tagErotic CouplingsKelly Finally Finds Mike

Kelly Finally Finds Mike


As she walked up to the door of his house, she hesitated, thinking about how bad the day had gone. She didn't want to think about any of it right now though. She had been surprised, after finally deciding to call him, that he was actually home and alone on a Friday night. Since he had moved back to the Dallas area, she had visited with him a few times and he had always made her laugh and smile, made her feel special as he always had, and was the perfect gentleman. She had also seen him more than a few times with some very beautiful young women on his arm since his relocation back to Texas. He had recovered nicely from his divorce from a couple of years ago, worked out like a madman, and gotten into very good shape. He was quite the hunk now, but still the same old down-to-earth Mike that had befriended her back in 2006, out of the blue. She still couldn't fully believe he had actually had a crush on her back in high school, all those years ago.

Even for December, it had gotten very cold last night, and the snow, still drifted up on his front porch, had reinforced that thought in her head. As she reached to ring the doorbell, the door opened and the friendly, wry smile he seemed to always have on his face, shined back at her. He looked at her briefly and the smile faded as he quickly opened the screen door and led her into his home.

"Are you OK darlin'?" he asked, hugging her. "I was worried as hell about you," he said as he walked with her into the living room, taking her coat she had just removed.

"Yes, I am good, really," she replies to a very concerned man, who had always seemed to care for her more than he should. He did not look convinced. "Please, Mike, I am OK, you have to believe me," she said.

"Oh crap! Dammit!" he yelled suddenly, dropping her coat into a chair as he went running into the kitchen. She followed him into the wonderfully smelling chef's haven he had created for himself; the fine cookware, the expensive cutlery, and all of the refinished cabinets reflected his simple, but sophisticated style. As she walked into the kitchen, she sees him closing the oven and walking back to her and the granite countertop she is standing beside, wearing that ever present smile and carrying a cookie sheet with some nice looking, and wondrous smelling pastries on it.

"This is an experiment I was working on, and I am glad they didn't burn," he says, as he sets the hot tray onto the counter to cool. "I hope they are as good as I think they will be," he finishes. Looking directly in to her eyes with real concern on his face he adds, "OK, Kelly, you did not sound 'good' on the phone awhile ago. You know you can confide in me, but I will not pry into your personal life. You know you can always talk to me, about anything. Anyway, I went ahead and setup the guest bedroom for you, and you can stay here, in my house, as long as you like, just like I have always told you," He then walked over to the stainless steel refrigerator he had been thrilled about buying for himself a year or so ago. "Wine, dear? I have some really good German Auslese I bought a month or so ago when I was thinking about you. It is very chilled," he said, as he retrieves two wine glasses from the top cabinet, and snags his corkscrew from the drawer in an easy motion, that must have been routine for him.

She looks at him for a second, before answering, "Yes, wine would be nice. So do you still think of me often?" she queries, continuing to look at him now with interest as to what he will say, doubt showing on her face. He had always told her he had been thinking about her when they spoke or talked by e-mail in the past. She never fully believed him.

He replies, "Only when I am at the grocery store, looking for wine to add to my collection for the new wine racks I built, or seeing a bag of M&M's, or," a devilish grin spreads across his face, "just before I go to sleep at night sometimes," as the cork he had been working on in the bottle makes that classic 'POP' sound. "Ta da," he says and smiles in a triumphant way.

"Oh you do not, you silly. You have to be thinking of one of those gorgeous sweet young things I see you with, in their hot little short dresses, and skimpy tops, before you go to sleep, not me," she says, wondering if he really did think of her that much, doubts of him and his thoughts beginning to fade from her mind.

