tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKelly Ann's Starring Role Ch. 04

Kelly Ann's Starring Role Ch. 04


(You might want to read the first three installments of this saga.)

Life comes at you in bunches, as the saying goes. I often wondered what that saying really meant?

Maybe it was a different way of saying that when it rains, it pours.

Whatever it really meant, my own assessment was that shit happens. You can't plan, you can't predict, sometimes things just happen.

Why Kelly Ann Peters, now Kelly Ann Jackson, got pregnant wasn't the issue. I think she wanted to carry my baby while all the time people assumed it was her husband's seed that took hold of her body and began growing. He was such a bastard, that James B. Jackson, and while Kelly Ann was stuck in her relationship it didn't mean she had to like it.

Oh, the cars and the house and the money was great, but the fact that James was using her as a trophy wife, that he constantly degraded her, humiliated her, you name it, negated all those worldly perks. She had confided in me that she'd leave the bastard if she could, but the papers she had signed said she's walk away with nothing. For Kelly Ann, that wasn't an option.

I actually think she enjoyed being blackmailed by me. She didn't put up a fight when I threatened her exposure --- the incriminating photos were quite compromising --- and deep down I think she actually had a special place for me despite all the horrific things I'd made her do before her wedding.

It isn't often the soon to be bride gives someone not soon to be her husband a blow job in a back room at the church just minutes before the organist kicked in with a little "Here Comes the Bride."

It had been a few weeks since the day at the mall parking lot where Kelly Ann worked wonderful mouth music on me. We couldn't chance a meeting or phone calls. I knew that when she wanted to see me, talk to me, or visa versa we'd connect. We just couldn't be at all obvious about it.

In the meantime I followed up on some job leads and spent my evenings online with America's Army.

The phone call from a Miss Clancy of the JBE Company startled me from a fitful sleep.

"Yes, we'd like to interview you for a position here...would noon be alright? Yes, an appointment has opened up, and today would be great."

Of course I'd be there. I was tired of working odds and ends to pick up cash, and the idea of a real job excited me. I dressed for the occasion, a nice grey suit, red tie (for power) and a dose of confidence went with me to the warehouse on Delaware Avenue. Not the best place in the city, but Miss Clancy explained the shipping company was having its best year and it needed a financial analyst to help the company ensure costs were in alignment with revenues.

Parking in the visitor's lot, I made my way around to the front of the building and stated my business to the guard. He gave me a temporary badge and directed me to the appropriate office. "Good luck, sir," were the last words he said to me. Despite my confidence, I knew a little luck wouldn't hurt, so I thanked him and was on my way.

Inside the director's suite of offices I was greeted by the aforementioned Miss Clancy, a nice looking girl of about 20 or 21. She wore a nice pencil skirt and blouse combination that more than highlighted her physical appearance. A good looking brunette, yet it was her smile which bedazzled me. The girl's smile was infectious, and made me feel right at home.

Paging through People I wondered if the stars on the pages were really as crazy as they were made out to be. Was Brittany a druggie? Was Lindsay a drunk? Was Paris a little bit of that and more?

Hearing the door open, I turned only to be shocked. It was Kelly Ann.

We looked at each other and both of us nearly gasp. "What are you doing here," she asked.

"What are you doing here," was my reply.

Miss Clancy merely said, "Oh, you two, uh, know each other."

Kelly Ann said something about us going to school together, but Miss Clancy's smile seemed to know a little more than that. Still, I was relieved when she excused herself to get us coffee.

"I'm here for a job interview," was my matter of fact statement.

Kelly Ann looked bewildered. "At Mr. Jackson's company?"

Oh my god, what was going on? It was too coincidental that Kelly Ann arrived at a meeting with her father-in-law at precisely the same time as I arrived for a job interview. My mom didn't raise a stupid boy, this was a set up.

"Don't say anything, Kelly Ann, don't admit to anything." I didn't have a chance to say anything else, as the office door opened and a stern James B. Jackson Sr. ordered us inside.

