tagLoving WivesKayla and Their Friend Ch. 05

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 05


I do hope people have been enjoying the stories about Kayla. As I've said before, she actually does exist and the pictures I've used are photographs taken by her husband last year. We've been at pains to ensure that whilst we want you to enjoy sight of Kayla's naked beauty, you shouldn't be able to recognise her if you actually know the real person.

Thus please do believe that you are not looking at an internet model whose pictures are spattered all over various sites. Kayla is a real person - a real young and beautiful wife who is normally very shy but who turns into the kind of wife we'd all like, when in the bedroom with her husband.

Jake has had many reservations about sharing images of his wife's body with us all but the eroticism of the situation eventually got to him. When it did, he wrote to me saying,

"It turns me on to the greatest degree that you are so turned on by Kayla. It is nice to know that someone I find so sexy and precious is considered such by someone else; and now others will get to enjoy her nakedness too!"

And so here she is for all of you, both in words and pictures .....


............... but it seemed she was not finished, despite the intensity of her orgasm, for after a few minutes of lying right back on the bed panting, she eventually controlled her breathing enough to sit up and, looking at the window again, she said seductively,

''Wow, that was unbelievably exciting Peter .... I hope you enjoyed seeing me come like that. It was lovely to know you were watching me while I was utterly out of control. Would you like to see some more Peter? Because I want to show you more but I think I'll come closer so's you can see me completely bare in lovely close up detail."

Kayla moved towards the window and began to slowly rotate her hips in a rhythmic dance. She stretched her arms upwards, her hands pushing the hair back from her eyes as she smoothed it flat and held it against the top of her head. Her breasts jiggled slightly with the movement and as she thrust them out towards the window, her hardened nipples seeming to point out in gorgeous sexiness directly towards her hidden voyeurs. Her eyes were closed in lust as she moved.

Suddenly Jake realised that as she got closer to the window, she might just be able to distinguish two shadows in the dark outside instead of one, so he gestured low with his hand towards Peter, intending to nudge him back towards the edge of the bushes beside the rockery; but Peter had already moved and Jake couldn't see him. He whispered quietly,

"Peter ..... where are you? For fuck's sake keep back out of sight in case Kayla sees both of us out here instead of just me.... then she'd be really pissed at me!"

There was no reply but Jake became conscious of a slight rustling towards the edge of the house.


"Yeah, I'm over here by the corner of the path .... sorry, but I was getting so into seeing your wife's incredible body, I thought I was going to come and I didn't want her to hear the noise!"

In stunned silence, Jake digested what his friend had just said and found he could hardly control himself.

"Oh my godfathers Peter .... wow! That's just so fucking wild .... first I'm showing someone else my gorgeous bride's bare body all on display like that and then he's telling me he was about to come just from looking at her .... oh man! I saw you were playing with your cock just now, the same as me but I had no idea just how much you were really turned on. Oh fuck Peter .... did you ...er .... actually erm .... did you, like you know .... actually come then?"

He turned back to look at Kayla as Peter went on,

"No, I was trying not to. When you get to my age, you can't perform time and again like when I was young as you! I have to be a bit more careful now; and though I still get randy as hell looking at your beautiful Kayla all naked like that, I've got to think whether I want to shoot my bolt early, or whether there's something else likely to happen later and I'll need it or lose out!

"And Jake .... umm .... well, you see, I've .... well actually I've got a really wicked idea I want to run it past you first. That's why I moved away for fear of blowing myself out before talking to you about it! Let's move away where we're not likely to be heard talking by Kayla."

For some reason, Jake felt his stomach sink in anticipation of hearing whatever Peter had in mind and he turned back to say something; but his friend was already moving towards the corner of the building and the pool of light from the porch.

Jake was about to follow him and was beginning to drift into a lustful reverie of the possibilities Peter had in mind, when he became aware of his wife's renewed gyrations in front of the window. She was now standing with her legs slightly apart, her hands down at her crotch and holding the lips of her pussy wide open with two fingers of each hand - so her clitoris was completely exposed to their view. It was obvious that she was really wet.

