tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKayla's Unexpectations 03 - Vengeance

Kayla's Unexpectations 03 - Vengeance


It's been a long time since I wrote the first two chapters of the Kayla Unexpected series, but having just read some of the wonderful entries here, it's inspired me to finish writing the third chapter that I started almost a year ago. I strongly encourage you to read the first 2 parts before starting on this one, and sincerely hope for your feedback and whether this has been a good story so far. Thanks!

Kayla's Unexpected Vengeance

Kayla peered over the newspaper she was holding to find a pair of seemingly curious eyes, staring at her. She squinted her own brown eyes in sly suspicion, calmly she folded the papers neatly before setting them aside. She knew that look when she saw it. Those bedroom eyes , the shade of cornflower blue, that often held a hint of mischief and a gleam of excitement. Something was definitely up his sleeve.

It had been almost two months since he'd taken her by surprise at the office that night and the sex between them since then was brimming to the point of sheer cosmic pleasure. Especially after he'd shown her the video of them together. Of course, he had to pay the price of a very hard slap or two across the face for recording it without her consent. But once her anger had eventually subsided and she had grudgingly allowed herself to be cajoled into watching it, Kayla herself felt the pieces of her own inhibitions chip away when she saw how provocatively erotic and sultry they looked together with each passing second of that clip. She could've never envisioned herself so sexually wild and submissive to a man until she watched herself being cuffed and bent over the cold glass table, mercilessly tormented by Val as he finger fucked her using the tiny vibrator till she was soaking wet.

And while she hated to admit it to him, the result of that whole scheme was precisely what Val had hoped for. It had undoubtedly exposed an inner part of herself that she had persistently ignored and denied previously. Through the workings of Val, slowly but surely, she could feel herself evolving into a woman who was increasingly sexually confident and enthusiastic when it came to surrendering to the pleasures of sex itself.

Even as Val knew full well that Kayla had certain boundaries and reservations about them being together, he would still catch himself often wondering what it would be like if they'd both allowed themselves to nurture this chemistry between them into a real relationship. He wasn't sure when exactly did the epiphany hit him, but when it did, he felt as if he'd woken up from a hazy daze to see and realize that she was the reason why he was feeling so much more contented now than with any other woman he had been with before. The thought pattern usually followed in this order -- first optimistically imagining the future potential they'd have as a couple, and then bleakly contemplating the risk of losing her if he tried to push her into it too soon or too much.

He knew how ambivalent she was about commitment, a while ago when they were still just friends, she'd once shared her fears of being emotionally trapped by another person. Having seen her mother go through depression because of her father, and then seeing them go through a messy divorce when she was barely seven. Fast forward about a decade later, and again, she witnessed both her older sister and brother repeat the same mistakes as her parents with similar results. She told him candidly that based on her family's track record so far, on top of her own twice failed attempts at a relationship previously, life was definitely telling her that getting involved with someone whom she would have to label as her boyfriend was generally a bad idea for her.

Val found it strange that this logic and life rationale was coming from the same woman who'd willingly gone on the pill for him just so they could forgo the rubber. Despite their friendship and close intimacy, he knew that she would rather run a mile away from him than say yes to being his girl in the most exclusive and public sense of the word. If he hadn't known her before this, he would've been downright offended with her reluctance to get involved given the number of offers he'd received to be some girl's significant other.

Try as he might to forget about it, the idea itself had taken a life of its own. Stubbornly it had stuck itself at the back of his mind, back and forth it went, troubling him for days until he relented. Finally deciding that it was time for him to bite the bullet and take that leap of faith in both of them. Ultimately, life was too short for regrets and he was never a man who did nothing when he knew that an action could be taken. He just needed to find the right place and time to execute it in a way that wouldn't terrify her when he broached it.

Several weeks later, as fate would have it, he received a rare call from his younger brother that gave him a perfect window of opportunity.