"Hold all calls," he demanded of Miss Clancy, who had reappeared. "We don't want to be disturbed."

The last think I remembered thinking was that secretary knew a lot more than she gave on, she had a disgusted, all-knowing look.

Jackson strode to his desk, told us to sit down, and then alternated stares between the two of us. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

I said something about not knowing what he was talking about, and Kelly Ann stammered something about wanting to come back later after the interview.

"Young lady, you will sit right there, and you should be happy I haven't called James Junior into the room. Your husband would be very, very surprised, and I bet unbelievably angry, if he sat in this room right now."

:"I don't know what you are talking about, dad," quietly, almost in a whisper, said the girl.

The blood rose to Mr. Jackson's face. He began tapping his fingers on the large Oak desk. He continued to alternate looks between Kelly Ann and me as if waiting for one of us to confess.

"Let me help refresh your memory, Kelly Ann. You, my dear, are a slut. I have seen you in action, not only in my son's bedroom, but I have also seen your wantonness in the mall parking lot with this young man. You two should have been more discrete. My goodness, you were doing it in the car. It was so easy for my men to witness you in the act of fellating him. But that didn't satisfy your desires. You exited that car, went into the stairwell, and let him, er, take you from behind....I'm not stupid, I know what I am talking about."

Jackson glared at Kelly Ann, but didn't ignore me, saying something about getting to be in a moment.

"You are a married lady with a child on the way, my grandchild, and you are running around with this, uh, sub-human bastard. I just wanted to have you admit to this before I throw your ass out of the Jackson household."

Kelly Ann began crying, denying all while each of us knew the goods had been found. We were busted, our gooses cooked.

"When James hears about this you will be out on your ass, with nothing. You signed the agreement, you willingly agreed to the pre-nuptial, and now your whoring ass will be out in the gutter where you belong."

"But my child, your grandson..."

"Do you really think I believe that what is in your belly is my son's child?"


"Shut up. You have used your mouth too much already, In more ways than one, as the photos show. You are just a slut looking for a meal ticket. If my boy didn't love you you'd have been out of here already. And you," he said, pointing a menacing finger at me, "would be in the hospital. But don't worry, the afternoon is young."

Quietness enveloped the room as the three of us stared at each other, each waiting for the next shoe to drop.

"I am making you an offer, it's a one-time, no negotiation offer," said the man. "First, you will never see this boy again unless I have given you expressed permission beforehand. Second, you will perform at my whim, sexually, when I desire. And I think that will be a couple times a week."

Kelly Ann groaned and then said no. "I'm not a whore."

"Listen up, Kelly Ann, let me finish. If you do one and two, then I am willing to treat your baby as my grandson, whosever baby it is, and establish a $100,000 college trust fund. I will keep my knowledge of your actions away from my son. I will ensure you are treated well, fairly, and if at the end of the pre-nup you leave him I won't be a problem. But for the term of that agreement with my son you and I will have a side agreement.

"Yes, I guess you could say you will be a whore, but you will be well compensated and your baby will be well taken care of. Nothing will change from your current status, only you and I will have our own little side agreement. There are worse things in life. Oh, and your, uh, little friend here will be free to go and won't be making any extended trips to a hospital ward on my part."

The wheels turned in Kelly Ann's head. Despite the fact she hated her husband, that she wanted nothing more than to be rid of him, there was the fact that financially she was set for life if she stayed with him. Many marriages failed, and as long as she stayed together her future and her baby's future were guaranteed.

Besides, Mr. Jackson was an attractive, powerful man.

She may have wanted to spit in his face, turn down the offer and walk out the door, but she didn't. She sat there, sobbing, begging, getting nowhere. After a bit she sat back and let out a large breath of air.

She then simply agreed to his demands. Signed some legal looking official papers right in front of me.

Mr. Jackson turned to me and said I probably should leave, but then changed his mind. "Sit, there's something I want you to see."