He walks around the counter to her with a glass of wine, hands it to her, and says, "I would never lie to you Kelly, ever. Always remember that. Those little 'sweet young things' you talk about? They do not happen very often, and if you notice, I am here alone tonight. I got dissed by one of them for a 'boy' closer to her age. It was bound to happen though because she was really very boring, and kind of needy and clingy, like a lot of those 'sweet young things' are." He then goes over to the other oven he had had installed over the existing one earlier in the year, and opens it, pulling a glass pan out of it with a hot pad. When he lifts the lid, another wonderful smell permeates the room. This one however smells very, very, yummy. She hadn't realized how hungry she actually was until she smelled the aroma of this dish, obviously a green chile concoction of some kind by the distinctive smell. He had introduced her to some of the New Mexican food he liked to make, when he had first moved back, and she was in love with green chile almost as much as he was.

"Green chile chicken enchiladas? I made enough for two," he teased. "When you called I had just started preparing these because I was craving them, since I was home alone and felt like treating myself. You so have excellent timing, dear, since I know you love this stuff too," he said with a smile, and he placed the pan next to the cookie sheet of his 'experiments', that were almost cool by now. He went to the cabinet by the sink, pulled two plates, and grabbed some silverware out of the drawer, walked over and placed them by the pan, and said, "please help yourself, I need to go tend the fireplace", and disappeared into the living room.

The enchiladas looked and smelled wonderful. She had always been impressed with his skill in the kitchen. She heard the back door of his house open and close, and figured he needed to get some more wood for the fire. Looking around, she was just astounded with what he had done with this house. Originally, when he had first bought it, she had a lot of doubts about it. There had been so many brand new houses on the market, when he picked this 30 year old house, that had never been updated, but because of the location, and that big shop building behind it, he chose it. He said he did get a good price for it, but when she had viewed it for the first time, she had not been impressed at all. Now, it was just impressive as hell. The beamed ceilings, the updated kitchen, the amazing bathrooms; he had done well.

She had just served up two plates of the enchiladas when he returned to the kitchen. He quickly washed his hands, then went over to the refrigerator and pulled some shredded lettuce, tomatoes, a bowl of guacamole, some salsa and some sour cream out and said, "Shall we retire to the den? If you would be so kind as to carry my plate, I will bring this stuff." The sparkle in his eye was obvious as he glanced at her briefly then collected everything on a tray, to bring into the den.

She went into the den off of the living room and was almost floored by what she saw. The old ugly red brick fireplace that had been in the room when he bought the house was gone and this massive black marble hearth was there; a nice warm fire blazing in it. As she set the plates of food on the coffee table she turns to him, who was just entering the room, and says, "when did you do this?" pointing at the gorgeous, and massive new fireplace.

He grinned at her and said, "Oh this guy at work had owed me some money for fixing his car, and we made a deal for him to make this for me. You like it?"

"It is beautiful Mike, he must have owed you a lot," she says to him as he sets the side foods tray down on the coffee table and places the open wine bottle and both glasses in the center.

"Yeah, he did. I saved him some serious money though. He was very appreciative," he said, and sat down on the floor at the coffee table. "So are you going to eat, or gawk at the fireplace?" He teases, and hands her wine glass back to her.

The dinner was wonderful. The enchiladas were exquisite, and his 'experiments' turned out to be chocolate and caramel filled. YUM! The wine was so good too, and she had three full glasses of it, and was feeling good, and relaxed.

She sat looking at Mike. He had just finished clearing off the dirty dishes from the coffee table, and had insisted she sit back and relax while he cleaned up. The excuse that she was a guest was the one that had finally made her do as he asked, and she was curled up very comfortably on the couch in front of the fireplace. He was tending the fire again, and turned to see her looking at him.

"What?" he asked, a slight smile appearing on his face.

She said, "I just can't get over you. You are so nice to me. Why? Ever since we started talking online, you have been nothing but nice and attentive, and very persistent. I am not complaining, but I would like to know considering I am a married woman. There are so many women out there. Why me?"

He walks over and sits down beside her. He takes one of her hands and kisses the palm, holding it up to his face briefly. She could feel his breath on her hand. This sends tingles down her body like she had never felt before. He then looks directly into her eyes, and says, "Because you deserve it, that is why. And because, like I have told you so many times, you are the woman I see when I close my eyes. You are my mind's eye woman, and you never seem to believe me when I say it. It is true." He moves closer to her. She starts to feel heat coming from her lower extremities. He is really turning her on tonight, unlike any other time that she had been around him. She had always thought him good looking, and very funny, but right now, she was getting very aroused by his gaze into her eyes, and his warm hand holding hers.

