tagLoving WivesKatrin's Needs are Met

Katrin's Needs are Met


I had a perfect view from my spot kneeling at the foot of our king-sized bed. My wife Katrin lay on her back, eyes closed with legs apart, arms around a black man who was sucking her left nipple and plunging all 8 inches of his fat cock into her pussy as fast as he could.

From 4 feet away I could see everything. My wife's pussy lips, stretched taut by the manhood inside of them, were moving in and out, seemingly attached to the black rod impaling her.

Her pussy literally drooled wetness around his cock, some of which creamed and bubbled at the base of his shaft but most of which ran down her pussy, into her crack and over her ass, and onto the 300 thread count sheets she had bought last month for just this occasion.

Six weeks ago.

I had awakened Sunday morning, gone downstairs and poured my coffee, and found my wife on an adult site that barters in connecting "friends".

Sipping my coffee somewhat panicked, I reflected on the previous night's ending conversation. We had just finished making love. As usual, we had lots of foreplay and sex with Kat on top. I climaxed and then finished the session by eating her pussy.

After cleaning my face I came back to bed where she was lying naked and twirling her hair with her fingers, lost in thought.

A little about Katrin. We've been married for 8 years and she's a fine woman. When we first met we dated for a few months but I broke up with her. It was amicable enough but she was quite sad. Truth is, I had my eye on another girl but that ended shortly and I found myself drawn back to Kat. I always felt badly about breaking it off with her back then...still do in fact. I always try to make it up to her.

She is my type of woman physically; 5'3", milky white skin, Scots-Irish ancestry, green eyes and dark blonde hair. She has perfectly pink nipples on a body that has some butter. She's gifted in the chest at 38DD. She has a small waist and her hips are what set her apart. Curvy, hippy, roomy -- she packs a lot of wallop in those hips and some men literally crane their necks to get a look at her shimmy when she walks by.

She was twirling her hair and looking at me but staring right through me.

"Que piensas?" I asked, reverting to what little Spanish she and I both knew.

"Huh? Oh -- wow, sorry, just daydreaming," she started.

"You were really out of it there. What were you thinking of?"

Silence. She looked at me with a sly smile. What the hell? Did I stumble into a private conversation of one or something? The look on her face was odd.

"Weeellll...ok let me run something by you I have been thinking about," she began.

"Ok," I replied. This was getting interesting based on the gleam in her eye.

"I guess you ought to know something. You know Gretch went to Jamaica last week for a business meeting right?" I nodded. Gretchen Young was Kat's best friend -- known her since high school.

"Well, I had lunch with her yesterday and long story short, she met someone in Jamaica and they spent most of the week together." "Well you know, Gretch never really spends any time alone if she can help it, and she dates a lot of guys," I offered. "Dates" was a euphemism for fucking, because Gretchen had a new lover just about every week. It was a running joke with us.

"I know -- but she said it was the most amazing time she has ever had with a man -- sexually speaking. She said that she has changed her entire view of sex after her time with him."

"Wow, I bet that means she'll remember it for at least two weeks," I scoffed.

"He was a black man."

"Oh. Hmmm really? I thought Gretch had said she would never date a black man because it would upset her folks," I said.

"Well, according to her, that was a dumb attitude and she says she's going back down there next week to be with him for 2 more weeks."

"No shit!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, no shit," she replied, but here came that look and the hair twirl again.

"So...what do you think about all that?" I asked.

"Well, Gretch does some crazy shit so it really doesn't surprise me," she said. "Still...some of the things she said to me were really...amazing." My ears perked up at this.

"Do tell," I said.

"Just that their lovemaking was passionate, he was firm with her and strong, and I guess he really had a very large uh, well...cock."

Silence in the room. Something was dawning on me but I couldn't quite understand what was coming.

"You remember the internet site we discussed last year?" she asked.

How could I forget. Kat had somehow managed to pull up the history cache on the computer and click on a website I had been on that featured interracial sex. Lots of black dudes fucking white girls, facial come shots, creampies, etc. I was mildly interested, like I am in all porn for the most part, but didn't linger too long.

After she "made that discovery" that's all we talked about for a week. She seemed sort of upset and asked me a hundred questions about it.

