tagGroup SexKelly's Affair

Kelly's Affair


Kelly and I had been married for 15 years. During that time she had given birth to two kids and put 60 pounds on her once petite 5'3" frame. At 165 pounds Kelly was certainly chunky but to me she was as beautiful and sexy as our wedding night. We were both over 40 but we both looked and acted younger. Kelly's tits were full, surprisingly firm 38dd and her thick curvy body turned me on more than the Hollywood stick figures on TV ever could. Despite the fact that I adored my wife's sexy round body she had terrible body image issues. She felt fat and unsexy and no amount of affirming compliments from me could change that.

Kelly's poor self image led her to seek positive affirmation from other men. She became a huge flirt. It bothered me at first but because the boost in self esteem made her happier and I loved to see her smile I accepted her flirting ways.

She met Mark at work. He worked in a different department than she did but he became her "work husband" as well as her daily lunch partner. I wasn't threatened by Mark because Kelly told me everything. She told me in graphic detail all about their flirtaceous conversations which often crossed the line and bordered on phone sex. She even told me that Mark bragged to her that he had a huge penis. I started to look forward to hearing about their conversations largely because we would have hot sex afterward but also because I began fantasizing about them having sex.

When I confided to Kelly that I sometimes fantasized about her and Mark having sex she got excited. She told me that she wanted to take her relationship with Mark to the next level. I was both scared and excited.

"I want you to be there baby," she said softly as she pressed her soft lips to mine. We had talked about swinging before but always in generalities and she knew it excited me. Kelly reached down between my legs and found my cock rock hard.

"You want to see it don't you?" Kelly teased as she unzipped my fly. She didn't wait for an answer. She dropped to her knees as she fished my hard 6 1/2 inch dick from my pants and wrapped her lips around it.

Like many married couples blow jobs were not a regular part of our sex lives and it didn't take me long to explode in my wife's mouth. She had only swallowed my load once before but she didn't hesitate in gulping down my seed that night.

"That was delicious," Kelly coo'd as she wiped her lips with her forearm and kissed me softly.

"Will you be there baby?" Kelly asked as she looked at me with pleading puppy dog brown eyes.

"Yes," I answered quickly.

We shipped the kids off to my sisters the following weekend and Kelly made a fantastic meal for herself, Mark and me.

I could see what she saw in Mark. He was only 30. He was in very good shape and his face was pleasant. Mark had an air of confidence and a strong dominant personality that really turned my wife on.

After dinner Kelly poured us each another glass of wine and we moved into the family room. Despite the elephant in the room Mark never allowed the conversation to wane and I never felt uncomfortable. We finished our wine and Mark took the lead.

"Kelly," he said politely, "why don't you draw the blinds."

I had assumed we would go upstairs to our bedroom but Mark had other ideas.

Kelly closed the blinds to shut out the prying eyes of our neighbors and then walked over to her friend.

"Take off your clothes and let me take a look at that fat sexy body, of yours,"' Mark said confidently.

I was surprised when he called my wife fat but it didn't seem to bother her at all. In fact it seemed to excite her.

Kelly quickly undressed and stood naked in front of Mark as he looked her up and down appraisingly. He smiled at her and Kelly beamed with his approval.

"Now me," he said confidently as he looked deep into my wife's pretty brown eyes.

Kelly leaned over Mark and pulled his shirt up over his head revealing his hairless, muscular chest. Her big tits hung in front of Mark and he reached up and squeezed them making my moan softly.

"You have nice fat tits Kelly," he said softly as he pinched her big swollen nipples.

My wife moaned as our guest pawed her heavy tits in front of me. I sat across from them on the love seat in our family room and soaked in the hedonistic scene.

Mark pushed Kelly's tits together and guided them to her mouth. She closed her eyes and licked her hard nipples for her new lover.

"My pants," he directed and my wife quickly switched gears and unfastened Mark's jeans. "You have told me for months how bad you want my huge cock. Are you excited?"

"Yes," Kelly hissed as she worked his jeans and underwear down his thighs.

Marked lifted his ass off the couch and my wife freed his huge dick. His cock really was a perfect specimen. It was at least 8 inches long and proportionately thick with a bulbous purple head and a healthy portion of precum covering it.

