Keep Them Burning Ch. 1-2


"Negotiation?" She asked. Gaheris grinned and shook his head.

"Never mind... I was just thinking aloud..."

"Oh really... and what exactly was it you wanted to negotiate?" She asked teasingly lowering her mouth to his. He responded hungrily. That always made Beka smile, how gentle he tried to be, when she knew that every bit of him was aching to just consume her.

Beka pulled back once more, waiting for him to answer the question. He raised an eyebrow. There was that confidence again, why could she bring it out in him now, but it failed him so many times... She stopped the thought, refusing to let it get to her.

"Well Beka... I was just wondering how I might convince you to move in here." She rolled her eyes and blew a sharp burst of air through her lips.

"Don't start with me or I will leave right now.... " she was only partly serious, she wouldn't leave. His face broke into a grin and she realised he was teasing her. She smacked a hand sharply to his chest.

"Don't tease me Rhade..." His grin grew wider and he grabbed her wrist before she could slap it down again. He pulled her down to him and kissed her passionately, his tongue roughly probing her mouth, trying to draw her into him. He could feel himself hardening as the thoughts of what was to come rushed into his mind, he moaned softly into the kiss. Feeling Gaheris' arousal, Beka found herself instinctively pushing her hips to his, pressing the full length of her body, soft and warm, against his firm physique. Beka leaned forward into the kiss, her eagerness matching his as she stretched her arms out with his, moving them above his head. Once his arms were reached out Beka continued her fingers down his chest as she pulled from his kiss and moved her lips to his neck.

Trying to keep control Gaheris tried to remain still, fighting his instinct to claim her as his, the way he had so many times before. He gritted his teeth down as Beka continued to trail licking, nipping, biting kisses from his neck down to his collar bone and chest. He stifled a moan and frowned, unable to stop himself squirming a little under her attentions.

"Beka..." He breathed as she moved her lips to a nipple, his hand coming down to run through her hair, he could feel her lips smiling against him, enjoying the reaction he had in her. He knew she was just wondering how far she could push him each time before he needed to take control. Moving out the reach of his hand Beka continued her kisses down his toned stomach, as she began to move lower Gaheris could feel his length aching, wanting her touch.

Gaheris sat up sharply and grasped Beka's shoulder. Although the thought of her perfect mouth gently curved around his cock thrilled him, he didn't want her like this, he wanted to be inside her, her body pressed to his, absorbing her into every fibre of his being. He pulled Beka back up toward him so that she was once again straddling his hips.

Beka smiled, she had been able to tease him longer than this before, he must really need her tonight, but she couldn't resist pushing him that little bit further. She moved her hands over to the hand resting on her right shoulder, taking it in hers she ran her fingers along his arm. Pulling his arm toward her she blew gently along the top of it, watching with some glee as his boneblades, already standing erect from his arm, quivered, and the hairs stood on end. Beka grinned and looked at Gaheris, that glint in his eye telling her he was reaching his limit. She pulled the arm further to her, taking his hand in hers and moving the other one to massage between his boneblades again. She began to lay soft kisses down his arm before replacing her fingers with her tongue, gently probing the sensitive area around the protrusions.

A look of bliss crossed Gaheris' face and he closed his fingers tighter on Beka's hand as he shuddered a little and let out a low growl. Just as Beka thought she felt him swaying, amused by the thought that she might get him to come first this time, he suddenly pulled back before grabbing her hips and rolling them over, coming to rest on his elbows, his boneblades pressed against the bed either side of her. Beka raised a wry eyebrow.

"What are you going to do now Rhade?" Gaheris shivered a little as she said his name. Words sprouting in his mind... out of Rebecca by Rhade.... He let out a groan from the back of his throat as he ground his hips to hers, pinning her beneath him.

