tagIncest/TabooKelly is a Woman Now

Kelly is a Woman Now


This is a complete story.

It's a story about a man named Red Foster, an aging farmer who took an innocent trip out behind the barn one day and found that his life was forever changed.


Chapter One: What Red saw.

All I was looking for on that fateful day was a chunk of wood, and because I vaguely remembered seeing a decent sized chunk of an old and warped 2X4 behind the barn, that was what brought me back there on that sunny July day.

As it turned out, I guess my memory isn't what it used to be, because as it turned out the wood wasn't back there after all. Maybe I had used it long ago - who knows? The way I seem to forget things these days, I might have been imagining seeing the damn wood in the first place. I guess that sort of thing comes when you approach 60.

My mind may be slipping, and sometimes there's a little hitch in my giddy-up, but there's nothing wrong with my eyes, and when I reached the back corner of the barn and started to turn, I saw more than I had expected to.

Kelly - our granddaughter who has been spending summers with us every year since her father took off on her mother and left her behind - was back there, and she wasn't alone. Frank Balfe's boy Patrick was with her.

I had seen Kelly with the boy earlier in the week, just talking out by the mailbox, and I hadn't thought much about it at the time. The next day I had caught the two kissing out in Kelly's garden. It was just two teenagers being sweet on each other, and being out here in the sticks in Voorheesville, New York, there wasn't much for young folks to do.

What they were doing behind the barn though, wasn't holding hands or sharing an innocent kiss, and when I saw them I stood there in shock, holding my hammer at my side at staring in disbelief.

My granddaughter Kelly - such a sweet and innocent things, was on her knees in front of the Balfe boy. She was fully dressed, but Patrick wasn't. His jeans and underwear were bunched up around his knees, and although I was standing about ten feet behind the boy's right shoulder, I knew what Kelly was doing.

Kelly's hands were cupping the boy's bony little rump, her fingers digging into the flesh as she pulled Patrick towards her, and Patrick was holding Kelly's head in his hands. His fingers were running through her curly red hair, and as I watched her face moving it was obvious what Kelly was doing to the lad.

Kelly was sucking Patrick's cock, and he wasn't forcing her to do it either. Judging by the way Kelly was doing it, it wasn't the first time she had done it, because she was practically inhaling the young man with an enthusiasm that left me dumbstruck.

Suddenly Patrick's knees bent a little and he let out a moan which left no doubt as to what was happening. He was having himself an orgasm, and he was having it right in my granddaughter's mouth. Furthermore, Kelly didn't even blink but seemed to be swallowing his spunk like it was a sweet nectar.

It was then that Kelly, after looking up at her young lover with a mischievous grin, happened to catch sight of me standing there gawking at them. Her shocked reaction got Patrick's attention, and when he turned and saw me there, he went crazy.

Maybe it was the sight of me standing there, a bald old guy with a hammer in his hand, that got him moving, but whatever it was, Patrick took off. Running at a speed that would have been impressive even if he wasn't still pulling up his pants in the process, he made it to the field in seconds flat and didn't look back, probably fearing I was hot on his heels.

Heck, my running days are long over, and besides, I was still standing there like I had grown roots. Kelly was still on her knees, her face a deep crimson, and I'm sure I was blushing too. I mumbled an apology and went back to the house, trying to look normal as I entered the kitchen.

"Good lord, Red," Edna clucked as I went past her on my way to the bathroom. "You look like you've just seen a ghost."

"Hot one out there today," I mumbled in passing, ignoring her telling me to take it easy and hid in the bathroom for a few minutes until my head stopped spinning.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing something, but I have no recollection of what it was it did because my mind wasn't into anything but that image of the two young folks behind the barn.

I admit to feeling rage for a time right after seeing them, thinking of that kid taking advantage of my little baby, but the more I thought about it the more I realized how wrong I was.

Kelly wasn't the giggling girl in pigtails bouncing on my knee any longer. She was going to college come fall, and that Balfe kid was probably a year older. Hell, by his age I was up at Fort Drum running obstacle courses by day and trying to get as many of the local girls in Watertown to do to me precisely what Kelly was doing to Patrick.

