tagIllustratedKaty's Reluctant New Look Ch. 01

Katy's Reluctant New Look Ch. 01


This short story is meant to be fun and light-hearted! It is told by the heroine, who is a closet exhibitionist, as she is 'reluctantly' put into embarrassing and uncomfortable situations by her voyeur husband. She thinks highly of herself; but in a fun, innocent way! Regrettably, I removed the original stories from this series about a year ago, after posting them under a different pen name. Hopefully, you will enjoy these in their re-written form! I want to thank Cheryl and Harleyrdr -- "H-C Studio" for their artwork. Their photography was very inspirational! *


"You look so good in your Calvin Klein suit, darling!" I told Jake as he hurried out the door with his orange juice sloshing out of the glass and across his fingers. He was running late for the sales meeting at the brokerage.

I love my husband so much! He's not one of those pretty boy types. Instead, he's a man's man; big, strong and very capable of taking care of himself in any situation, physical or otherwise! Jake's the kind of guy that knows what he wants and gets it. I guess that's why he has me!

"Thanks, Katy! You knock em dead today to sweety!" he told me as I kissed him goodbye and shut the door behind him.

Well, I always do 'knock em dead'! Jake and I are the perfect couple; very conservative and very well connected. We were high school homecoming king and queen; football star and cheerleader! And, nothing changed in college or since! He's still my big, strong quarterback. Only now, he's quarterbacking the staff of brokers at one of the Metroplex's largest firms. And, I'm still a tall beautiful brunette with a very nice figure, if I do say so myself!

Jake is quite proud of my body that is lean and lithe. I'm about 5' 7" tall and weigh 115 with measurements of 34, 22, 34. I have nice large breasts that fit nicely into a C cup bra, long slender legs and a great butt.

Jake likes to call me his "Brunette Beauty Queen", and I love hearing him say it! In fact, each time he does I give him a kiss and a "thank you, darling". When he is really nice and complimentary I let him take a few extra liberties while he gets his 'thank you' kiss that I might not ordinarily allow; like patting my behind and maybe even squeezing my perky breasts, just like this morning during breakfast!

We have two wonderful young children; a beautiful new home in the suburbs in a gated community; all the friends we could possibly want and all the right connections. Most importantly, our image as one of North Texas's high-profile conservative, up and coming young couples is unimpeachable!

That's why I am having such a hard time understanding why Jake keeps insisting I dress in more revealing clothes and flaunt myself in front of strangers. It is sooo upsetting! Just like this morning, when he insisted I wear a short miniskirt and tight top to my Conservative Women's Voting League meeting! "You'll look terrific in it!" he said.

I told him right away that it was a very sexy outfit and "thank you very much for buying it for me" but it's not the right look for my meeting. But, he insisted I put it on before he left and he was determined to make sure I wore it to my meeting. "Oh, god, I couldn't," I said, "I'd be too embarrassed."

Jake must have sat pouting at the breakfast table with his arms crossed for the better part of ten minutes! Just to appease him, I took the outfit and walked upstairs to our bedroom. Reluctantly, I slipped into it and came back downstairs to show him. I always want to look good so before I left the bedroom I checked myself out in the mirror and straightened the skirt and blouse; making sure they looked just right!

"Do you like it?" I asked him downstairs. He sat mesmerized for a few moments before telling me how hot I looked.

"I suppose I do look sexy and sassy! And, the high heels are really pretty!" I teased as I bent over, straight-legged, to pour milk into his cereal. As my miniskirt climbed up my bottom, I paused for effect and added, "But, it's not appropriate for my meeting!"

"See, I can't even keep them in," I told him as my boobs fell out of the top. "And, my behind shows each time I bend over!" I added as I playfully pulled the hem of my skirt back over my ass; but only partway down so that my panties still showed.

"What do you mean? What's the problem?" he asked, knowing full well what the problem was! "Don't worry about what your girlfriends think," he replied, smiling, staring at my legs and then feeling me up.

