tagIncest/TabooKeeping up with the Joneses Ch. 04

Keeping up with the Joneses Ch. 04


Author's note: Here's a nice long chapter with a pile of debauched mayhem. There's a whole lot of butt-play as well as the usual incest and a bit of exhibitionism for those who like that kind of jazz. I had a bit of fun trying to write 'casual' sex scenes in this chapter, with participants being somewhat distracted or doing other things while the fun is happening. It took a bit of finessing, but I'm pretty happy with the result. Really appreciate the helpful and nice feedback I've gotten so far - thanks to those people who have sent me messages or left a comment. Hope you like it!


By the time Catherine and I had made it home, rain was pouring from the sky in heavy, fat drops and the wind was whipping the trees to and fro. An epic summer storm had blown up as Catherine and I were driving back from the city and I'd been forced to drive slowly as the cars sharing the road with us slowed to a crawl thanks to the horrendous conditions and minimal visibility. Despite the late hour of our arrival, mom was still awake, sitting at the kitchen table with her laptop open. When she got up to give Cat a hug upon our entrance, I couldn't help but notice the large men's t-shirt she was wearing left the thong she was wearing rather visible.

Mom told Cat her bed was made up for her and my sister quickly said thanks before heading down to the basement to her room, leaving me watching as mom saved the document she had been working on and closed her laptop.

"What's all that stuff?" I asked, trying not to stare at my mom's ass as she stood up turned to pick up her computer.

Mom gave a tired sigh. "Grant applications for library funding I have to submit tomorrow."

"Sounds terrible," I said, giving her a sympathetic smile.

"It's only slightly less interesting than watching paint dry," she said with a hopeless grin. I followed her up the stairs, eyes infallibly drawn to where her thong rode up her asscrack before disappearing under the hem of my dad's old t-shirt. "Thankfully I'm almost finished. Just have to give them a proofread before I go to bed."

We said our goodnights on the landing and I headed into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I was about to head to bed when I figured I'd ask if mom wanted me to go over the grant applications. An extra pair of eyes never hurt when it came to proofreading.

"Hey mom," I said, knocking on the door, "did you want me to read over those grants?"

"Come in, hon," came the reply. Mom was lying on her stomach on the bed, laptop in front of her. The t-shirt she was wearing had ridden up, exposing her ass in all its glory to my eyes as I entered the room. "That's very kind of you to offer."

She rolled over and patted the spot where she had been lying. Closing the door behind me, I hustled over and climbed up next to her. Mom hadn't been kidding about it being dull work, but I plowed through the documents as best I could. Complicating matters was the fact that mom leaned in next to me as I worked - her heavy bosom pressed against my shoulder, her soft scent filled my nose, and I could feel the smooth skin of her leg against mine. Nevertheless, I endured, managing to find a few grammar mistakes and other minor errors despite my cock's best efforts to drain the blood from my brain.

"Thanks, dear," said mom as I reached the end of the final document.

I rolled over onto my back and rubbed my eyes, momentarily forgetting the monumental erection tenting my pants. "No problem, mom."

Once I'd shifted to a kneeling position, mom took my place lying on her belly in front of the screen. She began finalizing the the changes I'd suggested, adding a word or taking a few out here and there. While she worked, my eyes wandered down the luscious, overripe curves of her buttocks to linger on the heavenly crevice into which the string of her thong vanished. Remembering her offer from the other night, I gathered my arousal bolstered courage and spoke; "Uh, do you, um, mind if I rub one out?"

"Of course not, honey," said mom, smiling warmly as she looked over her shoulder at me. "You don't mind if I keep working on this, though, do you?"

I had been hoping for a chance to play with her boobs again and was a little disappointed, but I tried to hide it. "Course not, mom."

Her supernatural maternal instinct was infallible, however, and she picked up on my attempt to sound casual. "Aw, hon, I'm sorry I'm too busy to play," she said, without moving from her prone position. "Tell you what, though; do you know what 'hotdogging' is?"

I nodded vigorously.

"I should have known," she said, smiling ruefully. "The internet teaches everything, doesn't it? Go ahead then, hon."

If they had an olympic event for pants removal, I would have taken the gold. My shorts and boxers were gone in a flash, leaving me kneeling behind my mother, my tumescent dick swollen to gargantuan proportions in anticipation for what was coming next.

"Eager, aren't we?" said mom, eyes twinkling. "This has got to be fast though - I have to get to bed soon."