"So, why haven't you ever tried to seduce me, if I was your perfect woman?" she asks coyly, slightly grinning, and wondering what he was thinking at the moment.

He sits and continues to look at her. His eyes are very green tonight, and the flames from the fire creating a very seductive sparkle in them. He moves even closer, his leg now in contact with hers. She can feel sparks from the contact; a delicious electric shock coming from between her legs. He is so hot in her mind right now.

"I don't really know why I have never tried to get you to make love to me. It could be that I was waiting for a moment like this, but it is probably because I really didn't want to compete with your husband for you. You know I do respect you in that way," he explains. "And I have tried to see other women and not think about you. Yes, all of them have been very pretty, but none have your personality, or as funny, as well as being gorgeous. Most of them are very shallow, and all of them do not compare to you, at all." He releases her hand and moves even closer and puts his hand on her upper leg. His hands are SO warm. She is now starting to get moist. She reaches over and wraps her arm through his.

The first kiss was tentative, like neither knew what to expect. She could feel the sparks in the room; his warm lips had sent a shiver down her spine. She, aroused, pulls him to her and the next kiss is very passionate and deep. She hears a slight moan come from his lips as their tongues begin to dance. The moistness of her crotch is becoming wet. She wants this man, and she wants him now, tonight.

As the second kiss breaks, he leans into her, placing their bodies very close to each other. He bends forward and lightly kisses her neck under her right ear. She can hear the moan again, except it is coming from her mouth this time. She pulls him even closer.

She whispers in his ear, "I want you tonight Michael. I do not care about anything else right now, I want you, and I want to feel you. I want to taste you on my lips. I need to feel you touching me, all over.

He looks into her eyes, almost searching; the passion of the moment is very clear on his face. He asks, "Are you absolutely sure Kelly?" The look on his face is very hopeful, yet the lust is obvious, especially in his voice. "You know things will be forever different if we continue," he breathed, still looking into her eyes and touching her very soul.

She looks directly at him and says, "I have never been so sure of anything in my life," and pulls his face to hers and gives him a very passionate kiss.

He reaches over and pulls her to the carpet in front of the fireplace on top of him. He gazes into her eyes, touching her everywhere like he was making sure this was real, and not a dream. "I have waited a long time for this moment," he said, "and I want to enjoy every second of my time with you." He reaches and places both hands on the sides of her face and pulls her to his lips, kissing her very, very, passionately, tongue lightly playing over her lips.

She then notices he closes his eyes every time when he kisses her, and this by itself surprises her. She thinks to herself, that he truly is a romantic guy and is really looking for that perfect flame. She feels his hands slowly rubbing her back through her shirt, his manhood rising under her butt as she lies there straddling him. His smell; so clean, slightly citrus, mixed with all the cooking smells... She is really starting to get turned on now. His hands are now caressing her ass, gently, evenly. The erotic feelings are just rising and making themselves known. She feels her nipples rise and perk up hard, tingles going through her body wherever he touches her; and his hands are everywhere, massaging her whole body through her clothes. Finally she can take it no longer and slips her shirt over her head, and unsnaps her bra and lies down on top of him bringing her face really close to his and smiles at him very seductively.

He can feel the heat of her body through his shirt as her breasts press against him. This heat, and her wonderful aroma... God, she smells so good; better than any woman he has ever been with. He grabs her now fully available ass and pulls her against his groin. He hears her whimper slightly and he sees a very aroused look on her face as she kisses him feverously, tongue working overtime in his mouth. He reluctantly lets go of her tight, sweet ass and wraps his arms around her and rolls over on top of her. The view of her lying under him is just gorgeous, as he pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it away. He cannot stop himself from kissing those gorgeous tits in his face, and as he plants some very soft kisses, he feels her hands go around his head pulling him to her. Her musky smell is now all around him and he is in heaven, sucking on the nipples he has dreamed about forever. He is also hearing the moans and sounds of pleasure coming from this woman. She is enjoying this as much or more than he is. This makes his dick very hard, and him, horny to his toes as he thinks about pleasuring this woman and making her feel good. He lifts his face to hers and kisses her again, tongues dancing.

