tagRomanceKeeping Her Promise

Keeping Her Promise

byBen Nichols©

I wrote this story for the love of my life, long before I ever saw her face or touched her hand. The emotions are real, still are to this day. She was a dream when I wrote it, and I am happy to say she makes the dream come true every day.

This one is yours Christie, always and forever.


Nicole couldn’t remember when someone had touched her so deeply. Her life always seemed to be satisfying and fulfilling, but something in his words always got to her. It started innocently enough; her husband traveled often leaving her alone with the children. After they all were tucked away for the night, she often found herself looking for adult conversation. She had heard so much about computer on-line services, she decided to finally hook the phone line to her system and try it out. She spent hours initially chatting and flirting with the faceless masses. It was great fun, no commitments, no infidelities, just innocent flirting and talking with newly found friends.

Under the protection of the anonymity, the conversations often turned to the erotic. Nicole always rejected the requests often made of her for more intimate and private discussions. Many of the people here spoke of their deepest darkest secrets and fantasies. She instead stayed with the groups, teasing and flirting. She made no excuses to her husband for this, it was just good clean fun. He knew that it was his bed that she would be in every night, and never showed any of the jealousy she detested so. She had been his since they were very young, and never given him any reason to mistrust her. Most people married as young as they, with children right away found life difficult. While they had their share of challenges, their family grew despite them. Nicole found herself not yet thirty with three children and an adoring husband. So night after night she checked in with her friends, talked about life in general, and alluded vaguely to the things sexual in the conversation that may have interested her.

Some of the people on-line came across better than others, it was easy to pick out someone that was only interested in discussing vulgar sexual topics. Those people were always quickly dismissed by the regulars, or worse yet shamed into leaving altogether. She amazed herself at how quickly she grew close to these people. It had to be the anonymity, that was all she could figure. They played out scenarios of strip teases, group hot tub parties and orgies, all make believe, all more amusing and arousing than the one before. She always avoided the topic of cybersex, people talking privately to one another while pleasuring themselves. While she enjoyed the tease, she had never touched herself, let alone admitted to anyone that she would have liked to try. Only once had someone lured Nicole into trying it, and she just sat staring at the erotic words on the screen. It worked her up into such a state that she had to run and wake up her husband. He didn’t ask questions, he just marveled at the wanton woman who suddenly appeared in his bed.

The men that Nicole met on-line often professed their love and devotion, or at least the cyber equivalent of such to her. She always made sure not to get too attached to any one person, for a good flirt never did. The person she became on-line slowly evolved into more of an alter ego than herself. This person did all the things she hoped and dreamed of, all the things that she could never do. This made things much easier to take for her, much easier to dismiss as just fiction and fantasy. There was nothing real here, only fictional love affairs and wise cracks. There was nothing real until Nicole met Ben.

She wasn’t sure how or why he had first caught her attention. She disliked him more than anything; he wasn’t as nice as the other people. He always seemed to be making smart-ass comments, making fun of newer people unfamiliar with the etiquette of the cyber community. Inside she always laughed, but to the others she did her best to appear aloof and cold to him. Ben’s alter ego did the things she wanted to do from time to time. He wasn’t afraid to say what was on his mind, and didn’t care who he offended. The extent of her interest ended there, he seemed nice enough.

No matter how much people tried, reality did tend to leak into this fantasy world. Many of the other people there had scanned pictures to send to others on-line. She decided to do this, for reasons she didn’t understand. Maybe she needed the people there to know how attractive she really was, for people often misrepresented themselves here. It was the night that Ben asked for her picture that everything changed. Suddenly he spoke to her more as a suitor than just a pal. He asked Nicole questions of the intimate nature so eloquently that she always felt encouraged to reply. She found herself being drawn deeper into fantasies with him, always wanting to answer and do anything he asked. She couldn’t put her finger on the reason, but something just kept gnawing at her about him. Ben actually made her consider the infidelities people discussed so openly on-line. When her breathing returned to normal, she always dismissed these thoughts. It was only playing, fantasy, nothing real could ever come from it.