I couldn't believe my luck. Straddling her shapely legs, I slapped my rigid tool into the heavenly valley of her asscrack and placed my hands on her warm, smooth skin. Practically shivering with pleasure, I mashed the divine globes together, watching with lust-filled eyes as my fingers sank into her butt and her glorious asscheeks wrapped around my needy cock.

"There you go, hon," encouraged mom. "Doesn't that feel nice?"

"Ohhh fuuuck," I moaned as I nestled my engorged shaft in her crack. From somewhere deep inside my lust-fogged head, my brain managed to remind me that swearing in front of mom was usually not a good idea. "Uh, sorry! I mean yes, it's nice!"

Mom gave a throaty chuckle. "It's alright dear. When we're having a little fun like this, it's alright to curse occasionally. Go on, fuck my asscrack."

I smiled sheepishly as I began to flex my hips, pumping my cock slowly into the tight, warm embrace of my mothers buttcrack. "Oh my god, mom, this feels amazing!"

"You can go faster dear," said my mom, "but take off my panties before you go too crazy. I don't want you to make a mess of them."

I squeezed her perfect buttocks hungrily once more before removing my cock from their sweet embrace and then slid back and hooked my fingers under the band of her thong. My eyes gobbled up the visual feast before me as I slowly peeled the scanty article of clothing down her voluminous cheeks, relishing the way the thin string pressed into her ass flesh and caused it to bulge lasciviously. As the skimpy bit of material that covered her asshole and cunt peeled away I had to swallow firmly to stop myself from drooling. Her cunt-lips were slick and a thin strand of fem-lube stretched obscenely between the spandex and her pussy. I could smell her arousal; like some kind of perverse perfume, it set my lust on fire and caused my shaft to thrum with desire.

"Any day now, Alex." Mom's voice cut through the fog of lust in my head. "Some people have to work in the morning."

"Yes, ma'am," I acquiesced, moving to straddle her thighs once more and slapping my swollen cock into her asscrack again.

With feverish intensity, I mashed those bountiful buttcheeks around my dick and pumped my hips vigorously. Mom seemed indifferent to my delirious humping, calmly finishing up her work on the laptop as I used her ass to sate my urgent, depraved needs, but her casual demeanor - her nonchalance as her son groped and obscenely utilized her buttocks - only added to the electrical buzz of pleasure building in my groin. Chewing violently on my lip, I watched as my engorged glans peaked out and then withdrew back into her buttcrack, the the divine pressure of those bountiful globes squeezing a steady river of pre from my aching phallus.

"Gonna cum!" I growled as my balls churned with pleasure.

"That's nice dear," said mom distractedly.

And cum I did. Ropes of the sloppy jism spurted from my rejoicing cock. I kept humping as I ejaculated, squeezing my mom's beautiful ass around my spasming organ and thrusting disjointedly as I shivered with pleasure. Trapped in the tight confines of her anal cleft, my hot seed smeared wetly between her cheeks, oozing out like the stuffing in a debaucherous sandwich until my cockhead poked free again and spurted more jizz up her back in thick white strings.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, even insane orgasms while one's cock is stuffed between one's mother's ass cheeks. With a satisfied sigh, I released my deathgrip on my mom's arse and leaned back on my hands admiring the Jackson Pollack I'd made of her back and the slimy web of my seed that was smeared and hanging in obscene strings between her buttocks.

"All finished back there?" said mom, eyes still fixed to the screen in front of her.

"That was amazing, mom," I panted. "Thanks."

"Glad you had a good time. Now get going. I've got a few more edits to make and then I really must sleep."

Looking at the mess of ejaculate I had sprayed across her ass and back and the glistening wet lips of her pussy, an idea crossed my mind. "Did you, uh, want my to clean you up?" I offered. "I can get a tissue..."

"Aw, thank-you dear," replied my mom, still tapping at the keyboard.

I crawled past her to grab the box of tissues from the nightstand and kneeled beside her cum-splattered back, pulling a few out and commencing the task of wiping up my mess. I began high up her back and worked my way south until I reached the gooey, sloppy shambles I had left between her buttcheeks. With no small pleasure, I pried those juicy globes apart once more and mopped up the sloppy product of my fevered lusts. As I worked over her asshole and scooped up a trickle of jizz that was trying to escape down the side of her pussy, I admired the glistening pink fuck-hole and wallowed in the heady scent it emitted. Before realising that I was doing it, I leaned in and gave her moist pussy lips a lick.

