tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatie's Rough Day

Katie's Rough Day


It was a blisteringly hot afternoon. Katie and her husband, Jamie, were trying to stay cool in their pool. Jamie had already stripped off everything and was in the process of pulling Katie's bikini bottom off when he pushed his fingers inside her pussy, mashed her clit with his thumb and told her to go inside and get a couple of frosty cold beers for them to drink.

"You've got your nerve, mister, starting something like that and then ordering me to go inside and get drinks!" she exclaimed.

Jamie pulled his hand out of her bikini and out of the water, gave her breast a firm squeeze and told her to get moving. As she climbed up the ladder to get out of the pool, he gave her a quick slap on her butt. She turned and glared at him before walking briskly across the hot surface to their house.

A moment after she'd entered her house she stuck her head out of the doorway and yelled, "Where'd all the beers go? There's not a single one in here!"

Jamie stood up out of the water and yelled back, "Then you'd better throw something on and get down to the corner store quick, missy! If you don't bring me a cold one in the next 30-minutes, you're in for a big surprise!"

Katie wasn't thrilled about having to go to the store right away if for no other reason than the heat. She also knew she'd bought beer just a few days ago and wondered where it all went. But, she also knew she'd have to hurry to make it to the store and back within the 30-minute deadline. She slipped on an oversized T-shirt and a pair of sandals, grabbed a few dollars from the cash drawer in the kitchen and then scurried towards the car.

Jamie saw her heading towards the garage and stopped her. "Don't take the car! It'll be cooler and just as fast to walk!"

Katie wasn't exactly happy about that but knew her husband was probably right. Sitting on the hot upholstery would be extremely uncomfortable, and even if she turned on the air conditioner, it wouldn't have the interior cool until she made it back home, if then. "You'd better make this worth my effort!" she yelled as she hurried through the gate to the walkway by the street.

When she arrived at the store, she was relieved to see that she was the only customer. She went inside, opened the refrigerated drink storage case and stood there enjoying the cold air. The cashier stared as her nipples hardened before he told her to hurry up. She leaned forward and reached in for the beer, giving the cashier a great view of her backside. Although she didn't realize it, she also gave a great view to the group of twenty-something-year old girls standing just outside the door to the store. She turned, walked to the cashier, paid for the beer and was planning to be on her way back home in record time. She thought she'd be back in the pool in just a few more minutes.

That thought ended abruptly, though. Before she'd even gotten through the doorway, one of the girls, a tattooed blonde in a tank top and ragged denim skirt who was almost as tall as Katie, stepped in front of her, stopping her dead in her tracks. "I'll take those, old lady!"

"What the fuck? And who are you calling old?" Katie demanded.

Before Katie had even finished speaking, she'd been surrounded by the group of young girls. Not only did she feel the beer being taken from her, but she felt strange hands groping her. "What do you think, girls? Think we can have some fun with this one?" asked the tall blonde.

Katie was confused by her feelings. On the one hand, she was frightened, and on the other, she was aroused. The arousal was winning and she just stood there letting the girls put their hands wherever they wanted. Almost magically and without her knowledge, the group was causing Katie to be moved along towards a back alley. Her nipples were being pinched and pulled. Her butt cheeks were being squeezed and poked. Before she realized what was actually happening, she felt a hot finger slide into her soaked pussy and heard a voice from behind her say, "I think we have a horny one, girls!" The next thing Katie knew, her T-shirt was pulled up over her head, her top was off, her hands were cuffed behind her back and several hands were digging into her bikini bottom. She felt rough-skinned fingers grabbing her pubic hair and forcing their way into her pussy and arse. Everything was happening as if in one of her fantasies, but it was definitely real. With her T-shirt pulled over her face she couldn't see clearly what was going on around her, but she heard the door of a large truck sliding open and then felt several hands pushing upwards on her buttocks. "Step up, bitch! Get in there!"

The hands guided and forced her to climb into the back of the truck. Inches inside the door opening she stubbed her toes and fell forward onto a firm mattress. During the fall, her bikini bottom ripped and was pulled off. She laid face down, hands still cuffed behind her back, naked except for the T-shirt that was pulled over her face. She heard several voices, each one calling her whore, slut, bitch and other assorted names. The one voice she could identify, the tall blonde who'd first confronted her, calmly said, "Open up the toy box, girls. We're going to see how much fun this old lady can stand." Laughter followed.