"What do you like about that? Do you like those women? What is special about interracial sex? Why do all those men have gigantic dicks? Who could never enjoy something that size?"

She was very curious and I remember for about two months after the incident, when we would make love and I would eat her pussy she would ask me if I wished she was getting banged by one of those black dudes and I would say yes. It made her come her brains out.

Back to the conversation. Essentially Kat said she wanted to try something in real life like what was on the website and what Gretchen had experienced. I was floored. Upset. Hurt. It was an all night discussion that essentially ended in my capitulating.

Whatever it was Gretchen had told her, it must have made an impression. Kat was feeling something urgent and I couldn't dissuade her from it. When we went to sleep I figured it would be talked about some more and we would go on discussing it for some time. I wanted to get to the bottom of this.

So as I got busy putting breakfast together, she was busy putting her ad on the internet. She hit the Submit Ad button right as I was finishing the dishes and looking for the dust broom.

"Well, that's that," she said, as she stood up and went to take her shower. Her robe was open and I saw nothing but huge tits and hips go past, and felt a stir in my crotch as I realized soon men all across the country would have access to my wife's profile and tit and ass shots online. Interesting.

Five weeks ago.

Enter Jason Shipley, real estate mortgage broker and apparent stud muffin. The guy emailed Kat within a couple of hours with pictures, a profile, and full description of who he was and what he wanted.

Essentially, he is a successful business man that while young (mid thirties) had already partnered with one of the biggest mortgage firms in our area. He's tall -- 6'2". Lanky but muscular especially in the hips and legs, which he showed off heavily in his pics.

Also featured prominently was eight inches of very thick, very formidable black cock. Even limp this guy outdistanced my 5 inches. As we were looking at his pics, Kat could barely contain herself. "He's cuuuuute!" she said, almost giddy. "He's got a square chin and chiseled face and he has nice muscular shoulders," she added. "And look at that cock! Absolutely huuuuge." She spent the next 2 hours on the phone with Gretchen, giggling and making plans.

The next day she informed me that she was calling him to chat. Three hours later, she informed me that she was meeting him for lunch on Monday. Monday night, she informed me that he was coming over Friday night for dinner. All of this I took with great disbelief -- almost as if in a trance. Why wasn't I angry? I was definitely confused and conflicted. I was very jealous and more than a little pissed off at Gretchen. But something else was there underneath. In a way, I was happy or no, more like proud of Katrin.

It sounds weird, but since she had told me of her desire, I realized she had harbored this for quite some time -- maybe even since before the internet porn incident. How else could this be so important to her? Plus, Gretchen really had been impacted -- she had been in Jamaica for a week and hadn't come back yet. Katrin impressed me with her will to have what she wanted.

Katrin was absolutely beaming all week. She was like a little girl getting ready for the first day of school. She bought new clothes, new sheets, and had the carpets cleaned. She really was excited. On Wednesday night as we sat down to dinner at our favorite café just down the street, she took my hand in hers.

"Hon, let me first say thank you. I realize this is all new for you and honestly I have been so into my plans this week I realized today that you must be very confused. I want you to know that I love you more than I ever have, and that will not change. You may think that this is a spur of the moment thing, but honey, you don't know this, but this has been on my mind for a long time." I arched an eye brow at her and she nodded.

"Do you remember when we first met and you broke up with me after a few months?' Of course I did. "Well, during that short time apart, my roommate Caroline introduced me to another guy Neal that I never told you about."

"Oh really?" I feigned astonishment, but truth was I did feel a little sick.

"Yes and well, he was a nice guy and we had a couple of dates. He was a black guy and I guess I never told you because I didn't know what you would think."

Things were becoming clearer to me now.

"So Neal and I were making out one night and -- tell me if this is uncomfortable for you and I will stop -- I was rubbing his crotch and honestly I couldn't believe what I was feeling in there baby. It felt like two cocks it was so big. I unzipped his fly and reached in there and what I felt was amazing.

But as you remember, Caroline had the worst roommate timing and she showed up right then making a clatter and turning on the lights in the living room so we had to stop. You called me the next day and of course I loved you so I came back to you and never saw Neal again."

