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Katy's Boobs


It was on the third night, with the image still fresh on the memory of her wearing that unbelievable black bikini, that I finally allowed my inhibitions to overtake my morals and achieve the ultimate goal of my life for at least the last five years: feel my cousin's boobs.

Okay, so you're saying to yourself one of two things: either this guy is a total pervert, or (even if you don't mind the act of mild incest) what's the big deal about copping a feel of a cousin's boob? Well, let me tell you a little something about Katy's boobs: they are the most magnificent objects on the face of the universe.

Wanna know more about my first cousin, Katy? Okay, set it up like this: she's just celebrated her 18th birthday, and one of her presents was a very provocative black bikini from...herself. Yes, she's a bit on the arrogant side, definitely on the selfish side, but when you have a body like hers, you can get away with murder, and it certainly killed me to look at her. Katy was small, but so wonderfully curvy. She was only a couple inches above five feet, and moving your lustful gaze up her little body, you had to admire the individual parts for what they were: tiny, even dainty little toes and feet, slender and supple calves, then firm, very athletic legs, all nicely baked to a golden tan from the summer sun these parts had been enjoying these last couple of months.

These parts? Oh, just one of the most picturesque quiet little mountain towns in the Western U.S., a wonderful escape from the cramped condo I shared with my parents in the big sweaty city half a state away. If you think I'm going to tell you the exact location so you can sneak a peek at my beautiful cousin, Katy, you're out of your mind!

Anyway, where were we...her legs? Those incredible legs I was describing were connected to a pair of hips that begged you to hold on and not let go until you were finished riding. With just the slightest cock of the hips, Katy could send her plentiful rounded ass into a position that would stop traffic if approaching from behind. In another state. But then things narrowed, narrowed dangerously to a waist that still enjoyed the benefits of a youth that could absorb calories without putting on an ounce of fat on a belly that remained flat and mesmerizing. Then up beyond a midsection where the ribs teasingly let themselves be known in only the slightest of impressions on the soft skin that allowed just the perfect amount of meat on her bones.

Then we come to the boobs.

Holy God, my dear reader, hang on for dear life. Katy's boobs were something that nature had allowed to develop beyond any sort of reason. Massive, enormous natural mountains sprang from the otherwise slender frame of my dear cousin. No doubt at this point, you expect me to give you specific measurements in inches and cup sizes, but given the fact that even with two hands you could certainly never hope to contain even a single bountiful breast, what bloody difference does it matter to say C, D, or whatever cup? Let's just say they were huge, colossal, and supremely ripe for the plucking. They bounced, they moved, and they giggled with liquid lusciousness at the slightest movement. They were the kind of cannons you know would become sad and pathetically sagging bowling balls when the poor lass turned 50. But now, at 18 plus a day or two, they simply defied gravity. They defied logic. They were perfection so profound, you simply wanted to cry like a baby and then suckle those monstrosities until your bladder exploded from all the milk they could potentially produce.

And all I could do, all I ever could do since those mountains had begun evolving five or six years ago, was stare. Stare and lust. And masturbate, of course. Whenever I came to visit my cousin's family for a few weeks each summer I usually went home slightly bent over, my crotch sore and my wrist fractured after capitalizing from the fresh images of Katy in a sweater...Katy in a tank top...Katy in a fucking potato sack! It didn't matter! This girl had fucking huge goddamned tits!

But as a cousin, it was all I could do: stare. And try not to get caught staring, though I knew she knew I was hooked, could hardly ever look her in the eye. Yes, I stared and wondered, and fantasized. And whacked off. Whacked my eager youthful cock until I could hardly produce another drop of sperm. Only then I could tolerate being in the room for with her for another day.

Then she put on that black bikini.

We were all gathered around the living room after dinner: me, my aunt and uncle, my cousin Jack and of course my cousin Katy. My aunt and uncle were in their forties. Jack was their older offspring, just short of his 21st birthday. My name's Tom, by the way. I was actually about two months older than Katy, so I too was still enjoying the strange sensation of being an "adult" at the ripe old age of 18. Yes, all of us seemed to have our birthdays one right after another. But it was Katy's 18th that started a downward spiral in to the uncontrollable tale of lust that I share with you today.

