tagIncest/TabooKelly Joins The Club

Kelly Joins The Club


Kelly and I waved the last guests away and then I turned and smiled at the lady I had married at three o'clock that afternoon. Her eyes shone with happiness and her face glowed with health, and I once again experienced an immense feeling of pride that Kelly had agreed to be my wife.

"Happy, sweetheart?" I asked as I folded Kelly into my arms and kissed her lovingly on the lips.

"Of course, darling," Kelly replied when we finally broke the kiss, "but we haven't finished celebrating yet, have we?"

"Certainly not," my father Howard said, suddenly appearing from the hallway at the open doorway. "Philip," he said, addressing me, "I think its time to really welcome your wife into the family."

"Sure is, dad," I replied, taking Kelly by the hand and leading her back inside, my father closing the door behind us. "Are mum and Simon going to join us?"

It was a silly question since there was no way my mother and brother would miss Kelly's welcome party but dad still answered it for me.

"You bet your sweet life they are," he replied, "why don't you and your beautiful bride go down to The Room and we'll be along in a mo, just as soon as we've finished cleaning up."

"Would you like some help?" Kelly asked.

"Yeah, dad," I said, "don't seem fair for you, mum and Simon to do all the work."

"Are you daft?" said dad, an incredulous tone to his voice. "It's your wedding day, isn't it? When was the last time a bride and groom had to do the washing up?"

"OK, dad, point taken," I said, grinning broadly at the man who was not only my father but, next to my brother, my greatest male friend.

"I'm so looking forward to being part of the family at last, Mr. Hutchinson," Kelly said, cutting into the momentary silence.

"Now that's enough of all that," dad said, "I'm your father-in-law now so you can skip all that Mr. Hutchinson nonsense."

"What should I call you then?" asked Kelly.

"Howard is fine by me," dad replied, "or you can call me dad, I don't mind."

"Dad sounds so nice," Kelly said, "it feels wonderful to have a father again since my own dear dad died. And mum too, regrettably. It was so nice of you to walk me down the aisle."

"My pleasure, honey, and you've a ready-made new family now," said dad, "and I must say we are mighty proud to have you. I know I speak for everyone when I say that."

"Thank you, Mr Hutch ... erm, I mean dad," said Kelly, choking back a little giggle.

"Like I said," my father continued, "get down to The Room and you can start getting ready. The reception may be over but the fun is only just about to begin."

"See you in a bit, dad," I said, as I again took Kelly's hand and lead her downstairs to the place dad had indicated.

The Room is a very special part of our family home, a detached house in a very select suburb to the north of London, where mum, dad, my younger brother Simon and I have enjoyed many family gangbangs over the years since Simon and I became consenting adults. Comfortably equipped with sofas, armchairs, a big double bed and an array of sex toys, dildos and strap-ons, some hanging from the walls, The Room is guaranteed to ensure that a good time is had by all.

"Wow!" said Kelly as we entered The Room, "I expected it to be good but I didn't expect it to be as good as this."

"I'm pleased you like it, sweetheart," I said, "mum and dad worked really hard to make this place what it is. We've had some great times here over the years."

"I bet you have," laughed Kelly.

Kelly went over to the wall and started to feel the various strap-ons hanging from them, twerling them in her hands.

"You ever taken one of these up your arse?" Kelly asked, smiling at me, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

"D'you really need me to answer that?" I said, my grin turning into a wide smile.

"I can't wait to see you get fucked," Kelly said, "and your dad and brother, too."

"Yeah," I said, "Simon and I love fucking dad just as much as we do fucking mum."

"I can hardly wait to watch your mum fuck you with one of these," said Kelly, fondling the dildos in her hands.

"I'm sure mum will be happy to oblige," I replied, my mouth drooling at the thought and knowing mum would be only too pleased to fuck both her sons' arseholes while her her new daughter-in-law watched. If there's one thing my mother really enjoys, its turning the tables on her menfolk and becoming a femdom for awhile and screwing our arses to high heaven with her strap-ons.

Taking it up the arse is something I, and Simon too when he joined us, learnt to enjoy very shortly after being eligible to participate in mom and dad's sex sessions - Simon being younger had to wait eighteen months or so after me before he became a consenting adult - and from the first tentative fucks of my arse with one of mum's strap-ons, I moved on to taking the real thing from dad, and later Simon. Of course, it goes without saying, that dad and Simon like it up the arse too; nothing is taboo in our family, as my new wife was very shortly about to find out.

