gave him the keys to her small flat. As he entered, he found a bag of his clothes that Katie had brought from his apartment. Stepping over the usual mess, he showered and dressed in clean clothes. He went out to buy some coffee, only realising at the last minute that Katie only had his wallet. With no money and unable to get into his own apartment, he returned to the alleyway.

He walked in to find a strange girl sitting on one of the wooden chairs. She was wearing a blue sleeveless top, short green cotton shorts and trainers. She was about the same height as Katie and fit, but her figure was fuller and more curvy. She had short dark hair that framed her tanned face.

"Hi Tom, we haven't met. I'm Jess." she smiled nervously with her slight accent.

Tom smiled back at the woman who he'd never met, but who had incarcerated him for the whole of the previous night.

"Katie said to get you ready." she mumbled self consciously.

"Ready for what?"

Jess didn't really know how to answer that and so led the way down to the basement and gestured for Tom to follow her. As before, the first two cells doors were locked.

"Other guests?" Tom asked.

"Yes, I already put them in."

Jess continued through the open door and into the far cell. She knelt down and threaded a heavy bicycle 'D' shaped locked through a metal hoop that was countersunk into the concrete floor.

"Sorry, Katie said I do this to you." she smiled apologetically.

"Do what?"


"And is she around?"

"Yes, later, but first I must do you."

She looked keen to complete her designated task. Katie seemed to hold a certain power over this girl, just like Katie did over him. And like him, this girl was eager not to disappoint. Katie seemed to exert that power over people.

Tom lay down on his back and lowered his neck into place between the two sides of the lock. Jess knelt down beside him and positioned the straight edge of the lock over his throat. It was tight and allowed no room for Tom to lift his head what so ever. And with his neck held down, there would be no way to turn his shoulders, making the position even more restrictive.

"You OK if I lock?" she asked.

"If that's what Katie wants."

With a look of pity on her tanned face, the girl inserted the key and turned. She then stood up, feet together by his head and looked down.

"You locked now."

"So I see." Tom rattled the heavy steel.

"You want something?" she offered.

"The key?" he smiled.

She slowly smiled back and crouched down again, this time closer to his face. Her knee was close enough to kiss, so he did. She didn't seem to object, but instead moved closer so that he could kiss the back of her thigh. She moved closer again and he kissed her thigh just below where the short shorts finished. Given the length of the shorts, this meant that he was almost kissing her butt.

"Did Katie ask you to do this?"

The girl blushed and moved back.

"Please don't tell."

"I won't. And if you take your shorts off I won't tell her that either."

The girl stood up and turned towards the door. She then put her knees together and put her hands to her waist. A moment later, she wriggled out of her little shorts to reveal blue underwear stretched over her round butt.

Her strong legs and butt stood there for a moment, considering options, before walking back towards him and quickly dropping down to cover his face. Her fuller figure engulfed him and he fought against both her weight and a lack of air as he inserted his tongue.

The shy foreign girl seemed to lose her inhibitions and cried out such that people walking past could almost hear. By the time they'd finished and she was pulling on her shorts, they were both breathing hard. She knelt down and kissed him on the lips.

"Thanks you, but I still have to take the key."

"Katie's orders?"

"I have to." she kissed him again.

With that she left the cell, locking Tom inside. Tom's mouth was sore and dry as he lay in the dark on the hard concrete. He reached down and touched himself, he was already so close. But he stopped, afraid of what Katie would say and just waited instead.

An hour later, the cell door was unlocked and the light turned on. Katie walked in, but Tom had to look twice to check it really was her. She was wearing a dark skirt suit that looked to have been tailor made. The jacket wrapped in tightly around her waist and was secured by a single button. The skirt hugged, but not too tightly, her butt and thighs and modestly reached down to her knees. Underneath she wore a black blouse, with frill around the top.

She wore thin stocking and black high heels that came to a point. Her long hair, that before was almost un-bushed, was styled and worn up in a way that complimented her long silver earrings. Her make up again looked professionally done and somehow made her eyelashes look longer than ever.