Mom moaned. "Mmm, darling, there's no need for that."

I was about to pull away when my brain decided to be helpful, for once, and pointed out that she wasn't exactly telling me to stop. "Just returning the favour," I said, still prising her cheeks apart with my hands, my mouth mere inches from her enticing snatch. "Is that okay?"

Without waiting for a response, I gave her pussy another salubrious lick, running my tongue the length of the delectable opening. Mom moaned again while spreading her legs a little wider and raising her ass off the bed a few inches. At her implied blessing, I dove in and went to town. At first, I plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her cunt, relishing the sweet-sour flavour. I could hear mom grunt as I probed her depths - a grunt that turned into heavy panting as I began pumping my tongue in and out of her pussy with a steady rhythm. I could feel her erect clit bumping against my lower lip as I worked and, when I shifted my chin down slightly and gave the swollen nub a sucking kiss, mom's pants transformed into short, excited moans and I felt her push her sopping cock-hole back against my mouth. I sucked harder, teasing her buzzing pleasure-button with my tongue, while mom ground her pussy against my face.

"Fuck yes, Alex, fuck yes!" breathed mom, huskily. "Make me cum!"

It did not take much effort on my part - I simply held my ground, letting mom mash her clitty against my tongue until her thighs suddenly clamped around my shoulders and her body went taut and rigid, her asscheeks clenching under my fingers. Glowing with pride at a job well done, I gave her buttocks a hearty squeeze and gave her spent cunny a final smooch.

"Did I do good?" I asked, grinning to myself at the redundancy of the question.

Mom was slumped in front of the laptop, breathing heavily. "You're a good boy, Alex."

"Love you, mom," I said, laughing as I climbed off the bed.

"Love you too, hon."

The storm ended sometime during the night, for the next morning was bright and sunny. Once more, I awoke to an empty house; mom had gone to work and I saw no sign of Catherine. After throwing on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, I headed downstairs to make some toast and a cup of coffee and moseyed out onto the deck to eat it while checking the news on my phone. The storm had blown a large branch off one of the trees at the back of the property and I made a mental note to grab the saw and chop it up after breakfast. As I sat down to enjoy my breakfast, the sun and the fresh smell of wet grass, I heard the clank of the latch on the side gate. I looked up to see Catherine pushing the wheelbarrow into the backyard, her ponytail bouncing behind her head.

"Hey," she said, giving me a wave as she pushed the barrow over to the branch.

She was wearing a miniscule pair of athletic shorts and a white bikini top.

"Uh, hello?" she repeated.

Realising I was staring at her tits and the way her nipples stretched the fabric of her bikini, I quickly raised my gaze to her face. She met my eyes with a disapproving glare, one eyebrow raised.

"Er. Hey. Sorry," I mumbled. "You look good today."

"I gathered that," came her sardonic reply.

Cat left the wheelbarrow beside the downed branch and ambled up to my place on the deck.

"Tax for staring at your sister's titties is your breakfast," she said, plonking herself down next to me and confiscating my meal and drink.

"Fine," I said, sticking my tongue out at her and getting to my feet. "Seeing as I've already paid the tax..." I blatantly ogled her chest before heading back inside to pour another cup and make more toast.

After we'd eaten I joined Catherine in disassembling the downed tree limb. As we sawed and hacked, the morning grew steadily more hot and humid until it felt like we were working inside a teapot. While she sawed the branch into manageable peices, I used the hatchet she had brought out to hack off the smaller adjoining limbs. Between the two of us, we made short work of the offending detritus, despite the distracting humidity and the fact that my eyes kept being drawn to the tantalizing way beads of sweat would trickle down Cat's neck and breasts to vanish into her cleavage. Her ripe, glistening boobs jiggled temptingly as she handled the saw.

"Damn, it's painful hot out here," said Cat, finally tossing the saw on top of the full wheelbarrow.

"I hate it when it's humid like this," I agreed.

"Good for swimming though," she said, turning on her heel and heading toward the pool. I watched as she reached behind her back to unlace her bikini top, letting it fall to the poolside flagstones before shimmying out of her shorts. The glorious view of her bare butt that she presented to me made it clear she had decided to skip out on underwear that day. "You gonna join me?"

With a silent prayer of thanks for the high fence that surrounded our yard, I practically skipped over to the pool, shucking my clothes as I went. By the time I reached the water's edge, Cat was already in, treading water in the deep end as I pulled down my shorts. Between my legs, my cock was already half hard and stiffening by the second. With a stupid grin plastered to my lips, I let out a whoop and cannonballed into the water.

