tagInterracial LoveKelly and Anna in Malibu

Kelly and Anna in Malibu


It was New Year's Day in southern California. 80° and not a cloud in the sky. Anna and her husband were coming over with their kids. Allen and Michael would head out for a round of golf, my nanny would take all of the kids to Lego Land, and Anna and I would sit out by the pool sharing gossip. This time there was a lot to share.

Our friend Kelly had a miscarriage in October and another mutual friend, Leah, filed for divorce the first week in November and had an abortion two days later.

When I'd heard about it just before Thanksgiving I was shocked. I don't have an opinion on abortions but this seemed kind of rash. I'd thought to myself at the time that Leah could never have been that vindictive, to abort a baby just because she was getting a divorce. The four of us had known each other since college and it just didn't seem to be in her nature to do such a cold-hearted thing. We'd been close but that kind of put a chill in our relationship.

Anna and I were roomies in college. We are a lot alike and could pass for sisters. We have the same build and when we were in college we did a lot of the same things. She's the only woman with whom I've ever had girl-on-girl sex, and that was once when we got high at a frat party. We did a threesome once, too, so I know she can be pretty wild. She knows that Michael and I enjoy an occasional threesome, but since she got married she's been straight as an arrow, as far as I know.

When they got to our house there was the usual greeting, cheek kisses, hugs and handshakes. The kids all got together and everyone was happy it was a new year. All the while, though, Anna kept looking over at me with a "cat that ate the canary" look; she was brimming with stories.

Finally, after everyone had gone their respective way, we took our iced tea down to the pool and took off our tops to lay out in the sun.

"How are you and Michael doing?" she asked. I'd told her about him coming home from Dubai and finding me in bed with my cousin. It was the closest we'd ever come to ending our marriage but we worked it out. I explained to her that it wasn't the incest so much as that she was having sex without him being there to watch. He really liked to watch.

"So fill me in," I said, changing the subject. "You've had a grin on your face since you got here. You know something."

She propped herself up on an elbow. "I had my first black cock, Cassie," she said softly.

"You little slut!" I laughed, amazed. "So, how was it?"

She laid back on the lounge chair. "It was incredible, Cassie, incredible."

"So tell me more."

"Well, you remember back in September when the four of us were going to meet up in Malibu and go to the Getty and see the new Ancient Troy exhibit?" I remembered. It was supposed to be a Girls Day Out. I'd had to cancel because Michael and I were still working through some things.

"Kelly came up from Newport and picked me up in Manhattan Beach and Leah drove over from Calabasas."

"So how was the exhibit?" Fantastic, she said, with new things they'd uncovered at what the believed to be the ruins of Troy.

"But Cassie, the fun came later in the day, when we went out for a bite to eat. The Beach Inn is pretty close by. You know, they have that beautiful patio looking out at the pier? So we went there. It was a little late for lunch and too early for dinner so we just ordered appetizers and a bottle of chardonnay. Then another bottle, then another. By 5:00 we were all blitzed and getting kinda loud."

Now when Anna says they were getting kind of loud, that meant the talk had turned to sex, and they weren't afraid of who heard.

"Leah was bitchin' about her husband and how he didn't like to give her oral." Her husband was an assemblyman and a real jerk. He spent more time in Sacramento than he did in Calabasas and rumor was that he was banging a lobbyist's wife. "'Bastard wants me to suck his cock,' she said kinda loud, 'and I get it hard, he fucks me for about a minute and when he's done it's back on his cell to his goddam chief of staff. Last week-end when we did it I was not in the mood but he wanted it so he damn near raped me.' We didn't take that real seriously but it just proved what a damned asshole he could be."

Sounds like her husband.

"So about that time a group of maybe fifteen guys and a few women come out to the patio together. All wearing name tags and most dressed in khakis and flower shirts. Two guys come out just behind them wearing suits and ties, looking all business. Good looking. I mean really good looking black guys. Leah looks over the top of her sunglasses. She's already got both of them naked. There's no place left to sit so she catches their attention and asks if they'd like to join us."

"Leah did that?" I said, "she must have been pretty wasted."

"Not so much wasted as pissed. Oh yeah, she was feeling pretty loose but she'd really had all she could take from that snake of a husband."

