tagErotic CouplingsKatie's Winter Sojourn

Katie's Winter Sojourn


This is a fictional account. Merry Christmas All!


Katie woke with a start and bolted up in bed. 'Where the hell am I?' she wondered in a bit of a panic. Bright sunshine streamed in the two windows made frosty looking from the snow and cold outside. It was warm and cozy inside and she was in a soft double bed with a nice thick comforter. She looked at herself and and saw that she had on an old flannel shirt she did not recognize. It was then she felt the pain in her head. She slowly moved her hand to the spot where the pain seemed to be centered and felt a small lump. 'Had she fallen and banged her head?' she thought. No, she remembered driving along in her car in an early winter snow storm on her way to grandma's nursing home. What the heck had happened? Where was she?

Her head hurt pretty badly and she slouched back down on the fluffy pillow behind. It felt better to lie flat. She tried to move her legs but her left one felt like it weighed a ton. Katie peeled back the comforter and sheets and gasped at what she saw. She was naked except for the flannel shirt. Her left leg was in some sort of plaster cast from her foot to above her knee. How had she broken her leg? Who had put this cast on her? Where were her clothes?

The pain in her head reminded her to lie back again. 'What is going on here?' she wondered. Katie looked around the room for clues about where she was. It looked like a cozy cabin with plenty of windows. The windows were doing a good job keeping the cold out and warmth in. She was in a large bedroom and she could see a bathroom off one wall. The same far wall had a railing with stairs descending to the floor below. She was obviously in the second floor of a house. There was a second door at the top of the stairs on the same far wall that was closed. Could be closet or another room.

What was she to do? She did not see her clothes anywhere. Her boots were on the floor by a dresser but that was all she could see of her clothes. Her purse was on the dresser. She suddenly realized she needed to pee. Could she get up by herself and make it to the bathroom? Katie tried to move her left leg slightly and she did but it felt very heavy. She could even feel some pain. She doubted she could put much weight on it or walk without crutches. She would not be able to bend that knee, that was for certain.

The need to pee reminded her she needed to do something. She decided to call out and hope someone friendly heard her. What if she was in the house of some sick pervert? Whoever it was had stripped her of her clothes. Had he molested her when she was out? 'Oh, my god,' she thought. Maybe it is a little old lady, she hoped, but then realized no little old lady could have gotten her up the steps.

"Hello," Katie called out softly at first and then louder two more times.

Katie listened to see if anyone heard her. She could hear movement downstairs now and then someone coming up the stairs. The stairs creaked softly as the person ascended to the top. Soon she saw a man's gray head coming up past the floor and behind the stair railing. He had a friendly face and a warm smile.

"Well...well...look who's finally awake. I was beginning to worry we'd need to take you to the hospital. How are you feeling?" he asked, now up the steps and walking towards her.

Katie looked at the old man. She judged him to be at least seventy. His thinning gray hair was parted and combed neatly to the side. He too wore a flannel shirt and khaki pants. He had thick socks on his feet she noticed as he approached. He looked like he was an attractive man in his younger days. He was a little over weight now but not terribly so.

"Hello, Katie," the old man said. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Who're you and where am I?" Katie said.

"Sorry, I'll bet you're worried about that. I'm James Rogers, Doctor James Rogers, or I used to be anyway. My friends call me Jim or Doc," he said with a kindly disarming smile.

"Where am I?" Katie demanded.

"You're in my house. Mine and Dave's house. He is downstairs making breakfast for you," Jim said.

"What happened? Why am I here?" Katie demanded to know more.

"You had a terrible car accident in the snow. Took out the telephone pole near our mailbox," Jim said. "Lucky for you Dave was late getting the mail or you might have been out there all night and frozen to death."

Katie heard a pounding on the steps and seconds later a beautiful Golden Retriever crested the stairs and bounded over to the bed. The dog would have jumped up on the bed to greet her if Jim hadn't yelled.

"Brandy...stay down off the bed...Brandy! Sorry, she is only three and still loves to play like a puppy," he added.

Brandy came around the bed by Jim. He petted her head and held her by his side. Brandy looked at Katie like she wanted to lick her face with kisses.

"Pretty dog," Katie said.

"Thanks. She can be a handful but she is all love too," Jim smiled.

"Is my car okay?" Katie asked worried.

