tagRomanceKatla's Enslavement Ch. 02

Katla's Enslavement Ch. 02


Laaous gazed down at the sleeping girl, smiling sadly. When he saw her on the slave block, he was transported back 40 years in his memories. He had seen another white female, and so transfixed by her beauty, he paid all his money to get her. He never regretted his decision, as they had fallen in love. Sadly she contracted a disease and died 5 years later. This girl reminder him so much of his old love he had to buy her, if only to keep from a cruel master. Bringing himself back to the present, he ordered Iztel to care for her, and quickly left. Katla, vaguely hearing voices, woke for her slumber. Seeing the rooms other occupant, a girl about her own age, she shrank away from the girl, not sure what to expect now.

Iztel spoke to her gently.

"My name is Iztel, and I know your language. Please do not be frightened, for this is a good house. I am to help you prepare to meet the master."

She took Katla by the elbow and gently pulled her toward the steaming pool. Katla understood, and pulled her tunic off before sinking into the herb-scented water with a grateful sigh. Iztel opened compartment in the floor and brought out a cloth, soap, hair cleanser, and a comb. To Katla's surprise, she pulled off her garments, another tunic (but one that came to her ankles) and a loincloth. She sank into the water beside Katla, and picked up the hair cleanser. Pouring a most of the bottle into Katla's hair, she began to massage it in, making sure to get all of it soapy. She then moved up to her scalp and slowly began to massage it in. Katla tipped her head back, never having felt anything so good. Eventually the massage came to an end, and Iztel washed Katla's hair out, happy to see it's beautiful golden color shining through the grime. Katla was extremely surprised to note that the debris in the water swirled around for a few minutes, then slowly disappeared, leaving the water sparkling once more. Grabbing the soap and cloth, Iztel handed them to Katla.

"Here, I will comb out your hair while you wash, then you must get dressed and meet the master."

Katla obeyed immediately, scrubbing hard so as to get the dirt off. It took awhile, but in about an hour the two girls were finished with the tub. They climbed out slowly, not wanting to leave the hot water. Katla's nipples hardened as soon as the cool air hit them, and embarrassed, she quickly covered up with the towel Iztel offered. She dried off thoroughly, than looked with confusion at the items Iztel had brought from another compartment in the floor. There was a very long piece of blue see-through cloth, about 6 inches across, a small looking loincloth, made of matching satin, a belt made of loops of gold, and two more long triangular pieces of cloth. She did not understand how these were clothes. Iztel laughed at her confused look.

"I will put them on for you this time. Drop the towel, and put your arms in the air."

Embarrassed again, Katla slowly complied, wondering if this was some odd trick. Iztel took the very long piece of see-through stuff, and started winding it tightly around her breasts. She eventually came to the end, and tucked it in. Katla's breasts were now completely covered, and the layers negated the see-through effect. Iztel then had her slip on the loin cloth (yet referred to it as panties) and put on the metal belt. The other two pieces of cloth attached to miniscule hooks in the belt, front and back, forming a side less skirt. Although it was hardly any clothes in Katla's mind, she still found the ensemble very beautiful. Lastly, Iztel pulled out a wooden box and smiled at her expectantly. Pulling off the lid, Katla gasped at the shimmering pile of jewelry inside. There were 3 thick gold anklets, with sapphires imbedded in them. Also 15 very thin wavy gold bangles, which chimed beautifully. Next were gold and sapphire drop earrings, and a gold necklace with a sapphire pendant and diamond accents. So, the stories of the golden treasure across the seas were true... Katla slowly slipped on each piece of jewelry, becoming absorbed in the muted shiny of the gold, and the sparkling depths of the sapphires. She had only seen gold and sapphires at a distance, once, when one of the raiders had come back from a haul. That was nothing as compared to this finery though. Iztel then bound her now shining tresses into a simple braid, and wound them high on her head in a bun. To complete her "clothes" there was a pair of golden sandals that laced up to right below her knees.

"Now that you are properly attired, you must go. The master will have more information as to what you are to do in his household. I do not know why you are being treated as such, but there is a chariot waiting outside for you."

Katla slowly walked outside, her mouth dropping open in awe at the "chariot". She had never heard of such a thing, and it was definitely a beautiful sight. It was basically a platform with wheels, and a rail all around. The horse in the traces was glowing with a golden sheen, silvery white hair waving softly in the breeze. The chariot itself matched the horse, so bright it almost blinded her. There were designs carved into the metal, accented by small sapphires. It seemed these people meant for her to have everything in blue and gold, although she couldn't fathom why they were giving her anything at all. She stepped onto the platform and latched the rail behind her. It seemed the horse knew were to go, as she started off on her own accord. As Katla looked into the distance, marveling at this new method of transportation, she could not help that feel that whatever her fate was to be, it had to be enjoyable.

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