tagBDSMKeira in a Cage Ch. 01

Keira in a Cage Ch. 01


Keira was thankful she had room to sit up straight. The cage He had put her in just barely had enough room for her to straighten her back. Her legs were another matter. She could sit with her legs clasped in front of her, she could curl up in a tight,awkward ball on the floor. She had almost forgotten how it felt to stretch her legs.

Even when He took her out to use the toilet He forced her to crawl. Although, even that movement felt good after days of being locked up tight. The room the cage was in was very dimly lit by the two windows near the top of the basement wall. They were covered in curtains but light escaped around the edges. Just enough light for her to be able to notice the passing of the days.

The first day He had brought her down to the basement she had been blindfolded and led on her leash. He had brought her down the stairs slowly and, leaving the blindfold on, had forced her to bend over and grab her ankles. With one arm wrapped around her waist He had inserted a butt plug into her ass. It felt about the same size around as His cock and she had almost cum standing there. She'd moaned aloud and was dizzy with the mixture of pleasure and pain. He had then led her to the cage and, removing the blindfold, instructed her to get in.

She had crawled in and sat with her back against the rear of the cage, the butt plug being pushed all the way into her ass. He had then turned out the light and left her alone for what seemed like hours. Every movement reminded her of the plug in her ass and her pussy, already wet, was dripping with her juices. She sat in the cage, occasionally fingering her clit, bored, waiting. He'd returned after a while and, clipping the leash to her collar, led her crawling to the bathroom. He'd stood over her while she'd used the toilet and then led her, still crawling, back to the cage.

"Kneel and put your hands on your head."

"Yes Sir," she had answered and done as instructed.

He had slapped her right nipple, playfully, and then harder. While her nipple was still stinging and aching He took a nipple clamp out of his pocket and attached it then repeated the process with her left nipple. He'd then had her crawl back into the cage. She again sat with her back against the rear of the cage, hyper aware of the plug still in her ass and also of the clamps on her nipples. He had come around to each side of the cage and cuffed her hands to the bars so that she was unable to move. Her knees were drawn up in front of her, unable to be anywhere else, and occasionally brushed the clamps.

The contact made her moan in pain and, often, caused her to wiggle more, causing her knees to brush against the clamp again and jiggling the plug in her ass. Keira had watched the passing of time through the window, judging hours by the change of light outside.

Darkness came and still she was alone in the basement. Every movement she made pushed the butt plug deeper into her ass or brushed her knees against her nipples. Every movement was a tantalizing mixture of pleasure and pain and Keira's pussy was in a constant state of wet and wanting.

She dozed fitfully, uncomfortable. She woke often to the pain in her nipples, a constant reminder of where and who she was. She had no idea how long she had been alone or when He would return. Her arms were semi – numb and tingly from being cuffed to the side of the cage and every time she awoke from her brief naps she moaned and writhed and gasped from all the sensations.

As dawn light started to filter into the room she heard steps coming down the stairs and was instantly alert, watching the shadows for Him. A disembodied voice emerged from the darkness but it wasn't her Master.

"Are you enjoying your cage slave?"

"Yes Mistress." Keira answered.

"Oh? And how do your nipples feel?"

"They hurt Mistress."

Mistress stepped closer to the cage and Keira saw that She was dressed in business attire. "And how are your arms? Do they hurt?"

"They're a little numb Mistress."

Mistress leaned down and unlocked the cage. "Stretch your legs out in front of you."

"Oh thank you Mistress!" Keira exclaimed.

Mistress reached into the cage and slapped the nipple clamp and Keira gasped in agony. "Oh no Mistress. Please."

Mistress slapped the other and watched coolly as Keira writhed. "Your pussy is so wet slave. Bring your knees back up to your chest and show Me your cunt." Keira drew her knees up, careful not to rub her aching nipples. "Spread them wider. Open that pussy for Me."

Keira spread her feet and knees as far as the cage would allow. Mistress reached into the cage and slapped her pussy playfully then inserted a finger. Keira closed her eyes in pleasure with a sharp intake of breath. Mistress then jabbed the rest of Her fingers into Keira's wet pussy and with Her other hand pinched Keira's clit as hard as she could. Keira pushed against Mistress's hand and Mistress pushed back until She could feel Keira's cunt begin to tighten around Her hand. She then pulled all of Her fingers out and Keira opened her eyes to see Mistress watching intently. "Your hands are cuffed and your nipples clamped. What else did your Master do to you before He left?"

"He put a plug in my ass Mistress."

Mistress nodded approvingly and then, "Stretch your legs back out in front of you." Keira did as told and Mistress reached into Her pocket. "Close your eyes slave."

Keira apprehensively closed her eyes and waited. Minutes seemed to go by and the dark silence was deafening. Did Mistress leave? Keira sat on the floor of the cage, eyes closed, thankful to be able to stretch her legs. She waited and waited and then, almost like a whisper, thought she heard a metallic click. Seconds went by and she felt a hand on her breast, rubbing gently. Keira leaned into the hand, pressing against the soft touch. Almost immediately she screamed as she felt her nipple get pinched and heard the click as a weight was added to the already painful clamp.