"No, I'm afraid not. You smashed the front end pretty good against the pole. It may actually be totaled if the book value is less than the repair. What year is it? We can look it up on the internet. I'm assuming you have insurance?" Jim asked in a fatherly sort of way.

"Yes, sure, I think I still have collision," Katie said. "It's a 1996 so it may not be worth fixing if the damage is too much."

"Well, the important thing is you're alright," Jim said smiling. "How is your head?"

"It hurts and I have a lump here," Katie showed him.

"Yeah, you must have hit the steering wheel pretty good. No airbag in the car?" Jim asked.

"Should be," Katie said.

"Well, it didn't deploy then," Jim said.

"Jim, where are my clothes?" Katie asked looking around.

"You had a bloody nose and a banged up lip too," Jim said. "You bled all over your shirt and pants. I have them in the wash."

Katie finally realized her lip was swollen too and her nose hurt. "What a mess I am," she said lightly touching her puffy lip.

"You're lucky really. I was most worried about that bump on your head though. You feel okay, do ya?" Jim asked like a doctor would.

"It's sore but otherwise I think I just have a headache," Katie said. "What about my leg?"

"Well, you broke it," Jim said. "It was a simple fracture and I fixed it for you. It would have been nice to have x-rays but I've seen a million similar and I think it should heal great. We couldn't get you to the hospital anyway. All the roads are out with the snow. We got twenty inches according to the local weather. Our SUV is powerful but not good enough to overcome twenty inches. Plus our power and phones are out, thanks to you taking out the telephone pole." He smiled kindly.

"Oh, my god!" All I remember is driving along looking for the road to my grandmother's nursing home. I took a wrong turn in the snow I think. Everything was just white and I couldn't see the signs or find the right road," Katie said.

"Oh, your grandmother lives around here?" Jim said.

"In Ladysmith, Wisconsin," Katie said.

"Oh, that is about twelve miles north," Jim said. "We live off a lake just south of there."

"How did you get me up the stairs?" Katie asked.

"Well, we were afraid to move you at first but realized we did not have a choice with the weather. Dave came back to the house after he discovered you and we drove the SUV down to your car. We hooked rope to our trailer hitch and to your car and pulled you free of the pole. We managed to pull your car up the long driveway to get it off the street. It is parked outside," Jim said.

"Wow," Katie gasped.

"We then were able to pry your driver side door open and get you out. I still have a lot of medical equipment from my doctor days and we used an old stretcher I have to carry you inside," Jim stated.

"My god," Katie said.

"I fixed your leg on the kitchen table," Jim said. "Used the old plaster of paris style cast. Not as good as the current day fiberglass casts but still effective."

"Is it going to heal so I can walk normally?" Katie asked worried.

"Oh, yes, I have fixed thousands of legs in my day and yours was a simple break," Jim stated.

"Your day? You're not a doctor now?" Katie asked maybe a bit too nervously.

"Oh, no, retired about ten years ago now," Jim said. "But don't worry, little girl. You will be fine." Jim tried to assure her.

"Did you remove all my clothes?" Katie asked nervously.

"Not at first. I cut the leg off your pants though so I am afraid they might only make good cut-offs now," Jim smiled. "We did have to remove your pants to put the cast on. The rest I removed by myself when we had you up here in bed."

"Your friend saw me naked then?" Katie asked embarrassed a little but smiling.

"Well, he had to help me remove your pants. We did not want to move your leg more than we had to. But after that you were covered by a blanket. He was downstairs when I removed everything else and put the shirt on you. Katie, remember please, I was a doctor for nearly forty years. I have seen my share of bodies, believe me," Jim asserted.

"Okay, I'm sorry. It is just a little disconcerting to wake up in a strange bed with only a flannel shirt on and a cast on your leg," Katie apologized.

"Oh no, quite understandable," Jim agreed.

"Jim, how do you know my name?" Katie asked him.

"Well, Katie, to be honest, we checked in your pocketbook. We needed to know who you were and I wanted to look to see if you had any special medical needs," Jim said.

"Oh, that's okay. I was just curious is all," Katie said.

"Your pocketbook is fine. It is right over there," Jim said. "I'll get it for you if you want to check it?" He wanted to make her feel at ease.

"Oh, no, that is okay. I guess I can trust you after all you have done for me so far," Katie said.