She starts pulling on his belt almost frantically, sucking on the side of his neck and whispering what she is going to do to him in his ear. She lightly bites the side of his neck making him moan aloud again.

"Oooooh Kelly," he breathes and rolls to the side and starts unbuttoning her jeans; her hands already inside the fly of his jeans fondling him through his briefs, and smiling wickedly at him. He moves away briefly and sits up and starts pulling her tight jeans down, her sex coming into view as the jeans reluctantly come off. He tosses them onto the couch, quickly removes his jeans and briefs, and buries his face in the beautiful and fragrant pussy. He has dreamt of doing this very thing for a long time, and it tastes even better than he could have ever imagined. She was right; it was like honey. He briefly licks across the puckering lips, and then lightly bites the inside of her thigh, sucking and licking. She starts bucking against his mouth and reaching for his head to pull him against her now very wet and hot pussy. He intentionally avoids her clit and love tunnel and kisses and sucks the insides of her thighs, kisses down the insides to her knees and kisses the backs of her knees, very forcefully, licking in a circle. This brings a loud moan from her lips and a shudder through her body. As he moves back up toward her sex, she sits up and pushes him onto his back, a very horny and aroused look on her face as she moves over him and lightly nips the end of his impossibly hard cock making him jump in ecstasy. She then sucks the head into her mouth making him moan very loudly again. She wraps her hand around the base of his now jumping rod and licks the thick head briefly, and then engulfs him touching her hand with her lips, and then sliding it back out of her wet mouth, over and over. This is driving him wild as no woman has ever sucked him like that. He jumps again when she lightly nips the tip then takes the length again. He can't take much more of this...

He breathes, "Oh baby, you have to stop that now if you want me to last much longer than the next few seconds."

She rises up on her elbow, smiles at him and says, "What old man, can't take it? Can't handle an experienced woman who wants to fuck you silly? Now I know why you are messing around with those little girls," as she moves up to his face and kisses him, tongue entering his mouth as she lightly pinches on of his nipples making him jump yet again. She is enjoying teasing him very much, and it is getting her really hot. She needs him in her now. She rubs her wet snatch on his rock hard dick making him hiss with pleasure, and then, positioning the head at the entrance, slides down is thick, hard cock moaning in pleasure herself as her body stretches to accommodate his thick manhood. Once he is all the way in, and she can feel his balls against her pussy lips, she looks down at him and kisses him again, beginning to rock back and forth on him.

Her pussy is so hot; he can feel it sucking his cock tightly, like a velvet vise. It is so good. Her hands on his chest, holding herself up as she grinds against him, rocking in a smooth rhythm, magnificent globes swaying with the motion... She is so beautiful right now, her eyes closed, thoroughly enjoying the experience. He begins to move his hips slightly up and down to increase the movement in and out a little and her face changes slightly her mouth now open really getting into it.

"Oh yes, Michael, that feels good; you are so big. It feels so good, oh yeah, baby," she croons, slightly changing her movement so that he makes more contact against her swollen clit. She is close. He touches new places inside her and it is really turning her on. She feels him push in a little harder and sends her over the edge. "OH YES, Michael, make me cum baby... I am cumming, oh!" and she screams out in animal passion as she climaxes on him, the shudders all through her body. As she slowly starts to slow her pace, she feels him roll over taking her with him so he is now on top, still inside her. He starts to slowly pump her, pulling almost all the way out and pushing all the back way in, over and over, picking up the pace.

After he rolled her over and him on top, he begins to pick up the pace. His pelvis is now smacking her bottom. Her poor clit getting smashed with each stroke... He can feel her starting to come again due to his penetrating her this way. He lifts up her legs and puts them on his shoulders, and grabs her thighs and really starts fucking her. She is coming, and screaming, and he is getting close himself...

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