She sipped her tea. "So they sat down. Found out they were both from Fresno, dermatologists there for a demo convention on a new laser hair removal machine. Single. Really good looking. Did I say that? David and Rafael."

"So for a few minutes it's still a little noisy but then the conversation changes. Leah starts her complaining again about oral. Rafael says the fool doesn't know what he's missing, and Leah is all ears. She starts melting. 'I'll be back in a minute,' she says, and motions for me to meet her in the ladies room."

I turn over to get some sun on my front. Anna is still propped on an elbow.

"When we get into the restroom she takes off her bra and panties and stuffs them in her purse. 'I'm gonna get laid,' she says, 'I'm gonna let that man eat my pussy 'til his face looks like a glazed donut' and she opens the door and goes back to the table. About five minutes later she and Rafael take off and we don't see them again. At least, not that day."

"So that just leaves you and Kelly," I ask.

"Yep, with David" she replies, "and you know Kelly." That Kelly was even out on the patio in the sun was a bit of a shock. Of the four of us she is doubtless the most stunning. She's not necessarily what you would call beautiful, just stunning. She's tall and slim, a model's figure with a little more bust and cleavage. But it's her red hair and alabaster skin that make men's head turn. Not a freckle or blemish and that's because she has always avoided the sun. When she looks at men with her aquamarine eyes they start to speak in tongues.

"David starts talking. He knows what Rafael is up to. It's maybe 7:00. They both have rooms in the hotel and he's no prude. Kelly and I are both feeling no pain and he's talking trash. So he asks us if we want to come up to his room for a drink. I look at Kelly. She nods. He picks up our tab and we head to the elevator."

She turns over onto her stomach.

"So you know, all the rooms look out over the ocean. It's sunset and it's beautiful. He opens up the bar and pours us each a little more wine. Kelly goes out onto the veranda and he follows her. I know she's the one he wants to fuck because he can't keep his eyes off her. She's looking out at the sunset and he comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. She nuzzles up to him and they start kissing. I mean, it's instant heat."

"Kelly?" She's never been much crazy. Always dated one guy at a time, very conventional, even in college. First of us to marry and as faithful to her marriage as a woman can be. "So what got into her?" I asked.

"Oh trust me Cassie," she laughed, "he did. Several times. But I'll tell you about that, too."

She takes another sip of tea.

"Now mind you, they're out on the veranda and he starts taking off her clothes. First her blouse, then her skirt." She always wears long sleeves and ankle length if she's going out in the daytime. "She kicks off her shoes. Bra comes off her shoulders and all she's wearing is the bikini panties. I've never seen her naked before Cassie, but she has got one of the most beautiful bodies I've ever seen."

I had seen her naked before, and it was an understatement. Shoulder length red hair, long elegant neck, the sculpted face of a goddess, beautiful firm breasts with large pink nipples, long tapered legs and a tuft of red pubic hair trimmed to her panty line. Nothing was out of place or proportion.

"He starts feeling her up, teasing her nipples and they're French kissing. His dark skin playing with her pure white breasts," she shifted slightly on the lounge and took another sip of tea. "I get horny just remembering it. She starts getting him naked, his shirt, pants, boxers, off come the shoes, then she gets on her knees and goes down on him. He's really well hung. Watching that, I knew I was gonna get fucked that night, too. I called Allen and told him the three of us had too much to drink and we were gonna stay here for the night. I start snapping pictures of her with his big black cock in her mouth. All the while I'm unbuttoning my blouse, taking off my skirt, and getting naked. I was horny as hell and wanted that big black cock to fill my pussy with cum."

I get up from the lounge chair and pour some more tea. "You want some more?"

She nods. I walk over with the pitcher and fill her glass. "He takes her hand and leads her over to the bed. Her legs dangle off the edge. He gets on his knees, puts her legs over his shoulders and starts eating her pussy. She goes crazy, absolutely crazy. His tongue teases her clit and he buries three fingers into her pussy. So I start teasing myself just watching this and I get off pretty quick. Kelly is moaning and panting, making little yelping sounds as he's eating her pussy and fingerfucking her to oblivion. She stiffens up and has an orgasm and sounded like a wounded animal. It's all animal and I'm sitting there watching all this, just fingering my clit for all its worth."