I could feel my penis hardening inside the tight briefs I was wearing under my trousers at the thought of my wife joining our gangbangs and I went over to her, pressing my still fully clothed body up against her back, my cock digging into her backside through my trousers, and nuzzled my head into the nape of her neck, sticking out my tongue and giving it a lick.

"Gee, sweetheart, you smell wonderful."

"A wife should always smell nice for her husband," replied Kelly, huskily.

Kelly turned and smiled at me and kissed me full on the lips, reaching down with a hand to fondle my prick that was obscenely yet happily tenting out the front of my trousers. We were still snogging like mad with Kelly touching up my now very full hard-on when we heard the heavy tread of feet on the stairs and, seconds later, mum, dad and Simon entered.

Simon, of course, had been my Best Man at the wedding that afternoon and had had to make the usual naff speeches at the reception, coming out with all the rubbishy jokes that are the hallmark of such occasions, guaranteed to cue peels of hysterical laughter from the assembled guests at the least funny remarks.

I was a little surprised to see my family still fully dressed as they entered The Room but since this was Kelly's first time with us, maybe they had decided not to go naked straightaway to ease her in gently. Having had plenty of sex with Kelly before our marriage, I knew what a little slut she could be, a veritable vixen with lots of athletic sexual prowess at her disposal, but I said nothing. My family would very soon discover just what a slut their new relative could be and, as such, would be in the midst of some excellent like-minded company.

"I was just saying to Philip, this is a wonderful room," Kelly said, smiling first at me and then at my parents, "must have taken you a long while to get it like this."

"It certainly did," my father said, "and it'll be all the better now that there's a new family member to enjoy all the facilities on offer."

Dad and Simon were standing next to each other, rubbing their formidable bulges, making no attempt whatsoever to hide them, while my mother Eileen smiled as she walked over to Kelly and I and placed a hand on my tight arse, my bum cheeks fitting snugly into the seat of the trousers of my suit that I was still wearing, following the wedding.

"Congratulations, both of you," my mother said, giving me a quick kiss on the lips as she continued to stroke my arse accentuated by my trousers, my shapely buttocks finely honed by frequent trips with dad and Simon to a local gym, though we hope eventually to instal our own gym when time and funds allow.

"Here's to many happy years together," my mother went on, "and welcome to the family, Kelly."

"Yeah, welcome," said Simon, "I ain't never had a sister before."

"Yes, welcome Kelly," my father said, "and I wish you and Philip very very many happy years together, too."

"Me and all," said Simon.

"Thank you, everyone," said Kelly and I detected a small blush appear on her face. "This is really going to make up for me not having a family of my own."

"You've got one now, sweetheart," said dad, smiling benevolently at my wife.

"Thanks, mum and dad, thanks Simon," I said, enjoying not for the first time the feel of mum's hand as she continued to touch up my bottom, "both of us couldn't be more happy if we tried."

"In that case, sweetheart," mum said, "I think you should show us just how happy you are."

"Yeah, bruv," said Simon, the bulge in his trousers now threatening to split them wide open, my brother just as delighted as my parents to welcome a new member to our sex club, "let's see your new wife suck your cock."

"Oh yes," said Kelly, dropping to her knees in front of me and fumbling with my fly. "Then I really will feel like a part of the family."

I pushed her hand gently away to do the job for her, slipping the zipper down slowly and as teasingly as I could. When my trousers were completely undone, the head of my cock and my big balls in my white briefs bulged out through the gap and as Kelly reached out a hand to have a good feel of my package, mum slid down onto her knees next to her new daughter-in-law to get a better look.

"Doesn't that look great?" mum said, "be even more exciting once my horny son drops his briefs."

"Gee, mum," I said, as I started unbuckling my belt, "you can't wait, can you?"

"No," said mum, "like your brother just said, your dad and I want to see your wife sucking that lovely hard cock of yours."

"Yeah," said Kelly, "I want you to watch me sucking your son, too. I bet you've sucked it many times over the years, too, eh?" she added, grinning lasciviously at mum.

"I most certainly have," mum replied, her mouth drooling, "you'll find it to be exceptionally tasty."

"Oh, I already have," said Kelly, giggling.

"Of course," mum said, "not like me to forget a thing like that."