Words can't explain the look on his face. Condescending, yes, but almost giddy too. The 50-something man with the graying hairline had a strange smile on his face as Kelly Ann and I uncomfortably sat before him.

Her father-in-law motioned the girl to his side of the desk. He pointed at his zipper and said she knew what to do. Kelly Ann surely did, having been in the same position if not predicament before. "Can he leave," said Kelly Ann, pointing to me.

"I think not," was his reply.

I wanted to jump over the desk, beat the man to a pulp, but I didn't have the guts. I merely watched as Kelly Ann lowered the man's zipper and observed her reaching into his underwear and pulling out a rock hard cock. She glanced around, shyly, and then lowered her head to her father-in-law's meat.

Kelly Ann deliberately stopped shy of the older man's cock, and I could tell her head was spinning. Should she or shouldn't she? I guess should won out, and given the circumstances, it may have been the best decision. She opened her mouth and snaked out her tongue, licking the tip of her father-in-law's manhood.

Reaching up, she grabbed the base of his cock.

"No hands, Kelly Ann, and you should start with the balls."

The young married girl paused, then did exactly what was asked of her. She lowered her head down, slipping below the almost bouncing cock, down to his hairy balls. Once there, she carefully licked the sack as the cock laid on the top of her head. My eyes nearly popped watching her actions.

Work done down below, she pulled back and looked directly at the hardened staff in front of her.

"Do you like my cock? Is it bigger than my son's? You are a cocksucker, aren't you? I think you must have had a lot of practice from what I have seen. How many guys have you blown?" questioned the lurking man.

Kelly Ann answered as if in a trance.

"You have a nice dick, Mr. Jackson, it's very hard and nice. It's wider than your son's, but his is a little bigger," admitted the embarrassed girl. "I've, uh, sucked four guys, that's it."

With that her head lowered and took the top of her husband's father's cock into her mouth. I think she swirled her tongue around, I couldn't be sure, then began an action that sort of went down then rose slowly on Jackson's cock. He smiled as she blew him, and he basked in the sensations of her sensuous lips.

I've always marveled at Kelly Ann's cocksucking technique. I know I loved it when she went down on me, and I often jerked off thinking of her mouth actions on my dick.

Watching from the other side of the desk was almost as if I was in another world. But I wasn't. It was right there, watching a girl whose mouth had suckled my cock was now working the dick of a man old enough to be her father. Heck, it was her husband's father, had he no shame?

Apparently not, as he barked into the intercom for Miss Clancy, grabbing her attention with his deep, booming voice.

I couldn't believe the girl wasn't surprised when she entered the room to find Kelly Ann blowing her boss. "Kelly Ann signed these papers, so please make a copy and file them in the safe," said the man. "Oh, witness our signatures to make it all official. You did sign this willingly, didn't you Kelly Ann? Oh, don't talk, your mouth is full. Just nod your head...that's a good girl."

"That was an affirmative nod, Mr. Jackson," said the secretary with authority. "I will notarize these and get them into the safe as you ask."

Nodding toward Kelly Ann, the secretary noted that she appeared to have talent. "I think she has done that before," said Miss Clancy. "She is clearly experienced."

The girl said this as if neither Kelly Ann nor I was in the room, it was so very surreal. I was tongue-tied, while Kelly Ann was merely manipulating her talented tongue.

"Oh, Kelly Ann, your mouth is exquisite, I wanted this from the first time I saw you, but especially when I saw you sucking my son," groaned the elder man. "Oh, easy now, be careful, no biting. Oh yes, that's it, work the tip."

Watching Kelly Ann was like watching a porno star. She got into cocksucking. It wasn't merely a blow job, she had a way of worshiping cock. When she started on Jackson's dick it was very tentative, but as the act went on she got into the swing of it, probably because she was resigned to her fate.