Kelly gasped as it bounced in front of her face. "May I suck it?" She asked her new lover. Her voice was tiny like that of a child and while she didn't say master it was clear to me that my wife was Mark's submissive play thing.

"Yes you may." Mark smiled as my wife wrapped her lips around his thick drooling cock.

"Thank you," Kelly said between slurps on her lover's big hard cock. She noisily sucked on Mark's dick as her small hand stroked his long shaft.

I pulled my cock from my pants and slowly stroked myself as my wife licked precum from her coworker's giant dick.

"Lay on your back," Mark told Kelly.

My wife quickly lay on the floor and Mark straddled her waist. He spit into her cleavage and laid his huge shiny wet tool in the valley between my wife's enormous tits.

"Wrap your big fat utters around my cock," he ordered.

Kelly moaned and pushed her dd's together. Her giant tits engulfed Mark's big dick and he smoothly fucked my wife's tits. The sight of Mark's tight muscular body juxtaposed with my wife's soft curvaceous form was a wildly erotic image and I wished I had a camera handy to capture it. I fought the urge to furiously pump my cock until it exploded and I slowly stroked my dick as Mark tit fucked my chubby round wife.

He pumped his dick between Kelly's fat tits with long slow strokes. His dick head poked out of the top of her cleavage and she licked it like a Popsicle each time it did.

"Do you want my cock inside you?" He asked.

"God yes," my wife panted excitedly.

I had never seen her so in heat.

"Please fuck me." Her eyes pleaded with him. She needed his cock more than she had ever craved mine. Watching my wife beg her well hung lover to fuck her was simultaneously humiliating and exciting and it made my cock throb.

"Get on your knees," Mark told my wife as he climbed off her. "Get that big fat ass of yours up here for me." He emphasized 'Big Fat Ass' and Kelly moaned as her juices overflowed.

Kelly quickly scrambled onto her hands and knees in front of her young lover. He slapped her pale white ass leaving a sexy red welt. He rubbed the unprotected head of his cock across her meaty swollen pussy lips and she pushed back against his drooling cum shooter.

"Do you want my big cock?"

"Yes," she pleaded.

"Do you need my big cock inside you?" He asked sternly.

"Oh god yes, please put your huge cock inside me," my wife begged.

"Wiggle your sexy fat ass for me Kelly," Mark, ordered.

Kelly looked back over her shoulder at him and shook her big ass enticingly. Her pussy lips glistened with juice as she smiled seductively at her lover.

"Okay I'll fuck your sweet fat ass honey," he teased as he continued to rub his dick across her hole driving her crazy. "On one condition." He smirked.

"Anything," she begged like a whore.

"Good. First, tell me what you are Kelly."

"I am your big fat bitch." Kelly moaned.

"Good answer," he said as he slowly eased a few inches of hard thick man meat into her quivering cunt. "And what is my big fat bitch?"

"She is sexy," Kelly groaned loudly as he sank his entire huge cock inside her.

"That's right, you are sexy," Mark said as he pulled back until just the big head was inside her. "With your big fat tits hanging down while I fuck you doggy style in front of your hubby. Tell your husband how much you love my big dick."

"Oh god, I love it more than anything," Kelly moaned. "Your cock is perfect."

"How long have you wanted my cock?" Mark asked. He knew the answer but he wanted to humiliate me.

"I have wanted your cock for months," Kelly panted as her lover pounded her soaking wet pussy with long hard thrusts. "I have wanted to feel it inside me since I first laid eyes on it."

"Tell your husband when that was and I will fuck you until you cum," Mark ordered as he stopped with just his head inside my wife.

"Yes," Kelly panted, "Okay. Anything, but please don't stop fucking me," she begged him.

Mark started thrusting his long thick cock into my wife's sloppy wet cunt.

"Baby, please don't be mad," Kelly panted in time with Mark's thrusts as she spoke to me. "Last November Mark met me at a club when I was out with Janice and Betsy. We all went back to Bet's house and after Jan left Mark fucked Betsy while I watched."

I sat in stunned silence as my wife told me in graphic detail about watching Mark fuck her best friend. She confessed that she wanted Mark to fuck her that night and that she had constantly thought about his "big gorgeous cock" constantly ever since.

"Your dick is nice baby," she told me, "but his is amazing. I have been dreaming of fucking him ever since that night. Every time we have had sex since November I was wishing it was Mark fucking me."