Well, I pranced around the house in the outfit while we both played a waiting game to see who would have to leave the house first. Would it be me or Jake? He had an important sales meeting at his brokerage and I was already running late for the Voting League. I knew my only hope was to wait him out so I kept making a show of it until he left for work, only to rush upstairs as soon as his car left the driveway! "Whew! That was close!" I said and hurriedly changed into a proper outfit; long black skirt, black heels and a white, button up the front blouse.

I didn't want to be late so I sped down the interstate in a hurry! "Jake Rogers!" I scolded out-loud, looking into the visor mirror to apply my blush as I weaved in and out of traffic on the way. "You are just going to have to get over this little game you're playing! These little 'Show Off My Sexy Wife' episodes are going to stop!"

By the time I pulled into the parking lot of the Four Season's Conference Center I'd received my fair share of 'looky-loo's' on the road. The men don't dare oogle me with Jake in the car. But, whenever I'm out alone...My goodness, they think just because I'm a pretty brunette they have a license to stare! If Jake only knew how lucky he was to have a wife that didn't dress like a flirty slut!

"Hmmph! Jake, you should appreciate being married to a woman that is always thinking of our image," I said to myself as I slammed the car door shut.

I couldn't get it off my mind as I walked to the hotel entrance; straightening my suit and hair as I went. Don't get me wrong, Jake is a wonderful husband. I love him so much! But, he needs to understand that our image is important to our future! He does his part at the brokerage. And, I do my part by setting our social calendar and taking care of the household and family affairs. The way we dress and present ourselves is an important part of it! "This power suit ensemble with matching handbag and heels doesn't just put 'itself' together," I said under my breath as the automatic door opened and I saw my three best friends in the lobby.

Nicole, Amber and Julie! We run in the same crowds and social gatherings and are all best of friends!

"Hi ladies!" I said to them as we gave each other air-kisses. It's so nice to be with them. We have so much fun together serving on the fundraising committee! The work is very important to the league and we take it very seriously. In just the past year we've held golf tournaments, poker nights, banquets and silent auctions to raise money; not only to benefit the Conservative Women's Voting League, but also to help local charities. And, Nicole, Amber and Julie are a big part of the effort!

It's too bad that all three of their husband's refuse to quit flirting with me! I've had to remove their hands from my bottom so many times I've lost count! "Exxxcuusse Me, Phil..or Larry...or Joe!" I tell them as I push their paws away! I just don't understand them. Their wives are pretty...maybe not as pretty as me, but never the less; they are pretty! And, I would never do anything to embarrass or hurt my friends.

I have to admit; It is kind of fun when we all get together for a cookout or social event; all three of my best friends and their husbands; knowing that their husbands want me more than they want their own wives!

That's when it's the most difficult; when all the guys are together. That's when they seem to look for every opportunity to catch me alone and cop a quick feel. My word! I can't even excuse myself for a bathroom break without worrying they'll show up in the hallway. But, I push that thought right out of my mind and pride myself on not giving in to them! My mother taught me that a woman of high moral values can never cheat on her husband or her girlfriends. Besides, if Jake ever caught them he'd drop them with one punch!

I got home a little after noon and Jake must have swung by the house for lunch because there was a note and a package for me in the bedroom. "That's so nice of him," I thought as I opened the note. It read, "Meet me for racquetball at 2:00pm. I hope you enjoy the new exercise outfit I bought for you! Love, Jake!"

"That's my man!" I said. "Oooh! He's so thoughtful to buy me a new outfit."

I just love getting gifts from Jake! I enthusiastically opened the package to find a very fashionable exercise outfit! "Oh, my!" I gushed as I held out the sports shorts and sports bra. The outfit was white and the bottoms had two delicate blue bands running across the waist. They were shorty-shorts, with the waistband three inches below my belly button on my perfectly flat tummy and the legs ending just below my crotch. I immediately looked at the tag but didn't recognize the label. "Wicked Weasel. Hmmm, never heard of that brand," I whispered.

They're a little bit stretchy, I thought as I held them up. And I wrinkled my nose as I looked at the bra after putting it up to my chest; thinking it looked a size too small and way to skimpy.