By now Katie's arousal had turned to fear, but was about to change back to arousal as she felt an average sized dildo being pushed into her slick pussy. "Oh, yeah, look at the slut! She likes it! Get another one."

Katie thought the first dildo would be replaced, but instead felt a second one being pushed in beside it. She was so wet it went in easily. All the girls cheered and applauded. "Fuck her in her arse! Fuck her in her arse!" One of the dildos slid out of her pussy and then was forced into Katie's arse. It hurt some even though it was well lubricated with her juice.

Just the simple act of pushing it all the way in without any other play back there shocked Katie back to reality. She tried to scream but with her face held down against the mattress, her voice was muffled. She heard cheering, laughing and a variety of suggestions about what should be done next. "Stretch her out" seemed to be the winning suggestion. Another, bigger dildo was pushed in beside the first one in her pussy. Katie moaned as the three dildos were being pushed and pulled, fucking her holes. Every now and then a hand would slap against her butt or reach under her and squeeze a nipple. After several minutes passed, she felt the bigger dildo in her pussy slide out, and then the one in her arse slid out, and then the big one from her pussy was being forced into her already sore arsehole. "Step on it if you have to!" shouted the familiar voice. Katie's screams, still muffled by the mattress, became louder. "I think she wants some more! Listen to her begging! Well, let's give her some more!"

As the big dildo slowly probed deeper and deeper into Katie's arse, she felt the lone dildo in her pussy sliding out. For a brief moment, only the big one was inside her. As Katie tried to catch her breath, she felt something cold and hard being pressed against the opening of her pussy. "Batter up, girls!" shouted the tall blonde as she pushed an aluminum baseball bat into Katie's abused pussy. Miraculously, Katie was able to take it in as the big dildo in her arse was being pulled back. However, once several inches of the bat were inserted, the girls started an in-and-out fucking motion with both the bat and the dildo. If Katie hadn't been so wrapped up in the thoughts of her fantasies coming to life, she might not have been so well lubricated and not able to take the punishment.

She had no idea how long it was that she was being used by the young girls. All she knew for sure was that it was finally taking its toll on her abused holes. Her screams had long since changed to moans and whimpers. Maybe it was that, or maybe the girls were simply getting tired of abusing Katie, but soon the fucking ended. With the bat and the dildo still inserted, the familiar voice commanded, "Roll her over. My pussy needs licking."

Awkwardly, Katie felt herself being rolled over onto her back. The bat and dildo didn't help at all, and before she was fully on her back, the dildo in her arse popped out. As the T-shirt was being pulled back down from over Katie's face she saw the tall blonde standing over her. She was still wearing the cut-off denim skirt but no knickers. "Be good to me, slut, and I'll pull that bat out of you," she said as she slowly lowered herself onto Katie's face. Katie did as she was told even though she nearly choked due to the heavy scent. In a few minutes, the blonde orgasmed, slapped Katie's face and pulled the bat out about an inch. "Lick the rest and you'll get it all the way out." After licking four more girls to orgasms, the bat was finally out. Her face coated with the strangers' pussy juices, Katie sighed in relief, wondering if her pussy would ever be the same.

As she lay on the mattress, dazed and confused, she heard the door of the truck slam down. Suddenly it was dark. She heard the engine start and then felt the truck moving. "Now what?" she wondered. She wanted to touch her stretched pussy but couldn't because her hands were still cuffed. Her wrists hurt. Her back hurt. Almost everything hurt. She felt a wet spot beneath her and hoped it wasn't blood. Surely those girls wouldn't leave her bleeding! Her mind began racing as she lay in the darkness of the truck and felt every bump in the road.

When the truck finally came to a complete stop, she heard the voices of her captors getting closer and louder. The door slid up quickly. The bright sunlight blinded her momentarily. The blonde issued orders to the other girls to get Katie out of the truck and quickly get her into the men's toilet. As she was being hustled from the truck to her destination, Katie saw that she was at a truck stop on the outskirts of town. She'd driven past it several times, never stopping there because of its reputation for being a rough place. Fights between truckers often broke out over who got which whore for a blowjob.

When Katie was pushed into the men's toilet, she saw her reflection in a dirty, cracked mirror. To anyone who didn't know her, she might pass for a cheap whore. Her hair and make-up were a total mess and her T-shirt, the only thing she was wearing, was badly wrinkled, stretched, and covered in wet spots. She was covered in dirt and there was a shiny, wet trail running from her crotch down her thighs. Unfortunately, her hands were still cuffed behind her, so she waited and thought about what she'd do next.