Jake stared at her for a moment, again impressed by the change in his normally shy bride. He was amazingly proud of how sexy his beautiful wife looked as she lowered her inhibitions completely in the continuing fantasy of their erotic game and shaking with lust, he needed to share the sexy sight with Peter. He whispered hoarsely after the departing shadow,

"Peter, wait. Come back here and look .... quickly!"

Just in time, Peter heard him and came back to stand beside Jake, both looking into the back-lit window.

Kayla's eyes were still closed tight and through the open transom light above the window, they could hear her getting more and more excited as she explored deeper into her fantasy of exposing herself completely to 'Peter'. She was half whispering and half panting. They both had to lean forwards to make out what she was saying - her words coming out jerkily in little bursts as she became ever more excited by what she was doing,

"I bet you never thought you'd see me like this when you first met me, did you Peter? You've only ever seen me in all my clothes before, haven't you .... all demure and school-teacher like? .... Now I've taken everything off for you so's you can see as much of me as you want.... all lovely and bared butt naked just for you to enjoy .... I can't tell you how really nervous I feel doing it but .... oh man, it makes me feel so really hot as well. I hope you like me naked as much as I enjoy exposing myself for you! .... Look Peter, you can see my clitty if I open my puss lips up for you like this ..... and oh, Peter, I've got to let you see right into me .... it's just so fucking exciting holding myself open like this .... now you know exactly where I want you to put your beautiful cock!"

Jake could hardly believe what he was hearing and seeing. Here was his beautiful shy wife, normally a demure schoolteacher who would be appalled at the thought of being seen even partly exposed by another man – but now completely nude and in her mind, exposing herself to a virtual stranger and saying things he hadn't dreamed her capable of thinking let alone voicing! Even their fantasizing in bed had never been quite so explicit and although slightly shocked, he found it was also turning him on like never before. He continued to witness his lovely wife's new sexiness and his hand strayed back down to play with his cock.

Kayla pulled her pussy lips well apart and thrust herself forwards the half-open curtains so that she was almost touching the windowsill with her crotch.

"My clit's got all hard and sensitive now Peter, just like I reckon your cock is at the moment! Are you hard and sensitive Peter ....... are you feeling really hot for me? I can see you looking all over my naked body .... it's making me so hot knowing you're getting excited seeing me like this ..... oh god Peter, I really want you to enjoy me and I really want to hold your cock and suck you while you do it!"

Kayla put two fingers into her mouth and simulated taking a cock between her lips.

"Oh Peter, I bet you taste so good .... I can just imagine how lovely that'll feel to you when I do it .... and I am going to do it Peter .... and soon .... oh yes, I can almost feel the soft velvet head of your cock now, right deep in my mouth with my tongue rubbing up and down on that sensitive little bit just below the head!"

Jake had to concentrate in order to stop coming when he heard this. Kayla would give him head but she'd never been particularly keen on it; yet here she was, describing in detail what she wanted to do with someone else's cock in her mouth. As he was considering what he'd heard, Kayla took her fingers from her mouth and reached down to her pussy again, slowly moving backwards as she kept talking,

"I'm going to lie down for you now Peter and I'm going to really open myself up properly with my legs stretched apart so you'll be able to see right into me even better .... just keep watching Peter, while I lie on the floor and open myself up just for you ....Oh Peter please look."

Kayla reached her hands behind her and while continuing to gaze at the darkness outside, she lowered herself down on the soft carpet and lay right back with her feet towards the window. She opened her knees and reached her hands down over her soft flat stomach so that her thumbs pressed down the sides of her pussy, effectively holding herself open again.

As she did so, she closed her eyes and looked away as if shy; but the remainder of her body lay purposefully exposed and vulnerable for the enjoyment of her two voyeurs.

Their English friend continued to stare, his moth slightly open in astonishment at the beautiful vision before him. He couldn't believe how erotically she was displaying herself with her pussy held open and her hard nipples standing up from her those beautifully firm young breasts. It took most of his willpower not to jerk himself to orgasm.