Her words from the prior week stuck in my brain. She wanted, no needed, to be Mrs. James B. Jackson. There was no way in the world she'd leave him. And now, caught in the act with me, she would do whatever she had to do to preserve her newfound riches.

Money can't buy love, but it can go a long way toward making a relationship palatable. And with her actions this day Kelly Ann had sealed her future.

"Suck it, girl, suck it," said her husband's father. Soon he wanted more. "Lick my balls again. And my ass too."

The words sent my dick rocking hard in my boxers. It was so very hard to watch, but so sensuous that I couldn't look away. Mr. Jackson glanced my way and sensed how uncomfortable I was.

"She's good, heck, she's a great cock-sucker. I see now why you liked hanging around her. But give it a rest, boy; I will be taking care of her from now on."

The man loved rubbing my face in it.

I turned as the office door opened.

"Mr. Jackson, I've taken care of everything," said Miss Clancy, who secretly had re-entered the office. "Is there anything else I could help you with?"

"No, Miss Clancy....well, yes."

The man looked at me and smiled while rocking his cock in and out of Kelly Ann's mouth.

"This young boy here, he's got a problem," said the man, nodding at me. "Can you please help him?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, or thought I misinterpreted what he said. I think he was asking the pretty secretary to...uh, no, it couldn't be.

It could. The girl walked over to me, dropped to her knees, and worked my zipper down with her pretty red tipped fingers. She reached into by boxers, slowly slipped my cock out, and smiled.

"I think this likes me," was all she said before licking the tip.

Glancing at Mr. Jackson I realized he was totally into Kelly Ann's oral talents. His hands held her head and he was slowly rocking in and out of her wet, willing mouth.

When in Rome...well, I closed my eyes and savored the ministrations of young Miss Clancy. I didn't really understand much of all this, only that her mouth was sucking on my dick like it held the nectar of life. She worked the tip, and then began sucking up and down my cock. Between her oral actions and the observation of Kelly Ann blowing Mr. Jackson several feet away I thought I'd explode.

Rocking in and out of the young secretary's mouth I watched as Mr. Jackson pulled out of his son's wife's mouth and lifted her to her feet. He turned her around and pushed her down forcefully over his desk.

In a flash slipped down her panties and was rubbing his dick up and down her slit, slipping it into her well lubricated pussy.

"Oh, that's marvelous," cried out Mr. Jackson. "What a pussy, what a great ass. Oh I am going to love getting a piece of this on a regular basis."

Kelly Ann was pushed roughly onto the desk as the man pushed against her. He wasted no time in banging his son's wife, taking her from behind with little thought of her comfort. I think he wanted her to take it hard, to punish her. Watching the action brought shivers to my toes as Miss Clancy worked her mouth magic on my cock.

The man didn't slow his onslaught on Kelly Ann's pussy. I was a voyeur, watching the action. He banged the girl, holding her hair in his one hand while smacking her ass with the other. I saw tears sliding down Kelly Ann's face, I watched her grimace to the man's thrust. He was using her.

Watching the two couple was so very erotic, and after a bit of watching the pump-action right in front of me sent me over the edge. My dick began to spasm in Miss Clancy's talented mouth. I held her head close to me as my dick erupted, some of the seed spilling out of her mouth and onto her white blouse. Through it all she kept working my dick, draining it of all I had.

My eruption sparked Mr. Jackson to empty his load into Kelly Ann's snatch. He grunted once, twice, then told the office he was coming in her pussy.

It took a couple minutes, but soon breathing was normal. Kelly Ann exited the room with Miss Clancy to "get presentable."

Mr. Jackson said he hoped I had enjoyed his secretary, but reminded me that there would be stern consequences if I hooked up with Kelly Ann again. I assured him I wouldn't. It was difficult, but I imagined the bad things that could happen.

Kelly Ann delivered a bouncing baby boy, according to the brief in the newspaper, and a year later I saw another birth announcement, this time for a girl.

I wondered who the father of that one was?

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