With her glasses perched on top of her head, she sat, with her legs crossed comfortably at the opposite end of the couch in his living room, reading the newspaper with an intense focus. Dressed in a sheer white tank top with her nipples poking through the thin fabric, and her favorite sunny yellow tiny boy briefs that had "SPANK ME" printed in black bold font scrolled across her tight bottom. He watched as she adjusted her dark ebony locks to one side, letting those long straight locks rest over that side of her shoulder. He was glad that he managed to convince her to grow her tresses out, this hairstyle was indeed a perfect complement to her Pan Asian features and she looked deliciously like the perfect and lethal combination of adorably cute and incredibly sexy all rolled into one petite frame.

He found himself tempted to deviate from his original intention of asking her about the big question and just spank her as her underwear suggested, before taking her right there on the couch. It never ceased to amaze him that no matter what she wore or where they were , just the sight of her in a certain way could unexpectedly trigger him into action even when it was completely unintentional on her part.

"What is it?" she asked.


"Quit looking at me funny and tell me what it is." She put the newspaper aside neatly beside her and turned to look at him. "And don't tell me you're staring just because you want to have sex right here and now."

He cleared his throat nervously.

"I just know there has to be a reason other than sex when you asked me to stay here over the weekend." She crossed her arms casually.

"No, there isn't." he denied stubbornly, while at the same time wondering and not knowing why he lied so quickly.

She raised a skeptic eyebrow. "Really? Because normally we would be having crazy monkey sex now instead of simply enjoying the lovely afterglow of coffee and French toast you made earlier."

Val cursed himself silently at the nice gesture. He sighed, knowing full well that she was a lot more perceptive than any of the other women he had been with before.

"Val, whatever it is, just tell me." Her tone was gentle but serious at time.

"Alright." He started. "Well, you see, my brother is getting married and he wants me to be his best man."

"That sounds nice." She encouraged.

"I suppose so." Val nodded slowly, the next words had been played and replayed over a dozen variations in his head and even up till now he was not sure what would be the right way to say it.

"So on top of that, Nicola also asked if I would be bringing someone with me because he's arranging accommodation on our side of the family and wants to know the details of my...rooming preferences."

Val watched her process the words for a minute, only a tiny glimpse of surprise showed in her eyes before she had her poker face on again.

"Oh, I see." Was all she could muster.

"And I know there's still a few months till the wedding but I really do want you to come with me to New York. "

He found himself holding his breath in anticipation, looking into her unreadable eyes, not knowing if she was happy or fearful of the request that came across more like a demand. After a short moment that felt more like an hour to Val, she asked, "How long is this trip going to be?"

"Five days." He replied plainly.

"Spending five days in the Big Apple with just you and your family." She pondered aloud, he could almost sense her apprehension at the entire idea already.

He bent forward in his seat. Head in his hand, thinking she would withdraw from him now that he's shown her what he wanted from her, and felt almost regretful for trying. He heard her taking in a deep breath and shifting about on the couch.

"Have you thought about the consequences?" she questioned softly. "What this would make us?"

"I have and I know." He whispered.

He saw her dainty feet appear on the portion of the floor he was staring at, facing towards him. He looked up at her and to his relief saw that she had a slight smile on her face. She reached for both his hands to pull him out of the seat.

"Alright, I'll do it on one condition. And how well you perform on this condition is going to help determine on whether or not I'll actually go with you."

He mildly squinted his eyes in suspicion and bewilderment. "And what is that condition?"


Before he could even comprehend what she really meant about her condition, Val found his arms raised and in the process of being bound together to the metal bed frame above his head with his very own silk ties in his own king-sized bed.

"I remember you using this very same tie to restrain me the first time we had sex." She reminisced, while tightening the knot expertly around his wrists. "Mmm, admittedly just thinking about it makes me feel kind of horny." She confessed.

Kayla then made sure that he was leaned against a stack of pillows propping his neck and head up slightly so that he wasn't lying completely flat on the bed. "Don't want you to miss the view." She whispered and gave him a quick kiss once she was satisfied with his position.

Feeling almost afraid yet strangely turned on in such unfamiliar circumstances as the role of submissive male, Val couldn't help but half-joke, "You know, funny thing is that I always thought I was the Master."

