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Kelly's Dream


By Kelly and MindSplinter

(C) Copyright 2010 - MindSplinter - Published under Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) 3.0 Unported

(Credit for this story belongs entirely to Kelly, she shared this dream with me and I have only expanded on it to fill in the details. It's soft, sensual and beautiful. Just like her and I love her for it.)

You have just picked me up from the airport, and we drive straight back to your place to drop off my bags and figure out our plans for the evening and what we might do over the course of my visit with you. We're being wickedly flirtatious, but otherwise minding our manners as we get comfortable with each other.

Pulling into the garage, we grab my bags and make our way to the door, opening the door you wave me through into the kitchen. As I pass through and into the living room, I am just in awe of how nice your house really is, especially after everything you've told me. You truly are a phoenix reborn from the ashes of your past.

We drop my things next to the dining room table so we can relax and I can look around a bit. I gravitate to the center of the living room and just stand there, soaking in everything I see. You come up behind me, wrapping your arms around my waist and start kissing my neck softly, with your warm lips your breath like a soft summer breeze. I tell you to stop and be patient, all good things come to those who wait, and we will get to do those said good things later that night. Whispering in my ear you tell me "I am not going to stop, I am impatient. I will make those good things come to me now because I don't want to wait."

The tone of your voice and your hot breath as it flows gently past my ear sends shivers down my spine as your right hand moves away from my waist and ascends softly up my back, over my shoulder and down into my shirt as you begin to fondle my breast. Fingers playing across my nipples, your left hand begin a decent down my torso to my crotch as you massage my thighs and start rubbing my clit through my jeans. Sighing softly in the agony of want and desire I lean forward, you grab a handful of my hair and pull my head back and kiss me as your other hand slips into my jeans rubbing my clit directly while pulling my body back into yours.

I put my hands over yours and begin to lead them where I want them on my body; suddenly I rip your hands away from me and spinning around, duck behind you and take of sprinting around the couch towards the stairs yelling "Race you to the bedroom". Laughing at my high spirits and thanking your lucky stars that you finally found a girl with some will power and a little fight in her, you take off in pursuit of me. I'm halfway up the stairs, when out of nowhere you appear behind me at the bottom of the staircase. In an instant you've bounded the couple of steps needed to grab one of my ankles and pull me down a few steps. I cry out in surprise as you climb on top of me before I can regain my balance and run away again.

You immediately start to lift my shirt up to my neck with one hand as your other hand begins to unbuckle my belt, unbutton my pants and pull them down. I start to protest and the hand that was lifting my shirt covers my mouth as you tell me "I have waited long enough for this and I know you want me just as bad as I want you, so shut up and enjoy what I am about to give you". For fear of more severe punishment later on that night, I nod my head signaling my acceptance. You take your hand off my mouth slowly and cautiously making sure that I don't make a sound and I oblige.

Using that hand you unbutton your pants and push them down, I feel you against my leg and let out a whimper because you're pulsing and so hot and so hard and large enough that I know it's gonna hurt a little when you penetrate me and it's too soon for me to be wet enough yet. You position the head of your cock right at my entrance and I moan. You lean down and whisper in my ear "Don't worry sweetie, I'll be so gentle and you will be so pleased by everything I am about to do to you. Shhh, that's right open up to me and let me in".

I spread my knees apart as you thrust slowly inside me. I jerk away from the sharp pain radiating through me and you catch my shoulder and pull me back down further onto your dick. You move your arm down to pin my elbows so I cannot move my arms, I lean forward to get a better position so you can plunge into me deeper and smoother at a better angle. Thrusting repeatedly until I am dripping wet, you kiss my neck, your free hand grabbing me all over while the one that pins my arms behind me claws at my back as your thrusts keep getting harder, deeper and faster. I can feel you throbbing inside me and I start getting so close that I am biting my lip and tongue until they bleed because I don't want to scream too loudly.

My body starts to spasm all over until I can't take it and tears are starting to stream down my face from the pain, pleasure and exhaustion. I start to tighten around you making you pant and moan, finally you cum inside me and we collapse on the stairs, you still inside me trying to catch our breaths and slow our speeding hearts.

Slowly you pull out of me, we pull our clothes back on and sit on the stairs your arms cradling me gently as we rest and talk about our plans for the rest of the evening, night and my stay at your house with you.

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