"Beka..." He moaned her name this time, adding quietly "Rebecca...." Hungrily his lips met her neck, his teeth scraping the skin. He needed her so much, and her trying to please him only resulted in teasing him more. He moved back up, pressing his forehead to hers, trying to regain some focus, wanting this to last. Steadying his breathing he rolled slightly and pulled his right arm between them, leaning back enough so that he could run his boneblades gently across her skin, licking his lips as he did. He smiled as she shuddered a little as they hit a ticklish spot, before moving them back across the other way and smoothing his hand down her side to her hip. He leaned in to take her lips, pressing almost bruising kisses to them in his urgency to please her, to have her. He slowly slid his hand from her hip, over and between her legs as he kissed her again, taking her moan into his mouth. He slipped his fingers inside her as he pushed his thumb to her clit, building a rhythm, she moaned pushing herself into him, wanting more. Their lips broke apart as Beka panted for air and Gaheris tried to keep control of himself, he knew his own pleasure would be much sweeter knowing that he had pleased her so completely.

The scent of her arousal was becoming quite heady and Gaheris had to grit his teeth to maintain the gentle rhythm of his hand between her legs, he could feel her reaching the edge, but she reached a hand up to his arm and shook her head. Sliding her hand down until she reached his exposed boneblades and began gently rubbing her fingers between the protrusions. Gaheris moaned and tried to push what she was doing to the edge of his senses as he continued to circle his thumb against her clit as her moaning increased. As Beka began to gasp her breaths were laced with short moans as her stomach muscles tightened in anticipation of the release to come. Hearing her moans Gaheris bit his lower lip as he brought her over the edge his eyes now rolling a little as his erection seemed to become unbelievably heavy, aching to be satiated. With a few last groans Beka gave in as spasms passed through her body in waves, with pure pleasure and relief flowing through her until her body relaxed back into the bed, trying to get her breath back.

Her eyes closed lightly as Gaheris lay light kisses down her neck, she knew that he had wanted to please her first, he had always been like that with her, but she couldn't help but smile as his hard length pressed against her. Despite or perhaps because of her own release she was even more turned on than before as she leaned up to whisper to him.

"What would you like Gaheris... let me please you..." She had tried many times before, and though sometimes he let her, he continued to relentlessly pursue actively pleasing her. She supposed it was a Nietzschean thing and she wasn't going to complain, but on a day like this she was sure he was the one in much more need of stress relief than she was. Gaheris leaned his forehead back against hers, his breathing ragged as she started once more to move her fingers over the skin where his blades were born, sending shivers through his body. His voice was deep and guttural as he replied.

"Move in with me..." He wanted her here all the time, just his, whenever he wanted to have her. Maybe even part of him thought that once she moved in it wouldn't take forever to convince her to join with him, give him children. The image of her presenting him with a double helix jumped to the fore of his mind and he took her lips passionately before she could answer.

He knew she wanted to please him, and he knew she was quite capable, but he was the man, it was for him to prove his worth. Unable to hold back any more he was unconscious of the low growl he made as he pulled her legs up over his hips, leaving her totally open to him. As he moved back onto his elbows he pushed slowly inside her, looking down and smiling at that sweet look on her face as she moved her legs higher and lifted her hips to better accommodate him. He paused for a moment.

"This pleases me Beka" He told her softly as he leaned his head forward, nuzzling into her neck before he began to build a steady rhythm. Beka had stifled a small gasp as he entered her – it always felt like the first time with him, maybe that was another Nietzschean thing, a genetic trick to keep things interesting and new. Whatever it was it worked, and she gripped his shoulders, pressing her fingernails into his skin. He moaned into her neck, his immediate reaction to her nails digging into this shoulders Gaheris grunted, leaning over her and biting down a little on her own shoulder, trying to remain aware that she wasn't Nietzschean. Though trying to remain aware was getting harder and harder as he thrust deeper into her, feeling like he was losing himself in her. He could feel she was getting close, sense it in her as he quickened his pace and replacing the teeth on her shoulder with his lips, moving them back up her neck, wanting to taste every part of her that he could reach.

Beka felt like she was still buzzing from her previous orgasm, everything feeling so sensitive, as if every inch of her skin were tingling, only increasing the sensation of Gaheris' touch as she could feel herself getting closer once more to another climax, that like every time, would shudder through her until she was unable to bear anymore. She had no problem with letting him know how close she was as she began to let out gasps and groans, her hands flying to her sides, clinging to the bed sheets for dear life as he thrust into her somewhere on the edge between total pleasure and pain. The deeper he thrust the deeper she wanted him – wanting him to stay within her forever. Her breath caught in her throat and she let out sharp gasps as she finally went over the edge, biting her lower lip as she climaxed.