I was stunned. "So you have been keeping this inside since that time?" I asked.

"Yes, yes, yes." She looked down at the table. "I thought I had let it go but when the internet porn thing happened it stirred it up all over again, and then Gretch's story was like a sign from God or something. I just have to do this."

"But baby please, if you tell me not to do this right now, I won't do it. You just say the word. Our marriage is so much more important than this. If you are uncomfortable or want to slow down, just tell me and we will work it out. I really want you to know that this is not about you or us, but about me and my need to feel a black man inside of me, to feel how a huge cock fills me up -- I hope that doesn't hurt you honey."

It's weird but the emotion I felt most at that moment was happiness at her honesty and pride in her self-resolve. "Well...I suppose I understand a little more now. I think it is hard for me to get my head around it but I see where you are coming from I think. Let's just go forward and see what happens." Truth is, I had already been planning our dinner for Friday, and I was a little excited to be a part of my wife's tryst. I was having fun watching it unfold. I even thought to remind myself to get some new underwear myself in preparation.

"I love you Steve," she said.

"I love you too baby." We kissed and turned our discussion to our preparations for our first dinner date with Jason.

Back to the present.

Jason thrust his ass forward and pistoned his cock deep into Katrin, letting out a groan that left no doubt he was coming.

Katrin had climaxed multiple times and was spreading her legs as far apart as she could to receive his seed.

He was pulsing, his legs shaking, as his come entered my wife, coating her pussy walls and oozing out around the base of his cock. After a few moments he slowly withdrew from her, leaving a trail of gooey come that connected his cock to her pussy briefly and then fell to the bed.

He sighed heavily and rolled to her right, and fell on his back and lay still, his cock losing its rigidity, now resting against his leg and glistening with the combined juices of he and my wife in the low candelight. Katrin let her legs slide to the bed and she lay there for several moments, her gasping slowly subsiding, her fists unclenching the sheets, her expression reflecting the violent orgasms that had racked her body. She took a deep breath, exhaled, and pulled her knees up off the bed, with her legs spread apart, showing me her conquered hole. It was my cue. I rose from my knees, climbed onto the bed, and crawled towards my ready bride.

I nestled my broad shoulders between her legs and felt the sweat on her thighs. Moisture ringed her ass on the sheets in dark contrast to her skin. Her pussy lips looked swollen, pink, and oily in the low light.

I smelled the combination of her sharp cunt juice, Jason's strong come, and the salty sweat of their bodies. I lowered my head, opened my mouth, and covered her clit and pussy lips with my wet tongue and pressed down softly.

She moaned, lunged her hips forward a little, and with her right hand reached over and grabbed Jason's hand. They turned their heads towards each other, opened their eyes and looked at each other briefly, and smiled.

I went to work on Katrin's pussy. Working my way down her slit, I licked and flicked her with the tip of my tongue. I knew she wanted me to clean her pussy; she had made it clear to me that she wanted all of Jason's come cleaned out of her because he did not like to "fuck in his own spunk."

But I also wanted to make her come in the process. I needed to demonstrate my love for Katrin, and I knew no better way than to pleasure her orally. She loved it when I ate her out, and she had told me many, many times that she had never been with a man who could eat pussy as well as I could. I took a certain amount of pride in that fact.

She often reminded me of this when I would get down on myself or have a bad day at work -- she even once wrote me a poem about my "skills" in a birthday card. I remember my mom picking up the card after my birthday dinner and after reading it she flushed, and shot my wife a quick look. Later I saw them whispering and giggling, touching each others' arms and obviously sharing an inside joke.

I worked her clit over pretty good, licking and sucking and tickling it faster and then slower, varying my rhythm. Her pussy was oozing Jason's come, and I dug in there and licked out as much as I could. It was salty and sticky, and I could smell its sharpness as it coated my chin and nose.

I dipped low and stuck my tongue into her asscrack, up against her asshole. I slowly licked up, making sure to collect all the come I could gather. I could taste her ass juice pretty strongly. I swallowed and the bitter saltiness caused me to gag a little.