"Oh please Mistress no. Please." Keira begged. Mistress ignored her pleas and added weight to the other clamp.

"Pull your knees back up and spread them as wide as you can." Keira, with tears running down her cheeks pulled her knees carefully up and spread them to the side of the cage. "You may open your eyes." Keira opened her eyes and watched as Mistress shut the door to the cage.

Mistress went to each side of the cage and looped a long scarf around each of Keira's knees, tying her to the cage so that her pussy was spread and exposed. Keira watched as Mistress cocked her head and gazed, assessing. "Bye slave." and Mistress was gone.

Keira struggled briefly in her bondage, looking for a more comfortable way to sit but there was nothing. The nipple clamps weighted down her nipples agonizingly and every movement tugged and pulled on them. The plug in her ass was a minor inconvenience comparatively and her entire body and mind was focused on the pain in her tits.

She sat in her cage, forlornly, and watched the light around the window, gauging the passage of time. The sun was bright in the sky and Keira was ashamed to be sitting in a spreading pool. Every part of her ached and she had never felt so dirty. Her face was salty and slimy from her crying. Pain induced sweat covered every part of her. She was just like an animal in a cage. Even the water bottle hanging from the top of her cage was just like an animal's. Tied, stretching her neck, she could just reach it to suck on but even that movement caused additional pulling and pain in her nipples.

Keira watched the sun move in the sky all day, getting filthier and more ashamed with each hour. She dozed briefly several times but was always jolted awake by the weight of the clamps on her tits. Exhausted, defeated, she watched the window as the sun began to set. She hated the silence. Almost an entire day had passed since Mistress had been to see her. The end of her second day in the cage and she still didn't know what she was being punished for. Or maybe They were teaching her something?

The sun set completely and the basement was plunged into darkness. Keira used to think the dark was like a softly enveloping blanket but this darkness was suffocating. No sounds. No light escaping. What if something had happened and Master and Mistress never came to get her? What if she died down here in her cage? What if there were rats in the basement? Would she hear a rat before it brushed against her? Keira's soft crying was renewed. She was suddenly terrified of the dark. Her sobs echoed and bounced off the empty walls and she struggled to stop and catch her breath so she could listen. She needed to listen closely for any disruption in the quiet. She could hear her heart thudding away and ... Keira screamed.

She was hit full in the chest by a torrent of ice cold water. It came out of nowhere in the darkness. A hose was aimed and spraying her. The first icy blast quickly became less forceful and turned into an icy shower, spraying up and down her body. It focused on the pool underneath her and sprayed the filth away.

Teeth chattering Keira called, "hello?" Nobody answered and the water continued to spray. Somebody was circling, spraying every inch of her. It didn't stop until she was completely drenched and freezing. Her hair was a sodden mess, dripping into her eyes. She shook her head to get it out of her face and winced as the movement jingled the nipple weights. Keira leaned her head back against the cage, shivering, waiting, counting. She counted to 10, 20, 30 and continued on and on.

At 367 seconds she screamed again. Not as much from shock this time as from pain. The hose was aimed full force directly at her nipple, the water tugging, pulling and pushing on the clamp until it was forced off. She screamed and cried. The pain of it being ripped off making her dizzy and nauseated. Salty tears streamed down her face and she renewed her struggles against her bonds wanting to cup her nipple in her hand. Somehow press against it as though that would help the pain go away. The water had been moved away from her but was still on. She could hear it and feel the waves in the puddle on the floor. She couldn't call out again though. Could just sit there, whimpering, waiting for the pain in her nipple to lessen.

She heard the water moving on the floor. The sound getting louder and louder as the spray got closer to her. "Oh no please. Not again." she begged. "No no no no no." Keira tossed her head back and forth begging. "Please don't." But her begging was useless and the water was suddenly aimed at the other nipple. Keira cried out, knowing what was coming and scared of the pain. "Oh God no." she whimpered over and over until that clamp was also flung off and she again screamed, writhing and moaning in pain.

The water was turned off and the basement silent again except for Keira's cries. In too much pain to care about rats or anything else that might linger in the basement, Keira shivered and cried in the the dark until, cold and despondent, she fell into a dreamless sleep.

She woke, shivering, on the morning of the third day to bright sunlight streaming through the crack around the curtains. Her arms and legs ached and her nipples were a faded red where the clamps had been. She was still sitting in a pool of water, not as icy as when it had first hit her but still cold in the damp chill of the basement. She heard a door open and firm steps coming down. Light flooded the basement and Master appeared at the far end of the room, striding purposefully toward her.

"Good morning slave."

"Good morning Master."

Keira watched as He came toward her, His shoes slapping in the water around her cage. He opened the door and looked in at her. "Mistress appears to have done a good job with you."