They weren't kids. They were adults, and it was my problem that I still saw Kelly as a child. They had been sharing a beautiful moment and I ruined it. Just because my sex life was in the dumper was no reason to spoil things for others, even if my intrusion had been accidental.


Chapter Two: Seeing Kelly.

Dinner was an awkward affair, with Edna acting as giddy as she always did, and poor Kelly looking around like the Sword of Damocles was hanging over her head for much of the meal. Maybe she feared that I had run in and told her grandmother about what I had seen, but when she figured out that Edna was as clueless as ever she seemed to relax.

It was over the course of dinner that I looked at Kelly for the first time. The changes had come so slowly over so many years, that I hadn't really noticed what a beautiful young woman she had become, at least in my way of thinking. Oh, I knew that she was no beauty queen, but she was a cutie for sure.

Those green eyes that seemed to sparkle constantly, and her flaming red hair that always made me think of Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man, were a dazzling combination. The freckles scattered around her face were adorable as well, and when I looked at that face I knew that if I was Patrick I would have been in heaven earlier as well.

Even Kelly's body seemed different now, or maybe that was just because I was seeing her in a different light. Kelly wasn't one for dressing provocatively like a lot of girls her age seem to do, usually wearing simple blouses that were tasteful and smart looking, but maybe that was for our benefit here.

Who knows? Maybe when she was back home she wore next to nothing and flaunted everything she had. At around 120 pounds on her 5'2" frame, she wasn't voluptuous but there were definitely a pair of breasts under that red and white checked top, and a firm butt in those jeans of hers.

"What?" I said with a start, just realizing that Edna had been yakking at me while I daydreamed, and after I answered her mundane question I tried to get my head out of my butt.

I had been sitting there mentally undressing my granddaughter. Where in the world did that come from? I suspect that it was because of what I had seen before, and the sick truth was that whenever I thought about seeing Kelly like that, I would get an erection.

Not just one of those semi-boners that I would get on occasion, mind you, but full blown erections that were very obvious in my Dickies. I already had more hard-ons that afternoon than I had in the last five years combined.

Not that an erection is anything to be depressed about, because at my age it is surely a welcome sight. What bothered me was why I was getting them, and it was enough of a concern that I was planning to go into town and pay Father Bryant a visit that next day, to see if I could sort this out without telling the guy too much.

After all, I'm not sure how I would ever be able to tell somebody that I was getting aroused by thinking of my granddaughter being on her knees in front of me, and doing the same things to my cock as she had done to her boyfriend's.


Chapter Three: Plain talk.

The three of us watched a little TV together, with Edna talking non-stop through some kind of show where people sing bad songs badly and a panel of nobodies tell them how bad they are. For once Edna's chatter was welcome because it drowned out much of the music.

Kelly said good night and went to her room after that show was over, and when Edna hit the hay I decided to join her. My suspicion of increased moral depravity was confirmed when I got an erection from watching Edna get undressed.

For 58, Edna's not a bad looking woman, but she is 58. Her breasts sag, she's thick around the waist and has a fat ass. It was between those cheeks that I rubbed my cock a little, a signal that I was ready for action.

Edna got the message, and sent back one of her own. It was the one that I was used to getting these days, and was not unexpected.

"Oh for heaven's sake," Edna groaned. "Kelly's in the house. Go do some push-ups or something. Take a cold shower."

I fumed at that, because for one thing, Kelly's bedroom was clear at the other end of the house, so there was no chance of her hearing us. Secondly, I had already tried a cold shower and it hadn't taken. I had wanted to do push-ups, right on top of Edna, but that was not to be on this night.

After staring at the ceiling for a time, listening to Edna snore softly, I got out of bed and went down to the kitchen. Kelly had music playing softly in her room, and she must have had her lava lamp on because there was a little light at the bottom of the door.

After getting my drink in the kitchen I tapped on Kelly's door, figuring that this might be a good opportunity to have a chat about what had transpired.

"Oh, just a sec!" Kelly said, and after hearing a little noise, she called out for me to come in.

Kelly was hunkered down under the sheet, and gave me a smile as I entered the room. The lava lamp was indeed on, and I smiled when I remembered getting that for Kelly at Spencer Gifts years ago, after she had stared at it in the store with wide-eyed wonder when we passed it in the window.

"Still works," I said, nodding at the lamp which was a year-round fixture in this guest room despite Edna's protests when other company would arrive.

