tagRomanceKatya's Caviar

Katya's Caviar


Jack pushed his cart through the aisles, wondering again why he always was the one who ended up doing the grocery shopping. Looking for the third time at the same item on his shopping list he tried to keep it in mind long enough to figure out which aisle to take. His mind kept wandering back to the night before.

"Christ," he mused, "Why was Ann suddenly so passionate? It's like she couldn't get enough of me. It must have been at least a month since we had sex. Ann seems ok with that. It sure isn't enough for me. But really, if we had sex more often it would probably be more boring. I guess I should be happy. At our age I can't complain."

There had been nothing boring about the way Ann had lavished attention on his cock, lingering her tongue along his length. His hands had cupped her ample breasts as his foot slipped back and forth in her crotch, his big toe sliding into her lovely , lubricated slit.

After thirty years, their marriage had it's ups and downs, but they were basically compatible. Jack had no intentions of leaving Ann. The internet provided many means of coping with a lack of excitment in a marriage.

"You'd think I'd be satisfied now. That was phenomenal sex last night. But I'm so horny I can't think straight... Oh, my God!"

He stopped in his tracks. There before him in the canned vegetables, was a figure that drew him up short. Her back was to him and his first impression was only of her incredible hourglass figure, emphasized by the tightly laced bodice she wore over her ruffled dress. She was a little overdressed for shopping, but that wasn't unusual in this part of town.

Pretending to search the shelves, Jack watched from the corner of his eye. She turned to look at him and met his eyes for a moment, then turned away. Not exactly an encouraging look, but not negative either. Emboldened, he walked his cart past, nodding to her as she met his eyes again for a moment.

Now he was able to see her full figure, breasts filling her top generously with just a hint of cleavage. Her hips were full too, but her waist was incredibly small, squeezed by the bodice lacings. There were no rolls of flesh above and below. His mind was filled by an image of his hands encircling her waist, finger tips touching on both sides. The effect was astonishing. He felt his cock swelling in his pants. He had often fantasized about women he saw in the aisles, but none had this effect on him before.

A little shaken, he stopped a couple of aisles down to see what she would do. Pretending to check his shopping list, he watched as she walked towards him. Not meeting his eyes this time, she passed but he could see her straighten and raise her chest, which opened her cleavage even more as she passed.

He knew he was lost.

Waiting a minute, he followed her at a distance.

She knew he would be there.

In Electronics she put on headphones to check out some tunes, doing a little dance as she listened. Jack was at the end of the aisle, watching from the corner of his eyes as he pretended to consider a new flat screen TV. She didn't seem to notice him, but he had time to study her. She was young and medium height with long brown hair and olive skin. She had an interesting face: not beautiful, but certainly appealing. He also noticed a subtle tattooed design running down her left calf which hinted at a slightly kinky personality.

Next she moved on to a check out line with only a few items in her cart. Obviously she was out shopping to entertain herself. Jack imagined her to be a fairly new bride with no children, no need to work, and time on her hands. Maybe not a desperate housewife, but certainly a bit bored.

He took a line near her and again caught her eye over the display. She looked straight at him with little expression but held his gaze for a bit longer this time. Then she walked out to the lobby with her bag in her cart. By the time he got there, she was on a pay phone. As he walked by her he could not hear her speaking. Perhaps she was listening to a ring or just pretending to call.

He walked outside. The warm summer weather had given way to dark clouds and a sudden shower. He hurried to his truck where he waited. It wasn't long before she emerged, rolling her cart along the sidewalk away from the store.

What was she doing? If she were waiting for a cab wouldn't she wait in the lobby? Had she tried to call someone for a ride and was left on her own? Why didn't she at least have a cell phone? Jack pulled out and rolled slowly towards her, his heart racing. Should he offer her a ride? Did he have the nerve? So excited by watching her, he realized he was perfectly capable of throwing all of his qualms out the window.

Pulling up beside her he rolled down the window on her side and called out: "Excuse me, but do you need a ride somewhere? I couldn't help noticing you trying to make a call back there. Can I help you?"

She stopped and looked, again that direct and slightly blank look, but she did stop. He took that as encouragement. Getting out he crossed to her. "I'm sorry. Don't worry, I'm harmless, just offering to help." Again a blank look and no response. It was starting to dawn on him that she didn't understand.

"Do you speak English?" he asked.

"A little bit." she answered.

Now he was beginning to feel sorry for her. He had a strong a nurturing side and she was apparently abandoned at the shopping center, unable to communicate and now getting wet in the rain. He spoke slowly and clearly: "It's OK. I will take you home. Don't worry." She looked at him steadily, sizing him up, then gave a small shrug and took her bag from the cart.

He couldn't believe his fortune. Thank God for an honest face and trustworthy manner. Opening the door for her, he murmured again, "It's OK," and hurried back to the drivers seat. "Where do you live?"