I don't think she even realized it, but that's what she was doing: fingering her clit.

"And you know, I think that watching that beautiful black head buried between those two alabaster white thighs was as hot as anything. He pushed her legs up onto the bed. 'C'mon over here and join us,' he said, so I got on the bed, too. Me, Miss Faithful to My Husband, getting on the bed naked with Kelly and a naked black man about to do a threesome. Cassie, I haven't done a threesome since, well, you know when."

With the drummer in a local rock band. Yes, I remembered. We went to his pad after the show and screwed until morning. I remembered how stoned we were and how his crotch smelled of cheap aftershave. He fucked us both a couple of times but really got off when he was eating my pussy and fucking Anna and she and I were making out and feeling each other up. Shot his load quick that time. God we were stoned.

"Anyhow, she was really wet. A lot of it was his saliva, but most was hers. He climbed up between her legs and kissed her pussy, kissed her up to her breasts, then started making out with her. She spread her legs wide apart. It was like watching a butterfly spread her wings. And he put that big black snake up to her pussy lips and they parted as he pushed his way in. He was so hard and thick and they were so pink and swollen. But then," she laughed, "mine were too and he hadn't done a thing to me. Watching that black cock split her pink pussy and sink into her body put me over the edge again. He got on the palms of his hands and started fucking. I leaned over and started sucking her nipples and we started French kissing."

Her breathing was ragged. Her voice was deep with lust. She was finding it hard to concentrate on her story.

I waited for her to orgasm. "Fell better?" I asked. She smiled.

"So David nudged me aside so he could suck her tits. He took each nipple deep in his mouth and started biting them while he sucked. Kelly went over the edge and cried out loud. All the time they're talking dirty. She's crying and panting. 'Harder David, fuck me harder.' 'Take all this cock, baby." That kinda stuff. I picked up my cell and started taking more pictures. That big black cock sliding in and out of her pink pussy, the lip sealed tight around the black shaft."

She went to her purse and pulled out the cell. One by one she went through the snapshots.

"Here's where he's got her legs up over his shoulders and he's fucking straight down into her cunt."

"Here's one of them really getting into kissing."

"I shot this one from behind. She's got her legs wrapped around his back. You can see he's buried up to his balls."

"Here she is going cowboy. You remember what made that drummer from Kinetik cum so quick when we did him that night? So I sat on David's face and he started eating my pussy. Kelly and I started making out and I sucked her tits. She sucked mine. His tongue drove me insane and I came all over his face. That happened and he came in Kelly's pussy. 'Cum inside me' she kept saying, 'cum in my pussy David, give me every drop'. All the while we're kissing and sucking each other's tits. I finally got off and took this picture."

It was a frontal view of Kelly's cunt. David's cock was still deep inside her. Semen and her own fluids were sliding down the inside of her thighs and had pooled at the base of his thick black shaft.

"They kissed for a long time. She rolled off. I got this picture. I couldn't believe how hot it looks."

She was right, it really was hot. Resting like a little pearl between Kelly's swollen lips was a thick drop of David's cum.

"He was still a little firm and cum was still oozing out. Kelly was spent for the time being so I figured it was my turn. I came down on him. Licked off the cum. Ran my tongue up and down the back of his big black shaft. Teased that little spot right under the head. He got hard pretty quick. I straddled him, put the tip of his dick up to my pussy lips, and lowered myself down. God he was so fucking hard. You know, I never cheated on Allen until that night, but you know what? I didn't care then. His magnificent organ was filling me up and that's all I cared about then."

Her story had me turned on, too. I was wet, and Michael was going to get lucky tonight.

"It took a little bit for me to take all of him inside me. He was big and I'd never had anything that big before. But he was stretching me out so much that my clit was riding on his shaft. When I started moving up and down his dick was pushing against it and I came real quick. It never stopped, I just kept cumming and cumming. Everything got so slick. I leaned over and started kissing him and Kelly started taking pictures of me on my phone."

"God I hope Allen never picks up your phone, girl," I said. The pictures were blurred but it was obvious what was going on and with whom it was going.

"She hit the movie button so the next one has sound, if you can believe it."

I believed it. Anna was on her back. David was looking down into her eyes and they were talking. His huge ebony shaft was sheathed deep into her body, splitting the pink petals of her labia and white of her tan line "I've never cheated on my husband before."