"I still love it," Kelly said with a grin, and when I looked over at the curtain gently waving in the open window, I smelled something that was vaguely familiar.

Walking over to the window, I peeked out and saw the evidence on the outside sill. Holding it up, I had to laugh at the half of a joint that Kelly had snubbed out when I had knocked. The scent was still in the air, and even though it had been almost 40 years I had still been able to remember the aroma.

"Busted," Kelly said glumly, but seemed to be happy that I wasn't mad.

"Just don't let Grandma catch you," I said, placing the joint on the night table before adding with sarcasm, "She's not as hip as Grandpa."

"Guess you didn't say anything to her about - before," Kelly replied.

"No, and that's what I wanted to talk to you about," I said, easing myself down to sit on the edge of the single bed. "I wanted to apologize about that. I wasn't spying on you or anything."

"That was our bad - my bad," Kelly said. "Kinda got carried away."

"Just try to be a little more discreet," I suggested. "I think if it was Grandma that caught you she would have fainted. And tell Patrick I'm sorry too."

"Uh - don't think I'm going to be seeing him again."

"Hope I didn't scare him off."

"He was already terrified of you anyway," Kelly informed me. "Said you and his old man had a fight a while back and he thought you were going to kill his father, so ever since then he tries to keep his distance from you."

"Oh hell, that was just a property line thing," I recalled. "We yelled at each other a lot, and then went out and got drunk and worked it out."

"Whatever it was, you sure made an impression on Pat, and then after seeing you with that hammer?" Kelly giggled, and I had to smile.

"So it's over?"

"Yeah, I didn't like the way he ran off and left me there with a mouthful," Kelly explained bluntly. "Anyway, thanks for being cool about it. Say, you want to share the rest of that with me?"

He goes still another thing to tell - or not to tell Father Bryant about in the morning, I figured while watching Kelly re-light the joint and pass it to me.

"Forty years," I said when Kelly asked me the last time I had smoked pot.

Kelly's upper arms were sprinkled with freckles, and they looked so cute on her pale shoulders too. Her arms were tanned from the bicep down, but her upper arms and shoulders were still creamy white.

These facts were learned when she had come out from under the covers to smoke with me, and I tried not to look at the gray sports bra she was wearing as we exchanged tokes.

"I think I'm going to do this every forty years," I said, feeling a bit of a buzz as I waved off the final hit.

"I'm going to mark it on a calendar, and we'll get together in exactly 40 years and do it again," Kelly announced. "I'll be a grandmother by then, and you'll be a - what will you be?"

"Dead," I guessed.

"No, you can hit 100 easy," Kelly said. "You're in awesome shape for your age."

"Still ticking - barely," I said.

"You probably think I'm a pig," Kelly opined. "After seeing me today."

"No," I replied. "Things are different today than they were when I was your age, but that sort of thing went on back then too, as I recall."

"Did Grandma used to take you out behind the barn like that?" Kelly kidded.

"Oh, we had some times," I said, not mentioning that Edna had never done anything like that to me.

Edna's idea of oral sex was licking the head of my cock while jerking me off on my birthday, having been turned off years ago when we were newlyweds and I had shot my wad in her mouth. Ever since then - forget about it.

"Remember when you used to come in here and read me stories before I would fall asleep," Kelly asked. "I loved that so much."

"Me too, honey," I agreed. "You used to like 'The Snowman' best of all, even though it was usually summer when you were here."

"Lay down with me," Kelly said. "Like you used to."

I found myself leaning down and going onto my side, facing Kelly as she rested on her back.

"You read that story to me so many times that I think you could have done it without the book," Kelly said. "Do you remember it still?"

"Afraid not," I admitted. "My memory is bad, and you were a little girl back then."

"I'm not a little girl anymore," Kelly said softly. "Am I Grandpa?"


Chapter Four: No, she wasn't

Kelly reached over and clicked the music off, making the only sound in the room my heart, which was pounding as loudly as a drum, or at least that was the way it seemed to me.

"No, honey," I sighed. "You're not. You're a beautiful young woman."

"Do you know what I was doing when you knocked?" Kelly asked, quickly adding, "Besides smoking, I mean."

