tagMatureKayla Takes Delivery of Her Dress

Kayla Takes Delivery of Her Dress


After Kayla's adventure with Bobby she got home to her empty house. When she went upstairs to undress she felt guilty when she slid her panties down her legs and they were soaked with Bobby's cum. She just sat in the edge of the bed looking at the balled up panties in her hand thinking about why she did it. Just then her phone rang and when she saw it was her husband she didn't want to answer it, but did anyway. It was the usual how was your day conversation, and then he told her that he was going to have to go out of town for business. He had come by the house earlier and packed a bag, but she wasn't there. He kept going on and on about how important this client was for their future. All Kayla could picture was him and that cow of a secretary sharing a hotel somewhere.

After she hung the phone up she closed her eyes and could hear her father "I love her sweetie. I'll still be your dad, but me and mommy just won't be together." With anger Kayla stood up and looked at the panties in her hand and thought about saving them for her husband. To remind him that someone wanted to fuck his wife. Kaya stormed into the bathroom and took another steaming hot shower and she started planning her day with Bobby tomorrow. She had thought about canceling, until her husband's call. Now she was going to use that big 18 year old cock and teach Bobby so many wonderful things.

That evening after going to the gym and trying to work off her frustrations with her husband Kayla returned home and began the process of getting ready for Bobby. She spent and extra long time in the shower making sure she was shaved clean. As she applied the lotion after shaving she was tempted to let her fingers linger, but she decided not to. She hoped Bobby had the same self resolve, but with a smile she could picture his fingers wrapped around his cock and stroking himself. Silently she wished that he would call her tonight, but she went to sleep without a call.

Kayla had just sat down for breakfast when her phone buzzed. She smiled when she saw the name. "Hello Bobby. You certainly don't waste any time."

"Hey, yeah I'm sorry if I woke you, but I wanted to know what time to deliver your dress?"

"You can bring it over any time sweetie. The sooner the better. I really loved the way it fit yesterday, and I can't wait to try it again."

Kayla smiled when she heard a slight groan over the phone, then Bobby said "I'm on my way. I'll be there in an hour."

As she hung up the phone she smiled because she knew it wouldn't take him an hour. If anything Bobby was liable to get a speeding ticket or two along the way. She would just have to make it worth it to the young man, and she knew exactly how to do that.

After she got off the phone she went back upstairs and stripped and hopped in the shower. Once she got out she dried off and made sure to put some soft pink lipgloss on and then some perfume. She finally decided on a lacy white camisole and slipped into it and a pair of panties. She thought about staying naked with a silk robe on, but she wanted to treat Bobby, and this outfit was something he would always remember.

A little later the front door bell rang and with a smile Kayla went to the door and peeped through and slowly opened the door for Bobby. At first he just stood in the doorway until Kayla stepped from behind the door and asked him if he was coming in. His eyes got huge when he saw her in her flowing silk robe, but Kayla knew they were going to get a lot bigger when she removed it. He finally came through the door and Kayla shut it and gave him a sexy smile. Then she let her tongue part her lips and slowly licked them.

As he stood their staring at her Kayla knew that she had to make the first move. With a smile she reached out and pulled him in for a hug. Kayla made sure not to let him go as she squeezed him tight. She could already feel him responding as she felt his bulge pressing into her. Then she took his hand and led him through the house to the den. There she offered him a seat and Kayla sat right next to him. She made sure to let her robe separate and expose her legs as she sat with him. Most men would have already had their hands between her legs, but even after yesterday Bobby wasn't sure what he could do. Kayla got an extra thrill out of this. She looked forward to teaching him.

"Bobby, you don't have to be so nervous. I want you here with me. After yesterday I thought you would have known that." Kayla then ran her hand along his thigh closest to her. Kayla could feel Bobby's muscles tense up at her touch.

"I don't know Mrs. Taylor. I don't want to get in trouble."

Kayla enjoyed playing with Bobby, but right now she wanted him inside her more. She stood up and moved in front of him and untied the sash holding her robe closed and shrugged it off her shoulders. "I want you to fuck me with that beautiful cock of your's Bobby. I don't want to tease you or play games today. I want to feel that thing inside me."

