tagIncest/TabooKeeping Warm: A Sibling Heat

Keeping Warm: A Sibling Heat


Summary: A brother & sister find a special way to stay warm in nature

NOTE 1: This is a 2012 Earth Day Contest Story.

NOTE 2: Thank you, as always, to Estragon for copy-editing my work.


My parents were born maybe fifteen years too late. They are hippies in every sense of the word. Our only family tradition was our yearly week with Mother Nature. Every year my parents would choose some beautiful remote place, an untouched piece of nature, and we would live off the land for the week. We had been to the Amazon, Alaska, Africa, and Egypt during the past four years. This year my parents surprised us with a hiking trip in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. My sister had turned eighteen a couple of weeks before, and she was going to school in Oxford in the fall, so we all knew this may be our last family Mother Earth trip, even though we all promised to keep up the family tradition at whatever cost.

The first two days of the hiking trip had been an unequivocal disaster. We were all athletic and loved hiking so it was a great choice. Unfortunately, the weather gods were not kind to us. It down poured the whole time. The first day we didn't get half as far as we had hoped, and getting the tents up in the rain and wind was nasty. We went to bed early hoping the next day would be better.

The second day deceived us, Mother Nature clearly smiling as she teased us with her beauty and then unleashed her wrath. The sun was shining when we woke up, but by noon the sun had disappeared not to make another appearance all day, and the clouds pissed on us for a second straight day. Setting up camp was again an adventure and when it began snowing in the evening, on May 17th, we again went to bed early. That was the problem with Canada, there was no such thing as a time when there was no chance of snow.

Although my parents had always been prepared for the weather, they had not expected the below freezing temperatures that Mother Nature had thrown at us in May. My sister, Mary, whined, "I almost froze to death last night. I am not sure I can handle another night like last night."

My Mom set the spark that would start a forest fire of pleasure when she suggested, "Well, do what you two used to do."

"What is that?" my sister asked.

"You two used to zip your sleeping bags together and sleep as one," my mom revealed.

I pointed out, "Mom, we were ten."

She shrugged, "Just saying, it is one way to keep warm tonight."

Such a small thing, but like most things in life, it is the small things that slowly domino into something so much bigger. And it was that night, in the strange snowy conditions of the Rocky Mountains, that I first fucked my sister.

It started innocently enough. My sister and I were in our separate sleeping bags trying to get warm and get a good night's sleep. About twenty minutes into our attempt to sleep my sister said, "I am freezing."

My intentions were sincere and harmless, but it was one simple question that began our incestuous relationship. I asked, "Is there anything I can do?"

She asked, "Can we zip are sleeping bags together so I can steal your body warmth, like Mom suggested?"

Another innocent suggestion; the thought of fucking my sister wasn't even remotely in my head yet. Not to say I had never considered it, because I had, especially lately. My sister was two years younger than me, a young, ripe, 18-year-old young woman who had blossomed in her grade twelve year. Her chest developed, her ass firmed up. She had hazel eyes that looked right into you and her chestnut hair flowed to her shoulders. She was pretty in the old fashioned way in that she didn't wear a bunch of make-up like most woman do nowadays to conceal their insecurities, she didn't dress like a whore like so many teens did seeking attention instead of respect, and she was well-educated and showed it; unlike most of the vapid girls I had dated, but usually broke up with because they couldn't hold up a conversation. So, like all boys who had an attractive sister with big breasts, I stroked myself to thoughts of her on occasion. That said, I had never considered it a real possibility.

We zipped up our sleeping bags together like we had when we were kids and she cuddled into me to get warm. Almost simultaneously, as if the universe was playing incestuous Cupid, we heard Mom moaning in the nearby tent. My parents were pretty liberal in our upbringing and didn't hide that they still were passionately in love with each other. We had heard them having sex at home and on our trips for as long as I can remember.

My sister giggled, "Apparently they found their own way to get warm."

I quipped back, "Yes, but they are just warming up."

My sister laughed, as we knew the dirty talk would begin soon.

We listened intently for a couple of minutes before Dad finally said, "You like that, baby?"

"Oh yes, Cam, you feel so good in me," our mother replied.

I continued my witty commentary. "It seems to be heating up in there."

My sister was still shivering and asked, "Could you wrap your arm around me, Allen?"

I obliged, wrapping her up in my warmth.

Our Dad continued his dirty talk. "Bounce back on my cock, baby."

Mom must have obeyed because her moans increased exponentially.

I joked, "Dad is really kindling Mom's fire."

My sister retorted, "The flames of passion are keeping them warm."

Moans of our parents continued until Mom begged, "Harder Cam, harder, I'm so close, oh yes harder, harder, fuuuuuuuck!"

"And the volcano erupts," I announced.

My sister sighed. "I need my volcano to erupt. It has been dormant for way too long."

I played along with her confession. "It's too bad you are my sister. I have been told I can really light a fire."

"Yeah, too bad," she replied, although the way she said it confused me.