For his part, Jake was still finding it difficult to realise that it really was true how his wife had been acting and talking to 'Peter'. She was on open display in front of their new friend, with absolutely nothing hidden. Although he was only touching his cock now without moving his hand up and down it any more, he could feel the beginnings of an orgasm and immediately let go, in order to stop it developing. Just in time he felt the orgasm subside and his cock just stuck out in front of his jeans, twitching slightly.

He was so excited by the situation that he was almost losing control. He found himself responding to Peter's earlier remark and as he turned to face him, he noticed that Peter also was no longer holding his erect cock but was trying to contain it in his pants as he did up the zipper.

"Sorry to interrupt you Peter but I really wanted you to see Kayla like this." He gestured towards his nude wife who was now rubbing her second finger above her clitoris and occasionally slipping it in and out of her vagina.

Regardless of the sexiness of the vision in their bedroom, Jake had to know what Peter had in mind. He sensed it would be even more erotic than the sight they'd been witnessing and he had to find out. He tore himself away from the vision of his wife's beautiful nudity and taking Peter's arm, nudged him back out of Kayla's earshot.

"What's that you were saying just now Peter - I think you mentioned something about a wicked idea?"

"Well yes, I do have a wicked idea but right now mate, I've got to get home and sort this out, or I'll get no sleep!" He looked down at his crotch by way of indication. Then, as an afterthought he said,

"On the other hand, I think I will tell you about it now but you'll have to come over to my place 'cos Kayla might hear us if we talk here.

"What about Kayla though .... I can't just leave her like this. You've seen how hot she's feeling and it wouldn't be fair!"

"No, of course you can't Jake ..... er .... wait a minute, I have an idea. Go into your place and tell Kayla the camera's gone dead and you've got to get a couple more batteries for it from the store .... that you'll be back in ten to fifteen .... and she's to rehearse what she wants to do the meantime. How about that?"

Jake snorted and then laughed nervously,

"I don't reckon she'll think much of it to be honest .... the fucking batteries ran out the last time we did this too. Don't you remember, I told you about it in one of those e-mails. Anyway, I'll try it and come across to yours in a minute."


A few minutes later, Jake arrived at Peter's house and said that although Kayla was more disappointed than mad, she was feeling so hot that she'd readily agreed to finish her posing when Jake got back.

They talked briefly about the events outside Jake's bedroom window. Peter needed Jake to feel confident that what he had in mind over Kayla, wasn't a threat to their marriage. He also had to make sure that Jake was sufficiently excited at the prospect as to overcome his initial worries.

"Going back to what happened just now, you've got to know that it was the most excitingly erotic thing I've seen since I first manipulated that situation I told you about - where Greg was given the private time and place to seduce my wife!"

"Yeah, you did tell me about that; but didn't you ever worry about Mandy getting too keen on Greg and possibly fucking up your marriage?"

Peter realised the conversation was going the way he wanted and here was the chance to reassure Jake. He also felt himself growing hard again at the memory of the first time he saw his own lovely wife impaled and writhing in amazed pleasure on his friend's cock just a few years before.

"No, I didn't really. Greg was married too and he didn't want to fuck up his own marriage, so even if he hadn't been completely trustworthy, we each had the other 'over a barrel' so to speak! In the event, we all trusted one other implicitly and on top of that, both Mandy and Greg developed a very deep affection which remained just that and no more, so there really wasn't a problem - that is, once she and I'd both got over our initial reservations about the situation and Greg over his.

"Honestly Jake, I can't adequately describe to you just how incredibly exciting it is to see a friend slowly seducing your wife in front of you and then slipping his cock into her, where only you've been before!"

His remark had an immediate and obvious effect on Jake, who moved around in his chair and had to adjust the front of his pants. It was clear that he was imagining Peter impaling Kayla.

"You said you had a wicked idea Peter?"

"Yes, I did - and yes, I do have a wicked idea." Peter managed to finish adjusting himself in his pants but a large tell-tale bulge indicated that he hadn't managed to make his cock go down.

"I was thinking Jake, you know how much you love me seeing Kayla naked in photos and how excited I got seeing her together just now when she was completely nude in real life?"