She stood above the manacled guy looking down, one hand on her hip, the other playing with her hair.

"Wow Katie!" he breathed.

Katie giggled in a way that was at odds with her sophisticated look. She placed her feet over his wrists such that the soles and heels acted as cuffs, pinning his wrist to the floor.

Tom was struck by the uncanny resemblance to her Aunt. The inherited looks, the playful smile and now the sexy suit. When he'd first met Katie she barely looked her age of 21. Now her elegance made her look much older, much closer to his age and therefore all the more attractive.

Tom desperately wanted in touch her legs and struggled in vain to free his hands from beneath her shoes.

"Please let me up, I've got to see the new look."

Without moving her feet, Katie crouched down and inspected the lock around his neck.

"Do you really think there's anywhere to conceal a key in this suit?" she smiled standing back up.

"You don't have it?"

"I'm not going to ruin the elegant lines by carrying a key?" she purred as she caressed the soft material.

Katie saw him looking up her skirt and responded by opening her thighs a little wider.

"If you look up there, I'll put you in there." she said.


"Yes, again!"

Still without freeing his wrists, Katie crouched down and unbuttoned Tom's trousers and grabbed his cock. Given the morning's events, he only lasted for a few minutes. He lay there panting with Katie still crouched over him, her weight still securing his wrists in place.

Katie cleaned him up and then returned with a black market pen. She sat on his thighs and scribbled her name in handwriting just below his belly button on his hard slim stomach. It was only an inch long, but it clearly spelt out 'Katie's' in her distinctive curvy manuscript.

"What do you think?" she asked as she handcuffed his hands and then padlocked them to the lock around his neck.

"I can't really see."

Katie then cuffed his feet and padlocked the chain to the far wall.

"There will plenty of time to see, Jess is also a tattoo artist."


"Yes, forever mine..."

Tom struggled against his shackles as he felt he had to try. But in fact there was nothing he wanted more right then than be the property of this beautiful woman. Regardless though, the reality was that he had no way of physically stopping the girls from permanently marking him as 'Katie's'.

Not hearing any real protest, Katie kissed him on the lips until they both needed air and then clipped back out of the cell.

An hour later and Jess was sat on his chest, marking him for life. It hurt, but then so did his chest which had taken Jess's full weight for the last thirty minutes. When she had finished, she unlocked his hand and foot cuffs.

"Please can you unlock this too?" Tom asked pulling at the lock around his neck, "The hard floor is starting to hurt."

"I can't unlock."

"Why? You lock." Tom said imitating her slightly incorrect grammar.

"Katie has the key."

"She said you had it."

Jess smiled and shrugged her shoulders before leaving the cell. Just before the heavy steel swung shut, thereby enclosing all sound waves, Tom repeated his offer of earlier. Jess stopped momentarily before once again slipping out of her shorts and this time also out of her underwear.

Again she took over half an hour to be fully satisfied and again Tom was exhausted. He lay helplessly shackled to the floor as she stood above him and slipped back into her shorts.

"OK, but only because that is wonderful." Jess said as she pulled a key from her pocket.

"You have it!"

"I have it all the time." she smiled.

"But you were going to leave me chained up in agony?"

"Yes and maybe I still will."

"No, please."

Jess knelt with one knee on his chest, which made him cry out in pain as she turned the key. Tom eased his stiff body up from the floor as Jess took the bicycle lock and relocked it around his neck, but at least this time he wasn't connected to the floor.

Tom was then released for the afternoon, with strict instructions to return by 8pm that night. He walked down the alley with the key to Katie's flat and a small ration of money. How had he let himself slip even further into Katie's web? He was now permanently marked as her property.

And Katie had now allowed Jess to torment him too. He'd spent much of the morning underneath her butt and she seemed to be developing a love of having his tongue in her clit. Plus he would have to spend his few hours of freedom with a bike lock fixed around his neck. He turned up his jacket collar to make sure the lock couldn't be seen as he turned on to the main road and attempted to readjust to the real world, if only for a few hours.

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