Silence lingered in our tent as Mom's moans continued until she said, "Come for me Cam. I want to taste you."

"Oh my God," Mary gasped. "Mom is blowing Dad."

My mother's words had made my cock grow and it was now in a completely awkward and uncomfortable position.

"I'm coming Janice, swallow it all," he grunted.

No longer able to handle my ill-positioned cock, I adjusted myself.

Mary mocked, "Does listening to your mother suck cock get you hard, big brother?"

I had never heard her talk dirty in my life, so hearing her say cock both shocked me and turned me on. I defended myself. "No, but I am a twenty-year-old guy. Just the sound of sex is enough to blow my load."

She shocked me again when she said, "I can't take it anymore."

"Take what?"

"I have to come," she announced.

"What?" I asked, stunned by the turn of this conversation.

The surprises kept coming when she grabbed my arm that was around her and put my hand on her braless breasts. "Do you find me attractive, big brother?"

Although I was the older one and usually rather suave with the ladies, I stammered, "U-u-um, yes, you are very cute."

"Oh," she responded, deflated.

"What is it, Mary?"

"'Cute' is the ultimate insult to a girl. It is like a guy being called 'nice'. Nice guys don't get laid. They have lots of girls who are friends, but not many girlfriends. No girl wants to be called 'cute'. Puppies are 'cute'," she explained.

My hand still firmly cupping her big breasts, I attempted to reflate her burst bubble. "Mary, you are very pretty and have turned into a sexy young woman, but it sounds weird to say such things to my sister."

She turned to face me, and even in the dark I could see her insecurity written all over her face. "Do you really find me sexy?"

My cock now fully erect, I said, "Yes, Mary. It is sometimes very hard to not check you out. Your breasts are barely ever concealed even when you are wearing sweaters. Your ass seems so perfectly tight and your smile would weaken any man, which it is doing right now."

Her hand went to my cock and she asked, "Oh my. Are you this stiff because you just heard Mom get fucked or because of your sister who desperately needs her fire to be extinguished?"

I answered honestly, "It grew listening to Mom and Dad but it's standing at attention for you, Mary."

She leaned in and kissed me. At first it was soft and tentative, but soon we were both exploring each other's mouths. My hand returned to her breasts and I fondled the luscious melons gently, while she slowly rubbed my cock through my sweats. We made out like horny teenagers for a long time, each of us unsure what to do next. How far was either of us willing to go?

I moved my hand down her belly and underneath her sweats. She moaned into my mouth in anticipation. I stayed above her panties, which were already rather damp. I put light pressure on her mound and she lifted her ass up to add more pressure. She broke the kiss and begged, "Please put a finger in, Allen."

I obliged my sister's request, slipping a finger easily inside her warm oven. I moved to her neck and splattered her with butterfly kisses while I slowly fingered her. She struggled to get her hand inside my sweats, but eventually did and grabbed my seven-inch member. She whispered, "Your cock is so big, big brother."

"Your pussy is so warm, baby sis," I returned the compliment.

I lifted up her sweatshirt and took her stiff left nipple in my mouth. She let out a gasp and said, "Oh yes, Allen, that feels so nice."

I took my time licking, nibbling and sucking on her nipples and breasts, my finger never leaving her hot box, all the while she stroked my cock the best she could from the awkward position.

She finally asked, her tone nervous as if I might reject her, "Can I suck your cock, big brother?"

I smiled and answered, "Only if I can lick your pussy too."

For someone so cold before, she was out of her sweats and panties with lightning speed. Not to be outdone, I was Clark Kent turning into Superman fast myself releasing my cock from its fabric prison.

We repositioned ourselves into a sixty-nine, me on my back and her straddling me, and together our mouths touched each other's forbidden jewels. Her warm lips wrapped around my cock melted me. At the same time as I reached up and extended my tongue to her wet pussy lips, I got a double surprise. Her scent, captured like a bouquet of roses in her pubic hair, was the most heavenly scent in the world. It was exotic and tangy and I was instantly addicted. Just as heavenly was her taste. It was like a blend of all the sweetest tastes of pleasure had collided in one super collision and this was the aftermath. As I lapped at her wet pussy lips, she slowly sucked my cock like she was a Hoover vacuum. Her lips melded onto my cock and she didn't so much suck my cock as worship it. Time stood still as we pleasured each other with tenderness, both of us not wanting the sibling intimacy to end. I was determined to make her volcano erupt and her lava flow, so I shifted from licking her pussy tenderly, to taking her hard clit in my mouth. The instant I did this she squeezed her mouth onto my cock and began bobbing eagerly, if on some unsaid cue. It was a race to see who would get the other off first. She created a funnel of warmth with her mouth, while I began to spank her clit with my tongue, desperate to trigger the long dormant volcano. She was now deep-throating my seven-inches of meat and I could feel my own lava boiling. Then suddenly it was like slow motion as the two of us became one. Just as my lava erupted from my volcano and into her mouth, her dormant volcano exploded too, coating my lips, tongue and face with her sticky sweet-scented lava. We both attempted to cool the lava by continuing to pleasure each other.

