tagRomanceKeep On Trucking

Keep On Trucking


It was late, it was cold, and Ron was behind schedule as he came down I-69 into Flint with his load of car parts. The only thing on his mind was unloading, dinner, shower and a bed. He didn’t even want a woman in it, that’s how beat he was tonight.

Ahead and on the side of the road he spotted a Chevy Suburban obviously disabled with its radiator overheating and steam pouring into the frigid air. He slowed down as a protective measure in case he needed to take any kind of action. Motorist could be dumb when it came to large fast moving trucks. He wasn’t about to stop until he saw the woman bent over the engine as he slowly went by. He pulled over.

Damn his mother for raising him a gentleman anyway. He pulled himself out of the cab and sauntered back. "You can’t fix that tonight ma’am. Can I give you a lift up the road to the nearest station?"

She looked up and he was hooked. She had huge liquid green eyes that you dove into and wanted to stay, and from the lines on her face you could see she had been beautiful as a young girl and had ripened into a lovely woman with the most serene smile he had ever seen. It didn’t hurt that her face was framed by the most beautiful copper colored hair he had ever saw in his rather long life.

She smiled again, "Thank you, I was turning into an icicle here, let me get my bag and lock the car". He watched her walk away, she moved with a subtle confidence he found intoxicating she was a woman who knew who she was, and where she was going. She returned holding a suitcase and a small purse.

"Oh, "He said, "You were going on a trip, this will slow you down". He pointed back at the Suburban. She shook her head "no" then, giggled. "Do you believe in fate?" He replied "Sometimes"

"While I wasn’t going to take the car and then I did just to piss my husband off. I am running away from home. I guess I really wasn’t meant to have it."

He couldn’t help laughing the look on her face demanded it. She looked like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

He made up his mind in that moment to invite her to join him on his trip. "Guess not, hey if you can wait until the morning, I am on the way to California with a load of car parts, you’re welcome to keep me company." She stepped back and looked him up and down. He felt himself tighten and lengthen at her appraisal. He knew it was among everything else sexual. Finally she smiled and said "Deal I always wanted to see what living in a truck would be like."

Finally they introduced themselves, she told him her name was Merry English, and she was after twenty years of living with an abusive husband finally leaving. He told her his name was Ron Towers and that he was divorced after ten years of marriage to a woman who couldn’t stay out of other men’s beds when he was on the road. They agreed life wasn’t always fair but always interesting.

He dropped her off at a small local motel and told her he would pick her up at 7a.m. the next morning. He watched her watching him until the truck was out of sight.

Seven the next morning found her in the coffee shop, finishing breakfast and reading a paper. He dropped into the seat and said "One cup of coffee and I will be ready to travel." She nodded and got up and headed for the woman’s room. He was impressed she was back in five minutes. He helped her into the truck and she smelled marvelous, she had a nice curvy body and firm tits, they brushed against him as he showed her how the seat belt fastened.

He smiled to himself as he walked to the other side of the cab. This trip was going to be a lot more fun then traveling alone. He adjusted himself before climbing inside; suddenly his jeans were not near as comfortable as usual.

The first hundred miles or so they talked catching up on who they were and how they got to this part of their lives. He found out she did not have any children. She had lost two after her husband beat her up while pregnant and that she was older then she looked thirty-eight. He told her he didn’t have kids either but had always wanted a herd. That made for a few moments of quiet time. They went on from there to the schools they had attended, jobs they had held, and things they had done and always wanted to do. They were coming up on a small town when Merry suggested a short grocery store stop. "You wait in the truck and I will pick up stuff for lunch and we can have a picnic at one of those pull off roadside parks you guys stop at all the time.

He knew of a particularly beautiful one coming up in about two hundred miles so he agreed. She was quick and brought back stuff in a cooler already packed with ice she wouldn’t show him telling him it would be a surprise. He hadn’t been surprised in a long time.