Lounging on the couch or floor, we were watching Katy open her presents with confident relish, for she was sensationally pleased this day could only be about her. She opened gifts of MP3 players, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, and lots of cloths. But it was the final gift, the gift from Katy to Katy, that scratched the proverbial record off the player: the black bikini.

Purposely saving the best for last, Katy said, "Oh, who is this from," then proceeded to unwrap a gift that none of the rest of us had recognized. When the skimpy little bottoms came out, I felt my jaw drop as I saw my dear aunt put a hand to her mouth and my uncle make that tsk-tsk-tsk sound. Katy could only smirk and giggle, pushing a stray lock of long auburn hair from her face and holding up the matching top...what little there was of it.

"This is lovely!" she exclaimed in a teasing tone. "I can't wait to try it on!"

I glanced at her brother, Jack, who was looking down awkwardly at his hands. Strange, although he was looking away from her he had the slightest mischievous grin at the corner of his lips. My aunt and uncle were exchanging a glance that only they could decipher, but if I were to guess it was one of supreme disappointment. I looked back at Katy, surprised to find that she was looking right at me. She winked. I gulped. And that's when she ran out of the room, clutching her new little suit. After an awkward silence, the rest of us chatted about other topics for a while since the present-opening was over. I fiddled with Katy's new MP3 player, jealous that it had a couple of new features mind didn't. And the whole time, we knew what was about to happen, this family and I, and sure enough, out she came.

My aunt, a prude and deeply religious woman, made a gasping sound. My uncle put an arm around her and tried to look away from the sexually arousing form that was his own daughter. Jack and I both stared openly now: my cousin Katy was clad only in the most delicious bikini anyone had ever known. The finishing touches, the detail that I knew would lead to my masturbatory activity tonight, were the little beaded ties at the side along the hips. To know that I had but to tug gently at one of those strings to let go the fabric and expose a healthy young woman's vagina was all it took to solidify my cock instantly.

After dancing around for a little bit, showing, off, Katy finally succumbed to her mother's pleading to go change back into something "normal." She did, and the rest of the evening went relatively uneventfully. Actually, the next two days did as well, save for my frequent trips to the bathroom to try and talk sense into my cock which had decided it would stay hard for hours on end. It was on that third night, when the thunder clap of a summer storm had startled me from an only half-dozing waking-dream state, that I decided I could take no more. I had to, simply had to, find a way to at least see, perhaps even feel, my little cousin's tits.

I remembered from past road trips that Katy had the uncanny ability to fall asleep at a moment's notice while managing to sleep through just about anything short of driving off a cliff once her eyes closed. One time, a year ago, I'd even caught her sleep-walking, which had totally freaked me out because I'd gotten up well before dawn to take a piss, and at that hour I hadn't bothered to close the door, and in walked little Katy, telling me calmly she needed to brush her teeth, all the while the sound of my urine had been splashing into the basin. Of course, my stream of piss promptly stopped as my erection formed at the mere sight of my cousin, clad only in a t-shirt and panties. But even in my sexual shock of seeing her like this I could not help but grin when I'd realized she was totally asleep, clumsily fumbling for her tooth brush. It was when she'd been about to squirt hair gel on it that I'd managed to push my boner back into my shorts and guide her gently back to her bed. When she'd finally settled back to deep sleep, I realized that there I was, staring down at my sleeping cousin, with the erection of the century threatening to rip my shorts in half. But then I'd done nothing.

NOW I was going to do something.

I was on a futon in my cousin Jack's room. I looked over toward where he slept on his double bed. In the dim, silver light of the moon that poked through a break in the clouds and through a window I saw his form dead asleep in a lump, his chest moving slightly up and down. I was at the far end of the room, opposite the door. Jack slept on the bed in the middle. As I slowly squirmed my way out from under my covers, I stared at him. The last thing I needed was for him to wake up or even stir. If he did, my reason for being awake and padding across the room could only be to use the bathroom, not to sneak in to his sister's room.