"That way a little bit." She pointed down the street and they set out. She sat still, her legs close together and her bag in her lap. He was even more amazed at the size of her breasts as she sat there, bravely holding them high.

Using gestures, she steered him several blocks and up a hill to a set of apartments. They were respectable, but not fancy. He parked in the shade of a large oak on the far side of the lot, wondering what he could say to keep her in the truck. Luckily the shower had turned into a real downpour. If she got out now she would get soaking wet.

"Where are you from?" he blurted out.

"Kiev," she answered.

"Where is that?" He honestly had no idea.

"Ukraine," she said, making no move to go.

"Oh, by Russia?" He asked, proud to know that much.

"Yes, by Russia," she answered, smiling a little.

At this point, he couldn't help himself and blurted out: "I think you are very beautiful. I saw you in the store. You are so pretty. Do you have a boyfriend?" Again she gave him that direct, but slightly vacant look.

"No." His heart leapt, but then she added, "I have husband." His disappointment must have been obvious because she added, "He old like you, maybe not so nice. He work now."

"I'm glad you think I'm nice," he said, leaning towards her and smiling. "I want to be nice to you." Again she looked into his eyes, now with a slight smile, and turned towards him. He found himself leaning to her and putting his hands on her shoulders, pulling her closer and looking into her eyes.

"You are so pretty," he said, "So pretty."

Their lips brushed and his hands slipped down her arms. He could feel the swell of her breasts against them. She lay back in the seat with a small sigh. His heart was thumping as he lay his head against her chest and held it there quietly. Jack could hear her heart beating as fast as his. She smelled of an exotic scent he could not identify. His head was spinning. Turning to her, he pressed his lips against the curve of her breast and breathed against her warmth. Her hands rose to his head and pressed it against her firmly, her fingers curving through his hair. The large raindrops falling from the trees overhead beat an increasing tempo.

There is a point in the meeting of two people when they realize that resistance is overcome and the inevitable is to follow. The chase is over and there is a relaxing into the moment that is golden. Both parties know what is to come and can concentrate on the enjoyment of it. Jack had been given permission as clearly as if she had said, "Fuck me, please." Now he was in no hurry. He had made my decision and he was going to make the most of it. This was the most excited he had been in years.

Moving his hands to the sides of her breasts, he pressed them upwards into his face. Her hands slid down his arms to cover his. He moved his face back and forth from one lovely breast to the other, placing kisses and blowing his warm breath on them. His fingers moved to the buttons of her dress and undid several, caressing the curving skin that was exposed.

"You are so nice," he whispered, "So nice."

She moaned softly as he stroked the creamy skin, stretched tautly over her breasts, but their exposure was frustrated by the laced bodice. Laughing, she leaned forward, allowing him to reach behind to untie the laces. As she leaned towards him, her hands moved to his lap, stroking his erect cock through the fabric with a deft touch. He moved his mouth to her ear and murmured, "You're so nice," and pressed his tongue gently into her ear. Her grip on his shaft tightened as he loosened her bodice.

Seeing how he fumbled with the laces, she sat up and pulled the bodice around to unlace it in front. Now Jack could see her real shape, softer and rounder, breasts heavier without the restraint. She lifted them to him again, obviously proud of her best assets. He finished the buttons and pulled the fabric to the side, lifting back a little to look at her. She was incredible. Her breasts were soft and pendulous but had a lovely shape, with the large smooth nipples set high. His hands moved of their own accord to cup and lift them.

Looking her in the eyes again, he spoke clearly: "You are so beautiful. You feel so good. I want you."

Her eyes became dreamier as she lay back, moving her chest back and forth slightly, encouraging his hands. He lifted her breasts to his mouth one at a time, sucking in the large nipples and licking them softly. Then he held back again to view their wet, shining beauty. Her areolas were a light brown, only slightly darker than her skin, and their surface was smooth and slightly puffy, with just the tips inverted.

"Must make it easier to go without a bra," he couldn't help thinking.

Then his only thoughts were how lucky he was as he rubbed his face over both of her lovely breasts again and again. Her skin was flawless and so smooth it almost squeaked under his fingers. He began to lick the sides of her breasts, moving from the tips up towards her arm pits. She moaned again with more urgency.

Jack was in no hurry. He could touch, squeeze, caress, lick, tease and nibble like this forever.

By this time, he was kneeling on the seat next to her and occasionally glancing around to make sure they were not observed. So far so good, but he could only wonder how far this could go in the front seat of a small truck. As if in answer to his thoughts, she found the lever and leaned her seat back all the way.

Jack lay across the padded console with his face between her breasts, looking up at her in wonder. She leaned down and met his lips with her full, soft mouth and let her tongue play with his. He pinched her nipples lightly and her tongue signaled him to pinch harder. Her hands moved to unzip his pants and, reaching inside, she squeezed his cock. Fingering the tip, she rubbed the drop of moisture around, teasing just underneath the head.