Their discussions evolved over the next weeks, through electronic mail and chatting they discovered that life was much easier to deal with if they filed their altar ego’s as just that. It was almost like they had split personalities, the real people discussed work and family, and the altar ego’s always whispered sweet nothings in the other’s ear. They found themselves not talking in the group as much anymore, opting instead to talk privately. During this time Ben teased her mercilessly. He knew all the right buttons to push, all the right things to say. He was so much more eloquent than she at discussing things of an explicit sexual manner; she never could find the words. She sat night after night, letting Ben take her away from reality, and into a world where only they existed. This world had no guilt, no children, no offices, only a mutual tease.

Although no one could ever see, Nicole always felt sexier if she changed for bed before going on-line. Somehow discussing the things that she did with her cyber boyfriend always felt sexier when she was scantily clad. She usually opted to a short robe, and the panties du jour. Then when Ben asked her what she was wearing, she could tell him truthfully. And when he asked Nicole to touch herself, all her aching needs were easily accessible. He was forever asking her to touch herself more intimately for him, but this was something she could never do. She needed flesh, someone there to hold her, to touch her. Touching things herself always left her wanting more, feeling more frustrated than satisfied. She would indulge him somewhat, gently tugging her stiff nipples when he asked, perhaps even pulling her panties up close against her gushing desire.

Nicole made Ben only one promise in all the time they had shared. He needed to know that she was truly his in their fantasy world. He needed to know that she was open and willing to each and every thing that they discussed. He would ask her what she would do for him, and her reply always came the same way. To any of his requests, no matter what or when then question, Nicole would reply, “Anything." This being the only promise they shared, but one that opened worlds to them. This man never failed to get to her, leaving her aroused for days after. She had more trouble than anything explaining her newfound desires to her husband, usually opting just to just sizzle, thinking of her imaginary lover, imagining Ben next to her. He always told her that it hurt him so, to think of her so aroused, and unable to do anything at all to help her.

They continued like this for what seemed like forever, even moving towards discussing these things on the telephone. He would call her from work, at work and tease her more. Sometimes they discussed life in general, but mostly just their mutual yearning. A place in her life had been filled. She was in her mind the bad girl she always longed to be, while never straying from her husband, never going outside of her marriage. Nicole could never tell her husband how this relationship had evolved. She always kept it to herself, a naughty little secret. She felt the same things as she would if she actually strayed, without straying. She was always secretly grateful that he was a thousand miles away. If he were perhaps closer, she wasn’t sure that she could maintain her distance.

The chatting on-line had become more a part of Nicole’s life than just an occasional diversion. There wasn’t a night that went by that she didn’t at least check her electronic mail. Months went by, and her friendships grew. She always looked forward to chatting with her friends on-line, but she always excused herself when Ben came in. She longed during the day for the way he always made her feel. She always felt her tummy twist up when Ben started whispering those naughty things to her. Eating was never an option after talking to him; it was better than any diet Nicole had ever been on.

Her annual conference was looming near. She had always looked forward to this in the past, but her alter ego had swept her away from the things that she enjoyed in the past. Four days in New York, days spent discussing business, evenings spent with co-workers and vendors, usually toasting to the new fiscal year. This was almost a week away from her husband and children, a welcome diversion normally. But this also meant that Nicole would not be spending her usual time with her friends on-line. She felt silly, this was only fantasy, but she dreaded being gone nonetheless.

Nicole made her plans for an out of town trip known to her friends on-line, making sure that they knew she would be back. Privately she shared her feelings with Ben, how much she would miss him and the erotic trips he always took her on. As the day loomed nearer, she even opted to give him the number of her hotel, so that she wouldn’t be without him totally. He promised that he would call, and promised that he would miss her even more. She packed the night before right after work, so that she could spend her usual time on-line with her friends. Her plane left early the next morning, but as usual she stayed up later than she should have with him. Until the wee hours they typed back and forth to each other, amazed at how alike they thought. Nicole finally tore herself away, feeling more frustrated than ever before.