Jack remained asleep, and I padded along the floor, clad only in my boxer shorts. It was only a short distance across the hall to Katy's room. As I reached for her door knob, I froze. What the FUCK was I doing? But as I asked the question, I realized I'd played out similar scenarios in my head a thousand times, and suddenly the act became automatic. I was determined now, determined to see my cousin's breasts live and in person, truly and utterly naked for the first time.

With infinite care I turned the knob and opened the door. Slowly, slowly I pushed, desperate to keep anything from squeaking. After what seemed like twenty minutes but was perhaps only twenty seconds, I was stepping into the room, leaving the door just slightly ajar. To close it would mean the click of the latch. I turned to toward the bed and there she lay, asleep, peaceful, innocent...and oh so fucking sexy.

In a cute childlike way, Katy still preferred to sleep with a dim night light, and with my eyes well adjusted to the darkness, I could make out her form with relative ease. She was sleeping on her back, her massive chest moving slowly up an down, causing a peak in the sheets to rise up, rise down...rise up, rise down.... I was mesmerized, transfixed. I felt a strange coolness in my crotch, and glancing down I realized my erection had poked free through the slit in my boxers, now exposed to the night air. My erection, my cock...it was pointing in the direction I needed to go, and slowly, carefully, I moved forward toward her, toward the treasure that awaited.

When I got to the edge of Katy's bed, I kneeled down so my shoulders were just about even with the top of her mattress. And this is where it got scary. With trembling hands, I reached up and very, very carefully began to pull back the sheet and thin blanket that covered my cousin's chest. She never even stirred as I moved the bed cloths back, stopping at her waist. At this point, I encountered just one more barrier, Katy's shirt. She wore a thin t-shirt, no bra, and this was going to be the tricky part, getting that thing up and over her enormous boobs. If the material of her shirt had twisted around her body in the night, I would have to tug at it to get it up above her stomach and over her tits. That could wake her. Or would it? Remember, this girl could really snooze. Well, there was only one way to find out. I took a breath, reached for the hem around her soft belly and pulled gently upward. I managed a few inches, exposing just the very top of her panties and her little belly button. I could see the smooth texture of her tanned skin, licking my lips at the thought of seeing more, and—

A sudden noise from the hallway froze me. The noise itself was soft, muffled, but the abruptness of it felt like a dagger in my ear. I let go of Katy's shirt and listened desperately. Another sound...a floor board creaking? The house settling? Yes, certainly nothing more than the wind pushing along the side of the house—

No, there it was again, almost the same sound. Someone was moving in another part of the house. Holy shit. Right there in the hallway, it had to be. The hallway was very small, just a short passage that led from the living room to the bedrooms of Katy and Jack, their parents, and a little guest bathroom. I had about four seconds to decide whether to remain frozen or find somewhere to hide. For some reason I went for the hiding route and ducked under Katy's bed. But why would I do this? If anyone else was moving through the house, surely it was to go to the bathroom. Who would come into Katy's room at this hour? (Other than her perverted cousin, of course.)

I realized I was just as safe under Katy's bed as well as next to it, as long as I remained utterly silent, so I started to quietly shuffle back into the open when I saw Katy's door open! What? Who? The fuck?

From my hidden vantage point, I could see the bare feet of the new intruder. They were definitely male feet and I knew by simple deduction it had to be Katy's brother, Jack. But what the fuck was he doing here? Holy Christ, had he seen me walk out of his room? Was he looking for me to pound my fucking face in for actually thinking of invading the purity of his sleeping cousin? Well, if so, he was going about it in a strange way, because he was moving very slowly and carefully, just as I had been, clearly hoping not to wake anyone in the house.

He moved slowly across the room, and presently I found myself staring directly at Jack's bare feet, not six inches from my face, and it was apparent from the direction his feet were pointed, he was now facing Katy at the edge of her bed, exactly where I had been only moments ago. I was absolutely paralyzed with fear and shock and bewilderment. And suddenly the silence of the night was broken once again from the sound of Jack's whispering voice.


He shifted his feet a little, he was balancing as he leaned forward, over her. The bed shifted slightly, as if he had leaned a hand on the bed...or Katy! He whispered again, "Katy...baby, it's me."