Kayla looked down at him as she pulled her camisole over her head and then pushed her panties down. Standing in front of him completely naked Kayla reached out and pulled him to a standing position and pulled him into her where she kissed him. As she kissed him she slid her hand under his shirt and worked it off him. While he was pulling it the rest of the way off she went to work on his belt and pants. Soon his pants were on the floor and she was helping him step out of them. With a deep breath she looked into his eyes and slid her fingers inside his underwear and slid them down his legs. Once she had them past his hard cock it sprang back up and pressed into her midsection.

With a wicked smile Kayla wrapped her fingers around his hard shaft and led him up the stairs to her bedroom. Once in the bedroom she had him lay down on his back and then she crawled up between his thighs. She kissed her way up his body along the way. First her mouth explored his legs followed by the inside of his thighs. She kissed and nibbled her way along his trembling flesh. Her hair falling around her head and increasing the intense feeling Bobby was going through as it drug across his skin. When she made contact with his ball sack Bobby inhaled deeply and just held his breath. Kayla took a deep breath herself, but it was not to calm her, but so she could enjoy his scent.

As Kayla brought her hand up to Bobby's cock he finally let out a ragged breath. Kayla just held him in her fingers and moved her nose and mouth over him. She placed several soft kisses right below his head, and gave him several licks with her tongue. Kayla softly sucked the head between her lips and this brought a deep groan from Bobby. Knowing that he probably wouldn't last long the first time today she gave his cock head one last kiss and eased up his body.

Kayla was making sure to let her breasts slide along his body as she went. Once she was up to his chest Kayla paid special attention to his nipples. This was something that Bobby seemed to enjoy as he moved his hands from his side and ran his fingers through her hair. Feeling like she had achieved a victory of sort she moved up and kissed Bobby. While she kissed him she reached down between them and took hold of his hard cock, and sank down on him.

"Oh god Mrs. Taylor!! That feels so good."

"I know it does Bobby. Hang on and it will only get better." Then Kayla leaned back down and kissed Bobby as she started to ride him. Kayla was surprised when Bobby reached up and his hands went to her backside. He had a firm hold on her ass as she rode up and down on his hard cock. She even felt him thrusting back up at her. Right then she thought to herself "Bobby is a fast learner." She continued riding him when he lifted his head and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. This move sent chills down Kayla's back as Bobby sucked on her tit.

"Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!" He said as her nipple popped from between his lips.

This only made Kayla ride him harder. She knew he was close and she wanted his cum inside her. Then his hands tightened on her ass and he pulled her back down on him and held her there as he thrusted off the bed. His cock pumping all his cum inside her womb. Kayla was able to move her hips back and forth trying her best to get every drop inside her. When she was sure Bobby was completely spent she rolled off him and laid beside him on the bed.

"That was incredible. Can we do that again?"

Kayla was completely stunned to hear those words come out of the mouth of her painfully shy lover. She rolled over on her side, propped her head up and said. "Oh sweet Bobby. We have all day to do that and so much more. She then leaned over and softly sucked on one of his nipples.

"That feels so good. I had no idea that my nipples were so sensitive. I thought that was just a girl thing." Bobby said as he turned toward Kayla and brushed his fingers over her nipples.

"MMMM, my sweet young Bobby. You are going to learn so much." Kayla said as she kissed her way down his body. Letting her tongue slide along him until she was between his legs. Then she looked up at his cock in her fingers and looked past it at his brown eyes as he looked down his body at her. Kayla raised up and took his cock into her mouth while never looking away from him. As she slowly went down on him she never broke eye contact. Her lips stretched around his rapidly growing cock. When Kayla hit the halfway point she backed off in the same agonizingly slow manner. Her tongue washing all over his cock as it slid from her mouth.

Kayla laid between Bobby's legs looking up at him sliding her hand up and down his saliva covered shaft trying to decide what would be next when Bobby decided for her. He reached down and used his hands to move her so that his cock was back at her mouth. With a wink at Bobby Kayla opened her mouth and swallowed him. Kayla made sure to use a lot of saliva this time as she bobbed up and down on Bobby's cock. Her saliva running down his shaft and across his balls. Her slurping sounds filled the bedroom as she gave him a very sloppy blow job. After a few minutes Kayla pulled her mouth off his cock and started stroking it with her hand while she slid lower and took one of his large balls in her mouth and gently sucked.

