Kelly & Haley's Summer Ch. 02


"Bitch, I want you to piss yourself now!"

"Yes, mistress," Kelly assented meekly, and went to pull down her panties, but Haley stopped her.

"No, keep them on, whore!"

"Yes mistress."

Then Haley placed her foot on Kelly's abdomen and pushed down gently. The girl couldn't have stopped herself even if she'd wanted to. Her piss burst in a sheet from her pussy through her already twice-soaked panties. Having got the flow going, Haley removed her foot and placed her hand on Kelly's wet-panty clad pussy, tweaking her clitoris as the piss streamed past her hand. Noticing that Kelly was on the brink of cumming once more, Haley pulled her hand away.

"Please mistress, I need to orgasm," pleaded the desperate Kelly.

"You may only cum when I order it." Haley grabbed a mug from the shelf above the sink and placed it against Kelly's gushing pussy. When the cup was full she poured the contents down Kelly's open and willing gullet. Kelly swallowed it down, hungrily, loving the taste of her own piss as she continued to urinate. When finally she stopped, her bladder emptied both of the fresh 2-litre content and well over a litre that had already been there when she took the prescribed drink, Kelly lay back in the throes of imminent sexual ecstasy but still she was not allowed to proceed to relieve the tension through orgasm.

"Now bitch, turn over face-down and switch ends. I want your face in the deep-end."

"Yes, mistress."

Kelly picked herself up and moved down the tub and lay back down in four mingled litres of piss fresh form her and her best friend's pussies. This was the most disgusting and humiliating thing that had ever happened to Kelly in her entire life, and she was loving it., loved the feeling of the warm urine in her face and across her body.

As Kelly lay down face first in the urine-filled bathtub, Haley put her hand on the back of Kelly's head and pushed her down deeper into the piss.

"You like that, don't you, slut? You like to be covered in warm golden piss. It makes your nipples hard and your pussy wet, doesn't it!" Haley sneered, then yanked Kelly's head up so she could respond.

"Yes mistress, I love the taste and feeling of piss, especially yours."

"That's a good little slave girl! Now flip back around and lie on your back."

As Kelly did this her hair become instantly soaked in piss, as she saw Haley climbing into the bath to lie down on top of her, their lips only centimetres apart, and she was aware of how the hard nipples of her large breasts were pressing against Haley's nipples.

Using the urine as a natural lubricant, Haley began to slide her body against Kelly's, soaking her own body as she did. Kelly was quick to regain her sexual plateau as the other woman rubbed her nipples against her, but realising what was approaching, Haley stopped.

"Not yet bitch, only when I allow it." Haley bent down and placed a very wet kiss on her slave's lips.

In spite of the intimacy of the past few hours, this was the first time the girls had kissed each other. As Kelly felt Haley's soft lips press against her own she attempted to push her tongue into her mistress' month, only to find that Haley was moving off her, apparently either recoiling or not interested.

"Get up bitch, and do not clean your self off, understood? Pass me a towel and that mug."

"Yes mistress." Kelly did as she was told, suddenly noticing her heady scent, a mixture of piss and the spicy odour of her own now incredibly strong sexual arousal; she also noticed the state of her underwear, covered as it was with piss, sweat and pussy-juice.

Haley took the towel and dried herself off, tormenting the soaked Kelly as urine dripped of her, then placed the mug back in to the bath and gathered as much piss as she could, before pulling the plug.

"Come here slave, I have a nice drink for you," Haley commanded, passing Kelly the mug. "Now drink it down, that's the way." Kelly gulped it to the last remnant - did her mistress know that she'd hardly been able to wait to once again sample the delicious yellow juice from her own body.

"What a good cunt slave you have been today," Haley said complimentarily. "Now it is time for your reward."

Kelly proudly smiled at her mistress, piss dribbling from the corners of her mouth, then obediently followed Haley back to her bedroom, her cunt flooding in anticipation of the orgasm pleasures to come.

"Lie down on the bed, whore, and keep those panties and bra on," Haley ordered peremptorily.

KELLY: "Yes mistress," I answer, lying back on the bed and spreading my legs apart as I did to give my beautiful mistress access to my pussy and finally relieve me.