Then I stuck my tongue into her pussy, and she moaned and clamped her thighs on the sides of my head in a vice hold. She grabbed my head with her hands, pulled herself into a sitting position, and rolled us over.

She was now sitting on my face and my tongue was deep in her cunt.

She began flexing her pussy muscles, sending rivulets of come into my mouth, which I greedily swallowed. She started grinding her slimy crack on my face, and soon she was coming. I smiled as her juices ran across my cheeks and into my ears. I love to make her come.

She rolled off of me and I grabbed a handful of sheet to wipe my face. She nestled into her pillows, laying on her right side, facing me. And Jason. "Now what?" she asked teasingly.

I knew what. She wanted me to clean Jason up too. The last time she asked me to do this a few weeks earlier, Jason had come to me at the foot of the bed. While I was kneeled there, he had rubbed his limp dick all over my face and stuck the head into my mouth a couple of times. He didn't seem that into it, and after a few seconds he had rejoined Kat on the bed where she continued the cleaning job.

I was also astounded at that time at what she had asked me to do to him. We never spoke of it but it was clear her fantasy about big black cocks also included me enjoying them as well.

Jason's eyes were still closed. I looked down at his dick, and it was flaccid, lying against his leg. It was darker than his leg, still moist with Kat's pussy and his come. I could see his dickhead in the gloom, since it was a little lighter than his shaft...sort of a café au lait compared to his French Roast cock.

I looked back at Kat. Her head resting on her arm, she raised her eyebrows.

"Clean it." She whispered.

I crawled between Jason's legs. He spread them slightly. I felt the brittle curly hair on his calves as I slid towards his manhood. I was inches from his cock when I reached out and gently wrapped my hands around his balls and pushed them up slightly to move his cock towards my mouth. They felt sticky and heavy, with short spiky hairs, they were loose in his wrinkled sack.

His cock head slid into my mouth quickly. I began to stroke his shaft with my right hand. He stiffened slightly. I took him out of my mouth and licked his entire cock up and down, getting it very wet, working to get all of the pussy juice and come off of it.

I licked and sucked his balls; I could smell his musty crotch as I licked the sides of his sack. Jason was semi-erect now and I decided to fully clean him by taking his entire length into my throat while I still could. I sucked his cock head into my mouth and began swallowing his black tool.

As my nose got to the base I could feel his curly manscape and smell Kat's pussy. I was still for a second. I could feel Jason getting harder -- his cock was growing inside of me and I could feel it pushing my mouth off of him as it grew - I could not hold his girth in my throat. By now Jason's cock was pretty much clean; I had swallowed all the juice I could from my sucking and licking. But something else was taking over -- something deep within and I could not stop myself from beginning to suck and stroke his massive cock.

"Oh yes baby, clean it good," Kat whispered. I looked over and she had her left hand stroking her crotch and her eyes were big and round in the dark.

'Suck his cock honey! Suck that big cock!"

I obliged. Jason was stirring now as I slurped and sucked and stroked and jacked. I tried to take it as deeply as I could -- but got only half of it down my throat. I kissed it and licked it and made love to his cock as I have seen women in pornos do -- they seem to worship the cock and I set out to do the same.

I was determined to make every inch of his cock feel pleasure, so I grabbed the base of it with both hands and rubbed and twisted. As I would go down on him with each stroke, I would use my tongue to push against the bottom of his cock head. Jason groaned as I did this so I know I was pleasing him.

I had a good rhythm going, sucking and slurping and jacking, and soon Jason grabbed the back of my head. He thrust his hips up and impaled my face on his cock. I felt his rod jump and pulse, and suddenly my throat, mouth, and nostrils were filled with the salty-sweet and acrid flavor and smell of his come.

Jets of heat hit the back of my throat, and I tried to swallow as much as I could. A lot got on his balls and legs though. Soon he relaxed and I let go and his cock slid out of my mouth and slapped against his stomach. I swallowed the last of his molten sex and felt a little gag but kept it down.

On my hands and knees I looked over at Kat. She was very excited, working her pussy with one hand and tweaking her right nipple with the other. "Make sure he is clean baby," she said in between deep breaths. And I did...licking his balls and shaft until they gleamed.

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