Baby? Since when did a brother call his sister "baby?" Before I could even contemplate that, the next thing that happened shocked me even more: he lifted a foot and began crawling on the bed with her. Crawling on the bed with his sister! The asshole was crawling into bed with HIS SISTER, the cousin who's boobs I was about to feel up! This could not possibly be happening. But it was. And not only was it happening, the next thing I heard confirmed to me that this had been going on for some time: Katy's voice!

"Mmmm," she cooed softly. "How's my sweet big brother doing?" He didn't reply, but the bed sagged a little under their combined weight. I heard her voice again, "Oh, I'd say he's doing just fine. You're so hard and big."

Jack only grunted softly in reply, gasped too. Perhaps now he was feeling the chill in the room with his own exposed penis. I couldn't fucking believe this. Here I was, having tried to build up the courage to merely look at my sleeping cousin's tits, and her brother was bout to FUCK her!

Fuck her...he was going to fuck her...with me, their cousin, lying under their bed in his boxer shorts and hard-on. I was going to hear the whole thing. Indeed, there were now the distinctive sounds of kisses and caresses, of clothing and sheets being pushed off and aside to expose nakedness and genitalia, all the while Katy making that soft cooing sound that sent chills up my spine...and blood flowing into my loins. Instinctively I felt for my cock. I was now witnessing, even if just by sound, the most erotic thing I could have ever possibly imagined. How could I not get off on this? I had to get off on this! So I listened...

"I missed you the last couple of nights," Katy was saying. "It's been so lonely with you in the next room."

"I know," Jack whispered back. "With Tom staying with us, it's been hard to get away. I'm sorry I missed making you cum on your birthday."

What do you know? I was unknowingly throwing a damper on their incestuous fuck fests. It was only pure irony that Jack had picked this night to resume his nightly routine with his sister. Either he was so horny that he didn't bother checking to see whether I was actually sleeping on the futon, or he'd glanced over at the pile of blankets I'd left and had mistaken it for the shape of my sleeping body.

Katy giggled quietly, "That's okay. You'll just have to give me extra orgasms tonight. Think you'll last long enough this time?"

"Oh God, I hope so. But you're always so fucking tight, sis. And it's been a few days...."

She said, "You haven't jerked off once since we last fucked? Oh, my poor baby, he's going to pop too soon, I just know it."

"Yeah, I'm all built up."

Him and me both, I mused with open lust. Just the conversation they were having was enough to send me over the edge. I slowed the strokes I was giving my cock. And I reduced my grip from full fist to just my thumb and forefinger at the head. Just enough to keep me primed. I continued to listen with pleasure....

"There's a small problem," I heard Jack saying softly.

"Enough talk," she replied. "Just get down there and get me ready. You can talk again when you're inside me."

For the next several moments, I heard my cousin Katy croon and swoon and writhe on the bed. I heard muffled slurping sounds. Twice, the bed began to shutter, and Katy began to make little gasping noises. But each time, just as it seemed like she was building up to go over the edge of Orgasm Falls, her gasping subsided and the shuttering diminished. If Jack was eating his sister's pussy, which he certainly seemed to be doing, he was either not quite good enough to send her into climax, or the bastard was teasing the shit out of her. Whatever the case, I now realized that I was no longer satisfied with just hearing this most taboo of sexual escapades, I somehow had to see it! It was torture being mere inches from the sight of Katy's knees spread with a guy sucking her clit. Or trying to....

"It's okay, baby," she was saying softly. "Come back up here." Her tone had changed a little. My first thought was that she was tired from the gyrations of cunt sucking. No, not tired...disappointed? Yes, that was it. She had been ready to cum twice, but she'd been denied. So she said, "Come back up here. I want you in me now."

A little rustling on the bed and I heard him whisper, "The problem, baby, I need to tell you about."

"What is it, baby?" she was saying breathlessly. "Please, I need your fucking cock now!"

"Baby, the problem is I ran out of condoms. I promise I'll be careful—"

"Dammit, Jack, no!" There was a sudden shift of weight on the bed, as if she had pushed him away from her. He must've been ready to plunge in. She said in a hiss, "I can't believe you waited until this moment to tell me! I let you go down on me, and I'm so close to cumming that I'm desperate for your cock, and now you tell me this!"

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