Being twenty, my cock didn't even consider shrinking and when my sister finally took my cock out of her oasis of pleasure; she rolled to her side and begged, "Big brother, please fill my oven with your big loaf."

I laughed. "We are still playing with heat metaphors are we?"

"Just shut up and fuck me. I need your cock in me soooooo bad," she pleaded.

I slid beside her and positioned my excited cock behind her. It was dark and the angle awkward and as I pushed forward she gave a slight yelp.

"Wrong hole," she informed me, reaching behind herself to guide my cock to her furnace of lust. I could feel the heat before I even entered and as my cock slipped between my sister's wet pussy lips I felt her push back, engulfing my cock. A loud moan escaped her lips and I reminded her, "Our parents are only a few feet away, baby sis."

She whispered, "Fuck me slow, big brother. I can get kind of animated when I am fucked hard."

My left arm draped over my beautiful sister as I slowly slid in and out of her hotbox. I cupped her breast and just held on gently. I can't explain it but we fit together so perfectly, like two puzzle pieces that finally finish the picture. I didn't think of her as my sister, but as a beautiful girl I was making love to. Her soft moans only enhanced the thrill. The slow burn inside her lasted forever, over half an hour before either of us said a word, both of us content in this intimate position.

Suddenly, she asked with a moan, her devious side coming out, "What do you think Mom would think of how we have dealt with the cold?"

"I would like to think she would appreciate that she inspired it. We did exactly what she suggested. We are staying warm the exact same way she is."

"Mmmmmm," my sister moaned, before changing the topic abruptly and shockingly. "Would you fuck Mom if the chance offered itself?"

"What was gotten into you?" I asked, shocked by my shy sister's dirty mouth and crazy question.

"You, although not as deep as I would like," she teased and moved her ass down a bit. "Mmmmmm, that's better."

The new angle gave me the opportunity for deeper penetration, which led to her moans getting louder.

Not answering her question, I turned it back on her. "Would you fuck Dad?"

"In a heartbeat," she answered, surprising me. "He is so rugged and still devilishly handsome for an older man."

Stunned by the conversation, while fucking nonetheless, I reminisced about Mom who was the centerpiece of my most constant stroke fantasy since I started beating my meat.

"Why did you stop, Allen, were you thinking of Mom while you are fucking me?"

I stammered, "S-s-sorry, just got lost in thought."

I continued the slow burn in her pussy until she said, "So would you fuck Mom?"

"Probably," I answered.

"Probably, my ass, you would fuck her in a heartbeat if you got a chance," she accurately hypothesized.

"Yeah, you are probably right."

"I usually am," she answered, before adding, "Go faster, big brother."

I picked up the pace and as I fucked my sister's perfect pussy. I reached around and made contact with her engorged clit. I began tapping on it. Completely forgetting our parents were in a tent just a few feet away from us, I began fucking her faster, my body crashing into hers each thrust forward.

My sister's moans increased in volume with each hard thrust forward. She said, "Oh big brother, I love your cock inside me."

"Your pussy fits me like a glove, baby sister," I replied, returning the compliment.

Her moans increased and I whispered, "The rents are going to hear you."

"I don't care," she moaned, far past the point of no return, "just don't stop fucking me."

I continued the deep thrusts inside her and her moans continued to get louder. "Oh god yes, Allen, I am close baby, harder, fuck your sister harder," she begged.

Petrified of being caught, I flipped her onto her stomach, my cock never leaving her cunt, and leaned forward.

Loud moans began to escape her lips and I covered her mouth with my hand. Her mouth silenced, I pistoned in and out of her like a well-oiled machine. I could feel her hot breath on my hand as she kept breathing heavily while I drilled her hard. The new angle allowed me to fill her completely. A couple of minutes of this deep hardcore pounding and she screamed into my hand. I didn't slow down as her orgasm spread through her like a seven on the Richter Scale. Feeling her juices all around my cock was the final straw and I filled my sister's pussy with my seed.

Both exhausted, I positioned her back to her side, my cock still in her. I cuddled her like I would a lover after sex.

She whispered, "I love you, Allen,"

"I love you too, Mary," I returned, kissing the back of her neck.

We both drifted in slumber, my cock beginning to shrink inside her, our relationship changed forever. I knew this wouldn't be a onetime thing. I not only loved my sister as a sibling, I also loved her as a lover. My arms wrapped around her, we each drifted into our own subconscious where our dark kink lives. But tonight in our subconscious was only our conflicting emotions springing from what we had done tonight.

In the moments before sleep I knew without a doubt that I'd just had the best and most intimate sex I had ever had, and I wondered how society could think something that felt so right could possibly be so wrong.

As I drifted away, sure in my mind that what we had done was not wrong, I wondered was fucking Mom possible. Although my cock began to grow with the thought of such a fantasy becoming real, I shook it off as unrealistic. Yet...the days that followed in the great Canadian wilderness would make my unrealistic fantasy very, very real....

The end

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