tagGroup SexKaty: Good Girl, Bad Girl, Sitter

Katy: Good Girl, Bad Girl, Sitter


This was it; a new start for nineteen year old Katy Owens. Hopefully a good start Katy thought as she rode in the checkered cab through the pleasant suburban neighborhood. As she stared through the window reminiscing about her past, Katy thought if things could really be any worse. After years of rebellious behavior, much worse than your average teenager; her parents finally had enough of her and put her out the minute she was old enough to fend for herself. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll seemed like the way to live but after various stints in halfway houses, bad boyfriends, and a near overdose; Katy decided it was time to get her life on track. Luckily, at only nineteen Katy was confident she had turned her life around in time.

It was during one of her stays in a city-run halfway house that Katy had met Mr. Prescott. He was a social worker helping homeless youth rebuild their lives. Katy was really taken at how much Mr. Prescott still enjoyed his work and had not become miserable and disheartened which was so typical of social service employees. In turn, he had sensed in Katy a real determination to make something of her. And so after building up his trust in her by working various odd jobs for friends; Mr. Prescott and his wife, Ellen asked Katy to become their live-in nanny to help with the couple's two children and various household duties. As the cab came up on the house she thought again, this was it; a new start.


"I hope we're doing the right thing honey," Ellen said nervously as she and Roger waited for Katy's cab to arrive.

Placing his arm over her shoulders Roger reassured her, "We are Ellen. Katy is ready for this and we've taken lots of precautions."

He was always so confident; something that had attracted her to him so many years ago but these were their kids and not to be taken lightly. Still, they needed the help and somehow it seemed like the right thing to do. Ellen would just have to try her best to get over her apprehension.

The cab pulled up and Katy practically jumped out the backseat bursting with enthusiasm. "Hi, Mr. Prescott, Mrs. Prescott; again, I can't thank you enough for this."

"No worries, Katy. Just do a good job and things will work out fine. And while you're here its Roger and Ellen," said Roger, "Right honey?"

"Oh, uh, yeah, yes of course. Welcome to our family, Katy." Ellen stumbled. She had forgotten how pretty this young lady was. Standing at 5'6" with a great figure and natural blonde hair; Katy was quite breathtaking. Guess that's another hurdle I'll have to get over in this situation, she thought. "Roger, you pay the taxi and I'll show Katy to her room. Right this way young lady."

Ellen led Katy to a quaint, nondescript guest room near the children's room. She would have a private bath and television. A practical mansion compared to her previous living situation. "The kids will be home in a couple of hours and we'll get started with some ground rules and timetables before dinner," Ellen informed her.

And so, just like that Katy's new life was off and running.


The next few months went by uneventfully as Mrs. Prescott started back as a full-time realtor and Mr. Prescott accepted a supervisory position at his office. The Prescott's were more than pleased with Katy's performance and had begun talking about helping Katy enroll in the local community college. Mostly online classes at first but to Katy it was just spectacular news.

Katy was focusing all her attention on impressing the Prescott's with her work ethic almost to a fault. On more than one occasion they had to tell her to take it easy and enjoy herself once in awhile. So on the night of Mrs. Prescott's annual realtor's association dinner, Katy decided to enjoy a long, hot shower and some popcorn and television after putting the kids to bed. Unfortunately not all ideas go as planned and sure enough she had no hot water in her bathroom. Knowing she had a couple of hours before the Prescotts came home; she decided to use their bathroom. The hot water and steam felt so good on her body, this was just what she needed. Stepping out of the shower, Katy noticed the reflection of her tight, young body in the mirror. Taking a moment to look over and admire herself she realized that months of good night's sleep, frequent meals, and use of the home gym had really done wonders for her nubile body. It had been so long since she had been with someone in "that way" she thought.

As she opened the bathroom door, Katy was surprised to not only see the Prescott's were home but were engaged in a passionate lovemaking session on their bed. Well, this is embarrassing she thought. The only way out of the bathroom was through the bedroom. Lucky to have only cracked the door before seeing them, Katy slipped back into the bathroom to ponder her situation. Let them finish? Walk out mid-session? As her mind considered the possibilities Katy was starting to notice the sounds of the Prescott's love making. Peaking through the cracked door, Katy caught the side image of Mr. Prescott mounted atop his wife steadily pumping her in the missionary position. Katy felt a tingle from her womanhood as she watched Mr. Prescott's huge ball sac as it slapped against his wife's ass. That's when Katy's whole world turned upside down.

"Katy, come out here please. Mrs. Prescott's face isn't going to sit on itself." the Boss stated nonchalantly.


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