I was in shock. I wasn't mad. I was hurt that she hadn't confided in me but more than anything I was excited. My cock throbbed as I watched my wife get pounded by 8 solid inches of hard throbbing flesh.

Seeing Kelly in throws of passion with her young well endowed lover was the most exciting sexual experience of my life.

Mark pulled his dick from Kelly's pussy and she nearly cried with disappointment. He sat on the couch and directed my wife to climb on his cock reverse cowgirl style so her "big fat tits" faced me.

Kelly climbed onto his lap and impaled herself on Mark's big dick. Her huge tits bounced enticingly as she rode his giant fuck stick. Her eyes were glazed over as she bounced furiously on his big dick.

"I'm close baby," Kelly moaned loudly.

"Why don't we get your husband to do what he does best?" Mark grunted as he thrust his hips to meet my wife's bouncing pussy.

"Now?" Kelly queried excitedly.

"What better time," he replied.

"Rich," Mark said to me, "your wife tells me you are great pussy eater. Not so good with your little dick though," he teased. "So why don't you let go of your useless little prick. Crawl over to your fat sexy wife and put your mouth to work."

He had turned his humiliating words on me and shockingly they had the same effect on me as they had on my wife. I released my hard dick and crawled over to my wife.

"Suck on her big fat tits," Mark ordered. "Show her what a sexy empowered woman she is."

I knelt between their splayed thighs and grabbed my wife's giant tits. My mouth descended on her tits as my dick rubbed against her cock filled pussy. I could feel Mark's big dick rubbing my cock head as I sucked my wife's tits and it humiliated, disgusted and excited me more than I had ever been in my life.

Decedent hedonistic thoughts filled my mind and I had to move my hips back to avoid covering them both with hot cum.

"He like's it Kelly," Mark said to my wife. "It excites him just like you said it would."

"Rich, it's time to put your mouth to better use. Lick Kelly's clit."

When his words hit my ears I was stunned and I looked pleadingly at my wife.

"It's not a suggestion pal," he said sternly. "It's what your wife wants so get down there and lick her clit."

I slid lower until my face was just inches from my wife's cock filled pussy.

"Do it baby," Kelly moaned as her well endowed lover thrust his big dick into her liquid core.

Spurred on by my wife's encouragement I touched my tongue to her swollen clit. I could smell the fragrant aroma of my wife's excitement mixed with a not unpleasant musky scent I had never smelled before.

"Yes baby," Kelly panted as my tongue flicked across her hard clit. She sat hard on Mark's big dick and buried his thick eight inches balls deep as she grabbed my head and pulled it hard against their coupling.

I could feel his warm balls against my chin as I flicked my tongue across Kelly's clit.

Kelly cried out loudly as she came. She ground her pussy against Mark hard and she held my head tightly against them as waves of intense pleasure rolled through her body. A string of unintelligible words echoed through the room as her round body quivered and quaked.

Kelly pulled me up to her face and kissed me aggressively as she began to ride her new lover's dick again.

I closed my eyes and returned the kiss. My cock began rubbing against Kelly's pussy and Mark's cock as we kissed.

"Suck my sexy fat tits," my wife commanded as she fucked her young well hung lover.

I licked and sucked Kelly's big beautiful tits as I ground my dick against her body. She sat on her lover's cock and sandwiched my dick between them as my hips involuntarily bucked against them.

I fucked the crevice between them furiously as my climax built and I was powerless to stop it. My cock erupted violently as hot cum spewed all over my wife's pussy and her lover's cock and balls.

"Make him do it Kelly," Mark commanded. I didn't know what he meant but it soon became clear.

My wife was suddenly empowered by her new improved sense of self.

"Get down there and clean your mess," she ordered as she pushed my head back between their legs.

I didn't dare disobey her and despite my revulsion at the idea, I licked my hot thick cum from my wife's gorgeous curvy body and swallowed it obediently.

"All of it!" She demanded and once more I obeyed. I licked my cum from Mark's body as Kelly continued to fuck him. I licked drops of thick goo from his balls and stomach until all evidence of my eruption was sliding down my throat.

"Now go back over there and watch as a real man fucks me," Kelly chided. She was an entirely different person. Her shy insecure sense of self had been replaced by a confident woman who was comfortable with her body.