Suddenly, the door opened. A big, dirty man with broad shoulders stood there looking at her. A smile slowly appeared on his face. "Well, lookit what I got here!" he said. "I think I'm gonna git me a freebie!"

Shocked, Katie replied, "I'll suck you like you've never been sucked in your life if you'll give me a ride to my house. It's not far. I'll even suck you while you're driving so you won't think I'm going to rip you off."

"That sounds good, but I was thinkin' I might like to fuck you, too."

Katie thought about that for a moment. She'd already been raped with a baseball bat. What could it hurt to get fucked by this guy? "Pussy or arse?" she asked.

"Damn! I gotta choose?" he laughed as he said it. "How 'bout I try your pussy here and then you clean off my cock in the truck? How's that sound?"

It didn't sound all that great, but after all she'd been through already and the fact that it was entirely possible that she wouldn't get a better offer, she simply replied, "Let's do it!" She leaned over the sink, spread her thighs and waited.

She heard the trucker's zipper being pulled down and his boots clomping towards her, and then felt his cock easing into her.

"Damn, girl! Most whores can't take the head of my cock, and here you are taking it all in without flinching! I may have to keep you!"

As he chuckled and thrust his cock in and out of her, Katie matter of factly stated, "A deal's a deal, mister. A fuck, a suck and a ride home."

"Yes, ma'am. You're right," he replied as he pulled out of her.

"You aren't going to cum in me?"

"Nope. I'm saving that for the ride. Come on, now, and I'll get you home."

Surprised by his nearly gentlemanly actions, Katie straightened up, wiggled until the T-shirt covered her bottom and then said, "Show me the way, sir."

He escorted her out to his big truck, helped her into the cab and then went to the other side and got in. His pants were already unzipped when he sat down. He reached inside, pulled out his cock and then invited Katie to keep her end of the deal. She gave him the address of a house a block from her own and then leaned over and sucked him into her mouth. Although she wasn't finished when the truck arrived at the address she'd given him, he thanked her for a wonderful time and asked if she might want to continue another time. Katie winked and said, "Maybe." After helping her out of the truck, he drove off.

Hoping her neighbors wouldn't see her, she hurried along the walkway towards her house. She could smell pussy and cock and sweat on herself and knew her husband would, too. And she was late and didn't have the beer! She had something new to worry about now.

When she arrived at the gate to the pool, she was relieved to see that Jamie was still there. With the handcuffs still on she wasn't sure how she'd be able to get inside.

"Jamie! Please let me in!" she called out.

"Well, it's about damned time, Katie! You'd better be hauling a truckload of beer!" he said as he approached the gate.

Katie cringed when she heard the word, "truckload." "Funny you should mention that. You'll never believe what happened to me."

Jamie looked at her and replied, "You'd better have a good explanation why you're coming back here empty handed, hours late and looking and smelling like you spent the day in a cheap whore house!"

Katie tried to start her explanation but Jamie had a different idea. He told her to jump in the pool and wait for him to return. She did as she was told. The water felt great at first, but the chemicals in it burned her raw skin. Still, she waited in the pool as instructed. When Jamie returned he had a spreader bar, some rope and an anal speculum. "Out of the pool!" he ordered.

Once out, he told her he'd figure out how to get the handcuffs off her later, but right then, she was to lie down on the chaise lounge and spread her feet apart. He fastened her ankles to either end of the spreader bar, tied one end of the rope around the middle of the bar and looped the other end over an awning support above the chaise. He pulled the rope, hoisting her feet upwards until the weight of her body was resting on her shoulders. Her pussy was almost at the same height as his waist as he stood beside her. Katie kept silent as he inserted the speculum into her arse and pried her open. "You want to go whoring about, do you? Well, then, I'm going to invite my mates over to fill your arse with so much cum it'll be running out of your nose!"

Katie was tired and sore, but somehow that sounded intriguing. "How many of your mates do you think it'll take?" she asked.

"I don't know. I'll just call everybody I know and ask then to call everybody they know. Maybe we'll find out."

Jamie started calling. The first man to arrive looked oddly familiar to Katie, even from her upside down viewpoint. "Do I know you?" she asked.

The man smiled down at her and replied, "Been in a men's toilet at a truck stop lately?"

Katie knew immediately that Jamie was behind everything that happened to her earlier. She smiled contentedly the next couple of hours as spurt after spurt of cum shot into the opening of the speculum.

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