This was another thing Bobby really liked as he opened his legs even wider and lifted his ass off the bed just slightly to give Kayla better access. Kayla decided to let the young man enjoy this so she spent a long time sucking and licking on his balls. This brought audible moans and groans from Bobby as he thrashed about on the bed. Just as Kayla felt his balls tighten and his cock begin to swell she moved to the head of his cock and wrapped her lips around it and began to suck and lick. Her tongue swiping over his cock head, and just underneath it as she continued to play with his balls with her fingers.

Kayla heard Bobby groan and then she felt his cock explode in her mouth. Filling it with his thick cum. Spurt after spurt sent his cum across her tongue and down her throat. The first spurts actually missed her tongue and went straight down her throat, but the rest managed to land on her tongue so she could taste her young lover. Kayla kept softly sucking until she had gotten everything she could. With an audible pop she pulled off his cock and looked at him as she opened her mouth showing him some of his cum still pooled on her tongue and made a big show out of swallowing it. After swallowing his cum Kayla smacked her lips and smiled. "That was so fucking good."

Poor Bobby just collapsed back onto the bed. His head landing on the big soft pillow. Kayla crawled back up with him and laid her head on his shoulder and she used her fingers to stroke his chest. They lay together until he stirred and said "Can I ask you something Mrs. Taylor?"

"Sure Bobby, you can ask me anything."

"Why me? I mean, I'm kinda the clumsy dork around school. Girls only notice me when they need help with their math, and then I'm too shy to ask any of them out. Why do this?"

"Bobby, sweetie. Everyone goes through that awkward time when they are maturing. I kind of like your shyness. Most men would fuck me and run to brag to their friends if they had the chance. I like your sweetness."

He lay there with her head on his chest and softly said "Thank you."

Kayla was glad she had her face turned so Bobby couldn't see the smile on her face and the tears in her eyes. After a minute or two Kayla composed herself and turned to look at him. "Would you like to take a shower with me?" Then she licked all around his nipple before getting up from the bed. Like most 18 year old boys given the chance to take a shower with a beautiful woman, Bobby flew off the bed. Kayla smiled at him and took his hand as they walked to the bathroom naked.

After getting the water regulated they both stepped in under the pounding body jets. Kayla reached for a sponge and some soap and worked up a lather and started washing Bobby's body. For some reason Kayla had always found showers very erotic. It was a desire her husband didn't share, but the way Bobby was looking at her told her he would be different. Bobby held his hands at her hips as she worked up a thick lather on him and then she set the sponge down and pulled Bobby to her. Kayla just barely moved. Letting Bobby feel the way her wet body felt against his soapy body.

Bobby seemed to be becoming more comfortable as his hands slipped around to Kayla's backside and pulled her into him and he leaned down and gave Kayla an open mouth kiss. Kayla enjoyed Bobby being more aggressive and responded with a soft moan of her own. As they kissed Bobby reached over and got the sponge and started using it on Kayla's back. He started off around her shoulders, but soon his hands were on her ass, spreading the suds all over her. He even felt brave enough to let his fingers slip between her cheeks.

As they kissed Bobby asked her to turn around and Kayla gladly did as he asked. Making sure to press her backside against him. As he lathered up the sponge Kayla reached behind her and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Bobby then reached over her shoulders and started to slowly soap up her breasts. Soon the sponge hit the floor and he was using his hands to work the soap in. Kayla felt his confidence growing as he was now using more strength to handle them. Before, it was almost like he was afraid he would hurt her. Now he was deeply massaging them. Making sure to pay special attention to her nipples.

"Oh yeah Bobby. Keep doing that right there." Kayla said as he softly pulled her nipples. Kayla had one hand stroking Bobby and one hand rubbing her clit. Then Bobby bent down and nuzzled her neck and Kayla lost it. "Oh fuck Bobby!! I'm going to cum!" Kayla was rocking back and forth. Her backside rubbing against Bobby as she got closer and closer to her release. Then Bobby slid one hand down to where Kayla's hand was at and she exploded Her entire body started trembling and she came like she hasn't in a very long time. She actually felt her knees give way and Bobby ended up holding her up.