"That's funny?" I said curiously as I held the shorts to my hips. The shorts didn't have the reinforced gusset that normally comes with these types of stretch-shorts. "Hmmm, must be a new kind of fabric blend," I said as I wiggled into them. I inspected myself closely to see if my well manicured bush was showing through, but the white stretchy fabric appeared to cover me just fine. The only problem was that they were too small for me!

"Oh my goodness!" I said after putting on the bra. "The men will have a field day oogling me! I can't wear this." The tight white sports bra pushed my boobs together and created a very large cleavage that was visible above the neckline. And, the bottoms hugged my every curve! "Thank goodness I don't have an ounce of fat on my body" I exclaimed as I admired myself in the mirror. I'm so proud to have thin upper legs that don't rub in the middle like some of my friends! Jake always tells me that the little gap below my crotch is sexy! "So, there! Girlfriends!" I said proudly.

I didn't want to disappoint my husband by leaving his gift at home. So, I wore a warm-up suit to cover the 'one size too small' racquetball outfit, put on my white tennis shoes and took off for the courts.

I entered the club full of apprehension at what Jake might have on his mind. Did he purposely buy my clothes too small? Or was it an innocent mistake? At two in the afternoon the courts aren't overly crowded and I was thankful for that. But the three center courts are always full. And, today was no exception!

I found Jake and Phil at center court with three young little vixens watching them play. Jake always attracts attention from the "pretty young ladies". This time, they were sitting at a table in front of his court, sipping their drinks and watching my husband through the glass wall. Why can't you girls just have your drinks up at the bar? I thought; gritting my teeth and popping my gym bag down in front of the door. I gave them a curt smile and shut the entrance door behind me. "Little gold-diggers," I murmured.

"Katy!" Jake said, wiping the sweat off his brow and giving me a kiss.

"Blekk!" I huffed and pushed him away as his sweat dripped all over me! "You're sweating like a bear!"

"Let's get you warmed up." he retorted, ignoring my comment.

"Nice to see you, Katy! Thanks for letting me join you guys today." Phil said. Normally, when Jake and I play it's only the two of us.

"It'll be nice to have someone to help cover some court," I answered. I'm a pretty good player but Jake's so strong and quick and competitive that he runs me all around the court. I was glad to see Phil because I thought that having him to play cut-throat might keep me from getting too overheated, especially since I didn't want to take off my warm-ups!

Unfortunately, Jake kept forcing the ball to my side of the court and half way through the first game I was already too hot.

"Take off your warm-ups, Sweetheart." Jake suggested. "You've gotta be burning up!"

I explained to him that I was doing just fine and he should mind his own business, "Thank you very much!".

My snarky comment only seemed to motivate him even further; as he tore through Phil and me both, on the way to an easy win.

"Damn, Jake! What'd you eat for lunch, dude?" Phil asked.

"Sorry, Phil. I'm just a little miffed because Katy doesn't like the outfit I bought her."

He said it loud enough for me to hear him. And, his comment succeeded in stinging me a bit. "My word!" I said to myself. I shouldn't be playing racquetball in a skin tight pair of shorts and a sports bra that accentuates my cleavage; even if I do have the sexiest physique of any woman here.

"Hmmph! I'll just show you!" I said, and peeled out of my warm-ups. "There. I hope you're happy now, Jake!" I noticed Phil was having a hard time keeping his gaze at eye level, but he's always a gentleman and didn't allow himself the luxury of eyeballing my figure; at least not while I could notice!

After the first point, I decided that I was probably being a little bit silly. It's only a racquetball outfit, after all! And, he was so thoughtful to have bought it for me! The least I can do is play one or two games so he can see that I appreciate it! Besides, it'll be fun showing those little vixens at courtside just how fine Jake's wife really is!

"Wow, Katy! Jake sure knows how to pick out clothes for you! I wish I was that good choosing clothes for Nicole!"

"Thank you, Phil! That's one of the reasons I love him so much! And, I'm sure you do just fine with Nicole's gifts" I answered.

Jake winked at me and gave me that 'I love you' look that makes me melt each time I see it. It felt so good to give in to him and take off my warm-ups!