"Bitch, today you have been a good slave, so now you will receive your reward," Haley announces, moving between my open legs and beginning to rub my pussy trough my soaked and clinging panties. The heady smell of urine and pussy juice fills my nostrils as she begins to work up a rhythm on my cunt, pulling my soaked panties to the side and licking at my slit while her hand still rubs at my clitoris. Her tongue moves up and down my vaginal opening, occasionally pausing to suck on my labia, but best of all is the moment when she inserts her tongue into my hole. I slip my hand underneath my bra and began to play with my red hot nipples.

"No slave, you must play with yourself through you bra," she raises her face from between my legs to say, and I can see my own pussy juices smeared across her ruby red lips. Without warning she gives my clit a sharp slap, which causes me considerable pain as by now it is fully erect and extremely sensitive. But the pain soon gives way to pleasure as Haley resumes licking pussy while she rubs my clit, intermittently taking it between her fingers and tweaking it hard, to which I respond by letting out a loud moan; the discomfort is at the same time immense and also pleasurable.

"You like that, don't you bitch, you like a bit of pain, don't you?" Haley taunts, in between licking my now dripping pussy and again tweaking my clit.

"Yes mistress, I love to be abused by you." One half of my mind can't believe what I'm saying, while the other wants to submit totally to my young mistress.

"Do you want me to fuck you, whore, with my fingers?" Haley asks me, in between licking me out.

"Yyyes misssstress, ppplease put them in mmme." I stammer out, my orgasm fast approaching.

"Sorry, my eager whore, not today - as much as I want to break that virginal hymen, it will have to wait." I pinch my nipples trough my bra as hard as I can, stretching the soft flesh as I do in attempt to bring orgasm quicker. Knowing how close I am to my orgasm, Haley begins to suck my clitoris into her mouth, flicking her tongue across it as she does. As well, she slowly inserts the tip of her finger into the entrance to my cunt-hole, but stops when she reaches my natural barrier, then keeping her finger where it is, moves it tantalisingly around in a circular motion just inside me, even though I want her to push deeper. My orgasm is now only moments away, juice is engulfing Haley's finger and dribbling out of me as my whole body becomes hypersensitive.

"Yes mistress. Yes mistress!" I shouted out as I cum hard.

"That's it slave, cum for me, cum for me!" Haley cries, slipping her finger out of me and placing her mouth over my pussy in order to catch my nectar. My mind goes blank.

Abruptly alert again, I realise that Haley hadn't stopped; indeed, she is still rubbing my clit, and suddenly I cum again, then again and again once more, then Haley stops. I close my eyes and fall back letting my mind drift away.

As Kelly opened her eyes she was met by the sight of Haley's face positioned just above her own, about to reach down and force her mouth open and let the pussy juice she had collected from Kelly's pussy to slowly drip into her slave's mouth.

As before, Kelly drank her own juice down; it tasted even more delicious now being fed direct from her mistress' mouth. When Haley had emptied her mouth she placed her lips on Kelly's and gave her a long passionate kiss as Kelly opened her lips and allowed her mistress's tongue into her. The two girls' tongues intertwined, sharing the taste of Kelly's nectar.

"Now bitch, these are your orders for the weekend," Haley said, breaking off the kiss just as Kelly was beginning to enjoy this privileged intimacy. "First, you are not to take a bath or shower for the rest of the weekend. Second, you are not to change your underwear over the whole weekend - even when you piss and fuck yourself (which you will do!), you are to keep the same panties and bra on. The only time during the entire weekend you are permitted to remove your panties is when you take a shit. Third, I want you to rub yourself once more tonight, then three times on Saturday and Sunday, but you will not finger yourself to climax. Is that understood?"

"Yes, mistress!" Kelly replied enthusiastically.

"Lastly, on Saturday and Sunday you are to go on a 30 minute run."

"Yes, mistress"

"Good. I hope you can remember all that. Now, slave get the fuck out of my house and do not return until 11am Monday!"

With that, Haley turned her back on her slave, leaving her to find her own way out, with a hundred questions unanswered, most important of all of which was, "What will happen on Monday?

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