"Well, the phone lines are still down and we are running the generator for back-up power. We don't have cell phones up here as they do not get any reception. You can try yours if you want," Jim said.

"Okay," Katie agreed.

Jim got up from the chair he had pulled over by the bed to give Katie her purse from the dresser. Brandy paced all around him as he moved. She also came over by the head of the bed and looked at Katie. Katie reached over and patted her head. Brandy licked her arm a couple times before Jim returned with the purse.

Katie flipped open her purse and removed her cell. She opened the lid and tried calling her grandma. He was right - she could not get a signal. Katie slipped the phone back in her bag. Her wallet was there and she was tempted to look inside but decided she trusted this old man that had fixed her leg.

A voice called from downstairs, "I'm coming up." Dave said climbing the steps.

Katie's heard the steps creak again and soon a big man, probably six foot three came up the stairs with a tray in his big hands.

"Katie, this is my good friend and roommate, David Thornton. You can call him Dave," Jim said smiling.

"David Thornton, as in the writer," Katie asked with recognition?

"One and the same," Dave said and smiled a warm smile. "Though, I don't write much anymore. My eyes are not what they used to be."

"Wow...I've read some of your books." Katie said amazed she was meeting David Thornton, the writer.

"That's nice to hear. See, Doc, younger people still read my books," Dave said joking.

"One person does not a trend make," Jim quipped.

"Well, actually I take a few night classes and we were required to read one for the class," Katie said noticing that Dave called Jim the familiarity of Doc.

"See...more than just one," Dave said smiling with joy.

"Yeah, yeah," Jim chided him.

Dave moved to the bed with the food tray but Katie spoke before he could set it before her.

"Gentlemen, I really could use the bathroom," she said.

"Oh, of course. Dave set that down over there on the dresser," Jim said.

"Okay," Dave said.

"Dave, maybe you better wait downstairs," Jim added.

"Right," Dave agreed and left taking Brandy.

Jim went into the other room which was a spare bedroom from the bed she could see and returned with crutches in hand.

"I've had these forever. I adjusted them for your size I think," Jim said. "Have you ever used crutches before?"

"No," Katie said.

"Well, I can help you if you want?" Jim told her.

"Yes, that would be nice," Katie agreed.

Jim helped her pull the blankets back and slide her injured left leg to the edge of the bed. The flannel shirt rode up exposing her creamy white thighs. Jim seemed not to notice. Katie tried to pull the shirt down as she moved. Jim tried to hold the cast on her left leg as she shifted in bed to get up. When the cast cleared the bed, Jim bent down to help her put it on the floor. Katie's legs parted a few inches and the flannel shirt opened at the bottom. Katie glanced down quickly and moved to cover her shaved sex. She thought that he must have gotten a good look in that split second.

When both her feet were on the ground, Jim helped her to stand with her weight mostly on the right leg. He handed her the crutches.

"Use just your right leg. Try to keep your left leg off the floor. Put the crutches out before you like a monkey's arms and swing forward landing on your right foot." Jim told her.

Katie was athletic and got the hang of it quickly. Jim walked closely nearby in case she started to fall. They got to the bathroom door and he helped her inside.

"I can take it from here." Katie said, putting the crutches against the wall.

"Okay, I'll be outside if you need me," Jim said.

Jim closed the door as he exited. Katie managed to turn and, holding onto the sink and the toilet, got seated. She felt relief as she peed into the bowl. Her mind replayed to her getting out of bed and Jim seeing her shaved pussy. 'He must think I'm a slut or something for having a bare pussy. Oh, well, maybe it gave him a small thrill,' she thought smiling.

When she was done, she got off the toilet, flushed, and washed her hands. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess and the bump on her head, though small, was clearly visible. She worked around and grabbed the crutches. She maneuvered towards the door but had trouble opening the door inward as she stood there on crutches. She finally managed with Jim's aid from the other side.

Jim helped her back to bed. This time he got an even clearer shot of her bare cunt as she tried to swing her legs into the bed. When she was in bed, he retrieved the tray and placed it on the bed before her.

"Oh, this looks great and I'm starved. Please tell Dave thanks," Katie said.

"I will. Enjoy," Jim said as he left her to eat and headed down the steps.

Katie finished the breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, toast and coffee. She felt better after eating. Her headache was easing and the pain in her leg was only a dull throb. Katie called to Jim or Dave that she was done. Dave came back up and removed the tray.