Beka's groaning had the same effect on him as always, serving only to arouse him all the more, and now as her muscles gripped him he could feel it was close. Beka reached her hands up to cup his face, bringing her lips to his, still panting, as she willed him on. In an almost whisper she moved her lips to his ear, as she felt the sweat from their bodies running together, not knowing whether he could even hear her anymore.

"Come for me Rhade...." She moved her lips back to his mouth and he kissed her hungrily, instinctively back as he thrust into her, her muscles pulsing around his cock, tightening, milking him. He thrust once more, completely spent into the ecstasy as he released his seed into her. The words in his head again... out of Rebecca by Rhade... making it all the sweeter.

Gaheris collapsed over Beka, trying to keep as much weight on his arms as he could, but happy for the moment to lose himself in the smell of her sweat. His head nuzzled into her neck as he pulled his arms around her, rolling onto his back and taking her with him, sliding from her and reaching over and grabbing at the thin covers finally finding enough to pull over. More to capture her smell for when she wasn't there than to keep them warm, their blood still pumping furiously.

They lay silently for a moment before Gaheris placed a gentle kiss on Beka's shoulder. "I need you... all the time." She didn't say anything, but then he hadn't expected her to.

Still trying to get her breath back, Beka slid from the bed and went for a glass of water, her mouth dry from the exertion. When she got back to the bed she smiled. Rhade seemed at peace, his breathing returning to normal, he had rolled onto his side.

When Beka slid from the bed Gaheris had resisted the urge to reach out for her. That wasn't what Beka would want. It was so difficult; he didn't understand human women and Beka least of all on occasion. He knew what she wanted and what she liked, but he also knew that to her sex was not the same. He was a warrior, he was genetically sound, to his mind the logical response would be to have his children. He had wooed her and won her, and were she Nietzschean she would by now have bestowed him with a double helix. As she had not he often felt unresolved and conflicted. He understood that it was because she was human, but at the same time it made him feel weak. He should be strong and prove his ability to provide for her, but instead he wanted to reach out to her as she left his bed, scared she wouldn't return. He rolled over into her pillow, breathing in her scent. His thoughts interrupted as she got back in bed, this time behind him, snuggling into his back.

"Do you love me Beka?" He asked, trying not to let any emotion sound through.

"Gaheris" Beka replied in a playful and dismissive tone. He frowned and shifted a little, almost unconsciously, not away from her, just a restless gesture. Beka sighed. "I care for you... deeply... but, love. That's a big thing. And to be honest I just don't know.... It doesn't have to be so... so, defined. Cant we just see where this goes?" Beka tried not to sound like she was exasperated, and she knew where he was coming from, things were different for Nietzscheans, love as they understood it was a genetic and social compatibility. She sighed quietly at his silence as she pressed a kiss to his shoulder.

Her answer had not been unsatisfactory but it had avoided a firm commitment. Love was so different for Nietzscheans, women were revered, the givers of life, bearers of children. The way he acted with Beka was the action of a worthy warrior wooing a mate for such a purpose, because she was, in his opinion, genetically sound, and an amazing woman in her own right. She was the sort of woman he wished to carry his children, if she would have him. As was the way, the decision was hers. He remembered talking to Dylan about it once, and Dylan suggesting that in some ways this made a man, a Nietzschean weak... Gaheris would never have agreed until now. Somewhere inside he wished she was Nietzschean so the games she didn't even realise she was playing would cease and their lives together could begin. He even wished he could say all this to her but knew he never would.

At his silence Beka pressed a series of kisses across his broad back, knowing the sensitive spots. But he rolled over, facing her, and pulled her into his arms. She couldn't keep avoiding one type of intimacy by engaging in another.

"Not tonight Beka..." They had spent so many nights making love for hours, if it weren't such good sport Gaheris would find it too teasing after a while, knowing this woman would not allow herself to become pregnant any time soon. But today, he had needed to relax, needed to release the tension, wanted to prove his skills as a warrior in the only other way than fighting. But it was enough now. Rhade was back on his mind, the problem would still be there in the morning, though Beka likely wouldn't. She would disappear off to the Maru early leaving him to wake alone. He wanted to make the most of having her here with him now.

He buried his face in her hair as her head leaned into his chest, her scent imprinted on his brain he would be able to find her anywhere.

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