Mark stood with my wife still impaled on his huge dick. He easily hoisted her 165 pound body off the ground and spun around. He lowered her onto the couch and pounded her pussy furiously with his huge cock.

Kelly's body exploded in a series of climaxes that left her exhausted and drenched in sweat when her young lover finally came deep inside her womb.

Mark kissed my wife deeply. "Tell him to do what we talked about," he said quietly. He was continuing to empower her, giving her confidence as only he could.

"You think he'll do it?"

"Yes, I know he will," Mark replied. "He wants you and he will do anything you desire."

"Get over here baby," my wife ordered. I saw a glimmer in her eyes as an evil grin spread across her pretty face.

I crawled over to them and knelt beside the couch as my wife lay with her lover's spent cock buried inside her womb.

"Clean his mess," she demanded as Mark pulled his semi-erect cock from her cum filled pussy.

I watched a long strand of goo stretch from his dick to her pussy and my stomach churned.

Mark sat beside my wife on the couch and smiled smugly as I lowered my face to Kelly's messy cunt. I licked several gobs of thick cream as it dripped from her canal and I swallowed it as she coo'd further instructions. "Right there baby, you missed a drop. Get it all."

I finished cleaning my wife's lover's cum from her well fucked pussy and I assumed my job was done.

"Now clean his dick," Kelly giggled.

I started to get up to get a towel when Kelly stopped me. "No," she said sternly, "clean him the same way you cleaned me." I looked up at her pretty brown eyes and saw she was serious. Without hesitation I moved between Mark's thighs with my head cast down to avoid eye contact.

I had never had a conscious gay thought in my life but at my wife's command I opened my mouth and sucked Mark's cum covered flaccid dick into my mouth. The taste was not unpleasant and I obediently sucked and swallowed all of his thick cream. I felt an odd thrill as his dick grew in my mouth as I cleaned cum from it.

Kelly moved behind me as I cleaned and fluffed her lover's big cock. Her fingers tickled my asshole and I moaned around his rapidly growing meat. My wife eased two fingers into my ass and I groaned with pleasure.

I had never had anything up my ass but her fingers felt really good. My cock stiffened and my wife stroked my dick as she fingered my ass.

I had cleaned Mark's dick and it was fully erect as I continued to suck and slurp on his rod.

Kelly's fingers pumped into my virgin ass while her free hand milked my hard dick. "Do you want to cum?" She asked playfully.

"Yes," I moaned.

"Then make Mark cum and swallow every drop." She commanded. She slowly fucked my ass as I slurped on her lover's huge cock.

Saliva covered his shaft as I forced his cock down my throat. I was no longer sucking cock in order to be allowed to cum. I was enjoying it and Kelly knew it. I gagged on Mark's big dick as I held it deep in my throat.

"You like it don't you," Kelly asked playfully as she slowly fucked my ass with her fingers.

"Mmm," I moaned around his thick cock as I wrapped my hand around the shaft.

Mark's soft moans encouraged me to increase the pace. My hand was a blur as I furiously pumped his shaft. My head bobbed in time with my hand as I noisily slurped on Mark's big dick.

Mark's legs trembled and he groaned loudly as his cock started to spit. I caught his cream in my mouth and gulped it down as my wife continued to finger fuck my ass.

"You liked sucking dick didn't you baby?" Kelly asked me.

"Yes," I panted as she stroked my shaft and pumped her fingers into my ass.

"That makes you a cock sucker. Are you a cock sucker?" Kelly chided.

"Yes," I moaned. I was close.

"Tell me what you are!" My wife demanded.

"I'm a cock sucker," I groaned as my dick erupted.

Kelly pulled her fingers from my ass and brought her other cum covered hand to my mouth. "Clean your mess cock sucker."

I was spent for the night but Mark and Kelly fucked once more beside me in my bed. He left after I finished cleaning his cock.

Kelly lay beside me in bed. The change in her was striking. She no longer hid her body. She was proud of her big tits and her fat ass. In the following weeks Kelly updated her wardrobe with sexier clothes that showed off her body. She also continued to get more confident and dominant in bed.

The following week as we lay in bed Kelly broke out her new toy, an eight inch vibrating dildo. She fucked my ass with it until I had my first prostate orgasm.

"I think I need another new toy," she mused as I recovered from my climax. "I want a strap-on so I can fuck your ass properly and this time I will bring you with me to pick it out."

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