Poor Bobby was scared that something was wrong so he turned the water off and gently carried her out of the shower back to the bed. "Mrs. Taylor? Are you alright?" He said as he tenderly dried her off.

Kayla looked up at his sweet, tender face and smiled. "Bobby, that was fucking amazing! Wow. I haven't cum like that in ages." She could see the look of concern in Bobby's face and moved over in the bed so he could lay back down. When he lay back down with her she turned his head toward her and softly kissed him. "It's my turn to say thank you."

They drifted off to sleep together and slept for a couple hours. Kayla woke up and Bobby was still sound asleep. That was when she decided to wake him up. She eased down the bed and looked at his limp cock laying across his thigh. Being very careful she reached down and lifted it up with her fingers and brought her mouth down on him. Ever so softly she sucked him into her mouth. Making sure to use her tongue a generous amount of the time. As she sucked on his cock he began to stir and mumble in his sleep. When she dropped down and sucked on his balls Bobby moaned out "Oh yeah Aunt Cindy. That feels so good."

Kayla smiled at this and said to herself "So little Bobby has a thing for his aunt." She might have to go down to the store to check her out. Right now though, Kayla only had one goal and that was to get him hard again, and let him fuck her. Once he was hard she eased back up his body and straddled him. Then she impaled herself on his hard cock in one smooth motion. This woke Bobby up and Kayla smiled down at him. "Hello sleepy head. I was wondering if you were going to sleep though this."

Bobby just grinned and placed his hands on her hips before running them up to her large bouncing breasts. Kayla noticed something in Bobby's eyes and before she could ask anything he slipped his hands behind her and pulled her to him. Then in one motion he rolled her over and now he was on top. Kayla let out a small yell as he did it, but then found herself staring up into the eyes of her teenage lover as he started to assert his power. Kayla had to giggle at Bobby's sudden confidence, but Bobby's powerful thrusts turned her giggles into soft moans as he started to pound her.

As Kayla felt her pussy being pounded she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him down for a passionate kiss. The headboard of the bed was banging against the wall as Bobby drove his hard cock into Kayla's wet love tunnel. Bobby's enthusiastic thrusts were pushing Kayla over the edge, and suddenly Kayla's legs tightened around Bobby as she started to cum. The noise of the headboard hitting the wall was now mixed with Kaya's loud groans as she came. As Kayla experienced her orgasm she realized that Bobby wasn't slowing down. He was still pounding her tight pussy.

Within a couple minutes of Kayla's orgasm she felt another one coming on. Her body still tingling from her last orgasm, she was really trying to make Bobby cum now. She was using every technique she knew. Flexing the muscles in her pussy, Kayla knew her next orgasm wasn't far off, and she wanted Bobby to explode inside her when she came. Right as she felt her body tingling she heard Bobby let out a long groan and she knew he was cumming with her. Kayla felt her entire body spasming under him as she came. Bobby kept driving Kayla into the mattress as his cock spurted his load deep within her. Finally he came to a rest between her legs and laid there panting. Trying his best to catch his breath. Once he semi-recovered he pushed himself off her and laid beside her.

"Okay, I don't know how you're doing in school, but you just earned yourself an A++ for that performance. Damn, you are one fast learner." Kayla then stumbled over to the small fridge in the corner of the bedroom and grabbed a couple bottles of water, and brought them back to the bed. Then she collapsed back on the bed with Bobby. They propped themselves up on some pillows and sipped their water. They talked about different things. Bobby mostly wanted to know when he could see her again. While Kayla discretely asked about his aunt Cindy.

During their conversation Kayla caught herself glancing down at Bobby's spent cock. She wanted another taste, but she didn't want Bobby to get in trouble for being out to long. Finally they both decided it was time to get dressed and as Kayla walked him to the door she told Bobby that she would stop by the store this weekend. After a soft kiss goodbye Bobby floated out the door and as she closed it Kayla was thinking about this weekend.

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