The next day came and went as it did years before. Nicole arrived at her hotel, checked in, and set about unpacking. After lunch, the conferences began, long-winded executives droning on and on about nothing of consequence. She put on her best face as always, asked intelligent questions and appeared generally enthused and interested in the topics. The end of the day came none too quickly for her, she excused herself and headed for her room. After a call home to the hubby and kids, she checked her hair and makeup and headed back downstairs.

These conferences always turned out to be more of a marathon than anything else. Covering as much business as possible during the day, and drinking to excess at night. She took her usual poison, sitting down with some people from her office. Somehow the dinner that they were planning on having never happened, they instead opted for appetizers in the bar, and another round. She suddenly realized the tease that she had always longed to be was becoming more and more her. It was almost like her alter ego had stepped into her reality. Nicole normally dismissed men in general who approached her.

But tonight was somehow different, the sidelong glances from men at the bar were returned. The drinks sent from other tables were accepted. Anyone else in the bar would not have wondered long why all these men were fawning over her. You would never know that this sultry beauty was the mother of three. Nicole’s long curls framed a beautiful face. The incredible eyes and full lips turned every head in the room. She had a way of making traditional business attire seem hot. The skirt while not ridiculously short, rode up her trim thighs quite nicely as she sat on the barstool. Her deep tan showed nicely against her virginal white blouse, perhaps with a button or two more than normal undone. She felt strangely confident tonight, at ease with all the flirting and teasing. Nicole’s co-workers seemed amused at her behavior, not knowing where this temptress came from. She was usually so reserved and quiet, blushing at the slightest off color comment. But tonight she held court, sitting up tall on the bar stool, thrusting her breasts out proudly, dangling one of her decadently high heels off her left toe.

Little did she know that one person in the bar was watching her more closely than the others. He had more than a casual interest in her. Ben sat back in a dark corner, marveling at how much more intoxicating Nicole was in person. He had seen her pictures countless times and memorized every curve of her face and frame. Unbeknownst to her, he had paid very close attention when she had shared her travel plans with him. He was able to make some quick travel arrangements, and book a room in the same hotel. He would call her as promised, but only when he was sure that her alter ego was running rampant. It was all that he could do to stand still. Ben had lusted for her for so long, and now Nicole was a scant ten feet away. He could hear her voice, a voice he had grown to know quite deeply. The big difference now being that he could watch her face when she laughed or smiled, and see it light up the whole room. Nicole was just as he had imagined, flying across the country to surprise her would definitely live up to his every expectation.

Ben spent the next hour or so wrestling with his conscience, not sure whether or not he could live with taking advantage of Nicole while she was in such a state. He cared for her deeply, and would never be able to live with affecting her reality. He knew that all their fantasies excited them both, but sometimes fantasy is best left as just that. Perhaps seeing Nicole would be enough for him, maybe he would just watch her for a while and leave. As the night wore on, Ben’s resolve vanished. He had to speak to her, to let her see him. He wasn’t even sure how he would approach her. The scene had played across his mind a thousand times, how things may unfold should they ever meet. Ben emptied his glass for another ounce of courage and motioned to the waitress.

Nicole had been in the bar for hours now, the empty glasses carted away each time her group ordered another round. She had not drunk to excess, only enough to maintain a healthy glow. She had forgotten reality in general; it was almost like being on-line. Friends sitting around, cracking jokes, an occasional off color comment, and just general teasing. Her confidence grew as the evening wore on; her alter ego had surely taken over. Nicole normally would have excused herself hours ago. In the past she always retired to her room early to review the next days itinerary. Always making sure that she was prepared for each speaker, making notes of questions or comments. She always took her position seriously at these conferences. Tonight however seemed much different. Nicole needed this time to herself, almost to reaffirm to herself that she still turned heads as she did in years past. When the waitress walked over with yet another drink from an admirer, she smiled and asked her to point out the individual.