"So you been saving all this for one guy?" he laughed, his manhood sawing in and out of her pussy "what a fuckin' waste of a good piece of ass." The both laughed. Anna's eyes closed as David's thick black cock glided in and out of her slick pussy.

"Slow down a little David," she pleaded, "I'm close to cumming again and... oh god baby... oh, slow and easy, please, oh god, here it comes again..." then yelping. He fell on top of her, his tongue probing her mouth. "Oh jeez David, I want you to cum baby, I want you to cum in my pussy."

"Be a few more minutes baby 'cause I jus' filled up Kelly's sweet cunt an' it'll take a while to..."

That was the end of that clip.

"And it was. Took him another half hour to cum in me. Finally turned me over. I got on my knees and he took me doggie style. Kelly got under me and I was teasing her clit with my tongue and playing with her tits. Guess that put him over the top. 'Oh Anna baby, you ready to take a load from this big black cock?' He pulled me closer. He slapped my ass until it was red. I couldn't concentrate on Kelly. All I could do was push against him when he slid in and keep him in when he was pulling out. He was so deep. My head was on the pillow. He lifted up my hips and got on his toes. He started fucking me faster and faster, straight down inside of me saying how good my pussy felt and how he was gonna cum. How he was gonna fill me with cum. Then he did. His big black cock was so tight in me that I could feel it throb when he pumped me full of his jism. Put me right over the top."

Last two pictures were of Anna, her ass high in the air and David coming nearly straight down inside her, and the last the thick black bulb of his massive cock just as he pulled out of her vagina, a long string of semen suspended like a silver thread between her pink swollen lips and the slit at the tip of his cock head.

She was sitting next to me, her hand on my thigh. "Cassie, I've never forgotten the time we did it in the dorm after we got loaded." She was inviting me with her eyes. I was tempted. Her story and the pictures had really turned me on. Her hand moved to the edge of my bikini and she leaned into me to kiss. I let her. She untied my bottom and unsnapped hers. We had sex and it was very good and very hot. When we finally came down again we dove into the pool.

We both floated in the water with our chins and elbows on the coping. She told me then that she'd had sex with several women but not since she'd married. She also told me that she and Kelly spent the night with David, and that they'd both fucked him several times. Then Leah and Rafael knocked on the door about 7:00 and wanted to know if anyone wanted breakfast.

"We were all naked on the bed, so the two of them took off their clothes and both men fucked all three of us by checkout time. It was all bareback. We left our underthings with them and left before lunch. Leah took off for Calabasas and Kelly and me went back to the OC. Kelly kept scrolling through the pictures on my cell. We talked about it all the way home."

Then some things came out. "A couple weeks later Leah is late. She's never late by even a day, so she says. Then Kelly calls me and tells me she's late, too. I'm not, but it hits me that had it been a few days earlier, I probably would have been pregnant, too."

"Leah schedules an abortion 'cause she's sure it's David's. She flies up to Sacramento to tell her sleazebag husband, goes to his apartment and finds him in bed, not with the lobbyist's wife, but with the lobbyist. Some guy in his late forty's just fuckin' the shit out of her hubby's fat ass. That day she files for divorce. That day! And it was quick; she gets everything with the stipulation that she tells no one anything, ever."

I laugh. "It's that old politicians joke: just don't get caught in bed with a dead woman or a live boy."

"She gets the abortion and her ex is devastated. She just never bothers to tell him it wasn't his. And Kelly had decided to get laid, too. She fucked David after she found out Jeff was banging some 20 year old black co-ed intern in Atlanta. He told her about it and about how sorry he was, but she wanted to get even I guess. She had a miscarriage but now she heads up to Fresno whenever Jeff is out of town for more than a week. Guess she loves that black cock and I think he kinda knows what's going on."

"What about you, Anna? How do you feel about the whole thing?"

"Lucky most of all. Allen doesn't suspect a thing and I don't want it to happen again. But I guess having sex with you just now kinda breaks that pledge, doesn't it."

I chuckle at the irony. "No girl, I don't have a big black cock and I promise I won't knock you up." I wasn't sure if I meant it as an invitation, or not. Sex with her had been good both times.

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