"Yes Sir."

Master untied the scarves that were holding Keira's knees to the sides of the cage and then uncuffed her hands. "Crawl out of there."

Keira scooted and turned until she could crawl out the cage and stopped as she cleared the door. Master walked around behind her and gently pulled the plug out of her ass. He then clipped a leash to her collar and led her to the bathroom, waiting again as she used the toilet. When she was finished He led her back to the cage but clipped the leash to the bars so that she was outside the cage on her hands and knees. "Don't move."

Master walked away and quickly returned with a bowl that He set in front of her. It was filled with stew and Master said, "Eat that but don't use your hands."

Starving, on her hands and knees and feeling like a drowned cat, Keira put her face in the bowl and messily slurped the stew. Master's hand pet her hair as she was eating but she was so hungry she barely noticed. She licked the bowl clean and stay there waiting for further instruction. Master continued petting her hair for a moment and then she heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper.

"Slave, suck on my cock." Keira quickly turned to face Him and got up on her knees, taking His dick in her mouth. He was holding the base of it and she pulled Him into her mouth until she felt fingers on her lips and then started rhythmically sucking.

She felt His cock get fully hard in her mouth and moaned around it. He began pumping with His hand, letting mostly just the tip penetrate her lips. She knelt there, mouth open, tongue slightly out. She wanted His entire dick in her mouth. He pumped faster with His hand and before she had gotten warmed up pulled out of her mouth and came in a hot gush all over her breasts.

Keira stayed kneeling in front of Him, pussy wet and dripping, while He zipped His pants back up. He took her leash off the cage and pulled her over to a sitting area with a couch and coffee table. "Crawl up on that table and stick your ass in the air." Keira did as told and He came around behind her slapping her ass lightly.

"I want your ass higher, as high as you can get it. Put your head and feet on the table and get your ass in the air." Keira got into the awkward position, already sore muscles straining. Master came around to her head and showed her a butt plug that was twice as big as the one He had just moments ago taken out of her ass.

"Do you want that in your ass slave?"

Keira stared at it, appalled, and answered, "No Sir."

"Who owns your body slave?"

"You do Sir."

"And do you know where this plug is going?"

"In my ass Sir?"

"Yes it is but first you're going to suck on it like it's my cock. I want you to worship this thing with your mouth."

He held the plug to her mouth and, head on the table, she artlessly began sucking on it. She loved sucking on His cock but the plastic and rubber taste of the plug was nasty in her mouth and she didn't want anything to do with it. She desultorily swirled her tongue around the tip of the plug and tentatively pulled it into her mouth. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend it was His cock but the rubbery taste was offensive.

"Is there a problem slave?"

"It tastes bad Sir."

"Really? It tastes bad?"

"Yes Sir." Keira looked at Him from the corner of her eyes, head on the table. His hand came down on her ass with more force than she had

ever felt before.

"Suck on it like it's My cock!"

Keira renewed her efforts, bringing the plug into her mouth and vigorously sucking, licking its length. She pulled it completely into her mouth, choking as it went down her throat. Over and over again. He continued spanking her ass, alternating cheeks. It was cherry red and still she sucked on the plug. Master moved behind her and thrust His hard cock into her ass.

He pounded into her painfully and grasped a hand full of her hair, pulling as He pushed into her. "Keep sucking that until I tell you to stop." She sucked on the plug, moaning and gasping with every push of His dick in her ass. Her sore nipples rubbed on the table, each of His thrusts pushing and pulling her body.

He came out of her abruptly, without cumming, and said, "Hand Me the plug." She reached behind her to give it to Him and he unceremoniously shoved it in her ass.

"Slave, you know I have to punish you for not sucking on that like I said the first time?"

"Yes Sir."

"Crawl back to the cage."

Keira crawled back to the cage, stopping at the door. Master followed and instructed, "Face me on your knees." She did as told and Master looked at her cooly. "Do you have anything to say to me?"

"I'm sorry Sir."

"What are you sorry for?"

"I'm sorry that I didn't suck on the plug as though it was your cock Sir."

"I'm just going to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Master strode to a table in the corner and came back with the nipple clamps that Keira had on the night before. As she watched He added two more weights to each. "Put your hands on the back of your head." Keira's hands went to the back of her head and she grasped handfulls of hair in her fists. He slapped each of her nipples repeatedly until they were hard nubs and she was gasping in pain. Master affixed the clamps vertically, instead of horizontally as they were before. They pulled and stretched and He gazed at her, assessing. He reached down and tightened each until she screamed in pain.

"Crawl in the cage and sit with your back against the back."

Keira did as told and Master tied both her wrists and knees to the bars. "How does that giant plug feel in your ass slave?"

"It hurts Sir."

"Good. How do you feel about it only being an hour into your day and you already being in trouble?"

"I feel Sorry Sir."

"You can tell me how sorry you are when I come back" and He walked away and out of the room.

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