It wasn't long after we began playing again before a few men showed up to watch me from just outside the glass. I'm used to it from men and it didn't bother me too much at first. They sure seemed to enjoy seeing my boobs bounce and jiggle each time I played the ball and I figured it wouldn't hurt for them all to be jealous of what Jake has. Those pretty young girls disappeared in a hurry after I showed them up and the men sat at the now vacant table next to the glass.

The racquetball club is very upscale, with tables and leather sofas in the area directly in front of the glass wall. It had a second floor bar with tables beside a metal railing that overlooked the three center courts and within a few short minutes several men were leaning over the railing; drinking their beers and looking down onto our game.

Before we finished another five points, I was regretting my decision. I had three lecherous men just outside the glass and several more looking down on me from the club level. And, I couldn't keep my shorty shorts from crawling up the crack of my behind! It was so frustrating! I could feel them sucking into the crevice between my cheeks each time I played a shot. And, Jake seemed to be deliberately hitting the ball onto my side of the court just so I would have to move around a lot! I was certainly not presenting myself in a very lady-like fashion! "Oh, My!" I thought to myself. Here I am, wearing this pretty, feminine outfit that Jake has just bought for me and I'm looking like a tramp with my shorts slid deep into my crack.

Those leering men just outside the glass were getting an eye full and I'm sure Phil was taking as many chances to oogle me as he could without me catching him! Every time I readied myself to receive a serve I could feel all of those eyes on me; watching me bounce on the balls of my feet; my long curly hair fluffing up and down; and my butt poked out as I leaned forward.

Unaware to me, as the game continued, Larry and Joe joined the growing crowd of men watching me play. "Katy is such a fine piece of ass, Joe. Look at her tits. They're perfect!" Joe commented to Larry as they both sat at the table next to the glass.

As Katy backed up against the glass, Larry chimed in. "I love the way her thighs don't touch. I wish Amber's legs were that fine. Man, I'd like to fuck her!"

They looked at each other and smiled. "Jake would kick our ass!" Joe said and they both broke out laughing. The men at the other table overheard them and joined in the laughter as Katy continued her play, unaware she was the topic of their conversation.

"At least he lets us in on stuff like this," one of them said after finishing his chuckling and taking a long drink of beer. "Yep, I appreciate the phone call," the other added. Amber and Julie's husbands continued their conversation about Katy, enjoying the view as they talked; and noticing how her stretchy white shorts were wicking up the sweat that was running down the small of her back and across her tight ass. The fabric on each side of her crack was already drenched with her sweat and with the shorts stretched tightly across her ass all of the men could now see her white skin underneath.

"You think Jake'll ever let us fuck her?" Joe asked.

"We can always dream!" Larry chimed back.

If I'd known how they were talking about me I would have slapped them both, right in front of everyone!

"My goodness!" I whispered as I found myself constantly grabbing the hem of my shorts and pulling them back into place. I didn't know that my girlfriend's husbands were watching me. I didn't find that out until later. I was focused on what Phil and the other table of men might be able to see. Unfortunately, I was fighting a losing battle and I was concerned that my pussy lips might be showing too!

The game ended with 'you know who' winning by ten points and me sweating like a pink baby suckling pig! "Jake Rogers!" I said silently between gritted teeth. "What have you gotten me into!"

I was ready to call it a day so I could cover myself like a proper lady but Jake wouldn't have any of it! He insisted we play one more and Phil was eager to second his motion! This is when I noticed Joe and Larry outside the glass drinking beer and oogling me! Lecherous men, I thought.

Great! I said dejectedly to myself. Now, there are two tables of men oogling me. One, a table full of strangers. The other, a table with two of my best friend's husbands. I couldn't help but feel a slight tingling in my loins as I surveyed my audience, knowing exactly what they were looking at! Isn't it natural that a sexy energetic woman's body would have urges in this situation?

Five points into the game I was already getting overheated and I felt sweat pouring from my body and as I looked down I discovered to my absolute horror that my bra and shorts were now almost completely see-through!

My pretty little dark nipples were poking through and I could see my entire areole through the wet, stretchy fabric that had formed to the shape of my breasts! Not only that; but dark pubic hairs were poking out of my bottoms and the white fabric was completely wet and forming itself around my pussy lips!

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