Kayla simply smiled as she moved his legs apart to kneel between them on the bed. Touching herself subtly while stripping off her clothes bit by bit seductively, increasingly enjoying the fact that he could do nothing but watch on helplessly. While she enjoyed being his sexually submissive female most of the time, seeing his breathing get heavier with each passing minute now thrilled her as she realized that her secret fantasy of giving a little payback to Val was about to come true.

"Hmm, Mistress Kayla would beg to differ." She taunted as she threw her top on the floor. "But let's just see how well you do first."

"Hey," He smirked. "being Italian makes me a natural alpha-male at anything, and you know I'm always up for just about any challenge."

"We'll soon see about that." She winked slyly.

With only her boy briefs left, she straddled him on her knees and stood slightly above his torso with her shoulders proudly thrown back. To his surprise, she started pulling and squeezing her breasts together, moaning as she pinched her nipples until they were stiff like tiny round beads.

Val felt his cock stir to life with the imagery, straining to be set free from his briefs. He breathed even deeper in an attempt to stay calm and collected, refusing to give in to her ways just yet.

She looked down and noticed the bulge in his briefs, a wicked grin spread across her face. Bending forward, with both hands holding onto the metal bed frame above him, she crawled forward and leaned one breast over his lips, just barely touching. He didn't need any prompting from her as he licked and sucked on her, wanting badly to touch and squeeze her tits. He growled as he bit her nipple lightly, she squealed with delight and withdrew when he let go, moving her other breast towards his lips and pushing it forward into his face. Happily, he licked and sucked on it too while she moaned. "Oh yes, that's it baby." she thrilled, looking into his eyes and seeing the frustration at the loss of control slipping through his eyes momentarily, and it turned her on even more.

As he continued, she brought one hand down and stuffed it into her already wet briefs to play with herself, touching and rubbing the outside of her pussy, she could feel herself getting hotter and wetter by the second. She pulled back from him and straightened up, standing up above him to remove her briefs, and dangled it in front of him for a few seconds before tossing it aside, letting him see how wet it had gotten. She remained standing to give him a full view of her pussy, teasing him further as she rubbed the outer lips of her labia, hissing as she did so.

"Oh damn baby, that is one juicy pussy." He remarked, practically salivating at the sight.

She chewed on her lower lip as she slid her fingers in slightly, all the way in to her knuckles. Then she slowly pulled them out, revealing them to be drenched and glistening in her juices. She kneeled between him again and his eyes were glued to her pussy, watching it being spread apart. She brought his attention back to her eyes when her wet fingers pressed lightly on his lips, rubbing her wetness across his lips. Gladly he obliged, opening his mouth to lick and suck on her fingers, hungrily tasting her sweet nectar.

When she was satisfied with his work, she withdrew them and placed those same digits back into her pussy with traces of his spit. Shoving them slowly in and out of herself a few times before taking them out to spread her juices along her entire slit.

Once she was satisfied, she leaned back, propping herself with one hand as she lifted her butt off slightly to ensure he had a better view of her. He groaned at the sight of her pulling her labia apart just for him to watch as she brought her middle and ring fingers to the centre of her pussy rubbing herself in a slow pace, inserting them into herself tentatively as her wetness started to leak, running down to her ass cheeks at this point.

Uncontrollably, she cried in pleasure as she felt her fingers plunge in and out gradually picking up her pace with each tiny thrust. After a while she pushed herself back up and kneeled in an upright position again. Her other free hand came up to grab at one side of breast eagerly, squeezing and teasing her nipple before moving to the other one.

Val was in awe of this woman in front of him, burning herself in a sexual fire. It was as if Kayla had turn into another being in a matter of seconds, behaving like an all out complete slut with no reservations of herself, and he had to admit it was irresistibly sexy to see her like this.

When she pulled her fingers out, they were drenched and soaking wet. She held them to his lips once more and immediately, he opened up and licked her, sucking the juices in greedy slurp as she thrust her fingers in and out of his mouth forcefully.