I shook my head, and kept shaking it when Kelly reached over and, taking my wrist in her hand, brought my hand under the sheet and put it on her tummy.

"I was touching myself," Kelly whispered. "I'm so horny."

"Please, Grandpa. Help me," Kelly said when she felt me resist what she was doing, her emerald eyes imploring me to allow her to bring my hand lower.

I let her. My hand slid down Kelly's flat stomach, and my finger dipped into the tiny recess of her belly button. Now it was being brought lower, and the skin was so smooth and satiny that my hand was gliding effortlessly now, so much so that I didn't notice Kelly had let go of my wrist until I looked up to see she had linked her hands behind her neck and was staring at me with those pleading eyes.

There's probably a special place in hell for grandfathers who touch their granddaughters like I was doing, but even though I probably half-believed that, I obviously didn't care because there I was, with my hand resting on Kelly's privates.

"You're so beautiful," I said, not knowing what else to say. "So soft."

Kelly said nothing, but I could feel her hips moving a little, trying to get me to slip a finger inside of her. I resisted, instead letting my fingers stroke outside.

"You don't have very much hair down there, do you" I said, my perverse words sounding even sicker with my grandfatherly voice. "Are you one of those that shave your - you know?"

"No," Kelly sighed. "Mom's jealous of me, on account of she's so hairy and I hardly have any body hair at all."

Indeed, what my fingers were touching felt more like down than actual hair, and the fine fluff seemed to only have grown around her sex instead of the wide triangle most women seemed to have. The hair felt more like an angel blowing on my hand when I slid my fingers through it.

"Feels so nice," I admitted.

"I don't have to shave my legs more than once a month," Kelly added. "Same for my pits."

I could see that clearly, since my face was scant inches away from her underarm. As I inhaled the sweet scent that filled my senses, my eyes took in the buttery-smooth skin of her exposed armpit, the creamy whiteness only broken by a tiny cluster of little hairs - no more than peach fuzz really - in the very center of the gentle hollow.

So pretty and so very different from the only woman I had known for the last near forty years, that I could not resist. I could blame it on the weed, or claim that I was being seduced, but the plain truth was that it was me doing this, of my own free and demented will.

I was the one leaning forward and kissing Kelly's underarm, and then after Kelly gasped, let my tongue slide over the peach fuzz and up the inside of her bicep. I brought my tongue back the same way, and Kelly's entire body shuddered as I licked my way down.

I don't even remember how I got down to the foot of the bed, only that I was spreading those creamy thighs and bringing my face between Kelly's legs. Instead of navigating though Edna's thick jungle of hair to get between the over-sized lips of her sex, my cheeks were being caressed by the fine wisp of red hair that grew around Kelly's raised mound, and she was wet before my tongue even touched her.

Kelly's pussy smelled so sweet - sweeter than any fruit I had ever savored - and when my tongue found her clitoris she started writhing on the bed, her hands clutching the bedding as I tasted her.

I slid my hands under her bottom and lifted her up a bit from the sheet, allowing me to lick her entire opening, even venturing near her anus, which was so pink and pure looking that I was tempted to keep going. Instead, my mouth returned to where it had started, swabbing her tender pearl while her legs kicked in the air.

I heard a stifled squeal as Kelly's thighs clamped around my head, and then my face was dusted with what felt like a gentle mist before her body convulsed violently, leaving me hanging on to her butt cheeks for dear life.

Kelly's body continued to shake every few seconds as my tongue slowly slid over her pussy, but just when I thought it was over she began shaking again, raising her upper torso until she was almost sitting up.

Her body tensed, and her fingers were clawing into what was left of my hair when she made another stifled squeal before she slammed back down on the bed and I felt her body go limp.

I looked up from my position between Kelly's legs, my chin resting in the channel of her sex, and looked up at the sweaty and discolored face of my darling granddaughter, whose chest was still heaving rapidly.

Her sports bra had gotten pulled up and off of her breasts during the time I had been lapping at her sweet pussy like an animal. and I was a bit startled at the size of her exposed breasts. The grapefruit-sized globes were larger and fuller than I had imagined, despite her being on her back - and I was ashamed to realize that I had indeed apparently fantasized about them before - and the nipples were pink pea-shaped nubs resting on aureoles the size of half-dollars.

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