My cannonball took me to the bottom of the pool and I rose slowly back to the surface, enjoying the cool sensation of the water flowing over and around my body. I surfaced, eyes still closed, to take a deep breath, only to receive a sharp bonk on the head.

"Tag!" announced Catherine, before turning away and swimming quickly towards the far end of the pool.

With an indignant snort of water, I gave chase. It was a pretty one-sided game; Cat was a much better swimmer than I was. Thankfully, once I was finally able to corner her, the game turned into an impromptu wrestling match which subsequently turned into the two of us groping one another shamelessly as we splashed around under the water. Eventually, she pushed me down onto the low bench that ran around the side of the pool, just under the water. By this point, my shaft was fully engorged and hungry for what it knew was coming next.

"Did you, uh, want to head inside?" I asked as Cat moved over my lap.

"Ehhh, fuck it," said Catherine, wrapping her arms around my neck and mashing her wet boobs into my face. I grabbed the nearest hard, wet nipple between my lips and nibbled on it. "Mom's at work, Izzy's at camp and dad's in Europe."

"Thith ith throo," I said, voice muffled by the tit-flesh pressed against my mouth.

"Anyhow, the deal was I get to use this," said Cat, seizing my rigid shaft, "whenever I want."

My witty response was supplanted by a groan of delight as she sank down onto my cock. "Nnnghyes ma'am!"

Cat's heavy tits slid from my face to press against my chest as she began to bob up and down in my lap. I reached down with my hands to cup her round ass, aiding her rising and falling action while hungrily sinking my fingers into her buttocks. The sensation of the wet skin of her breasts mashed against my chest and her cunt stretched around my tool was sublime and I closed my eyes in bliss. Leaning back against the edge of the pool, we fucked languidly for what seemed like an age, the water slapping between us in time with our incestuous humping.

Finally, Cat broke the silence. "Alright, enough of this. I'm in charge here, and I want you to put that delicious slab of fuck-meat to work, bro," she said, climbing off my lap. Blinking owlishly as her words brought me out of my lazy daze, I watched as she climbed out of the pool and laid back on the flagstones with her ass just hanging over the edge. "Go on. Fuck an orgasm out of me."

I shrugged and grinned at her, soaking in the sensual view that was her naked, wet body. I stood up on the submerged bench, splaying my legs so my tumescent member was at the appropriate height, and fed the swollen organ into her cunt. She closed her eyes and let out a small mewl of delight as I seated my dick inside her. My shaft throbbed with pride at the approving sound and I leaned over her while she wrapped her arms around my back and her legs around my waist. Mounting her in that position provided the ideal leverage for a hard fucking and I didn't hold back. In no time at all we were rutting like animals, bodies mashed together as my upper thighs slapped loudly against her upraised ass, the obscene sound mingling with our panting and grunting to create a debauched soundtrack that wouldn't have been out of place in a nature documentary about the mating habits of wild beasts.

"Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, FUCK YES!" groaned Cat as her orgasm broke upon her like a wave on a beach. Her arms and legs locked around my body and her cunt clamped down furiously on my entombed phallus. I felt her teeth bite into my shoulder and a shudder rippled through her body. "Nnngh! Goddam! That's what I needed!"

"Almost... there..." I growled in response, pushing myself upwards and out of her embrace to look down on her offered body through a red mist of passion.

Still panting heavily, Catherine looked up at me, a fierce grimace on her lips. "Do it, Lex," she hissed. "Fucking pour that cum into me. Fill your sister's pussy with your jizz!"

With an animal roar, I grabbed my sister's heaving titties and squeezed hard, sinking my fingers deep into the jiggling flesh as I frantically pumped my hips. I could feel the orgasm boiling up within me and I pounded her cunt like a man possessed. Cat's eyes stayed locked to my face as she watched me ferociously breed her, urging me on with husky, quiet words of encouragement until I could take it no more. With a mighty thrust, I hilted my shaft inside her and unloaded.

"Ohhh shit!" moaned Cat. "I can feel it!"

My cock throbbed powerfully. Jets of cum blasted into Cat's cunny. I felt her quim clamp down on my spurting dick once again and her eyes rolled back as another shuddering orgasm rolled through her. I threw my head back and groaned and kept on cumming, inseminating my sister's pussy with a truly prodigious amount of sloppy, hot seed, holding her down until I felt like I'd poured a litre of the thick liquid into her.

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