"It's your age, mum," said Simon, breaking into fits of laughter.

"All right, sweetheart," replied mum, throwing Simon a look that said he was slightly overstepping the mark, "it wasn't that funny."

Simon tried hard to keep his face straight as the light-hearted banter that has always been a feature of our gangbangs subsided. I had been thoroughly enjoying my mother touching up my arse cheeks and my wife fondling the bulge in my briefs through my unzipped fly, I've always enjoyed foreplay with a nice slow build-up but the women seemed too impatient for that on this occasion, if mum's remarks were anything to go by.

Not wanting to disappoint them, therefore, I quickly dropped my trousers and briefs, allowing my hard cock and my cum-filled balls to spring out directly in front of their faces. The watching audience applauded loudly and appreciatively at the appearance of my fully aroused prick, along with my sperm-loaded aching nuts.

"Oh, that is so beautiful," Kelly said, as if she had never seen it before, least of all in its current erected state, and without further ado she quickly took me into her mouth and began to suck long and hard on the rigid pole. Mum, dad and Simon clapped and cheered some more as their new relative increased the suction until my balls were slapping hard against my wife's chin.

With my trousers and briefs now round my ankles, mum's hands now had access to my bare arse and she gave each cheek a good feel and ran a finger up and down the cleft before standing up and moving across to dad and Simon. My family quickly removed their clothes and as Kelly continued to give me what I can only describe as a killer blowjob, I too divested myself of my shirt and tie and shucked off the rest of my clothes, along with my shoes and socks, to join my parents and brother in the nude. Only Kelly was still dressed but I kind of had the feeling that that would not be the case for very much longer.

Mum knelt in front of dad and Simon as they paraded themselves before her, their spectacular father and son hard-ons standing proudly to attention in front of her admiring eyes as they waited to have them sucked, along with their heavy swinging balls. Mum is a first-class cock-sucker - she's also greatat licking balls, too - and dad signalled with his eyes for her to go down on Simon first.

"Yeah, mum," Simon said, a note of pure wanton lust in his voice as he peeled back his foreskin to reveal his pink twitching knobhead, smeared with a good helping of pre-cum that oozed sweetly from his pee hole, "suck my cock, nice and hard like you did last night."

My brother gasped as mum once again took her youngest son's stiff pole into her experienced mouth, Simon and I both taking after our father in the downstairs department, all three of us being the proud owners of at least eight inches of thick cherished man meat which are our pride and joy.

Dad stood to one side and masturbated as his eyes darted back and forth between mum and Simon and Kelly and me. Mum sucked Simon long and hard for five minutes or so, enjoying - not for the first time - the feel of his big incestuous cock in her mouth and the salty taste of his pre-cum, then began to treat dad to another of her superb blowjobs. Simon, his cock smeared in his own pre-cum and a liberal supply of mum's saliva after having had it incestuously sucked, then stood to one side with his hard-on pulsating in his hand as he watched our mother legitimately sucking our father.

I smiled across at dad and gave him the thumbs up sign, my cock still embedded deep in Kelly's mouth took, and dad took that as a signal for him to move into position alongside me to have his cock sucked for the first ever time by his daughter-in-law. He let his cock fall out of mum's mouth and mum, who didn't like to be without a cock in her mouth for long, immediately resumed making love to Simon's cock as dad made his way over to us, quicker it seemed than the speed of sound.

Like I said, Kelly is a true sex slut of the highest order and didn't need to be told what to do, she simply let my cock fall out of her mouth and immediately went to town on dad, enclosing her hot wet mouth around his hard throbbing cock as she bestowed on him a long and thrilling premiere blowjob.

"Oh boy," my father said as he enjoyed Kelly's expert oral skills, "Philip, your wife certainly knows how to suck cock."

"Yeah, dad," I said, standing alongside him and wanking like mad as I watched while, across The Room, Simon's cock seemed to have taken up permanent residence inside mum's mouth. "She's every bit as good as mum."

"She's gonna be a much valued addition to our sex club," dad said, speaking as if Kelly was deaf and smiling down at her as he placed his hands on her head, running his fingers through her soft blonde hair and Kelly, still in the throes of a long hard suck, looked up and smiled at dad as best as she was able.