Nicole looked across the bar to where the waitress had pointed. Her eyes locked with the man sitting on the other side of the bar. For the first time that evening, she looked away from an admirer. Something about him shook her deeply. She was sure she knew him, but couldn’t place where or when. She lifted her eyes again to his, finding him still gazing at her deeply. Her mind raced, her breathing was coming quicker as a deep blush ran down her neck into her cleavage. The voice of the waitress snapped her back into reality; apparently her admirer had requested that she join him. Nicole thanked the waitress, picked up her drink and crossed the room on legs of rubber. Her will was not her own, his eyes drew her to him. As she grew closer to him, it finally hit her. This was someone she knew, someone that in the very least she had seen once before. She was still a few steps away when she noticed the cocktail napkin under the glass in her hand. She stopped for a moment, there was something written on the back of it. She turned the napkin over to read what was written there, and her jaw dropped when she did. Printed across the back of the napkin was one word, large block letters spelling out “Anything.”

As if someone had knocked the wind out of her, Nicole reached for a railing to steady herself. Anyone looking may have thought that she had too much to drink, but nothing could be further from the truth. She suddenly was more sober than when she had walked in that night. She lifted her deep brown eyes to Ben’s; finally looking at the face of the man she had shared so much with. Nicole knew every line of his face now; she had stared at his pictures for countless hours. It amazed her that she had not recognized him sooner, but he was the last person she expected to see here. His home thousands of miles from here, all she hoped for a phone call, this was too much to believe. Ben rose and took her by the hand, pulling her from the railing to his table. He held her hand gently, not letting go once she sat down. Nicole stiffened when he brought it to his mouth, and quivered when she felt his lips on her flesh. His touch was just as she had imagined it, soft, warm and firm. She felt her body yielding to Ben’s touch as it yielded to his words on-line. He released her hand and Nicole reached for her drink, emptying it quickly to steady her racing heartbeat.

Nicole had always imagined a meeting between them as some sort of jubilant reunion. In her mind she saw them embracing and hugging, both grinning like a couple of fools. The actual moment proved much more intense, both of them staring deeply into the other’s eyes. She felt naked in front of Ben; she had shared so many of her deep and intimate thoughts with him. They may have only discussed what would happen should they meet, but Nicole felt like she made love to Ben countless times. Their erotic journeys spanned from the erotic to the kinky, but nothing could have prepared her for actually looking into his eyes.

Suddenly Nicole realized that she had made one very serious promise to this man. Did Ben expect her to actually be all the things in reality that she was in their fantasies? She was unsure if he actually did expect these things that she would be able to resist him. Ben was tall and dark, but far from the GQ type. She couldn’t look away from him, and the more she looked back at him, the more her stomach churned. It had to be his eyes, that was all she could figure. When Nicole had finally seen his picture after talking to him, she wasn’t disappointed. His large hands were as she imagined, and his double-breasted suit hung off his large frame nicely. While an attractive man, Ben was not someone who would have made her swoon on first sight. Perhaps it was because she knew his mind so completely, his every thought and dream. Nicole remembered all the things Ben described to her in a new light, so intensely that she actually felt like she had experienced them all.

She opened her mouth to speak, and as always Ben knew her thoughts. He explained that he was only here to meet her, nothing more. He cared for her deeply, and he wasn’t sure if Nicole could actually deal with her feelings the morning after if they were to follow through with their fantasies. Ben knew that he could, although somewhere deep inside he knew that it was wrong. He had a better understanding of how people who do this sort of thing on a regular basis might rationalize it. All his feelings of lust and desire for her were completely separate from reality. Nicole was a walking, talking fantasy, and afterwards she would become that again. Seeing her in person was nothing more than a dream, but a dream that he could touch. She knew all of this, but when they had discussed it on-line she was always apprehensive. Ben respected her honesty, and hoped that actually being able to look into her eyes and perhaps touch her hand would be enough.

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