"Oh god Peter, yes .... yes I do!"

"Well, how would you feel if we took it a little further?"

"How do you mean?"

"Well, how would you feel if I were in the room with Kayla alone and tried to seduce her?"

Jake's cock gave a really large twitch at this and realizing how it must look, Jake managed to push it down under the guise of folding his hands in his lap.

"Oh Peter, I don't know. I'd be lying if I said that it wouldn't turn me on unbelievably but .... well, I'm not sure .... I really don't know how I'd feel if she let you play with her body, let alone seduce her."

He looked over at Peter and realised that his new friend was shaking with lust at the possibility of having physical access to his beautiful young wife. Seeing how much the situation was affecting his friend, Jake found he was weakening and was himself beginning to tremble again at the recollection of how much his nude wife had turned Peter on with her nakedness and erotic talk just a few minutes before. He questioned whether he really would mind, or was he was just reacting as a conventional husband who was worried about the survival of his marriage if anything went wrong?

But then again, how many times had he fantasized about another man being able to enjoy the soft naked beauty of his wife? How many times had he imagined another guy slowly moving himself over Kayla's nude body and slowly entering her? How many times had he imagined the look of pleasure that would come over Kayla's lovely face as she gave in to the novel feeling of a new cock slowly working its way into her puss until she was fully impaled?

Lust won the day.

"But then again, it'd be so fucking sexy to see you enjoying Kayla's body, even if it was only touching and playing with her. I've tried to explain to you how I feel about sharing pictures of her - it's just so bloody erotic, knowing a friend's seen your gorgeous young wife in the nude, even if it's only photos. Now you've seen her in the flesh, and I'm only just beginning to realise that someone else has actually looked at her naked in real life for the first time since we got married. It's just such a turn on that I don't know how to describe it .... but then, let's face it Peter, I really don't have to explain those feelings to you of all people!

"Kayla's always been incredibly shy about anybody seeing her even slightly undressed; but during the last year, she's begun to relax a little bit and there was that time last summer when I even got her to sun-bathe topless on the beach."

"How did you feel about that?" Peter now felt he could pursue what he had in mind. But first, he had to reassure Jake.

"At first I was dead worried; but then I realised she was actually enjoying herself and it wasn't long before I caught her blushing in the knowledge that a young guy a few yards away was eying her up and getting excited by the sight of her bare tits! I was just so proud of her, being able to turn him on like that.

"Then, later on in bed, I got her to admit that it'd turned her on too - so times really are changing; and let's face it Peter, the way she was talking just now has been a real fucking surprise to me. She's obviously hotter under all that schoolteacher/young wife bit, that I'd ever imagined!

"Actually, if I'm going to be honest, I'm half turned on by the thought of someone else enjoying her and part pleased for her that she'd be getting something out of it. Does that sound weird?"

"No Jake, I don't think it does. Initially with Mandy, I'd been worried about all the usual things. You know what I mean: will it fuck us up, will she fall in love with her and so forth. But then when I managed to overcome all my fears and inhibitions and eventually let it happen, I know that the first time was just a fucking amazing turn on seeing my wife writhing around impaled on Greg's cock. Afterwards, when I was eventually sharing Mandy openly with Greg, I almost got more of a kick out of seeing the real physical pleasure and satisfaction she was experiencing from having him moving in and out of her, than I did from my own excitement at the kinkiness of the situation.

"Oh, for a while it was all just erotic in the extreme seeing your wife being mounted by someone else but then, after she'd relaxed and accepted that Greg really liked her a lot and she really liked him, she realised it wasn't a threat to our marriage and even more importantly to her - that I didn't want to fuck other women to equal things up.

"Then she began to really get into it. She even got over her initial shyness at Greg seeing her body, to the extent that she'd often be the one to slowly undress herself in front of both of us, so we'd be able to enjoy the strip-tease effect - rather like you've just seen Kayla acting.

"She learnt to enjoy the pleasure of pure lustful sex with someone we both trusted; and as I've told you in the past, Greg never breached that trust, however kinky things got - and oh boy, did they get kinky sometimes!"

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