I knelt down and began unbuttoning Kelly's blouse and helped her off with it, then I moved round to her back to unhook her bra. With one fail swoop, the garment fell away and my wife's luscious tits were finally exposed for all to see. I heard Simon whistle as his eyes took in his sister-in-law's firm round jugs while continuing to pump his cock in and out of mum's mouth, pressing in so hard that the right side of mum's face puffed out as her youngest son's rod pressed against it from inside.

Kelly let dad's cock fall out of her mouth and stood up, smiling at her new sex-mad family. Simon was still ogling my wife's tits, Kelly's nipples standing out erect from her dark aureoles, and licking his lips hungrily, his eyes like saucers as if he had never seen a pair of women's breasts before.

"I'd like to have a good long suck and lick of those later," Simon said, gazing transfixed at the objects in question, "they're fucking beautiful."

"I couldn't agree with you more, son," said dad who was also itching to not only suck my wife's tits but lick and fuck her pussy as well.

"You can all have a good long suck whenever you want," said Kelly, her smile growing wider by the second, "but right now, I reckon its about time I got these off, don't you think?" she said, unhitching her skirt and letting it fall to her knees.

A large damp patch was already staining her panties and dad dropped to his knees and stuck out his tongue for his first ever taste of his daughter-in-law's juices. I was as horny as fuck as I watched my father licking my wife through her panties, with her full consent - and mine, too - and resumed wanking as Simon pulled his cock out of mom's mouth and beckoned to her to go down on his balls.

"Here," said Kelly, gently nudging dad away, "take a look at this."

"Come on, mum," said Simon, removing his nuts from mum's mouth though she had barely begun slurping on them, "let's go and get a closer look at what Kelly's gonna do."

Mum, dad, Simon and I stood back as Kelly turned away from us and began to suck on one of the dildos hanging from the wall of The Room. At the same time, she slipped her thumbs into the wasteband of her now very damp panties and slowly started to lower them. Little by little, bit by bit, her firm naked arse cheeks came into view, as round and as succulent as her tremendous tits, the long crack of her behind dividing it into two equal globes, perfectly proportioned in relation to the rest of her body as well as being mooth and delectably hairless.

"Fucking hell," said Simon, "look at that fabulous arse. Its just as great as your boobs, Kelly."

"Why thank you kindly, young man," replied Kelly, as pleased as any woman could possibly be to have her body lavished with such heartfelt praise.

"Yeah," said dad, "Kelly's arse should be designated an area of outstanding natural beauty."

"Her whole body should," said mum, who liked to ogle women just as much as she did men and was letting her eyes roam over every inch of my wife from her head to her toes, taking in her long slim legs, a perfect introduction to the round buttocks at the top of them. Kelly and I are regular participants in the London Marathon, as are mum, dad and Simon, and Kelly's legs were, indeed, just as athletically beautiful as the rest of her while mum was glad that she would no longer be the only female at our gangbangs.

"I'm glad you approve," said Kelly, grinning over her shoulder and displaying not the slightest hint of embarrassment as she finally started to expose herself to mum, dad and Simon. I, of course, had seen it all before.

"Yeah," said dad, clasping me round the shoulders. "You sure chose the perfect wife, son," he said, "she's going to fit in with the family admirably."

Dad was already realising just what a slut my wife was and is and, without waiting to be asked, dropped to his knees and began to kiss and lick every inch of Kelly's buttocks. Simon and I resumed masturbating and mum rested back on her haunches and smiled up at us, licking her lips and watching the engorged heads of our cocks peeping in and out of our foreskins as our hands flew up and down the long shafts of our hard fuck poles. Seconds later, Simon, unable to contain himself, groaned as he squirted the first of several hot jets of his rich incestuous spunk into the stratosphere, the goo spewing out in thick long ribbons as mum leaned in and opened her mouth to drink as much of her youngest son's sperm as she could.

"Sorry mum," Simon said, as he got his breath back, "I was just so horny watching dad licking Kelly's arse, I couldn't help myself."

"Don't apologise, sweetheart," mum said, still swallowing, "I shall look on it as an early breakfast."

The clock on the wall of The Room showed that it was almost two o'clock in the morning but there was no question of us turning in just yet, we were too turned on, our eternal enthusiasm for hardcore taboo sex of the kinkiest kind ensuring that we would keep going until almost daybreak. As if confirming the point, Kelly suddenly moved away from dad and turned and smiled at him while I slowed down the pace of my wanking, not wanting to fall into the trap Simon had set for himself by shooting my load too soon.

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