"That was great. Thanks, Dave," Katie said.

"Oh, you're welcome," Dave said. "Glad you liked it." He then turned to go.

"Dave, do you think I could get up," Katie said. "It's a little boring just staying in bed."

"I better check with the Doc on that one, Katie," Dave said. "Be right back." He left with the tray. Five minutes later they were both back.

"So you want to get up, huh?" Jim said.

"I'm getting tired of just laying in bed," Katie said frowning.

Jim checked her pulse and forehead. No fever and her pulse was normal.

"Okay, where would you like to go? The only TV we have is downstairs," Jim said.

"Can I make it downstairs?" Katie asked.

"If we help, you probably can," Jim told her.

"Ah, Jim, you think I could get something to wear on bottom?" Katie asked grinning.

"I have something I think," Dave said. He left to get it.

Jim helped Katie swing her legs off the bed again. The shirt rode up once again giving Jim a view of her shapely legs nearly to her crotch. They waited there for Dave to return.

In a few moments he came back with a cut off pair of sweats.

"These were old anyway so I just cut the legs off to make them shorts. They should be big enough to go over the cast and Katie can use the string to tie them up," he said.

Dave went back downstairs as Jim helped her dress. Dave was right; the sweats easily passed over the cast as Jim helped her. Once the cast leg was on she had to bend her right leg to get it into the remaining leg. When she did this Jim got a clear extended view of her pussy. He helped her get the right leg on too and stand to pull them up. Even though Jim was a doctor, Katie was a little embarrassed he had seen her shaved pussy.

Katie glanced at the Doc's groin quickly but saw no evidence he was getting off on her exposed cunt. When she used the crutches to get to the top of the steps, Jim called to Dave. With Dave in front and Jim behind they spotted her as she negotiated the steps down. She used her strong right leg to hop down the steps holding onto the railing.

Brandy came running to greet them all but Dave held her back so she wouldn't jump on Katie. Within a few more minutes she was seated in one of the two recliners in front of the TV. They gave her the remote and went about their duties. Dave cleaned up the kitchen as Jim went back and forth from outside getting wood for the fireplace.

Katie watched TV for several hours and then fell asleep reclined in the chair. They let her sleep for several hours but woke her at noon for lunch. They ate leftover homemade soup and crusty bread. The soup and bread were good. After lunch, Jim cleaned up as Dave went for the mail. They had plowed their driveway so walking down the driveway was not hard.

Katie got out of her chair and went to the door. She watched Dave walking down the driveway. She also spotted her snow covered car. It was blanketed in snow but there was little doubt the front end was a mess of twisted and bent metal. She watched till Dave went out of sight behind the trees then walked into the kitchen on the crutches. She was quickly getting the hang off maneuvering with them.

"Can I help with something?" Katie asked Jim.

"No, you go sit down and rest. I can clean up here," Jim said.

"But you guys have done so much for me already. I should be helping somehow," Katie said.

"Everything is fine. I'm almost done anyway," Jim said.

Katie made her way back to her chair and Brandy licked her hand after she sat down. In another five minutes Dave returned with the mail.

"Hey, good news," he said. "They're working on the telephone pole. I asked one of the workers and they think they will have the power and phone lines back on before dinner time," he said smiling.

"That is great news," Jim said. "Katie, that means you will be able to call your grandmother," Jim said.

"Oh, wonderful," Katie said.

"The road is plowed too," Dave added.

Katie thought for a moment and said, "How am I going to get to my grandmother's now with my car is all busted up?"

"We can take you," Dave said.

"Oh, that would be most generous of you two but I can't keep imposing on you both," Katie said.

"Well, your options are limited as we have no cab service around here. Let us take you. We can do some shopping while we are out," Jim said.

"Okay, but I really appreciate what you guys are doing for me," Katie said.

"Katie, are you staying with your grandmother?" Dave now asked.

"No, I can't do that. She lives in a nursing home. I'm going to get a hotel for several days while I visit," Katie said.

"You can't do that," Jim said. "You will have no car and no way to get around. You should stay here. We can take care of you."

"Oh, that is so kind but I couldn't impose even more," Katie said.

"No problem," Dave said.

"Besides, I'm your doctor and you may need some attention," Jim said smiling.

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