With a mixture of his spit and her juices, he watched her put her fingers back in one last time to fuck herself. He knew the signs and saw her shiver with delight, her mouth crying out wordlessly in a pretty shape of an O as she came. When she was done, she pulled her fingers out and licked them eagerly just for his visual pleasure.

"Damn, you're killing me, girl." He groaned. It was getting harder not to want out of his restraints and he could also tell his briefs were already wet with pre-cum.

"Here comes the next part." She announced with a smirk. "Boy, I hope you're ready."

She reached over his right to the drawer in the nightstand next to the bed and pulled out her silk scarf. "No peeking." She teased.

"Hey, you never said anything about having..." He started to protest, but it was useless. She blindfolded him securely and whispered in his ear. "Remember when you put the blindfold over me at the office and I was scared shitless because I didn't know it was you at first? Well, this is just a tiny payback for that." She cooed, sticking her tongue in his ear for good measure.

"Kayla, are you insane? Untie me right this instance!" he managed to strangle out, although her tongue assault on his ear canal was weakening his resolve to be angry at her.

"Trust me, you're going to enjoy this a lot." She promised and bit his ear lobe for emphasis.

He felt her move and her weight left the bed as she padded across the room. "Don't you dare leave here like this." He warned.

"Don't be afraid, darling. I just needed to get something." She giggled. "It's a good thing you're only wearing your extremely old tee shirt today."

"What?" Val could hardly make sense of what she meant before he felt her straddling him again, strategically resting her pussy against his cock, separated only by the fabric of his briefs. He inhaled sharply as he felt her wetness penetrate through, she rubbed herself slowly, feeling his cock straining with the need to be free. Soon enough, their bodies were slick with sweat and the air in their bedroom once again held a musky scent that reeked of sex.

Failing to control himself, he arched his back, and groaned. "You know, I am going to make you pay for this if you don't let me go now."

"Those are big words for a man who's tied up by his own ties. But if you want me to go to New York with you, then don't move," she cautioned. Using one hand to secure him back down on the bed. He held still while he felt a cold metal object brush past his lower abdomen and then the sound of fabric ripping and tearing as he felt his tee shirt fall apart on both sides.

"Damn, babe, you've gone crazy." He muttered, it was a maddening state of confusion for him to feel so tremendously turned on yet so infuriatingly angry with her at the same time.

Her fingers trailed across his body lightly, lingering at certain points, as though she were exploring the touch of his skin and the swell and curve of his muscles for the very first time. It felt strangely comforting and soothing until he felt her crawl upwards and kiss him full on the lips, her tongue slipped into his mouth, sliding it across his own as her nails dug painfully into his chest. He growled in response, feeling tremendously turned on by her newfound take-charge approach.

Kayla's kisses trailed downwards to his collar bone, and then lower to his chest where she nipped at his nipples gently, before trailing lower and finally reaching his prized manhood. He felt her rubbing it tenderly for a brief second, sighing in pleasure before fervently pulling his briefs off in one forceful move. Feeling his dick so abruptly sprung free, Val couldn't help but gasp in surprise.

Kayla settled herself at the foot of the bed, smiling at the sight of her reward. With one hand she stroked his cock firmly a few times as she licked the pre cum from the tip, simultaneously her other hand reached lower to fondle with his testicles, massaging them tenderly . He groaned as she tormented him with light gentle flicks, covering the tip of his cock with feather light kisses as her small hand pumped him vigorously.

He felt her weight back on the bed and then the familiar smell of her sex was upon him.

Without having her to prompt him, he strained his head forward and licked her hot and wet pussy. Steadfastly ignoring the pain of having his arms at such an uncomfortable angle, his tongue transformed itself to a spear, assaulting her inner folds as deep as he could go, moving up and down as he sucked the juices from her. Even in captive, he was making her doubt who was really in charge, reminding her how much she wanted his cock to fill her up.

She found herself panting with desire and yelled, "Oh, fuck yes Val, that's it. Mmm, that feel so good." She moved her hips and grinded herself into his face. It took a few moments before she managed to compose herself and stretch forward as far as she could without making him loose contact with her pussy.

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