How he managed to swing over the console and fit between her legs Jack didn't remember, but there he was, holding himself slightly above her so her hands could continue their play. He supported himself on his elbows and buried his head in her chest, rubbing his face back and forth. He was in heaven.

"You are so beautiful. That feels so nice. Yes, touch me there."

His hands pushed her breasts up to his mouth, which explored every inch, rubbing them back and forth, first one nipple, a suck, a lick, a bite, then the other. She was making a low moan, almost a growl, deep in her throat. Her hands squeezed and stroked his cock urgently. He moved a hand lower, up under her dress. Her panties stretched over her smooth mound, moist and warm. He cupped it in his hand, squeezing and rubbing. Her response was rewarding. Her hands moved up and down his cock faster, as she moaned her encouragement, her voice deep and throaty.

Rising on his knees, he let her unbuckle his pants and pull them down. His cock dropped free and she cupped it in both her hands, kneading the length of it. His face rubbed back and forth between her breasts, tongue wetting them and his teeth nibbling at her nipples. She squeezed his cock harder and he bit her nipples then released them, blowing cool air, trying to make the little introverts stand erect. Then he mashed his face into her breasts, crushing them as hard as he could.

Her moaning became deeper and more urgent. Don found his hands pulling her panties aside and relished how wet she was. Taking his cock in hand, he rubbed the tip up and down her slit, pressing the head inside, and then pulling it out. The wetness and warmth pulled him inside, but he tried to hold back.

This was too wonderful to let pass quickly. He stopped moving and raised himself above her, smiling as her voice rose in disappointment.

"Wait," I said, "What is your name?"

"Katya," she answered.

"Katya," I whispered in her ear. "I am Jack. You are very beautiful. You make me feel so good. I want you to suck me."

She had no trouble understanding this. He rose up on his knees and felt her lips and wet, warm tongue slide down his cock. Deeper and deeper he went into her mouth and down her throat, where she held me quietly for a moment. He could feel the muscles of her throat pulsing against his cock, and then she pulled back slowly, looking up at him with her big brown eyes.

"You like?" she asked.

"Oh my God, Katya. I like. I like very much. Please don't stop!"

"OK," she said, "You like this?"

Lowering her head again, her mouth worked slowly down his shaft until he could feel her lips squeezing the base. Then the most incredible sensation began as she started a low humming deep in her throat. The vibration pulsed with the contractions of her throat and he felt waves of pleasure swallowing him. Gone were any hopes of prolonging this unendurable pleasure. He came quickly, deep in her throat, crying out with his head thrown back, "Oh, Katya. Oh, Katya."

Swallowing him completely, she slowly withdrew, looking up again with those big brown eyes, this time with a triumphant sparkle in them.

"Oh Katya," he moaned weakly, "I didn't wait for you."

"I wait for you." She smiled, sliding back in her seat and raising her hips.

His face was right where it needed to be and he pulled her panties aside, licking slowly up and down her slit. Her taste was sweet and sour and she smelled like fine caviar. His fingers pulled her folds aside to see her proud little clit. He placed his tongue gently against it and gave it a little flick. Her hips jumped and he smiled.

"You like?" he asked.

She answered by grinding herself against his tongue and whimpering. He pulled back a little, teasing her. He licked a long, slow swipe from the bottom up until he touched her clit again, and then vibrated the tip of his tongue against it softly. Her whimpering increased but he kept his touch light. His fingers were squeezing and rubbing her folds together, then opening them to tease her clit again. His tongue plunged into her warm depths as far as he could reach, and then vibrated her again. His mouth was dripping wet with her juices. His hands squeezed each lovely breast and his fingertips pinched her nipples hard.

"Jack! Jack! Jack!" she cried. It sounded more like "Jock. Jock. Jock."

Her hips moved more desperately, guiding his tongue to her clit and rubbing harder. Dan tightened his tongue and pressed his face against her as she rubbed herself against his mouth. Her hands now held his face tightly against her thrusting hips. Her whimpers turned to moans and her moans became animal sounds.

He was having trouble breathing, but didn't care. Her building climax was all he wanted in the world.

She came with loud, harsh shouts in language he could not understand. She gave herself completely and then lay back. He kept his tongue extended to her and she moved against it slowly and more slowly. He put the tip against her clit softly and held it there, barely touching her. She shuddered against it. Then she was still.

Jack laid his head against her stomach and they were still together for long minutes. Then she stirred and he rose up.

"I need go," she said with a sad smile. "Husband come soon."

She sat up, buttoning her dress. He was speechless. He could only watch as she found her bodice and hid it in her bag.

"Katya. Katya. I have to see you again. You are so beautiful." His voice was shaking.

"Maybe," she said, "Maybe. I go now. Good bye, Jock." He watched as she opened the car door and slipped from his grasp, running away through the rain. His head fell forward on the seat that still held her warmth. He lay there as if dead. He could not believe what had happened. He knew his life would never be the same.

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