Finally they reached the park, as they stopped she told him first the rest room and then lunch. She came out looking better then she went in. She had changed her top to something lighter as the day was getting warm and added perfume and makeup. He decided for the first time in months that he was interested in something besides food and sleep. He pulled off in the back and helped her unload the two grocery bags and the cooler. She had bought plates, cups, silverware, and a thermos full of coffee, wine, and an assortment of deli delicious smelling foods. Usually he grabbed a fast hamburger and fries this was health food to him and he told her so. They crunched their way through deli kosher dill pickles, a rice salad that he wasn’t sure what was in it, but it tasted delicious, huge roast beef sandwiches with horseradish sauce and tomatoes and chopped cabbage that she made out of packets and bottles and ended with the most sinful chocolate cheesecake that he had ever eaten. She feed them each pieces of this explaining she only bought one slice so she wouldn’t eat the whole thing. Finished he helped clean up and put everything into the cooler she had purchased with ice from the rest stop. He then suggested a nap. She smiled and said, "I have been dying to try that bunk out". She pulled off her jeans and the last thing he saw as he watched with open mouth was the black silk thread of her thong snuggled between tight creamy white ass cheeks as she scooted up into the bunk. He pulled his off, locked the truck, and joined her.

Not wanting to presume he lay down and pulled her close the only way to sleep in the crowded interior. She turned up her face and giggled. "Don’t I at least get a kiss to send me off to sleep?"

He obliged, she tasted wonderful resplendent of garlic, and roast beef and all the earthy flavors of their lunch and that special flavor of woman that he had missed for far too long. He found himself cupping her breast and felt her hand curl around his lengthening package as they drifted off to sleep dreaming of the possibilities.

He woke up to the feel of a hot wet mouth curled around his cock which was slowly rising to the challenge. He lay quiet as long as he could enjoying the delicate sensual way she licked him wet all over from below his balls up around his sack his whole member and back before she ever touched the head. He gave up with a groan deep in his throat when her tongue flicked out and finally touched his now sensitive head.

She looked up and smiled at him, "I was so good about the cheesecake I figured I was entitled to more dessert. He pushed up into her mouth and she quit talking and got back to work. He sniffed and grinned. A lot of women who did oral sex didn’t like it, but the odor of her arousal was everywhere. He suddenly realized how long it had been since he smelled a hot woman. He jerked in her mouth as he reached to pull her hair back to watch her work on him. He warned her how close he was to coming and suddenly he felt something covering his arousal. The minx had put a condom in her mouth and unrolled it over his cock. She sat up and pulling off her panties moved to seat him at her entrance. He placed his hands on her hips picked her up and dropped her. "Oh my God!" she laughed. He sat still as she absorbed his size and accommodated to him. Finally she started to move on him. She was wet and it felt even through the condom wonderful. He laid back and said, "Go for it as his fingers one hand teased at her clit and the other pushed up her top to find naked breasts and hard ready nipples to pull and twist.

Soon they were lost in the dance of all lovers through time. Pushing here, pulling there, seating him deep, and then moving out to barely containing his head before slamming down on his entire length. He felt the liquid rolling of his juices as they gathered and tightened his balls and felt her breath grow more rapid and her muscles ripple over his cock as she climbed the same mountain. When she slid down his cock the last time and rocking stayed there he felt her spasm felt her hands beating him and heard her cries of joy as she was rocked by a major force climax. He pushed up and holding her hips pushed once twice and again and joined her.

He turned her to the side and holding her close, withdrew, and removed the condom pushing it into the bag he kept for throwaway stuff when he was reading in his bunk. That done he closed his eyes and they slept.

Two hours later, he woke up. Crawled out of the bunk and covering her up told her to sleep. He wiggled back into his jeans started the truck and was five hundred miles down the road when Merry woke up again and joined him. He smiled at the sight of her in her short t-top and thong panties curled up in her seat.

"Well hello sleepy head, welcome back. She grinned, and patted him running her hand up his leg. "May I saw thank you both to you and that wonderful cock of yours, for that marvelous climax. Which by the way is the first climax I have had in years that I didn’t give myself and let me tell you it has those beat hands down."

He laughed. She didn’t put her jeans back on until hunger drove them to stop for dinner almost six hours later. She was easily the most beautiful woman in the diner and men who he often talked with as he drove coast to coast every week sought out his table this time to talk to the pretty lady. She smiled and was polite but made it clear to one and all she was his woman and not available without a word or overt gesture. Soon they found themselves alone and he was glad.

He checked his progress and told her it would be a long night he had to make at least another five hundred miles before he could sleep to stay on schedule. She got the thermos refilled while he hit the rest room and he was surprised to see she had also purchased sandwiches for a late supper on the go. "This and leftovers from lunch will keep us awake. She had also bought a book and a flashlight. I figure I can read to you when we run out of things to talk about, funny thing it was the latest Stephen King and they hadn’t discussed books but he was one of his favorite authors. Another thing they had in common.

Eight hours later close to midnight somewhere just inside Texas they pulled over to rest. Merry had crawled into the bunk about an hour before when he found her falling asleep as she tried to read to him. He had pushed in one of his books to listen to and promised to join her soon. He lasted another hour the drone of the wheels and the thought of her hot body waiting for him was too much it was time to rest. He was amazed how good it felt and how fast he slept once he crawled in beside her his last thought was usually he was so wired from coffee and thinking that sleep avoided him when he needed it worst. He barely heard the alarm when it went off. Surprised to find Merry out of the bunk He crawled out and pushing the door open was jolted awake by the sight of his traveling companion naked in a nearby pond washing. The sun reflecting off her hair surrounded her in shimmering light and he was mesmerized and aroused by the sight. He looked around and then said, "The hell with it dropped his jeans on the edge of the pond and waded out to join her.

"I smelt of stale sex and sweat and I wanted to smell good for you. He ducked his head and nuzzled her neck. "Yep it worked. Got any of that soap for me?" She did and proceeded to wash him clean and hard at the same time. Then giggling and laughing she pushed him, as he fell he pulled her down to get even and they were naked and in the middle of water fight when he heard the sound of wheels pulling into the parking lot. They scurried up on the bank, and were wrapped in their blanket when the Sheriff pulled in and exited his car.

"Morning All," he smiled on them. "Having an early morning swim were you?" Ron answered, "Yes Sir, I hope that wasn’t against the law?" Sheriff shook his head no, "Just wishing I had been quicker I bet that lady is mighty pretty under that blanket". Merry looked at Ron, and smiling opened the blanket quickly and then closed it. The Sheriff smiled,

"Now that’s a nice way to wake up, you all enjoy Texas now" and grinning he got back in his car and took off.

They laughed all the way back to the truck, got dressed and found the coffee was still tolerable warm and the food still chilled and so they ate breakfast and laughed about the swim , the sheriff, his free look which would probably have him masturbating later or enjoying his own woman thanks to them . It was a good start to the morning.

Once the site was cleaned up and everything tossed away, Ron helped Merry up into the truck since she still hadn’t put on her jeans he smiled and pushed her down across the seat moving her panties out of the way and buried his head in her naked mound.

"I figure I need some dessert before I start my working day and holding her by her hips he plunged into the depths of her body. She tasted tart with a sweet over-taste and he found her moistening immediately as he licked and bite and teased her until screaming she came for him. Licking his lips and then pulling her up to share her taste he smiled,"Now that’s what I call the start of a good day." All Merry could do was nod and grin. She did manage to ask how much longer before they arrived in California. She also asked him what they were going to do after he dropped his load. Was it backing across the country again or did he have time to play a little?"

Since he hadn’t picked up a load yet he could afford to take a day or so off and the thought of her and him and a real bed had him hard at once.

"Well," he drawled "darling, I could take a couple of days off and then you could pick a state you would like to see next if California doesn’t suit your style". He knew from the squeeze she gave his ready cock he had found a traveling companion.

He spent the next hour telling her of all the delights awaiting her the first time they shared a real bed together.

© 9-15-04

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